Nike glow pair leggings


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New additions to my

New additions to my wardrobe that I am obsessed with :) I have linked everything below.

My Instagram - @sarahhashcroft

My brand - https://www.slathelabel.com/

Nike Puffer Jacket (size M): https://rstyle.me/+MNE41cUBDz2Iy55WPmnGIQ

Nike Cream Puffer Jacket: https://rstyle.me/+oY5NeZqOBp44ihVK4I3G5g

Nike Leggings (size S): https://rstyle.me/+AWlGCJIK4ewHpf9pCRunuw

Ribbed Turtleneck Top: https://rstyle.me/+ubWLqF7w_1qDroBze3BilA

Leather Jacket: sold out but it may come back in stock https://www.charcoalclothing.com.au/collections/jackets-outerwear

Topshop Earrings: https://rstyle.me/+w_NwBc4DW_6KzFWZI2r7NQ

Adidas Track Top (size 12): https://rstyle.me/+o2yeAKlYOlOcO45yH73vug

Adidas Track Bottoms (size 10): https://rstyle.me/+o8SfkXt3MvKLVMca-r6xlg

Adidas Velvet Hoodie (size 12): https://rstyle.me/+MDrL23swO40nU0FNjLRvBg

Adidas Velvet Slim Jogger (size 10): https://rstyle.me/+RdutkZJNOaoveVdbIVIB7A

Adidas Grey Sweatshirt (size 16): https://rstyle.me/+gNgIHHxeXaBUGQ7ZW6k_uA

Pretty Little Thing jeans (size 10): https://www.prettylittlething.com/prettylittlething-light-blue-wash-extreme-distressed-hem-boyfriend-jeans.html

Pretty Little Thing Puffer Jacket (size 14): https://www.prettylittlething.com/black-reflective-cropped-bubble-zip-detail-puffer-jacket.html?utm_campaign=sarahhashcroft&utm_source=spinstastory&utm_medium=social

Bomber Jacket: https://marketplace.asos.com/boutique/messina-hembry-clothing

Zara Patent Boots: https://www.zara.com/uk/en/high-heel-faux-patent-ankle-boots-trf-p13128610.html?v1=54725855

Mango Leather Ankle boot: https://rstyle.me/+UVKYcJHPxrWx8CCsjN-vEQ

Mango Leather baguette bag: https://rstyle.me/+-h4eRp5wvNH-B0mHWLycTg

Mango Oversized Clutch bag: https://rstyle.me/+UVKYcJHPxrWx8CCsjN-vEQhttps://rstyle.me/+c0P1QQSTpaO5pECro6_5cw

Mango Khaki Shopper bag: https://rstyle.me/+yYNw8uXxK5hNYjxTj0hFQg

Dezi Sunglasses: https://dezi.co/products/on-read-black-dark-smoke?variant=34196176208010

Attico Sunglasses: https://uk.lindafarrow.com/collections/the-attico/products/the-attico-mina-oversized-sunglasses-in-light-gold-and-blue

Balenciaga bag: https://rstyle.me/+V_vuspDqWB44EerwaIe1nw

Prada bag: https://rstyle.me/+m3VAlRaes39Xk7qIrS634w

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Reality Of Zana . x

I missed youuuu... yaaayy!!!

Jill Brzezinka

Love your videos so much !!! You’re such a style icon ! Love it

Jess Pozsonyi

Hey! Love this video. Just wondering if the Adidas grey marl jumper is super super oversized in size 16. I have similar sizing to you. Would a 12 or 14 be a good fit for oversized but not too much? If that makes sense haha! X

Molly Entwistle

This is my fave video of yours

Chloe Creighton

Loved this style haul so much! Looking gorgeous as always ??

Linda Overbeeke

Love everything in this vlog?

Louise Webber

Fashion icon thoughhh

Grace Allen

Absolutely loved this style of try on haul!! It’s so chatty and informal it’s perfect and I’ve now added about 10 things to my baskets ✨

Shannon Pryor

I love your style ?


yayyyyyy a try on haul ! Love love looooveeee !

Charlee Louise

Does anyone have a link for them Nike air forces ?

Brenda Ferrando

Sarah the link for adidas track suit doesn’t work. Or if I can get the name of it please. Thank you ❤️ also love this style of video too ! You did great

Hayley Vella

Love love LOVE your style. I have a request please film where or how your store everything clothes shoes bags jewellery I’m really struggling with where to put everything without it being messy ?

Beth Flowers

Please add link for trainers x

Melis Ates

Ooo I love the Nike puffer jacket!


can you link the PLT jeans please x

Ria Farrell

Loved this style video, do you have a link or code for the airforce ?

Emer Meagher

Love this style haul ? such nice new bits ?

Luiza D

I love your style! you are gorgeous ❤️

Jada L

That Adidas tracksuit though ? iconic

Jenni Rivera Topic Videos Y Noticias

very good

Sophie M

Sarah you're the reason I'm always skint

Isabella Bella

very good

Rebecca Johnson

Love this type of video! And obsessed with that Nike puffer jacket ???

