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Kids Meet Guys with Felonies | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

Kids Meet Guys with Felonies | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids9 Aug. 2017
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Kids Meet Guys with Felonies | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids


HiHo Kids


Comments (100)

0:27 the kid on the right was like nooooo now we're gonna get arrested ?

Jasmine Marika

Can you guys do kids meet a blind person? ❤️

Ellie Callahan

Next on Hiho:

“Kids meet a kidnapper”

Producers: “where are the kids?”


I’m digging the white bald guy’s Alestorm shirt. He has great taste in music.



Ezway Ocho

1:57 The look on her face says she will NEVER do anything to be without her phone??

Trinity Jade

My mom and dad are both in prison and i have lived with my grandma and grandpa and love it

Thalia Soares

i love Crystal, this kid is so kind, if her parents are reading this, congratulations on her education!

Kelly Couch

So I watch this channel a lot and I just saw a tik tok of a guy doing a green screen to a screenshot from this video and he had edited it to make it look like the guy at 1:13 is a p*do (like he edited the image to make it look like the video was called kids meet a p*do) and I came back here thinking “didn’t he just have a drug crime?”

Yea... he’s the one who grew the weed
But there’s some dummy on tiktok and getting reposted on insta that he is something very different

Rae Parise

I get that this is supposed to be educational but i wouldn't let my kid near someone who has been in prison

Allan Stewart

That wasn't this great making kids think that dangerous people are good 10/10

Jake Smitten

Hey..where are these kids parents at?


Elaina, hi

My name Jeff

Nathaniel Garyantes

My uncle is a horrible driver... and he said,”anyone who jaywalks I WILL run over.” He almost did, luckily he didn’t get sued ???...

Шото Тодороки


Rainbow Unicorns

I honestly have no idea what felonie is but at first when the guy said I was trapped in like a space I was like ITS SOLITARY CONFINMENT

Daniel Romero

You should deal only kids meet a mixed martial artist

Brielle Lamarche

Next up kids meet a kidnapper*a second later* where's the kids?

Виола Сафронова

русские блин, вы где... кто из тТ?

rachel lowe :3

the white guys just a walmart version of trevor from gta

Dogpuppy222 IR

at least you get free ramen in prison

Vismay Sriram

Having all sports , family , normal daily things out there , but in a confined area

Coronavirus :NICE IDEA BUD

For anyone curious it is at 1:26


kids meet Larry Lawton

Paty Rodriguez

????? Im rolling !
He said if you were smart enough ?

Tony Mcgonagle

I like pbc. ?

Elizabeth Hoover

This is wonderful. I love the exposure kids are getting here- an opportunity not to demonize felons and lump them into a category. Precious. And when the little boy said, "maybe if you were smart enough"- he's just a kid guys, inexperienced and innocent. The man he was speaking to knew this. He seemed to be holding back laughter. And Chrystal is forever brilliant.

Lenq CH


Gabriella Pienaar



“Home-prison-home-prison-home-prison”... fell out! Lmao!

Oliwia K.

This 'if you were smart enough, you would escape prision' boy got on my nerves. ? Even if he's just a kid. He should kinda know that running away from your problems is bad...

neel patil

Marina in the end! missing her!

Lily Dunn

Oscar:one time our mom jaywalked! Man:good thing the police didn’t see. Big brother: ??‍♂️ Me: now EVERYONE KNOWS ???

Mackenzie Howard

I love that dude is wearing an Alestorm shirt.

Mete I

i didnt like the sisters

Vincent van der Meer

Bruh I didn't think this was real

Gotrose Gamer

It was so hard for that man to admit the police taught him a lesson.


L e m o n...... n e I GHHHH

S Roberts

Hypothetically, I wonder who (what) the collective population of felons would vote for? In the USA of course - doesn't happen here, or almost anywhere else. Figures.

Roman Makarovskiy

The girl said it’s just a mistake you should still have a right to vote so killing about 17 people is just a mistake

Amy pap

Haha..stealin hotwheels woah...but if we were smart enough loloollo


Blondies are underrated lets get those ladies in office

Cindy Cyanide

Ethan straight up admitting his crimes ?


1:40 tho ????

