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Fasted Cardio For Fat Loss

Fasted Cardio For Fat Loss30 Jul. 2018
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Is Fasted Cardio better

Is Fasted Cardio better for fat loss? fasting and then doing cardio has a mythical ability to lose only body fat. These are my thoughts.

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How important is it to stay in the 'fat burning zone' (60-70% of max heart rate) when doing fasted cardio? Only I find my heart rate can be a lot different on certain days so I could be running at a slower pace than a week previous but my heart rate will be higher (or vice versa). Surely a consistent pace is more important?


Hi Paul! I have a cardio related question I'm hoping you can address. Can you please elaborate on how slowly you taper off cardio on a reverse diet? ie reducing a couple of minutes per week, or cutting whole sessions per week? I'm interested to hear more about how small the changes need to be. Thanks for another great video :)


Fasted cardio has worked very well for me, because I have had some difficulties losing weight when doing fed cardio.

Carla Francesca Raso

Right on time with my fasted cardio! ?


Will I lose muscle this way? I started lifting 1 year ago and it was pretty much a constant bulk since then untill few days ago

Artful_Spinning 23

I am usually surprised at the energy I have doing cardio at the gym first thing in the morning in a fasted state.... sometimes more than when I go after work and have eaten throughout the day!

Alejandro Valdez

if you do fasted cardio first thing in the morning is it necessary to have a meal right after? or could you wait and have your first meal later?

Garage Gym Training Camp

You didn’t mention what type of cardio you did! Treadmill? Stairs? HIIT? Liss?

ick don

I swear by it. Plus, I know I won’t do it later in the day. No motivation to.

Euphoric Rain


Stefen Icarus

Agreed, I always have good after fasted cardio. I feel that I have a good flow of energy throughout the day.

Aria Adamy

I have also been doing fasted cardio because I like to run outside and it gets too hot later in the day. Plus I don’t like to run on a full stomach. Fasted cardio when traveling def frees up your evening WINNING

Donnie Ford



Evidence science shows, that is you don't track NEAT and do fasted cardio people tend to lower their NEAT throught the rest of the day.


I do fasted runs in the morning + black coffee, nothing in the stomach no problems

Sharday Cota

I swear I could never get rid of my little belly. Until I did fasted cardio. It went away. I am a female 130lb 31 5'6

Bob Smith

I've heard some rumors that fasted cardio burns muscle, and if you do it you'll "lose your gains". I think this is just broscience, correct?

Director Paris Holmes

I want to run in the morning on empty stomach with Water by 6am or 9am then eat a nice meal plus protein shake followed by lifting and a recovery shake.

So I want to run and lift Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and be off weekends.

What you think?

Sabri Tatari

This videos do not give you any hint about your really needed way to lose proper weight .. everyone has his unique metabolism. I’d prefer you to know first whats your bodywork and food needs.. to fulfill your own task, what really matters is the way you gonna know what your body needs to get rid of excessive weight..
I think one of the most important things here is to get rid first of your bad eating habits your life style ones as well , that will make you on the right way..also in the most beginning you definitely have to know if you are healthy enough to do such sorts of cardio sessions.. explore yourself first my dear..

Whop V

I’m glad I found this video

Fit by Melanie

love your mind set. Ever evolving.

Dr. Steven Arnett

Heck yeah bro! I know there is no difference...but I "feel" like it helps me wake up. Did it for years in the Army. Also...we did cardio ALL DAY in the Army and got super conditioned (but we ate a ton) so not shredded...but strong.

Hello from Gainesville!


Jurjen Bavelaar

Completely different topic, but related to fat-loss & cardio!

