How much does jennifer lopez weigh

What Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day

What Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day9 Feb. 2021
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What Jennifer Lopez Eats

What Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day

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In today's video we take a look at What Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day!

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This Is What Jennifer Lopez Eats In A Day...

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Nature Max

top 3 most attractive women over 40... easily

Jennifer Lopez's EXTREME Diet Measures While Struggling in Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez's EXTREME Diet Measures While Struggling in Hollywood22 Mar. 2017
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These days Jennifer Lopez

These days Jennifer Lopez is one of the most well-known, and well versed stars in the world. She’s a triple threat who’s mastered, singing, dancing and acting - plus she’s got a body that could KILL at age 47. But while we know her as J Lo, to herself, she’ll always be jenny from the block, a struggling dancer trying to make it big.

And honestly, the struggle was REAL for Jennifer back before she was famous. You’ll never believe the extreme lengths she took to make it big in Hollywood.

JLo is pretty busy these days with a show in Vegas, a drama series on NBC in its second season, and now a new project - J lo is executive producer and a judge on the new dancing reality show, World of Dance, where aspiring dancers compete for a 1 million dollar prize. The new show brought J Lo back to her roots.

Who she was THEN, was a young girl with big dreams of making it as a dancer - and times were tough.

“I remember only getting to have one piece of pizza every day when I was a dancer. That’s how I lived. I did that for a couple of years before I got my first big job. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. These days Jennifer hardly touches pizza. In fact, to keep her dancer body incredibly fit - and it’s soooo good - The dancer sticks to unprocessed everything. Sadly, that means no 2 am pizza runs.

Lopez’s trainer, Tracy Anderson, revealed last year that JLo sticks to a veggie heavy diet. It’s allorganic and it’s all very well thought out with a balance of very high quality proteins and a lot of nutrient dense food, she told people. Everything is fresh. There’s nothing processed.

Well, that’s no fun is it! Although an all organic diet DOES sound better than just one piece of pizza a day. I can’t believe she did that, can you? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Comments (40)
Rani MJ Fan

I'm so in love with this woman. Deffo a woman I would divorce my hubby for lol.

Krissy Norman

heyy jlo #prtyyylvuu wht diet?? uu lk so beauty. hlthy. inte picxuresz. grg. te pic are hrd to see BT uu lkprttty. lvuudoll.

Alma Shatri

So she didn't make it big by dancing though! Almost nobody does. Even Madonna was a struggling dancer. Dance seems to serve only as an accessory. Sad!

Hugo S

Queen JLo❤

Gwendolyn Taylor


darcy paton

Can't stand you


triple threat. lol that was a term used loosely. She can't act period!

Stephany Mariah

omg I swear she doesn't age!!!! ?


you can make home pizzas fresh


Who the what's really JLo. Is she where she's supper start of what Stars. Movie star? Dancing Queen or Likes Acting..

Elma Moura


anthony 35

What's wrong with caffeine???? .. I'm a coffee person y'all guys

[ villxgqw ]

Im so skinny i love it ;3

Krissy Norman

DWT s .CL.

Angela Ravelo

She's body goals?? I love her

Kalpana R

she is the alux.com host, I think


A so called triple threat who cant sing , act nor dance ??? and she looks like an old washed up whale nowadays.

darcy paton

When does jennifer spend time with children. Serms like never

Darren Tahana

Mastered singing?? Bit of a stretch


She's so inspiring! Love! Love! Love!

yesha thakkarprajith



Shes so ultimate.. having a total girl crush...

m t

good info on dieting to loose weight staying healrhy its inspirig and real motivating

Maria Elisa García


Amanda Perkins


Reen H

no caffeine = no coffee? omg how does she survive? lol


This is probably the BEST host they have. Shes so on point, poised, has great tonation while informing the viewers. Applause!

Danna Lopez

Jennifer Lopez does NOT have curves...She has a beautiful body with round booty but she is not really a curvy girl...Her hips are not very shaped and wide and she does not have a waist...years ago she was way prettier-dark and natural more exotic and cute...
Stop praising her so much...she is a hot woman BUT it gets very annoying...she is not perfect...just a human.

the moonbleu

her real
hair is thin hollywood tears up hair :(

T. McMullen

She is a grinder...works hard to work harder . love her. inspiring mami!!!


She pretty much eats veggies all day, every day. She must sh*t 5x a day.

Vonny Vann

jlo and Dwayne Johnson are literally...BODY GOALS ???

Mia Lia Sia

Hot & very clever!!!!

britney-monique grl pwr

jlo has always said she's a bean and rice kinda girl

Natalie Scabbia

No thanks, I don't want to spend my only life denying myself almost all food. You should certainly take care of yourself, but not take it to extremes. Also, eating like JLO does, costs a lot of money, so it's difficult for average mortals.