Kenneth Landfair

He is probably a crip

Football Highlights

That kid in the red shirt was kinda rude

meme gord

He reminds me of trevor from gta

szelski :P


i was waiting to jeff say: Oh i steal human hearths


I feel bad for both :( I get it but they seem nice

Ezway Ocho

1:10 Today, one of the biggest cash crops in the U.S. Does he get to have his record expunged? ?

sk8way saeed

marina from hiho is so pretty!!


Omg dude the kid who wants him to escape is funny as heck


We all know what he thought the kid said.

And we’re proud


I suppose kids should have a right to vote


The most annoying comment coming from a white kid


2:35 ?


0:13 he tried shakin the kids hand but the kid went in for a high five, thats gotta hurt

San Jivan

Helena and Ethan are so adorable ?

Andrea Araujo

omg that kids so upset that he didn’t try escaping ? ?

N04H229 GAM1NG

I'd like to try scooby snacks


Dis da rawest one ??

Sierra Benson

The guy wearing an Alestorm shirt must be really fun to hang out with if he grew pot and listens to pirate metal lmao


One of the most horrible things with society and felons is jobs, especially if their on parole. The issue is when a felon applies for a job, there’s a box that says “have you ever been convicted of a felony” when that box is checked, practically every single time, the employer will see that box checked, toss that application, and move on to the next. If they’re on parole, what’s worse is that one of their requirements is to get a job, so if they can’t get a job due to one mistake in their past, they have to go right back to prison.

Emmaline Castor

1:20 ...my quarantine...

João Leote • 21 years ago

The kids like "they didnt even tried to escape, lol losers"

Desha Scharneck

The first person HI MY NAME JEFF WHO KNOWS THat meme

Cash hair line

Who else thought the white one was a took kids and you know ima just stop now


Damnit! I hate it when the bad guys are nice! ?

Aevin Buren

Bro all that kid cares about is him trying to escape from prison

Kara's Art

“I stole shopkins, I stole hot wheels.”

Jeff: hold my starbucks

Sorry if this triggered anyone. This is a joke

crazylilmonkey playz !

Bald guy : do you think I am a bad man for going to jail. crystal : every body deserves a second chance . Me: yesss yessss I dooo !!!!!!


Where are the kids from? I think this looks like some crazy rich person's idea of .... exploitation. Of their kids....for what I can only imagine.


"If you were smart enough you could escape."
Who raised him that is so rude


this looks like a good idea. putting kids with child predators lmao



jaivione jj Velazquez

"What would you do if you go to jail"
Kid:"i would try to break out by punching the walls.
Guy:"ive been there before
Me: ?????????



Mitra Avesta

You can't vote ??????????

Charly Sophia

Him: what would you do? Her: ummm try to break out Him: been there done that haha



My brain: mY naMEs jEfF




why would you do this


ayo who let jeff in

Sadeeb Abdullah

I like Marina

Der magic Opi

Did nobody notice the Alestorm-shirt????


Plot twist:
The kids were the felonies and the adults were the people meeting them


The dude with an Alestorm shirt.+respect.

Nexiphh - Noob

kid: have you ever tried to escape?

man: no i knew i couldnt escape

kid: maybe if you were smart enough you could have

mans brain: did this 7 year old just call me stupid?

Gilmore Gaming

The white guy looks like Trevor Philips ??


this is awkward to watch

Ned Stark

White people

Martin Natividad

boy i like bbc

him hahaha

Rheetuparno Gogoi

Yes, He isn't smart enough

Teagan’s and Tt’s Channel

Next on hiho kids: kids meet kidnapper

Producers:where are the kids?


Beatriz Gómez

Maybe if the kid “was smart enough” he would of not said something that sounded like bbc. But that’s just me I’m not hating ?

vip 1

White guy looks creepy

Alexia Walsh




Trevor from gta is that u


Trevor phillips?,is that you?

Zavier Boykins

Who else thought when he said pbc he said pcp

Sheen Jr.

I like jazz

10 Places to Meet Guys!

10 Places to Meet Guys!25 Feb. 2020
15 978
Tiffany DawnSubscribe 438 721

Lots of you ask: "I love

Lots of you ask: "I love your videos, but where can I meet a great guy like you talk about?" Here are 10 places you can start! And comment below: Where else could you meet a guy?? XOXO, Tiffany (and James!!)