I love road biking and can easily ride 50 - 70 kilometers a week during the summer.
But, sometimes that will be like 50 kilometers in 1 day! As long as I recover well (as it's not all out biking), & don't lose too much weight on a weekly basis. Would that be okay?

mr anderson

I did fasted cardio and dropped 40lbs in 3months. I also tried same workout after lunch and barely lost anything. I guess it's up to the individual to experiment what works. thanks

Martie Penick

I want to be a better runner so I plan to "practice running" a few times per week, however I also do a long walk every day. If I were to combine them, would it be better in fat burning terms to do a 10 min run followed by 30+ min waking, or walk first with the run at the end?

The Ignored Gender

I take fasted walks because I take Yohimbine HCL. You need to be in a fasted state for that to be effective.

The Northumberland droner Holdroyd

Hi there just watched your video did I here right you butmrn more fat at a slower pace ? Wow I never knew that that's for the great video and tip

Shelly Wilson

I love your videos! And congrats on Paige! You two motivate the hell outta me! Thank you !

Keto King

"GET IT DONE" Sounds simple enough and growing up in the 70s folk either worked out or didn't,,but now we have the exercise Guru's,,endless personal trainer courses,,home workout vid's, HIIT,Low Intensity,State of the art gyms,, newspapers telling us this is good that is bad,,,,,, A good example FAT in food is bad and so on,,,, and somewhere behind the corner is the latest findings and we believe them take in info without exercising common sense,,,, If we take control for a week do what makes sense,drop bro science,statistics,latest cars,,we will be pleasantly surprised with what we can come up with,,,,, This channel is great,,simple not over complicated with props quantum science about how bad upright rows are,,,I'm in my 59s and known folk doing upright rows sensibly,no prob,,,,,, so "LET THE FORCE BE WITH YOU",,

Keith Drummond

I never felt it was better. It became habit after the military. Wake up, shit, shine, shower, shave. Physical training, shower, breakfast.


Love fasted cardio, I naturally have more energy at 5am, love getting it done.


I walk for an hour around a park 4x weekly.

Shannon L

A pro for me doing fasted cardio (not that I do it ALL the time but the days I do) Like you mentioned that "high" you get afterward just sets my whole day up for success... I feel more motivated and just in a better state of mind. Hope that makes sense! :)

jack scott

Maybe! The answer nobody wants.

Logans Run

I start work at 5am... So what time do I start fasted cardio? 2am!!!??... Sounds terrible but I'm used to it now.

Shread ington

Love it because like you said it's done for the day and gets my blood going. I've got my spinning bike set up in front of my TV and Xbox one. I get up, drink L-carnitine, get my coffee, turn on my Xbox and go for 40-45 minutes. Cardio,coffee and Call of Duty every morning for the last 15 years.

Heather Odeh

Killing it!

Radical Hebrew

You're a body builder, that says it all.

Matthew Dones

Thank you so much this really helped!

Black Shark

An hour of excersise a day split into two sessions along with a 16/8 of intermittent fasting is a great way to loose weight and get in shape at the same time.

First off, you need to skip "Breakfast" You don't need to eat early in the morning. Just break your fast at lunch time (about noon)

Do 30 minutes of fasted cardio early in the morning and fed weight training in the evening.

You see, when you do your cardio, such as jogging in a fasted state, you don't have all that food bouncing and pounding around in your stomach. Keep your cardio clean, clear, and smooth.

When you've already broken your fast throughout the day, let's say with a high protein lunch, even if you still have some food left in your stomach by evening time, you can still lift weights without feeling like King Kong is dancing in your stomach. After your weight session, you can still have a sensible dinner. Something light but nutritious.

Then, just wait about 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. Rinse and repeat the next day.

Adam Rich

Good Video. What I appreciate the most is the simple fact you admit, "I changed my mind". Fitness changes all the time with new research, new evidence, and many, most people can't simply say- this has changed. They're so hard and fast on 'this is the way it has to be'- it's ridiculous.

Meeli Morenoo

Can somebody do fasted cardio during a bulking phase? And if so, what would be the best breakfast options? Thanks?

le tan

Hey Paul! Plz give me some advice!
I'm just done my quick leg surgery and dr said that i can't go to gym for 1 weeks. But right now i'm in my contest prep and i dont know what to do with my calories intake.Should i eat at deficit to keep losing fat while healing my wound?
9 weeks out from show!