Andrea Berbel

most likely true, but she's drinking a coke in her "Same Girl" video lol...maybe it was just for advertising

Mic G

She probably ate one slice of pizza every day because she did not have money to buy anything else!

Nefera 9

OMG OMG this is the 2nd comment

okay i think everyone who is fsmouse actully eat and dosent get fat ?

Lemon Fart

She wears such slutty clothes

Fernando Amaya


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Comments (98)
Ioanna Kentrou

why coffee is so bad?


Honestly, it might have something to do with the adrenochrome.


It's genes and money.
And I guess she works out, yeah.

Keabetswe Mtimkulu

"She doesn't drink, she consumes plenty of water..."

Me: Alright, no problem

"She exercises.."

Me: Ok, we're working on it

"And she doesn't consume caffeine"

Me:??? I-i


Jlo is such an inspiration for me thanks for the vid!

naula Moureen

You are the one person I have heard make it known that even having resources is also an issue

V-vetta Vetta

Holy hell she's 50?!

Michelle S


La Silveira

JLo looks amazing ? ? not all celebrities with money look good...lol ?


Her genetics def play a role, her mom is in her 70s and looks like she is in her 50s. And everything u said is correct


lets not forget the plastics..


It’s called fillers. Mystery solved.

Agatha Gaeta

This is soo true with JLO and she is such an inspiration. Thanks for this video


Listen lol she has a personal trainer, a personal CHEF and gym at home.... ??Muchhhhh easier and more time.

Oh yes and body spa things all the best body tightening devices .... just saying...


She is dedicated and focused, which is a huge part of it and I really look to her for inspiration and push. She seems strong and determined and I wish I were more of what she is :D

Kaj Te Briga

You forgot about Scott Barnes.

kazzuo The Great

People fail to realize is that she does have a healthy life style and work hard for her body and of course genetics and the skin treatments.


I love this video!!!!

Ashwathi Damodar

Please I need help. I am an endomorph


Your voice sounds similar to jlo lool

louise valiquette

she does age if you see her in real life............


I'm sure she gets little touch ups. But with that being said she absolutely puts in 110%. ❤

Emerald Eyes

Her genetics, diet, and plastic surgeon. ?

tamiah myers

No disrespect... Jlo face is sagging.

Taylor Downing

Halle Berry and Angela Bassett look amazing too!! Halle Berry"s workout is insane.

YolandA Guinto

JLO is very consistent!


Can you do a video on how weed edibles affect the body while exercising please? I love your videos they are so educational!!??????


I thought coffee was good for weight loss

Danna Lopez

Hey listen to me-Jlo does "not" age because of PEOPLE LIKE YOU!Because Im WONDERING why the hell people praise her sooooo much and every single person says-"Jenny does not age.She looks like 25-15 years old!Whoah!"Whoah...I can NOT understand it...

Iris Lopez

What Can what switch for coffee for energy? Green tea? Anything else?

Chloe Peterson

great video! i was just asking myself this question the other day

Divi Chanel

You made a very important point that she has maintained a healthy lifestyle throughout her life. I think genetics definitely play a role but the fact that she’s been health conscious all these years is definitely a contributor.

Latsnojoke Lee

If you look at pictures of her online without make up she definitely looks like she's in her late 40s. Part of the problem is people always look at these airbrushed photos or professional make up jobs and conclude the person looks so much younger. She also doesn't look anything like she did in her 20s. Do a comparison of her on living color and now and you can tell that she's had work over the years. Now she's had very quality work. She stayed away from the fish lips and the cat eyes. And I do commend her for working out a lot but it also looks like she's had implants and I wouldn't be surprised if she said some Lipo or some help with stretch marks from babies and things like that. And this is not to put her down, because she works in a very competitive field where women are critiqued all day long. But at the same time you have to be careful compare yourself to a celebrity with a lot of resources and a lot of airbrushing .

Super Aniya

You do realize green tea has caffeine in it

karen rio

I thought caffeine was good... what are the negative effects? Great video, can't wait for next one!

Danielle Mason


Yusuf Paiman

Hey Christine! Pleased do a QNA

Heather Malin

Well... it is in her contract to edit all her images, in commercials, movies, and some paparazzi pictures. If you look at the images where she has no control have she does look her age. :) But sure, her access with certain things, like trainers and nutritionists and other things that regular people can't get to will also help. :)

Mare Over

To all those people comparing Jennifer’s physical achievement to them, listen. JL looks amazing...however, looking good is her JOB!!! Working out, eating healthy, taking care of her physically appearance means more work opportunities and money for her. Her body is her asset, and her effort is an investment. That is why she’s so disciplined. Nothing wrong with that, but we can’t compare her with a normal person.
Although, we can be healthy and look good too?


