How to get big and strong fast

Mass Gainer Subliminal | Get Big And Strong Fast

Mass Gainer Subliminal | Get Big And Strong Fast18 Aug. 2017
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affirmations :

My body is incredibly strong.

I am getting stronger and stronger.

I am getting bigger and bigger everyday.

I easily gain weight.

I put on weight everyday.

I generate immense power.

I devour nutrient dense foods.

I devour calorie rich foods.

I can lift incredibly heavy weights.

I am well-built.

My human growth hormone levels are extremely high.

My testosterone levels are incredibly high.

My insulin levels are optimal.

I am incredibly ripped.

I have a commanding presence.

I am comfortable being big and strong.

Being big and strong feels natural to me.

I love being big and strong.

My body is a muscle building machine.

I am grateful for being big and strong.

Everyone admires my strength.

My shoulders are incredibly broad.

My shoulders are broadening every day.

My arms are massive.

I look incredibly heavy.

My physique is imposing.

My arms are getting bigger every day.

I eat regularly.

My muscle mass is out of this world.

Gaining weight is easy for me.

I am big and strong.

I have immense muscle mass.

My chest is hugely muscular.

My chest gets bigger everyday.

My legs are incredibly muscular.

I am huge.

I am a powerhouse.

I train with incredible intensity.

Everyday I become heavier.

I have a huge appetite.

My muscle mass is increasing every day.

I am colossal.

I am unstoppable.

My physique is impressive.

I am massive.

I am imposing.

I take in more calories than I burn.

I embody strength.

I embody power.

Why am I so strong ?

Why do I gain weight so easily ?

Why do I gain muscle mass so easily ?

Why am I so massive ?

Why is my physique so impressive ?

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Solpak KZ

all the muscles will be concerned? because I see that you only mention the arms, the chest and the legs..

tom tom


pactus pactus



How many I should listen to this

kiran chirivella

Thanks for giving this sub its really helpful ? ?

Anshuman Maini

Can we convert it to mp3??

Tyler Mathews

Will this make me taller I'm already 6-1?

ALV 414

And the fat increase or not?

Bhakar Singh

music voice on dancing

Syed Farhan

Its help me for desired place gain weight ?

Average Teens

Any result?

Jeremiah .A

A very well composed muscle and strength subliminal. I love it. Not too many affirmations, not too diluted. Testosterone and HGH included... Well Done.

Markus Geib

This works. I feel pain. Just keep the volume very low

I am Chosen

I dont have a immense muscle massive

neadville lorenzo



Seems good, hopefully I don't die ;p if this doesn't work I'll listen to my Subliminals. GOOD LUCK SELF

Dao Essosinam BALAWYA

Please I beg you make one for a perfect skull or to cure plagiocephally


free advanced fitness vids on my utube make sure you have a look.

Yoginder saini

Can I download it ,??


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TJ Mendoza

I'll tell you what... I like how you shake your head side to side and up n down. It's hilarious. It really brings out your emotional reaction! I do the same exact thing but only when I'm PP Pist & Passionate!

How To: Grow Fish Big and Strong, Fast and Easy

How To: Grow Fish Big and Strong, Fast and Easy17 Feb. 2016
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Comments (89)
Alpha Adrenaline

Great vid Wayne! Thanks for the info:)


I love how you stood up and and talked about what causes stress. Hit um with the truth about tank size haha. I had a lady come into my store the other day with 2 jack dempsys, 2 oscars, 2 mbuna, and a ghost knife in a 36 bow front and she wanted a common Plecoptera from me. So I offered to give her credit for her fish and refused to sell to her hahaha

John Fisher


Cowboy Russell

Dude I need help like 911 help whith my tank fish are dying and every thing is awesome in the tank plz message me I need help

Jelly Pop

Thanks very helpful vid. also make a vid. about how to take care threetails fish..

Bradley Tristan

Wayne can I feed my fish fruit flys

Jaxy starr

please help! my filter is creating a current and so my fancy goldfish don't like going over there. I have a top fin filter that doing the plastic bottle trick won't work on. any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated


Good stuff brother!!!!!!  Enjoying your videos!

Marcus Avalos

love your videos man keep it up its always helping me and my Oscars please do more videos on the more aggressive or larger fish

Amelia T

Do you know where I can get some nice goldfish for a good price

Talon Morris

Do you have to have a heater for koi fish


you got them shirts for sale matey?

Nani inu

great video. i need to grow my oscar real quick.

calvin dsilva

learn lots this is the kind of vedio I really wanted .

Iz Sanchez

I got a question I got 8 convict n 1 Texas cichlids and 2 angel fish big enough to eat flys, ghost shrimp and neon tetras what's the best live food that'll make them grow faster ?

