Kettlebell cardio workout

Quick and Fearless Kettlebell Cardio Workout - Ultimate Fat Burn Workout for the Entire Body

Quick and Fearless Kettlebell Cardio Workout - Ultimate Fat Burn Workout for the Entire Body23 Jul. 2013
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Comments (81)

我對這運動 又愛又恨的   但它會讓我瘦  讓我變得更苗條

Autumn-Taylor Smith

Wow. I know I'm not the only one looking at her lower body thinking "I have GOT to get a kettlebell"



Delana Johnson

impressive!! I'm fairly new to kettlebells. I keep getting distracted by the one you have her using.. looks like a computer tower.


Awesome! I love those 15 minutes-or-less workouts. Suits my life so well. Leaves no room to make excuses even for the extremely busy.

Susie Shy

I did this today but the burpee kettle bell mix and the lunges kettle bell mix got me- otherwise I did it. Thank you.


Time to get FIT! :)


Daniels voice is the Bomb!!

Garlic Girl

Still love it.


Just did this 2x back to back. Thank you so much for the great videos!

James Lizotte

Does she have an instagram? ha

Diana Moon

Love your workouts but I just wanna say that no one will lose weight without eating less. 

Great workouts!


Did rounds with an 8kg kettle bell.

Workout complete 04.03.2020 - 8.12 am.

Lanna Intajak



I love this workout! I noticed the swing form is perfect on this one :) I do a warm up and then loop this workout 3 times for a full workout. I alternate my workouts with this one and the beginner kettlebell one of yours.


Hi, you are clearly fit and I am not. I have just started with kettelbells (2 weeks). I bought a 10 and 15 pound bell. I find that I do sweat a lot when doing your beginner kettle bell workout but I think that the 15 pound is probably not enough of a challenge for me to do the swings. I am wondering if to buy a 20 or jump to a 25 pound for the swings. I was thinking 25 pound but since I only see you using 20 pound I was wondering if I was being too ambitious...can you advise?


Whoa. Maybe I should go for 2 rounds next time. Workout complete 16.08.2017 - 3.57am #FB30

curly bubble

i have a 17pound dumbell....can i use that instead?

Omar Howard

Does Custokebon Secrets really help to lost lots of fat? We have learn many good stuff about this popular fat burn method.

Angelica Dean

brutal for a beginner which I am. 


Love it ;-)


Fitness Blender workouts!

Jiwon park

love you guys!

Chloe Dobbs

Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets (just google it)? We have noticed numerous awesome things about this popular fat burn methods.

Melinda Woolard


zzharia Peters

Did this twice over love kettlebell workouts , wanted to express my thanks once again for your free videos . I went to get my blood pressure checked , had a normal reading and I have lost 14lb over a year my focus was on getting healthy and not been a slave to the weighing scales. Fitness blender has helped me keep motivated with the huge choice of workouts , much love to you guys from the uk xx

Odihell Hell

Omg! When did kelly's booty get so plump!!! Gonna look for all you "booty" centric work out. Love you guys. Thank you!!


What if ur kettlebell is more rounded? Is it gonna be difficult to do the chest curl?

Icencool J

Very nice, thanks.. 

Anna Lu


Shawn Bartley

You are incredible. Thanks for sharing.

LaManda Moore

Do you only complete the entire workout once? praying : )

Jenal Lopez

awesome butt

Carolyn C

I do a lot of KB workouts using my Poweblock dumbells instead of real KB's. I adjust my hand positions as needed or, if its uncomfortable I just sub a regular dumbbell move . hope that helps...


If I can do this all on the first try with my new 20-lb. kettle bell I just started with, can I take her on a date?


Workout complete 12.05.2018 - 3.57am #FB30

Peg Dimarco

just use Unflexal instructions :)))

Rachel Marben

I love you guys, best routines to follow, love the advanced notice of the up coming exerciser!

Garlic Girl

I just did two rounds! I am tired and arms twitching! Love this (I love kettle-bells) but the variety and the bur-pee threw me for a loop!

Christopher Holdorf

I love their videos but tbh when its just her it becomes a bit distracting...


Wish my gym had kettlebells, this workout looks like a lot of fun. What type of kettle bell(s) do you recommend getting for home workouts?

Joey Catouzi

1:31 dang.


