How to lift something really heavy by yourself

Can you lift something heavier than yourself? ??? | #STEM for kids

Can you lift something heavier than yourself? ??? | #STEM for kids16 Apr. 2018
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Have you ever tried to lift something that was heavier than yourself? Do you think this is even possible?

This video will help your students explore pulleys and make creative connections between forces, literacy, PE, history, art and design.

Filmed at Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery at the Science Museum, London. Find out more and book an educational visit: https://bit.ly/Wonderlab-School-Info


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how to lift heavy things

how to lift heavy things10 Mar. 2015
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Aaron FriendSubscribe 438 721

How to lift heavy things

How to lift heavy things without hurting yourself in the process. Lift cement bags or other heavy things & protect your back.

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The Loobis

FUCKING LOVE IT! I've been lifting bags more like doing squats. I'm so trying it your way


Thanks so, so much  for sharing your expert tips!!! I have to move several more bags of cement soon. Though I am a strong woman, moving cement sacks has been super hard, especially on my back. I know your technique will make my task far easier. Bless you!

Close up bowls 420

I'm trying to find out how to lift a 680 pound rock thanks this will help long story short a huge ass rock fell on my porch from the sky m9 no b8 swear on me god m9

Firstname Lastname

We're like hyperintelligent ants watching a fellow hyperintelligent ant give us the most important instructional video an ant could watch.

Road Hawk

A nice instructional. Good on you!

Danny Sargeant

I am trying to find a way to lift an 80lb kettlebell. I'll try this. Thanks.


I got to lift about 1200 cases from about 30/50 pounds in weight.. a day I'll try this .. hope it helps

Ancient technology: Lift heavy object up and out of a 100ft ravine

Ancient technology: Lift heavy object up and out of a 100ft ravine30 Sep. 2013
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How to lift something

How to lift something heavy up and out of a 100ft ravine using no modern technology -- just some sticks, junk boards, used nails, rocks found on site, and rope (the only thing I had to pay for, $5).

I made this video for my grandpa. For years he's been complaining about this rusty eyesore that the farmer missed into the creek and winters had washed down into our land. I'd been thinking lately about different ways of moving heavy objects, so I decided to give one of those methods a try. This is a simple capstan, like ships used for hundreds of years to raise their anchors. I had no idea what to expect, but it worked with surprising ease, with few problems.

The principle is quite simple. I have a handle that gives me really good leverage on turning an axle. For each rotation I travel a long distance while the rope gets pulled only a short distance, so the amount of work required to pull the rope gets distributed over a longer distance. It looks like I'm struggling at some points -- this is because I'm just tilting the branch to get clearance to make the rotation. (I should have sawed the loose end of the forked branch a tiny bit shorter. ) The amount of reduction is actually quite comfortable.

At one point the barrel got snagged on the cliff face, turning got difficult, and the whole capstan contraption started to slide despite all the rocks holding it down. I realized it quickly enough before things became unstable.

I took a break and finished after dinner before it got dark. All done in an afternoon.

Comments (59)
Big Al

Looks like a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


did it take him like 3 years to get it up.


well done bro! nice

Mandy W

What type of tree does the forked branch come from?


can you show us how to make this? Awesome vid!

Z Pan

nice landscape


I was kinda thinking truck bumper? But if not available and someone was needing to come up for an emergency... Like someone fell.

Will G

wouldn't it have been easier to load the stones onto a a wooden cart attached to a rope that went around a pole, then let the counterweight go down the side to pull the object up? You could have even used a bigger pole, wrapped enough rope around it that would reach to the bottom, and attached that to a counterweight. Had your rope from the object to be lifted secured to the pole through a hole so it wouldn't slip. Then just push the counterweight down the side, the pole turns and winds the rope from the object you want to lift, lifting it up.

Albert Rasch

Well done! Applied science at its best!


The lost art of using a winch.

Joseph Lagos

Great workout

Robert Viani

Well done! That set up can come in handy.