Jovaughn Deforrest

I have feeder fish I feed to my fish (2 red bellied pacu, an Oscar, and 2 jack demseys) I usually quarantine them first for about a week. They also eat fish flakes, shrimp ,algae wafers,and the occasional crayfish. Iv got a baby pacu raised on this diet growing a lot faster than my older one that was grown on processed food only


I've never found hikari to be very nutritious. It's carbohydrate loaded which fish really don't need. It's all about the fats and proteins for them. Perhaps you could enlighten me as to what your reasoning is?

Kevin Vang

Is there a type of fish food that forces your goldfish/koi to grow really fast? I mean, I have seen farmers forced their pigs to grow fast in an instant before heading to the slaughterhouse. I am planning to sell koi and goldfish at an extreme size after buying them from a small size. Do you know any fish food that does that to what is similar to pig's food?


Great video! Definitely can see the work and effort you put!

Anas Bin Hakim

Hey Wayne! I am facing trouble with my tank it gets cloudy all the time I even did 60% water changes but it still get cloudy. Its 2.5 feet tank I have 1pair dwarf gouramis an 1 pair baby angel fish about 2 inch long and one bottom feeding cat fish about 3 inch long. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

anil kumar

Bro I have a betta fish it's small my ? Is how to grow the betta fish faster
I like your channel it's cool buddy

b.a. Warman

Very nice video, really liked it. Hate the music though.

Mann Patel

what can i give to my fish to eat and grow faster and faster.....

Richstar 2552

hey wayne hows the 125 doing and another amazing video


Great video i love it

anil kumar

Bro I have a betta fish it's small my ? Is how to grow the betta fish faster
I like your channel it's cool buddy

Sue Catlady

Good vid! Thanks for the info. Love goldfish, but haven't had much joy in keeping them. Thanks, you've given me courage to try again. Thank you!


Of crap ! I thought you were black , but turns out you are white .
Someone turned the light on .


i have this blue cichlid that kind of looks like a bumble bee i got it as an assorted african. im not sure if male or female and ive had it for about a year. thus fish has not grown. All the others i bought at the same size have grown.. water is fine. diet is spectrum. frequent water changes. im not sure what to do to get her to play catch up to the others hellllp

Alden Doan

Yeah bru


Thank you so much!

Cole Miller

I have a rope fish columbian shark and 2 young oscars can I group them into a tank?

Niko Garcia

Great video Wayne!!

Rup Uprety

Can you put Cory catfish and goldfish together

Aquatic squid

Amazing video ,thanks for the advice!?

m-j rah

Top video. Very helpful, I've learned a lot. thank you very much :)

My guy tony wang

hey Wayne, I've been having a problem with one of my blood fin tetras. It's not growing as fast as the others in the tank and I am very confused. I bought them all around 1 inch long and they're all fine except for this one. it is schooling with the others, eating very aggressively, and reacting just fine to a water change (btw this is a 30 gallon). Now most of the blood fins are about 1.5 inches, but the smaller blood fin is still about an inch. I currently have 6 blood fins and 5 rummy nose. if u have any tips and advice for my issue and others with similar problems, plz help us :( thanks

Soft Lobsta Skin

Awesome vid. Thank you!

Matt Ivanyo

Good video, pretty much spot on. Growing out clown loaches and water changes and feeding twice daily has done wonders.

Katherine Veno

good job.....I have 3 brichardis and 2 angels in 36 gallon bowfront.

terry sperman

Thanks for the episode wayne! I'm a beginner, I'm on my first planted tank. I have 3 cherry barbs, 1 male and 2 females. I was wondering, if I have too many plants? My ph out of my faucet is 8.6 and the ph settles at 6.0 in the tank. I have it at 6.4 right now using ph up. Ph is my only issue, here is a link to my Facebook Aquarium Photo album. Where you can see the progression of my tank. https://www.facebook.com/terry.sperman/media_set?set=a.10154280754374602.1073741831.527714601&type=3 I'm also using national geographic aquarium sand, love this stuff. If i don't like where a plant is, i can relocate it with the greatest of ease. It pulls right up, never damaging the roots-Awesome!

Matt Walsh

I have a 55 gallon tank I'm putting African cichlids in what heater and filter would you recommend?

Ernest Aquatics

Great video, was very helpful!
Keep up the great work!

DEA- Exotics

laugh at the haters and keep up the great videos

Next Level Gaming

hey i have a 30 gal community tank, what is the best filter for it?

rolando palma

Can u please do a video on flowerhorn cichlid care theres not alot of videos about flower horns and i would love to hear what u got to say about them


where can I get that amazing shirt lol. Good video.