Elena Leigh

I just started watching your videos about a week ago and they have helped me so much!!! I'm in my first bikini prep and listen when doing my cardio. I really have learned so much from you and lauren! Thanks ???

Truth Maximus

This is why I train at 445 everyday. Wake up get after it

Jean Jospitre

Fasted workouts and cardio for me with a scoop of core burn

iGrrli 4Life

Does anyone find that fasted cardio increases your hunger for the rest of your day? That would make it harder for me to stick to my diet

Claudio Sanchez

I ran 2miles every morning. Fasted:I feel like crap, Fed(banana) i feel like 3miles are easy

Darko Stankovic

I recently listened podcast with Darryn Willoughby on Iraki nutrition about fasted cardio, and he talked about how is even less beneficial for muscle mass in calorie deficit to do cardio in fasted state. Best way is to be in fed state, when nutrients are available and insulin response is low.


I've been lifting for 5 years now and I always do it fasted. I've even trained when I was fasted for 24h and didn't skip a beat. I just feel much better that way and I hate needlessly complicating my life by calculating how long before a workout I have to eat, and how much and blah blah.

Nothing like the feeling of finishing your workout and realising you have your workouts done before 9am and have the whole day ahead.

Dotes McGee

Fasted Cardio has always felt better for me. Plus, for the same reasons you listed, I get up and get it done so that I know if that I don’t accomplish much that day at least I got my workout in. Thanks for sharing your feeling on the topic. ?


fasted cardio gets you lean quicker


It’s convenient! You said it best: Freedom from Cardio!

Ernesti Echevalier Child prodigy

cardio is actually fun

Mckenzie Schafer

What about HIIT style workouts with lifting?
I only have one hour a day to dedicate to fitness and I have to do it early in the morning. With only only 1 hour per day, I choose Crossfit. Love it. But the workouts are explosive and I don’t think I can do it without eating first. I really want to loose body fat more quickly but still get stronger and better at my training. I want both things. I’m all ears on this topic because I feel like fasting longer would be a direct solution to fat loss and a way to easily cut calories out of my days. I have faith in the facts here but......I still worry that it might be counter productive to not eat before I do my workouts.
Can I get good intense workouts at 6:00am without some food energy? I usually just hear everyone preach that I have to eat before I train but I want to train and pursue my fat loss goals simultaneously. Please help!

Keto King

I find fasted cardio easier as feel tired after eating not an excuse or through choice but checked for metabolism,,, 3 double black coffee's and I'm ready,,,Paul Thanx for a great vid,,


Pls comment on
fasted cardio= muscle loss.
Like others have commented, I too have heard that it hurts gains but only if longer than about 30mins etc

Vickon Targaryen

I always have done fasted cardio first thing after waking. A habit I have had since my years in the Army. My question is what supplements can I take for energy that you or your peers advise for women. Right now I take Lean Mode from Evl Nutrition. Is there something else in your opinion that I can take for that extra boost or push of energy and added endurance?????


I read by another "expert in the field" that Fasted Cardio will decrease your Metabolic rate thought out the day compared to fed cardio. Is that true?


Just subscribed, you are great and saying everything I've been taking in for the past year. When my kids get a couple years older I'm going into this thing tough with awesome knowledge and this past year of learning the basics.

Robin Hensley

I have done fasted cardio for years and love it! I always feel better in a fasted state

Jinday Sian

I use fat burner called "Shredabull" very good, I get up early in the morning 4.45am and go fasted cardio only 20 minutes, 1 minutes sprint and 1 minutes rest for 10X enough, I can see my body change a lot then heavy weightlifting in the afternoon 1pm, workout 2 hours, feel really good positive.