Instagram: @tiffanydawniqb

PS - Check out my book "Boycrazy" - a novel-like story of my life & all the things I learned while dating! - https://www.tiffanydawn.net/boycrazy

Comments (77)
Waldensian Sylph


James Graziano

Great video Tiffany!!❤️ (I’m gonna start commenting more to make you smile?)

EggPlant Producations

I sit at coffee shops and work on my laptop as a guy. But I don't really go up to a woman and try to talk to her since I'm an introvert.

Sharla Nelson

I met mine at a Comic con while waiting in line for an autograph for someone.

Priki 85

I feel like it's trying to find instead of God... No need for searching. God will put him on your road !

Allison Lucas

I learned swing dancing at the Bible school I attended in Germany! My now boyfriend was definitely my favourite to dance with!

And I did attend a bookclub when I was younger with some really nice guys in it.

Devine Sabista

Tired of singleness oo oo!


I love every video with James! He’s hilarious and you’re wonderful together ?

Rocky Mountain Princess

Great advice! Thanks!?

Sara Lee

#8 I joined a small group, and somehow, everyone else is already married ?

Katja Strandberg

This was so much fun! ?
And great tips too! Love the book-circle one, hahh! ?

Sarah Parker

you make me laugh and feel better. I am thankful the light and humor of God in you sis.

Rachel T

But sometimes it can be challenging to find fellow christian guys in these social settings other than church related settings. What do you think?

Veronika Žáková

Hi Tiffany and James! thank you, you guys care about us, you made me smile :)) That was inspirational, happy and creative!

Alicia Rose

Love it, Tiffany!

missweenieboys 2

Great advice!

Joshua Atkinson

What are 10 places where i can meet a gal? I'm sure some of these are transferable?

Nora White

Thanks for the video, Tiffany! You have such good advice and I love when James shows up in the videos too! You two are so cute.

Charlene Maeder

I need a dog. ? ?

Lisa Saccoia

Awesome tips! Wonder how all this works during covid.

Channel Family Video

Two of the reasons you mentioned is how two different couples I know met. My friend met his now wife because he joined a pottery class. Her mom was there too and she set him up with her daughter. Now they’re married! And I met my husband through a sports team. I was no good and he offered to help me practice. Then he asked me out while we were practicing volleyball. We’ve been married for 9 years!

Rory Glenn

I've done 6/10 of these for years. I think God doesn't want me to date....ever.

Luyanda Sedibe

You guys are so cute together!

Larris Quinn

Introvert + anxiety + coronavirus = nope. Maybe you should do this professionally and help some Christian girls socialize


Funny.....I like the Dog walk thing....lol.....I am so glad I am married now....dating is a hard one....glad I am almost 15 years married now....lol....
"MOM" Shelly Cole
Sharing The Good News Of God's Love Through Christ