I would really love to purchase a kettlebell like that. Ive never seen one where you can add and take away weights. Where can I buy it?


Going to use this as my fat burning workout, hope to c sum results!! thanxs for the videos keep em cumin! btw lovely arse hahaa

Luh'Nikki McCray

That was awesome!!!! Now i have to go get some water!!! Im tired


bad swing...KB swing is not squat , it's hip hing.
Clean n press.. no proper grip n no proper racking.
Crunches r gud.
Rowing... elbows r going away from d body.
Double hand swing...straining her neck by extending in down phase

Anyta Thorps

Awesome workout especially when you have a hectic schedule!


Perfect shape for a woman. Not that Miley Cirus flat ass bullsh*t. This girl must be half black. lol


Thank you so much but I really just do Fitness Blender workout videos! I can make you guys a special booty workout, with all my favorite moves, if ya like :)


Can Yu guys do a video on how to get that ass? Jesus ;o


her bum is unreal..jesus


Really good. Kept the talking up and told me when I were close to be done. Drains a lot of energy fast.

Tima Goins

What kind of kettlebell is this?


Will i still see results if i use a 6kg kettlebell? please answer

Lanna Intajak


Jasmine Morales

Can you tell us what you did to get a nice booty like that :x


Kelly is very hot.


Yes! Booty workout playlist please!!!!!

Verónica Solange Lamarque

Workout complete, and now add another one

Laudetur Iesus Christus

Kelly, pleeeease a "Kelly effect booty workout"!!!....pronto! You look amazing !!


I started doing the extreme kettlebell workouts and im just gonna go ahead and add this one to my favorites and proceed to die lol. and just a quick question do these workouts help in toning? i am not looking to get really buff just toned looking

Ashley Dolan

oooh perfect timing for a new video for my workout today!

Gemma McClelland

New to fitness blender but loving these - thank you

Alberto N. Peón

What a nice booty!! ...Oh, by the way, the workout is really nice ;)


I'll give you quick but Fearless? Stop Playing! :P

Hello Kathy

This video is from 2013, would it be possible for you guys to make more, fresher kettle bell workouts?



Lanna Intajak


Veer Chasm

Great video! Maybe less dayglo? I have light sensitivity problems. Well done

Maxwell Schmidt

That adjustable kettlebell looks hellish- I don't understand how those cleans can be comfortable

I Hanks

Awesome envigorating less than 12 mins workout! Thanks for sharing!

Iris Gonzalez

Did this workout today, and loved it. Best 12 minutes I've spent in ages. Thank you guys :)

Chelsea Kossiver

excellent! i love how you show what the move will look like in the break time! super helpful!

Maria V

i need more fat burn kettle bell videos like this. these are amazing

Foliage Faith

Can't wait to try this out!


She's so fit...love the kilograms indicator helped me out big time...You guys are my to go people for ultimate FITNESS ;-)

Morbid Mystique




I like Daniel's voice. Fitness trainers should realise they dont have to yell to encourage. ??

saugata sen

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Jasmine Morales

i love all your workouts! but please you should do a video of how to keep your booty like that. I have to say I gained weight and now that im doing your program , it ha helped me a lot!

12 Minute Kettlebell Cardio Workout For Fat Burning

12 Minute Kettlebell Cardio Workout For Fat Burning18 Jan. 2016
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GET MY NUTRITION GUIDE HERE: https://bit.ly/360sOPl


FIND CAST IRON KETTLEBELLS HERE: http://bit.ly/castironkb


FIND KETTLEBELL SETS HERE: http://bit.ly/kettlebellsets

FIND ALL MY OTHER FAVORITE EXERCISE EQUIPMENT HERE: https://www.amazon.com/shop/bodyfitbyamy

This quick workout uses the kettlebell to get your heart rate up for maximum cardio. Blast calories and fat while strengthening and toning your muscles. Options for all fitness levels.

Comments (22)
Max's Best Bootcamp

Kettlebells are where it's at!

Patricia Velasco

Hey! thank you for this workout :) I had fun

Becky Steele

Can I just say... you and your lovely pregnant self are amazing?! So difficult for me, and I'm not working out for two! <3

Joey Catouzi

Man, if she can do this pregnant, then certainly I can with a gut!! NO EXCUSES!!!