ATP Project 209 - Fasted Cardio - Using intermittent fasting for fat loss

ATP Project 209 - Fasted Cardio - Using intermittent fasting for fat loss21 May. 2019
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In today's episode of the

In today's episode of the ATP Project, Matt, Steve and Elizma chat about intermittent fasting for weight loss & fasted cardio. What can offset a fast, what the definition of fasted cardio is, when it is important to factor into your lifestyle and the fallout benefits of intermittent fasting for your body.

As always, this information is not designed to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any condition and is for information purposes only - please discuss any information in this podcast with your health care professional before making any changes to your current lifestyle.

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Biotest Guy

Ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting 20/4 is fat burning on steroids

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Seven Angelz

Couldent agree more


How does walking get your heart rate to 70%?

Tyler Brooke

Just take adderall


I did fasted cardio this morning then I ate a pint of ice cream but I put Rocky road protein in that to try and make it more healthy. So good.


everyone has tried fat burner pills including my self but they really dont do shit.. nutrition is 70% exercise is the other 30%. plain and simple.. im like this guy tho, i like how they made me feel.

C Dubb

That fuckn intro is too loud got damn it chill out elliot.

Vee W•

The best cardio to do on a fasted diet is walking, stairs!, and the elliptical machine, or the bike. Just go at your own pace, but your muscles should be working depending if your gym has the incline increase % on the machine.

Will Heaton

Yo Elliot I'm 18 and at about 14% body fat and going to the gym doing resistance training 4 times a week. I'm getting stronger but I wanna get down to about 8%. I keep hearing about HIT Training but don't know the best plan for this and how best to loose the fat. Can you help me?

Scott Theil

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους


So im 190 lbs 5’9 tall been lifting for 7months..now i wanna burn fat.. so after the fasted cardio can i then eat breakfast? And also can i do fasted cardio in the morning and weightlift in the afternoon?

Allan Bishop

You fuckin nailed it bro. You gotta go light on the fasted cardio.

chad childress

theres a pill called Fastin that i use to take that i can vouch for that really works. i was dropping weight like crazy. given that i was also dieting and staying active. just to let you know some of these weight loss pills actually work as long as you don't completely rely on them to do all the work for you and be carefull because sometimes when you stop taking them you will feel like crap and feel like you need them afterwards. but some of them do work.

Luis Alejandro Salazar

"cardio that was going to turn you into a woman..." Wow...how pathetic. This is what they call tiny dick energy.


Walking takes too long. Is this just your experience? In regards to losing muscle when running in a fasted state? Or is that scientific?
I would've thought that caloric deficit is weight loss caloric abundance is weight gain. With little difference as long as timing isn't super volatile

Win Ryl

Great Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard about - Taparton Lard Destroying Takeover (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is an awesome one off product for discovering a short fat loss workout without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my BF got excellent success with it.


What about 10-12 mins of super high intensity running followed by 15 mins of slow walking?

Redbeans & Rich

I ost respect after his pro trump ig post ?

Bernard Berger

If you want to slim down, you should search Custokebon Secrets on google. They'll help you get the shape you need.

King James

Wheres your brother


Bro I've been doing HIiT cardio every morning
But this video was for me

Thank you

Dionisio Moore

Great video. New subscriber!

Aaron Ransom

I fux wit you Elliot. Great advice as usual.


the key is to keep strength training and eat a higher protein diet.  when in a diet try to keep as much strength as possible and try not too loose so much weight so fast, the faster you loose weight the more its probably means that its water and muscle that your loosing

Huzaifa Ali

I'm addicted to hardwork

Rawiri Karena

I know this is one of u old ones, but a good one. Solid advice !

Carey Hensley

This video has good advice, but I am confused about the best diet plan that I need to work with, only because I have never taken any. Anyone tried using the Custokebon Secrets? I've heard some people mention unbelivable things about Custokebon Secrets.

Paul Leon

Thanks for the tips man!


How long is your fasted cardio session?


This video made me fart

Gabriel Noel


Angel Sim

Great info Elliot!!!