Abourachid Hamidi

Allah = God in Arabic
The Bible as the Koran preach that God is Omniscient and Perfect BUT the Bible in Genesis, chapter 3 verses 8-9-10-11: Shows us that God did not know that Adam and Eve met and spoke to the serpent who prompted them ate the fruit of the forbidden tree. God came to get them from Aden: Adam and his wife hid behind the trees and poor Omniscient began to cry: Adam or are you?
God did not know that the rabbit is not ruminant. He believes that the snake only lives by eating the dust ... etc.
Compare the bible with the Koran and say once in your life "Who is the Word of God: The bible or the Holy Quran ??
Koran: Chapter 2:
(255) Allah - there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] existence. Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Who is it that can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is [presently] before them and what will be after them, and they encompass not a thing of His knowledge except for what He wills. His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tires Him not. And He is the Most High, the Most Great.
Koran: Chapter 6:
(59) And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except Him. And He knows what is on the land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls but that He knows it. And no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth and no moist or dry [thing] but that it is [written] in a clear record.
Koran: Chapter 31:
(16) [And Luqman said], "O my son, indeed if wrong should be the weight of a mustard seed and should be within a rock or [anywhere] in the heavens or in the earth, Allah will bring it forth. , Allah is Subtle and Acquainted.
Koran: Chapter 31:
 (34) Indeed, Allah [alone] has knowledge of the Hour and sends down the rain and knows what is in the wombs. And no soul perceives what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul perceives in what land it will die. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.
Koran: Chapter 34:
(2) He knows what penetrates into the earth and what emerges from it and what descends from the heaven and what ascends therein. And He is the Merciful, the Forgiving.
(3) But those who disbelieve say, "The Hour will not come to us." Say, "Yes, by my Lord, it will surely come to you. [Allah is] the Knower of the unseen." Not absent from Him is an atom's weight within the heavens or within the earth or [what is] smaller than that or greater, except that it is in a clear register -
Koran: Chapter 41:
  (47) To him [alone] is attributed knowledge of the Hour. And fruits emerge not from their coverings nor does a female conceive or give birth except with His knowledge. And the Day He will call to them, "Where are My 'partners'?" they will say, "We announce to You that there is [no longer] among us any witness [to that]."
Koran: Chapter 43:
(80) Or do they think that We hear not their secrets and their private conversations? Yes, [We do], and Our messengers are with them recording.
Koran: Chapter 43:
(85) And blessed is He to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them and with whom is knowledge of the Hour and to whom you will be returned.

Marie Garwood

Awesome video with some great ideas! Truly—I hadn’t thought of some of these things!

Benrex 777

Studying in a STEM field works great.

E _

Yeah I really love dancing. So much fun, if you're in Uni, join Ballroom Dance if your school has a club.

Hope Wilson

You'd have to actually have friends and reguardless of having anxiety it seems to me people like to make excuses about getting together. I've given up on friends and men because there's only so long you can try and always being the one to put effort in!!

Abigail Johnson

LOVE swing dancing!!!!

Elena Harris

I met my boyfriend at a volunteering program for kids and swing dancing on Saturday nights. Great advice!

Space Cadet

First two, nope, won't work, not a place to socialize.
Third: volunteering Yes.
4th: community theater / Arts center Yes
5th: book club, nope, what guy joins a book club?
6th: Hiking, could be
7th: forgot what this was.
8th: Bible study Yes
10th: dancing Yes, go to dancing classes

iseki farm

Auctions and clearing sales is a great place to meet people, chances are you meet someone or there dad, if you have the dads approval That's good (You may also pick up a bargain too)


Haha loved this!! Thanks guys ? I feel better equipped ?


You guys are great! Thank you :)

Brianna Huser

Oh my goodness! I’ve been a dog walker almost a year now and take my two dogs to the park weekly, so I was pleasantly surprised by that first suggestion ❤️❤️❤️

Cameron Waddel

Remember ladies, it is better to join a Christian version of the groups they have mentioned. Not because it's bad to join a secular group or make non-Christian friends, in fact, you need to do that too but mainly because, if you are doing this to meet men you could possibly date you don't want to go somewhere where there are single men there but they are not Christian and you are back to square one. God bless and all the best.

Brianna Huser

I’m new to this channel and I just want to say I love your guys personalities! Thanks for the vid! ?


Yes to all of these, except the sports...but how do you know if dude loves Jesus? And what are the chances you’ll meet fellow Christians ?? Also I’m a greeter at church and I’m an introvert and I super hate it but it does get you out there and seen. However there are no single men at my church ???‍♀️

Candace A

Just found your channel.. during a lockdown ? Not sure how many of these I can implement in a post Covid world, praying for some new connections to meet my future husband.

Beautiful and Bizarre

I'm not looking for a guy but these are honestly great ideas to just meet new friends!

Evan Rees

Swing dance did it for me, I'm engaged now

Marie Simmons

These are great ideas!! A lot of ones I hadn't thought of or considered before. Too bad COVID is making most of these impossible right now...

Chidera Winifred Amazu

Nice tipps

Natalia Novak

This was such a fun video and the advice was great! Volunteering is such a great way to meet people, especially quality people. :)

Wilma Aliceah

I am like over the mooon grateful I found this channel ?? First video was the 4 things we hear in our singleness ?????? Thank you so much for this!! And on a super segway note, I've felt that when I join circles to meet people, even if I don't meet my guy, the people, conversations and connections I create in that experience are sooo enriching so it's a win-win in your personal growth and development as you're out and about ?