ODstriker 01

Wayne if I were to get a 1000 gallon freshwater tank,what type of fish could I keep in there?

Rachael ono

Hey There! My name is Rachael, I'm from the U.S. I have a jack demsey, oscar, blood parrot, and a albino channel catfish! They all get along fine, and they have a 100 gallon tank! They are all small, about 4 Inches, give or tank! :) Any friendly advice just on the few fish I have? I'll take any advise, I would appreciate it! Thanks

Rico Suave

Background music is a little loud compare to your talking might decrease the level like 15%

Ⱥɾʂհąժ Ⱥʍʝąժ

I can't understand why my betta fish can't grow its wings

Kawaii Girl

Hey Wayne!
I recently bought 2 Gourami and one got very sick so I brought him back and got all my water tested, they said my water was perfect and my fish must have been a fluke so they took him back to heal him up and gave me a new one! Problem is my new Gourami is being bullied relentlessly by my other Gourami and sometimes my tiger barbs, he is always hiding and I feel just awful.
I understand they are trying to show that this is their territory but I want to know if they will eventually stop? I just got the new guy today so I am really hoping once they feel like they have made their point they will stop not letting him anywhere near the open water.
I did separate the bully Gourami for a bit and also rearranged the ornaments I have in there.
Do you think they will stop bullying him? I really don't want to get rid of any of my fish.
Thanks so much!!

Matt Ivanyo

I have ten in my 125. Eight are 4 to 5 inches two are 3 inches.


Diggin it man, great work.

Wendy Carr

I’ve been in the hobby a while, but there’s always room for learning more, and your channel helps me out a lot! I’m currently cycling a 75 for my fancy goldfish. They are currently in a 40 gallon fully cycled tank. They are just babies. Your channel has been so beneficial to me! Thank you!

kylie x shania

Is it fine if I do a 5% water change every day on a 30 gal with a 5 inch jardini

Jesus Ruiz

I want my betta fishes breed but I don't see my male making bubble nest.

richard negron

On point thanks for that" question would recommend removing a fish if he's too aggressive thanks

Slypheria Kytune

I bought an Albino Oscar he has seemed pretty inactive. When he is active he follows the larger Oscar around. They are pretty small right now the tank is 55 gallon what size Tank should I upgrade to when I upgrade again. I was thinking a 125

Aquatic Plant Savage

Good stuff bro!

Passion For Art

Is there any other way that I could get my asian arowana grow bigger & faster ?

big bruh

Thanks it worked!


free advanced fitness vids on my utube make sure you have a look.

Pinky Pramod

can you tell how to make a big tail for betta fish

seedy farmer

Wayne's World Its party time excellent Wayne's World Its party time excellents
anyone else


beautiful logo

East .Coast. Herpetology

I really enjoyed this video

East .Coast. Herpetology

nice bro

Traci Llewellyn

What are some ways you can tell a fish is stressed?


Looking good bro digging the new logo. Keep up the great vids!! While I'm at it I was wondering I have an Oscar in a 125 and was wanting to know if adding another one would be too much fish for my tank?

Deo Laoang

I love your videos!!! always full of information not like the others ☺☺☺

Sanjeef Seetaram

Hay try and be a little more organise if u want more subscriber . If u say u are going to put a link below please do so.. like the channel tho

King Koopa

question, do you smoke marijuana? I mean no offense with this question btw

Rup Uprety


Jordan Harris

Facebook.COM?? Lol! Do You Watch Videos On The YouTube? Or Ask The Google Questions?

ChangoLeon African Chiclids

Very informative video, thanks for sharing with us ;)


Hey man I have a community tank with guppies, neon tetras cory cats, and a gourami. What is a good snack for then that I can feed all of them

AZ Freshwater Breeder

Great video- thank you:)

Ethan Garn

Wayne what should I feed my baby oscars and how much times a day.

ll Ant Tribe ll

brilliant video dude!!


Great vid!


I could have done without the obnoxious music but great video.

Amarion Bruton

sir I need help to grow my glofish

Rup Uprety

Yes I can it's been a week

madcypress L.L.

Right on Wayne ?

Young Woodsman

Great video! I always feed my fish high quality food with good ingredients and a wide variety of food, also water changes are very good for fish,, I did every other day water changes until last week when I had a series of tests ,that is my only exception

rolando palma

Can u please do a video on flowerhorn cichlid care theres not alot of videos about flower horns and i would love to hear what u got to say about them

Jairo Campos

Great video

Damion Markham

good job , hope this helps those who need it