J_J 713

I'm new here... does he not upload videos anymore?

Ryan Kelly

Alpha M. Would fully support this video.

Makaila Colleen

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Jayvion Stokes

I notice lots of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google). But I'm uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular diet plan program?

shiva sardana

8 cups of coffee? Really?

Orville King

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists in 2020."

Gladys Davila


Tj Cordero

Yo Elliott ive just started intermittent fasting i work overnight from 10pm - 7am i only drink water throughout the shift follwed after work i go to the gym i eat from 11am - 2pm which is my last meal i then go to sleep around 3pm my question was am i doing to much for weight loss? Will i lose alot of muscle cobtinuing what im doing? i go to the gym 3 times a week and work monday through friday

Tommy Cha

Are there any substitutes for coffee/caffeine? Whenever I drink coffee, it makes me sleepy.


I laugh hard when he said I thought walking was for pussies instant like

Nawras Khalil

Guarana is ephedra?! Lol that shit's in energy drinks!

Samantha Royal

Quadra lean is the thermogenics me and my husband have been using for the last few months, it works crazy good. You can buy it on amazon super cheap. Don't bother getting it at the stores though they rip you off.



Low intensity = fat loss
High intensity = maximum force


did he said marijuana pills?? haha

Uriel Cunningham

Any one tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google)? I have noticed many amazing things about this popular weight loss methods.

Kool Burn

Elliot looked his best during this era of strength camp

Dexter Monteiro

What sort of pace should I be walking???

Terence G.

The original Stackers were the best.

FraRu b

Fat burning Pills are shit! Just move your ass an do fuckin cardio!!

Christlove Buadi

what about fasted kettlebell training

James Davis

Hey Elliot I knew you played football how come your not playing now bro. Was it injuries


I love this guy he goes straight to the point.

Holly Owens

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Ive tried the workouts and found different supplements and ways to burn fat. take a look! https://bit.ly/2NVXasP

Maxime Vhw

Guarana still used in stacker 4. in europe anyway

Andrew Scott

I think supplementing bcaa and doing hiit is fine and keeps you explosive and stimulates testosterone, steady state low intensity cardio in my experience makes me feel like shit and I felt like my whole body shrunk. Fuck incline treadmill walks. Bad for the soul!

Miguel Lopez

I did 50,000 steps for 10 days, i though it was too much, but i got lean <3

Gerry Bogonko

I'm liking that Thoreau shirt


I m using Black mamba fat burner. I take it at 4.30 in the morning. U cannt sit still after that. U HAVE to go to gym after that??.

All day long u r "in the zone". Makes u drink tonnes of water. Ur productivity goes sky high. I recommend taking it for 2 days nd then flush out in one day.

Meantek 95

I worked out for 4 consecutive days, pushing myself to the limit on a very restricted diet, my pecs got smaller while my arms got bigger. I ended up with a nutrient deficiency and lost some of the pigments in my hair follicles, now my hair is whitening bodywide, becoming thiner and growing slower, I think stress may also be contributing to this. I stopped working out and started taking a vitamin supplement but now I'm freaking out cause I don't know if my hair will go back to normal. Has anyone ever experienced this before?

Han Seoul-Oh

Cardio in the morning is great. I gained all my weight back, but when I lived near a 24 hour gym. I would be there at 5am, and I would just walk. And I really have no choice because of my knees. Too much high impact and I will regret it. People laughed st me because I just walked, but I lost at least 70lbs. And when fat burners had ephedra they were very effective. A classmate in college was taking the original Hydroxycut. All he did was walk to and from school, and take that. He didn't even really change his diet and he lost a lot of weight. But if you took it at say 3pm, you could forget about sleeping that night.

The KinG of Inventions

Watching in 2017

Edward Rivera

everytime i see one of his fat loss titles i knew he's gonna go tell me to walk

Owais Ahmad

The way he calls out the person name is just wow :D
i want to call out name as well


But how far do you walk in the morning.