Serenity Peace and Comfort

Most of those ideas I tried had no single men. All women. Or old people. Or married men. None Christian.
Its NY. That should explain everything.

Alexa Kemmann

I am engaged, but I found this video so interesting! I will definitely share this with my single Christian friends. I love that you offered great places to find men of virtue! Glad to know there are more places than colleges, apps, and bars. ?

TruthSeeker WomanOfGod

Matthew 6:33
“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Lynsey Baker

Thanks Tiffany and James! As I've been watching my best friend get into a relationship, I've had this fear that if I don't meet a guy at college, I might not meet him. I know that's not true, and this video is so reassuring of that! Much love to you both ?

Space Cadet

My list:
Community Arts/Music center
Whole Foods (not so likely but at least pick up tonight's dinner)
Gym (not women's spa)
Bible Study (go to different ones, not from your church)
Retreats (from different churches)
Singles events (if your city/metro is large)
Food/Art festivals
Weekend Farmers Markets
Certain restaurants that cater to your age group (like a yuppies bar)
Forget the library, seriously?
Dance classes
Weddings (crash 'em if you must)
Local events
Car shows
Local Chess club (lol..those guys don't look up..just kidding)
Busy intersections (lol..okay...I'm getting silly)

If that doesn't help you, then date "Harold", you know, the guy your mother wanted you to marry. You remember Harold..the 3rd grade boy who wore thick glasses and always picked his nose and wiped it under the table. He makes cookies now.

Maggie Heermann

Go the mall, church or if you feel confident enough go out to eat by yourself. I met my ex boyfriend through a Turkish restaurant. Most of the time I went by myself but he asked me to be his girlfriend one day and I said yes.

Jenna Grigsby

Awesome ideas!! Also, join a community or church choir.

Amelia Perez

I love you guys!!!

Liza Pereira

I like that you gave very practical ways to meet new people. Usually I hear very Christian ways like Bible study and church. I'm in my early 40s. I'm wondering how to do this given most dudes are taken by this time.

He Feeds Me As I Go!

Awesome ideas. Thank you. I'm an Introvert trying to become more of an Extrovert. It's not so bad socializing.?

LaVida Media

I went on a trip to Italy once (while I was living in Spain) and I roomed with this women who didn’t have any one to room with and she was probably in her 50s. Anyway, she kept telling me I had to meet her son. I was like umm I don’t know, weird. Many women tried to hook me up with their sons or nephews while I lived in Spain. Anyway finally 4 months later I went to meet her and her son, they had a beautiful home with a pool and we’ll her son was amazing, really attractive, great personality and we had great convo, I ended up going to their house a week later. The next week I was flying back to the US and at the time I hadn’t plan to return to Spain, but literally a week later after going home, I was like, nope im going back! So I went back after summer was over and I stayed in touch with this family, but I was wayyyy tooo nervous to make contact with this guy. So I just never did. So dumb. Anyway, finally after 7 months we ran into each other. We started hanging out soneyimes but in the end we just were friends, as he was not christian but still it was a fun experience, I wish I had gotten to know him sooner. Anyway, all from going on a trip to Italy!

Kathleen Hawkins

You guys are so encouraging! ?

Brishelle Brooks

This video was the best! You’re so bubbly

Stonewall's Stonewall

"33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."-Matthew 6:33 KJV.
I'm a huge fan but I have to disagree with some of the points in this video!
1. Who wants their lifelong love-story to be, "I went to a dog-park because I'm desperate to meet someone"
2. Theater production 99% of the time have no Christians in them and don't do Christian appropriate productions, trust me I tried and have friends who were involved in many many productions, they have experience.
3. Hiking Club is a terrible idea as well, a huge safety concern for younger women being around strangers in the wilderness, don't try this unless you carry a weapon (have training and know how to use it, you do not know WHO is in that group!!!!)
4. Dancing clubs are compromised of passionate emotional people who 90% of the time are not Christian, I've met only promiscuous and VERY bold women at dancing events, clubs, lessons and hoe-downs.
I do have a great idea though! Instead of putting yourself out there to make something happen, you can always pray for God's timing, his will, and for the right person to come along according to his will and timing.
I'm all for being social, and doing social things, but that is to build Christian fellowship and friendships, God has a wonderful love-story for you and he promises the best, it's going to be much more then meeting someone while hiking with strangers.