Jennifer Nicole

ive lost 10 pounds in a month and a half from kettlebell workouts!! and gained so much muscle omg!!

Lori Cogan

Thank you Amy!! I LOVE your kettle bell workouts! the tabata is killer!! strength and cardio can't be beat!! keep up the great butt kickin' trainings!


Good one, thanks!

Karen D

Great workout! Thanks


great workout ?

Connection Error

hi everyone ,if anyone else needs to find out about best kettlebell training try Renkarter Bell Fitness Report ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.

Yolanda Rivera

Thanks so much as always your workouts are so time efficient busy schedule got 30mins cardio but needed a little extra this was just what I needed!

Sheyla Mussa


Katie McCrackin

I have been doing your workouts for about a week and I LOVE them! I love your positive attitude and how your workouts make 30 minutes fly by! Thank you so much for putting these up on Youtube!

karen flo

I live and love your workouts, the best!!!

Mercedes Pinkney

Thank you :)

Michelle Mullins

I'm completely addicted to your videos. Fantastic workouts, love your teaching style and delivery. I look forward to doing them everyday. So glad I came across your site! Thank you!




I bought a 2 kettlebells from TjMax for 10 bucks each for my wife and I. I'm a stay at home dude, and I do this 2x in a row, and I can't believe how sweaty I get from it! My iWatch says my heart rate is 130 average. Not bad! Thanks!

Max's Best Bootcamp

Love the kettlebell squat curls! Just actually added them in our last video...great minds think alike I guess :)

Shari Trumbull

Such a Great quickie cardio and strength workout, Amy! Did this back to back as per today's calendar and I was completely done by that last set of burpees-Whew! Thanks for a Wonderful month of April workouts--Looking forward to May! XO-S

Val Gilbert

Awesome workout, I absolutely love kettlebells. They are the only equipment that I do not get bored with and they really tone your body up. Your baby will love them too! :)

Michele Lallier

I needed a quick workout this morning and this did the trick! Thank you, my heart is pumping!

BRUTALLY Intense 4 Minute Kettlebell Fat Loss Routine | Chandler Marchman

BRUTALLY Intense 4 Minute Kettlebell Fat Loss Routine | Chandler Marchman9 Dec. 2020
498 544

BRUTALLY Intense 4 Minute

BRUTALLY Intense 4 Minute Kettlebell Fat Loss Routine | Chandler Marchman

In this video Coach MANdler shares an intense 4 minute SINGLE kettlebell strength cardio routine that spikes your metabolism for fast fat-loss and will double as a way to help you build a rock solid core without having to do any sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, or side bends...

Grab your FREE COPY of the 'Anabolic Fat-Loss ReBoot':

► https://marchmanstrength.com/anabolic-fat-loss-free-gift/

Grab my #1 Fat-Loss Diet & Training plan below:

► http://sixminutefatloss.com/sc/

Follow Coach MANdler on Instagram:

► https://www.instagram.com/coachmandler/

Subscribe to our channel:

► http://www.youtube.com/goelitesc

~The Workout~

a) Goblet Squat (10 reps - 8 reps - 6 reps - 4 reps - 2 reps)

b) Double Hand Swings (10 reps - 8 reps - 6 reps - 4 reps - 2 reps)

c) Deadlift (10 reps - 8 reps - 6 reps - 4 reps - 2 reps)

d) Goblet Walk (50 ft. after each interval)

[Perform as FAST as possible (no rest in between intervals)]

**Weight Used During Workout: 71 lb. Kettlebell**

Comments (100)
Ryan Bailey

Dude my wife and i have been doing this work out every day for about 3 weeks now and fuck we should have taken befor and after pictures both our body's have noticably changed and both her and i feel noticeable stronger. This has been one of the best work outs my wife and i have ever done and its perfect for us having a 9 month old so the fact that it only takes 4 minutes makes it easy for us to work out and not have to worr about the kid screaming (we have a needy kid )

but alls im saying is we love this work out and your other videos
Thanks for the great work out idea

Naka Yonghae

Does this actually work



Ron Bennett

great effort... I like doing 20/10 splits for 4-6 mins. 20 seconds on of any exercise with 10 seconds rest for 2 rounds and then swap to something different. Burns just as good with the same amount of tut. I a big must rep control though as you tire :-)

joe b

going to give that a try looks like a real leg killer

Dickie Dowsett

I would definitely smash myself in the head or balls with the kettlebell. Good workout though

Raphael Spears

Im exhausted watching great job, great tips, great strength!

carlo bergese


Wesley blue island kid

that’s HIS block.: nobody drives until his 4 min are down


Won’t you break a leg one doing this hahahaha

Chris Trail

A BIG thanks for putting these videos out. I started adding your workouts to my off days from my normal training and I can tell a big difference already. I love your channel and have subscribed so I can keep up with all your new routines. I like that they are quick, and easy to understand. And the results are definitley noticable. Keep them coming!