Art Vein

It's all about that 130BPM heart rate

Strength Tips

Does cardio actually make you fat??

Dudley GT

Hydruxicut hardcore elite is the new fat burning crack out


...become a woman? whats that supposed to mean. We are strong as hell

William Seipp

Ephedrine HCL is still around. IIRC it was banned because some high profile athletes died using it. I still use it often, but more due the energy and the appetite suppression.
I've used most of the fat loss products out there. The ECA stack, while available and widely considered to be the only good thing there was...
STILL doesn't do what good nutrition does.
Might take up walking in the mornings now. Good stuff as always.


"I thought I was gonna be converted into a woman" haha!

isaac powell

I am taking your walking advice

Clem Kelly

Hope u see this... how bout lifting in a fasted state..wonder what your thoughts on this are. I'm trying to lose fat n gain muscle..

Jess carey

"walking turns you into a woman".. YOUR pathetic.. Not even Donald Trump is this insufferable. later bye!

S.Zulfiqar Hussain

song name in starting ??

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Kristijan Jurisic

The pills you took got banned bc ppl ended up having heart problems


Walking a lot at one time is bothering my knees, a month into maniscus tear surgery recovery. Im wondering if low speed bike riding might be lower impact but still on the light side

James Moffat

Fun fact, ephedra is used as a precursor for crystal meth, does the high

Viran Musick

Thanks man ?

William Grant

Jog 2k every night after you've finished all your meals and they have settled. Do keto and IF. I took IF back up 3 weeks ago and stopped having carb re feeds at the same time. I started jogging every night 5 days ago. People have noticed I'm getting ripped and I haven't lost strength. I agree with Elliot on the fasted cardio. Stick to low intensity as it is muscle sparing. It's just really time consuming. My approach is quite flexible as it is in the evening. I go out at about 8. This also boosts melatonin so you get a good sleep too. Combine that with zma and you wake up on the right side of the bed.


Please remake these nutrition videos, has your opinion changed or do you still feel the same?

Star Killer

Weighted cardio and still keep muscle

Junwon Choi

nice shirt

Jacob Burke

Would i be alright if i walked after my workouts? So i dont burn out my glycogen storages before i Workout, so i can have a more intense workout... Please respond.

Jaylin Brandi

"I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Josiah Gonzalez

I can relate because I think walking is for pussies or the elderly but he has yet to steer me wrong so I guess I'll try put this walking thing instead of sprinting

Mike Gubisch

So I’m trying to cut starting April 20. I am thinking about one day a week higher intensity cardio to get my stamina up. While the second day I just walk (fast walk) if I keep my protein high will I still loose muscle? New to this cutting shit

Brian Matthews

Yo Elliott whats your opinion on CLA and Carnitine? ive read and heard alot of people saying combining the two is great for fat loss

Ellery Donald

My mate finally confided in me how she lost all of her weight and it has been by following the “fetching tuti space” (Google it). Right after listening to about her results, lost 12 pounds, I decided to google the “fetching tuti space” for myself.


What if I do 10 min low intensity cardio (but i sweat as I pig) then regular weight regime, and In the end another 10 min low intensity cardio??

Eric Zimmermann

what about jogging on a treadmill

Alfonso Soto

What do you think of 30mins of fasted jiujitsu sparring?

Люля Буля

The only supplements thats actually help is FREE DIET. M L ( without spaces)

Melvin Bond

Does Custokebon Secrets really help to lost crazy amounts of fat? We've read numerous good things about this popular fat burn diet plan.


I don't think fasted cardio will burn muscle if it's limited to 20-30minutes and immediately followed by a large intake of protein. As far as legs are concerned, if you keep things very brief but very fast, you're going to keep the muscle you have; it might even be possible to gain some.


Can you do a review for evlution nutrition trans4form

Gary Gee

walk on sand to lose weight . workout with weights and eat anything .. its that simple