Halinka P

Many good Christian couples I know met through internet dating sites! I know, I used to be a skeptic too, but here these couple are a living proof it can work well

Learning the Harp with Christy-Lyn!

This is a great video!! Helpful info, but also fun. I love that you filmed each idea at a different spot... makes it so engaging! ????


SWING DANCING!!!! YES!!! I met my husband at a swing dance! And I was the one who asked him to dance first. But I impressed him with my moves and he asked me to teach him a few new steps and the rest is history. ?

Gina Danca

I love this so much?? you guys always have great advice and make me laugh!


These are also great tips just on how to meet new people and make friends; it’s surprisingly hard once you leave Uni and get married.....I love all these ideas!! ????

Jesus Saiz

Good advice, thanks..... we guys also have a hard time meetings ladies, especially when you are a missionary in the field full time in Africa.... what ca we do

Abby M

I'm actually going to share this with my brother! I want him to meet a QUALITY girl lol ?

Ama Park

SWING DANCES ALL THE WAYYYY!!! So many couples I know met at the swing dance Im a part of.❤️


Going to concerts, festivals, and art galleries are great places to meet people. :)

Melissa Bowen

Tiffany, you and James brighten my day. Thank you for the blessing of your ministry ❤️


Okay, these are great ideas...gonna try this???

Giselle Evans

I loved this video! I used some of these in a similar video I made, but I didn't think about dog parks, theater groups, or the young professional's network. I think the best advice for meeting guys is don't pretend to be someone you're not when you're choosing where to go. For example, if you hate hiking, I don't think the hiking group idea is for you.

Stephanie Mills

These are definitely great ideas... now we need an updated video "where to meet guys in a COVID world" :o

Lightning thunder

Then there's contra dancing which is about like a square dance... My dad got me into it and we've been doing it for about 5 years now...
I don't know why no one ever knows about it.

Kaela Schultz


Liz murphy

That kind of stuff is easy IF you can actually go out on your own, but what are you supposed to do when you can't drive?

Michael Meets Mozart - 1 Piano, 2 Guys, 100 Cello Tracks - The Piano Guys

Michael Meets Mozart - 1 Piano, 2 Guys, 100 Cello Tracks - The Piano Guys18 May. 2011
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After our Taylor Swift Coldplay mash-up, lots of people wanted more song combos. This led us to the creation of a cool hip hop/classical mash-up, but again we could not get permission. Instead of scrapping the great ideas, we used them to create an original tune. You will hear influences and inspiration from other artists. Try and guess them.

On the recording, Steven Sharp Nelson laid down over 100 tracks including cello textures never known possible. Every single sound on the video was made using only the instruments shown: piano, cello, mouth percussion and kick drum. We utilized some cool effects on lots of stuff...for example the U2-style delay on Steve's pizzicato at the beginning.

The extra string on the electric cellos (the black cello has an extra high string and the white cello has an extra low string) allowed us to cover the full range of the orchestra. The deep bass drum sound is a bump on the body of the cello with a little help from some effects. The shaker sound was created by Steve rubbing rosin on his bow. The record scratch is Steve scratching a quarter on the strings...you get the idea.

Produced by Jon Schmidt

Arrangement written by Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson & Al van der Beek

Co-produced by Chuck E. Meyers & Jake Bowen

Piano recorded at Big Idea Studios by Jake Bowen

Cello recorded at TPG Studios by Al van der Beek

The Piano Guys website:




Devin Graham:




This video was filmed at The Muse in Provo, Utah.


Video Production Crew


Paul Anderson

Director & Director of Photography:

Devin Graham

Behind the Scenes Video:

Shaye Scott


David Thorpe

Piano Movers:

Jeremy Crawford & Frank Nelson

(They're the only guys I trust to move this piano)

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#thepianoguys #pianocello

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