N. Night

Disclaimer; your results may vary depending on your STACHE level...

Big Dre

@chandler marchman ! Great quick and intense workout! Do you think you could do one with a macebell?

Brain Liberius

I wish I could like this two times. One like for the great workout, and one like for that stache...


I wonder how much this kettlebell weight. Looks like a 70-80 lbs

Amanpreet Gill

I can tell by his abs how much fat this routine burns . . . . .


This is brilliant. Finally someone has sold me on the kettle bell.

Sim Spik

Did it and worked lost 10 kg but diet was hard but found the right one,thanks mom?


You look strong and healthy. You don’t look like those Youtubers with abs, pumped full of supplements blah blah blah. Thanks for the vid, I’m trying this out ??

Michal Kowalczyk

Thanks a ton and regards from Poland :)

Suburban Catholic

Leave a comment without mentioning that he is lifting outside challenge (impossible)

Vietnam Cast Iron

Do you know how to practice full body kettlebell workout to gain best benefit? Here we will guide you best kettlebell exercise properly to prevent injury and most effective for your entire body.

Bad Seed

He’s not wearing pants because right after his workout he’s going to bang all the wives on the block. The husbands all agreed they had no say in the matter, and went to The Cracker Barrel.

Iron Body Martial Arts

That’s great. Going to give it a try.


porn star on a break???? like the look gonna try the routine tomorrow. ill report back..

Йети тУт


Big C

What a routine. If this doesn't get you in shape, nothing will. I had to rest after the 10-8-6, i was so out of breath. And that's with a 35lb bell. I'm 69, and i'm gonna' keep plugging away until i get all the sets in without resting. Chandler, i have to say your conditioning with the weights you use is amazing. Very impressive.

Andy Jones

This is pretty standard in our street

Dragan Costacurta

Best training video ever....no steroid fancy dark tan guy just normal human man...☝️


Awesome video. I will try this out in the gym. Your channel is great and very resourceful.

Mr. YouAintGotNoSense

I'm a trucker. You just inspired me to buy a kettlebell and keep it in my truck. I can do these excercises ANYWHERE!!!!

Jeremiah .A

That is a great little routine. Thanks for the idea, man.

Alex Perkes

Looks like a great quick workout! Will try this next time I'm in a rush. Subscribing off the quality of this!


Excellent every time. Thank you.

Yonce Yola

I took 8mins to complete (16kg kb) ?

Joseph Sebastian

Thankyou very much for bringing out this 4 minute KB workout, to the point and brutally Heart pumping.
Wishing a pleasant New year as well..

Max McNeeley

I did this “quick” workout and couldn’t walk for like three days ???‍♂️

Ronaĺd Day

I am 71 and going to try that routine 3 times a week and full barbell and dumbbell work out twice a week thank you

El Boyo Electronico

Great workout and great moustache!

Simon Kilhardt

Think I have time for cardio anyway

Shelly *

Love how you get STRAIGHT to the point... working out!

Would you be able to do a workout consisting of just a two arm swing?

How many of this workout should we do a day for max fat loss?

Thank you!

Morris Winston

I'm signed to get this work out in

Mighty Lara

I've got a 22# kettlebell, and a big backyard. It's buried under 2 feet of snow right now, but I'm definitely gonna challenge my siblings with this.

Tom Boy

Love your KB program!

Charles Martin

I don't know why but you remind me of a Detective .
Great video of course.
Blessings and more blessings to you and your family


“Honey go to the store for some milk”
Him :no the neighbor is outside summoning the gods again

George Makovic

Great workout. Even if you work kettlebells, might want to lower weight if you’re new to compound workouts.

Super G!

Damn bro 71lb KB- I'm barely able to handle 45- respect!