I really love j. Lo, im her fan but all that talking about her not aging is killing me recently. Are y'all blind, her body changed 100%. Is she still beautiful? Yes. But don't tell me she didn't change because she did, a lot. She has beautiful body but gained a lot of cellulite, she also gained weight and her skin texture shows her age. She has wrinkles like we all but she uses expensive shit that's why she looks slightly younger than her age. She's beautiful but she doesn't look less than 45 and that's the truth. Let's appreciate her beauty without overreacting

Cakewalk Desserts

What I love about her, is she has always embraced her healthy body/figure. She was on the scene when the waif look was all the rage in the 90s. She never tried to be that. She was always strong, fit, yet curvy. Now, that look is what’s desired. Like you said, she was always just consistently healthy. No fads or obvious quick fixes. Great video!

Cwsing 7

If you are a young person and smoking for 20 years, you will age 35 years

Cwsing 7

Basically lower cabs , keeping her georgeous

Nicola Douglas

Baby blood and Adrenachrome!!!!!

Mindy Lemarque


Bill Payments

1 Good genetics
1a she’s mixed race or multiracial Latina mixed don’t crack either.
Look up the DNA facts
Studies have shown that the racial ancestry mixture of the average Puerto Rican (regardless of racial self-identity) is about 64% European, 21% West and North African (including Canary Islander Guanche), and 15% Taino/Amerindian, with European ancestry strongest on the west side of the island and West African ancestry strongest on the east side, and consistent levels of Taino ancestry throughout the island.[38]

A study of a sample of 96 healthy self-identified White Puerto Ricans and self-identified Black Puerto Ricans in the U.S. showed that, although all carried a contribution from all 3 ancestral populations (European, African, and Amerindian), the proportions showed significant variation. Depending on individuals, although often correlating with their self-identified race, African ancestry ranged from less than 10% to over 50%, while European ancestry ranged from under 20% to over 80%. Amerindian ancestry showed less fluctuation, generally hovering between 5% and 20% irrespective of self-identified race.-Wikipedia

2 she keeps herself up and has improved her genetics and she maintains that high level. You never see her let herself go ever.
3 she’s had a nose job maybe a low profile small Brest augmentation or just a lift nothing major she hasn’t really played with her face much more than that. No crazy lip injections or fillers.
3 she eats healthy no drinking no drugs no smoking and works out all the time. It really works people. There’s no magic pill workout eat right decrease stressors in your life.

Kathy Ramos

Jlo has a nanny that is why she does not consume alcohol.

Lore Strahan

Maybe good plastic surgeon and dermatologists?

Selene Rayon

She is amazing ! So true habits are all in trying to build them

Tati Ana

1. She's Latina
2. Fillers and botox ( no hate)
3. Great makeup


Yessss! I think you are absolutely right. Look at Instagram for Adriana Miranda Fitness. Is very important to treat your body serious


Because shes a vampire.

Melonie Dawes

Whats the big deal with caffeine?
Also, I am a nurse and work up to 14 hour shifts and rely on black coffee. How do I break away from that without going crazy, and what can I do to substitute?

Caribbean Pineapple

the answer for the excuses of: "she has the money. She has the trainers, etc. etc. is the example of all the celebrities that has the money and they don't take care of them self.

kani niaz

Money money money

Kalel311 superman

If you take good care of yourself you could look good at any age and maybe genetics play a role too

Super Aniya

She has been on video drinking wine

Alejandra Lopez

How does caffeine affect someone from loosing weight??

Taylor Anderson

Why is caffeine bad?

Lamulata#1 Azuquita

Simple she got money!!! Money will give you the best life possible. Best foods, best trainers, best creams, surgeries you named it!!!

Lia Akouros

Money does help. She has people who cook for her. The rest of us have to work, clean, take care of the kids. It’s mostly about finding time. Think about the rest of us, who work 10-12 hours a day. Then do a video that caters to our needs and schedule.

Paleo Lifestyle

Sunscreen contain chemicals that age you and cause cancer. Use natural oils instead - coconut oil, cacao butter, etc.

Carolyn Kiser

She also is extremely rich and has a whole squad of PTs, personal chefs, doctors, cosmetic surgeons, etc. I applaud her for keeping healthy but there’s more to it than just a healthy diet and workout routine. Can’t compare yourself to the Uber rich celebrities.


Welcome notification squad! Do you struggle with weight gain as you age? Comment below and let me know where you struggle. I’ll be doing more content on fat loss and age ??

Evelyn Hernandez

Cwsing 7

I’d say she will look 40 when she will be 90

Victoria Law

Love the research. I'm on the right track. I need to lower my carbs more but its hard.

Leiza Segovia

How can you not drink coffee when you're a mom and have to work swing shift... Any recommendations??

