Isometric bicep

Isometrics for MASS! 90 Seconds to Bigger Biceps

Isometrics for MASS! 90 Seconds to Bigger Biceps13 Dec. 2013
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In this video we are going to learn how to do isometrics for bicep curls. This is a very easy technique for all fitness levels. Even if you're advanced you'll get a lot of benefit adding these to the end of your workout. They can help you to break through sticking points, and help crush plateaus.

You'll do 3 sets for 30 seconds each at the end of your workouts. 60 seconds rest between sets. Today we'll demonstrate 2 of 3 sets:

@1:30 - Set 1

@3:52 - Set 2

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Damien Olenczuk

Elastic bands would be better than dumbbells just wondering


Congratulations Vince on getting back in shape...I notice a big difference in your physique post surgery and have to admire your unwavering determination in being the best.


Can i do it with a straight barbell?


So Vince if i do Chest, shoulder and tricep, can i do one isometric for every muscle i worked? Hope you show the other body parts if possible, this is a great tip.

I reallyamobiwankenobi

When a Jedi is stuck in rush hour traffic he grabs a weight and holds it like this. The force is always with you every moment of the day.

Aks Cool

Thank you

Anthony Crescenzo

Vince, is it better to train every body part twice a week if my goal is mass? 

Mik Nev

Thanks Vince, as always, a very good video. 

Hive Fleet Hydrocynus

cool cheers vince

steven clarke

So its good to do these at the end of the workout? or it does not really matter? would be it be better to exhaust the muscle first then kill it with iso-m? thanks :) 

Aesthetic Progression

finally vince can work on his biceps properly haha.



Tran Michael

Shit camera man


To your cameran: we want to see your whole body to see your form when executing the exercise.


im not feeling it must be something im doing wrong 

Felipe Vidal Otero

That cameraman...

silviu florin

this is ben pakulski's stuff   =))))

David Baez

only isometric training can't create mass


What sort of weigh should you use? A weight you can do about 10 reps for? Or slightly lighter or heavier?

john bonawitz

Gotta say that isometrics do work. I've seen more of a difference after mixing this in with my reg workout. Thanks for the info! And as stated before, just pan out a bit so we can see more of the whole picture of what you're doing. Thanks and keep it up!!!

Andy P

I'm wondering what's going on and why his production has gone so low budget. If I remember correctly he had multiple camera angles, professional lighting, white backdrops, professional audio etc... and now it looks like he picked up a low end DSLR and has a friend shoot the video. Anyone know or hear why he is cutting corners on his production costs? I assume he saves a shit ton of money avoiding hiring the camera crew and editors or perhaps he's trying to find a new crew.

Woke AF

Great video, Vince. Exactly what I was looking for.


Whats good Vince could you do one on triceps mainly the long head. What could I do to bring my triceps out more I have no memebership or any equipemnt at the moment. Bodyweight stuff has not really bought them out. What is your fitness email address

Hammad Syed


Bitcoin Baller

Thanks Vince will add this in at the end of the workout.

Biceps Isometrics

Biceps Isometrics6 Sep. 2014
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Sara Mohamed.

Just what I needed. Thanks❤️

Build Bigger Biceps With this Isometric & Suspension Biceps Curl Workout

Build Bigger Biceps With this Isometric & Suspension Biceps Curl Workout3 Dec. 2019
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Today's biceps building

Today's biceps building workout:

Overcoming isometric bicep curl 3 sets for 15s

Suspension Biceps curls 3 sets of 15 reps

Rest as needed between sets but keep the rest between isometric sets between 5-10 seconds.

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Comments (8)
reg profant

Great video as usual but I have been doing this for years and it really works. I love your open mindedness

Joel Del Rosario


Justino Rosas

You should do a follow along workout month. ? thanks Matt your the best bro

Daniel Premsukh

I'm lazy to go back to the chest video but I've been doing wide push up holds at the bottom. At the end of my chest routines. Counts as isometric?

2nd chance fitness & nutrition

@red delta project I’ve always appreciated your videos. Your approach to fitness is needed in this industry of instagram Instafit results blah blah blah.

Keep it up man. Would love to chat with you one day

Drop Weight Daddy

Boom!! Check out the 20” guns on this Bodyweight Jedi.


Sometimes it is fun to do the chinups with a slow eccentric movement. As a bonus, it works the grip strength. Boom, all three in one exercise! One can even do 21's or iso holds at each portion of the movement.


tickets to the gunshow!!