How heavy was that?


if he would have louped the rope back down the hill and made a water wheel pull it up that would have been much more impressive

Christopher Simmonds

Great Video,Much Time,Effort and Love went into this video,Glory to YAH for you Amen. Very useful understanding to have.

Glory and Honour in Thanks and Praise be too one name through one name in one nae as one name is in me YAH Amen ABBA Amen Amen.

Peace and LOVE to ALL in one name YAH Amen Amen Amen.


uh carrying yourself down and back up twice and then running in circles all day is slower then breaking it down and carrying it

Lisa Wintler-Cox

By Crom!

Mark Frost

he's winding the rope up that's pretty neat

altha 2014

Surprise the rope did not break

Tudor Renegade

Turning around all day like that.... I'd rather use my manly muscles !

Bon Summers

Uh oh, the music

Geordie Lad

brilliant,saw this and used it at work the other day,we had stronger materials to hand and an easier slope to lift on so our efforts were not so great as yours, this video was a great help,bravo and thanks for sharing

Laurence Perkins

It would be much safer to use multiple levers and lash them to the spindle. It can be dangerous to be standing between the capstan and the load if the load gets stuck and something gives, and if your lever slips out and releases the spindle, wildly unpredictable things can happen when out-of-balance objects start spinning at high speeds.

adam bosak

what the rope he's using

western spud

Notice how he never shows the whole system at work at the same time ?

Mjb Miner

Persistence at it's best.


Nice hobby.

Jason Smith

Headlines " Man get dizzy making video, FALLS FROM CLIFF!" :) You need a bigger leeever, but you cant have one! Thankyou.......very nice demonstration.

Larry Baley

Well done!!

Jt T

not 100% but cordage would be the weak link. I'd like to similar theory applied to something heavy


I don't know why, but I kept expecting that old forked stick to break.  Glad it didn't break.  Wouldn't want to see you get hurt.

Max McD

Very cool video (except for the Ride of the Valkries). The scene at 1:55 is especially cool. This is rather ingenious. Wonder how it would work with a boulder that is difficult to maintain on a strap... hmmm, I just might have to try it

Scott Whetham


Running Bear

You would make the greeks,egyptians, incas and romans proud. Well done.


ty... I hope this is seen by the overactive imagination shills cause all this LOST ANCIENT HIGH TECHNOLOGY bullshit just means they have no idea about engineering and mechanics they would say the same thing about computers if there was no one around to explain it to them.

The Annie Deppe Channel

Excellent video.

Biff Tadrickson

I hope your around if i fall off a cliff, just dont tie the rope around my neck


the nylon rope is .......modern technology ....get ur facts rite mate


u coulda just pulled it up lol

Carlosalberto Paez

mexico need you jelp plis

Edinson Gomez



12 years later....

Allen Ray Nicholson

all that work and then you dropped a board in the river. haha

Ranger Roar

Bigger diameter spool stick will save you some laps, little harder pull tho


Very impressive! You should be King of the ants!


Hmmm... rocks and bits of wood, yes, but where would the ancients have bought their 120 feet of super strong rope?

รρε૮ƭσ૨ε ɠαlαאเα


Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert CAMACHO

yeah you need some slaves bruh.......slavery made contraptions obsolete........

Kevin Byrne

Nicely done, sir.
Pretty location as well. (Now, thanks to your efforts, even prettier.)

Northern Lights

Good job!

Lord K Glencoe

Witch!! Oh sorry I mean Winch!!!

Michael Chavez

Cool! Capistan, I will remember that, may come in handy someday. What song is that playing at the beginning? Thanks

Docteur No

wow you lifted 30kg when they ve done the same thing with 30Tons :o

notmyfirstname notmysecondname

so how heavy was that object?


looked like the boy from the original willy wonka

Mark Anderson

Yeah, that's pretty cool.
You can lift more with this technique: https://youtu.be/M2w3NZzPwOM
My question is, how do you lift 50 ton blocks out of a 100ft+ ravine?

Blank reg

ARRRG a windlass you gotta lovem. "Nice work"

Star of Eden

or you could have just rolled it up the hill like at the end of the video