Evil Capricorn

No alcohol, I refuse


For all of the women who are 40+, please don't use aging and hormonal issues as an excuse for accepting an out of shape, unhealthy body. At 46, I just dropped 10 lbs of the 15 lbs I let myself gain over a 7-year period and have the beginnings of a 6 pack. It was lost in 2 months just by cutting alcohol and added sugar (I'm not uber rich or a celebrity). Be honest about what you're eating - don't fool yourself by saying 'but it's honey, that's healthier' or 'red wine is good'. They're good for creating a gut. Sorry for the tough love ;)

Stanka Kordic

It’s still a balance. I’m not going to totally give up anything that brings enjoyment, including a drink, dessert and coffee. But yes, it’s work too. I’m 57, been a gym rat since age 19, and it’s much harder post menopause. Start young!

Mare Over

So if you don’t drink coffee or alcohol... what a heck do you do for fun??
I’m kidding ??

Jodi Lucker

Love these older women who are examples for us all. Just saw some recent interviews with Demi More. She looks great too!

Ani Kwarteng

Because we Leo women refuse to take our foots off the necks of these b$%%es????


well she looks old to me. she’s aging and fast

Cwsing 7

Obviously she never been a smoker, and had liposuction on her belly , like Beyoncé

A Arellano

This is so true. I hate when people are quick to say everyone who looks good has had plastic surgery. My mom is in her 50s and is waaaaay more flexible, Strong, toned and energetic than I am. It’s pretty embarrassing. She has been working out for as long as I can remember. When she couldn’t afford the gym (which she goes to now for less than 10 bucks) she would work out around the house. She’s always been an advocate for eating healthy. She never skips her meals and is always on all of us (her grown kids) case about not eating when we should and enough. She’s been through years of emotional and physical abuse (not anymore) she’s single now and barely makes a living on her own and yet still doesn’t make excuses to not take care of herself. She looks incredible for her age and her skin is so soft. It really is all about discipline. If you don’t have it, NOTHING will come easy for you in life and you’ll find yourself whining and complaining about everything and bitter when others doing better than you because of their discipline.

Just Georgy

Great video!

Juliet Edwards

Great video. Thank you for the inspiration.

Carrie T

Yep I started drinking a lot of red wine and barely any water. Guess what my bras don't fit and my pants don't either. Time to buckle down

Catrina Willhite

JLo is beautiful

Danny yurp

She also eats chips and cookies etc she doesn't stop her self from having cookies etc she said she just has little bits of what she loves in moderation.


What is negative about caffeine consumption please?

Angel Lewis

I love jlo and shes beautiful.. but when u see her she does look older in her face they just use filters on her

Sharon Wagner

I'm copying her workout pronto, doing the morning workouts. No caffeine will be harder though. Lol But baby steps I can do to get to my goal a lil faster. She looks fabulous.

Matcam 1

Why she doesn't age.....it's called money and Botox.

Lorena Valdez

I think she does the NAD THERAPY. The worst part is that is only available for The Rich

Felicia Holmes

I am working hard as ever to lose weight. Wish I did it when I was younger but I do appreciate the results so much more because of the work I put in.

Label Made

Jlo said she works out early because of her busy schedule... If she waited she'd be too busy to do it.. So there's nothing wrong if you workout in the evening... It's what works best for u.. ???✨

Sirena Chantal

She’s beautiful, has good genetics, works hard at it, and does the right things. But, she does do plastic surgery, probably has someone cook for her, doesn’t seem to have any major illnesses, and hasn’t gone through menopause. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t compare.

Andrew Chavez

Her face looks Old so i dnt know wachu talkn about.. haha 30 heck Noo look at her close ups I can see her old face. Its her body thats rockn.

Sandy Rodriguez

Hello!! JLO doesn't age, because its been rumored YES SHE DOES HAVE COSMETIC SURGERY & KEEPS UP WITH IT!!!

Marva Washkowiak

Odd I just read that she doesn't eat salmon because of the texture?

Angel Lewis

What’s wrong with caffeine??


I'll add another hint, vacate toxic relationships and seek professional counseling to undo any damage; they do so much damage to our bodies if we allow that toxicity to affect us longterm. Do not think it's not a thing... you can eat super clean, take care of yourself in every other way, but emotional and mental distress wreaks absolute havoc on our bodies longterm, to the extent of causing actual medical conditions that end up being lifelong. They can ultimately negate so much of the positive you've done for yourself.


I’m so sad because I keep getting bruises whenever I do hip thrusts. In the same area and I use a foam and it still doesn’t work. I have to stop or else I’ll get permanent scarring from bruising in the same area. I already have a bruise that won’t go away.. I don’t know what to do. And hip thrusts is a good way to grow your glutes. Do you have any advice? ?Please and thank you for this informative video too!! ?