How often would you recommend doing this routine? Every other day? Or is it safe to try more often (such as to replace nightly running with something different)? Please let me know. I haven't used a kettle bell much, but this really looks worth it.


Swing to nie ćwiczenie.

Anthony David

I too am a man of the mustache. You wear it well my friend.

Adeel Irfan

That was great!! You sir, just earned a new subscriber

Karl 2.0

Straight to the point, no need for long ass explanation! And great 'stache!


I started this routine today. I love it! Going to do it every day before work

Mark HC

Solid, solid quick workout but why in the middle of the street, barely dressed? Hopefully you were visiting a friends house & recorded there, not on your street.?. Feliz 2021, work hard, play harder.?


Looks like a fit version of the Duluth Trading Company guy

Andriyko Shalenyy

What weight do you use?

will Jones

just watching this video spiked my testosterone 10 fold!!!!

Егор Воробьев

Не шибко то ты сухой.


Just completed 3 rounds with my 28kg. Reduced to a puddle of sweat, lying on the floor,questioning every life decision that got me here. I love it and can’t wait to do another one of your workouts! Just subscribed to your channel!

Juan Vargas

Grandioso amigo! Gracias! Lo pondre en practica! Desde Argentina!

Dave Stagler

Hello, my seven year old son just asked me why you do that on the street, you can be seen with your palm tree underpants.

Чёрный Рыцарь

Надо Виктору Блуду показать)

Carlos Marinaro

Everyday I do that routine it’s amazing

Zack Gabbert


Harts Hauling

This dude strong as hell

Chandler Marchman

When you're short on time, what's YOUR go to workout? Post it below!

Jeff Mcmanigal

Just did this workout for the first time last night and it kicked my butt! I did three total sets and it really got my heart rate going. I turn 51 next month and I've been doing the same workout routines since I was a kid, so it was really nice to do something different. The older I get I also need more low impact routines. Thanks for the video, man. It really helped me out.

Don schwertner

How many times a week?

Tim Pharo


Scott Morey

Aaaaand the no BS, just do it and do it with me approach of this video just made me subscribe and hit the bell. Thanks for sharing a great workout. I’m going to see if I can do this four times in a row now.

Derrick Hamilton

What weight kettle bell for someone who is trying to get back in shape since my gym shut down.....6 months ago

steve Jones

Whats really scary, he looks like,and built like my Physical instructor 85 police college SA...HAHAHA

Kevin Qualls

Did this last night and it royally kicked my butt! Will be adding this to my regular rotations!


The most gangsta ass no frills channel. Appreciate these vids!

Ernesto López

Great routine, man!
And, by the way, you´re one hell of a bull ? (sorry, had to say it hehe)

Super G!

Nice I hate-get bored doing cardio- this is much more efficient use of time- thank you!

D. C.

Are u swinging correctly? Should you not bend a little bit more?

Brandon Young

i think that moustache did most of the lifting


Challenging, easy to understand & MANLY! I will start with a modest weight until I'm hogging the biggest kettle bell. Which is the biggest one? The one with the dust on it!

Wolfo 1971

3:39 do you see what I see in his shorts?

Karen Smith

i didnt feel like working out today .lack motivation in lockdown but i did this. i only have 8kilo kettlebell . ty for workout


Fantastic video. Never feel like I have enough time to fit in training, work, studying etc. Appreciate it ?

Scott Walsh

Doing work!??????


Mad respect. I’ve been training with kettlebells since 05 and I know how taxing that routine had to be.

Jarred 333


Jim Loretta

What size kettlebell is that?


That looks gloriously awful

shawn faison

Great video, this came for me at the right time. Thanks!

Chris Scars

So, this is click bait as fuck. 4minutes a day is sub maximal. 20mins a day is recommended.

Loick Thomin

Doing this every hour while working at home, thank you from France for your hard work and your good thinking, man!


Had to watch on silent due to the music ? Thanks for including written information.


Очень круто ?


Music made me subsribe.

Dwight Norton

Love the music bro??

M ElRafei

Thank you very much sir! Such a great video.

Jose Aguilar

Good work man, im suscribed
Greetings from Spain ???

Justin G

Next time I’m out the house in nothing but my underpants I’ll try this workout


Love it, gonna crush it in a minute, thanks

Tommy J