Ellie Fowler

Love your styling vids!! Can I ask what the name of your Prada bag is? As the link isn’t working for me ?

Caitlin Hogan

Love all your styling hauls. ? this one is very chill I feel like your just hanging out telling me and showing me what you got love it!! ? bit of everything in this haul!! Obsessed ?

Jodi Blasen

Are your sizes UK or US?

Chloe Hagerty

What black leggings/jeans are you wearing in. The end clips??


Another amazing styling haul thank uuuu so much so inspirational keep up with more pls ❤️

Charlee Louise

I can’t find them Nike air forces anywhere :( do you have a link or remember what they are called x

Grace Longdon

I loved this style of video!xx


I like this more relaxed/ chilled style of video ??

Natalie Waugh

Fly chic?????

Lucy Buckley

What’s the name of those Air Force can you link them? X

Sofia Kaur

Makes me so happy seeing you’ve uploaded missed these videos !!


Obsessed with the leather jacket ???

Du Nhu

0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.


Loved this ??

Joleen Jenkins

Hi Sarah, we are about the same height , may I ask what your measurements are for reference? I watch other you tubers that I think are my size but turns out they are a lot smaller than me:)

Bella 4

What lip product are you using?

Nicole Merritt

Love the haul both ways, but this way is much more chatty and relaxed! Loved it ??

Molly Tomlinson

Love the Nike Air Force!! Where did you get them from? X

Sue Anderson

I get Baby Phat vibes from the velour tracksuits! Was that brand a thing in the UK?

Andrea Mattis

Sarah back at it again with the good clothing ❤️

Laura McLoughlin

Love this vid

Siphiwayinkhosi Tfwala

Thanks for posting but I prefer the other styling hauls the one with the pictures of you with the outfit on the screen after every fit. Please make more clothing hauls. Style around one piece like leather pants for example (different ways to style leather pants)

Lyndsey Preston

Sarah do you still have the GWagon? I remember you mentioning that you were thinking of changing it? X

Rosemary Morrison

Love Love Love!!!! I can not see the Nike Air force linked though? Am I being blind? totally sold on them x

Yara Baldew

Love the chatty videos!


I love the NIKE puffer ??? love your style ??

Courtney Alyssa

I always forget about mango!! It’s such a lovely high street store that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves!❤️

Jayne M

I love your videos


I love this chatty haul style!!


Most of your linked items doesnt work!

Aga Maria

Anyone else having issues opening up the links?

Atiyah Saleem

I do prefer this style of haul from you more interactive I feel love all the sports gear & puffers

Tin Bernas

Obsessed with your hauls ❤️

Nastja Kiel

Loveeeee These type of Videos ???


I love how you pronounce “adidas” with your cute accent ??

Alicia Barbara

Is the little ysl top handle bag you've been wearing in you insta new? I NEED to know the name of her ?


Looove the black mango boots. Do you have a link?x

Beauty by Becci

I loved this video ❤️❤️❤️

jessics broen

Love this! Can anyone find the trainers?

Ana Sousa

I prefer this way?


i’m so pleased you’re doing more YouTube this year - such a welcome distraction to everything going on in the world! thank you ♥️

Mijke B

Love it! How tall are you? Just for reference :)

Libby Horner

Omg I am in LOVE with the reflective puffer jacket. I kind of wanted a cream one but then I thought that black goes with more but I never thought about GREY!!! And the colour it goes when the flash is on is sick!

Simona Wielgus

Where are the black leather jeans from? The ones you have one while showing the bags? X

Georgia Walker

Love how you did this video!! And I have literally book-marked every item you showed us????

Adel Noshaba

Omg i’m in love with your style ? pleaz do more video. I can be inspired ?❤️

Carolina Leite

hey sarah ♥️ where is your black faux leather pants are from? love love love ur style ♥️♥️

Yeye Yeye

i loved ur styling hauls as we could get an idea of how u would incorporate each new piece in outfits

Libby Horner

Please can you link the air forces? I can’t find them ? xxx


OMG! I was checking your YouTube page this morning to check if you had uploaded another haul but was so disappointed when I didn't see one. Now there is one! Love love love it.
I do think your other haul's felt a little bit more organised in a sense that you showed a whole look incl. accessories.
However, I still loved it!


i need this bomber jacket ??❤️

Clare Bear

I prefer the more chatty style of haul like this?

Claudia Pagdin

Sarah your style is just amazing ? obsessed!!! Xx

S Nash

love it

Fizz fashion

The Adidas gray jumper and jeans outift is giving me very friends vibes >>

Meg Bradbury

What's the name of the Prada bag? The link isn't working!

Ruth Tait

I like both styles to be honest, I have enjoyed this a lot though!

Erin Nogueira

Why did this blow my mind that you pronounce Nike as “Nike” and I only know it as “Niky” ?

Yasemin Kuskal

The Adidas tracksuit with the red, white, blue stripes could be for the Dutch team for the Olympics hahaha! Love it!

Love from The Netherlands xxxx


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Hey guys!

Here’s a

Hey guys!

Here’s a huge Ryderwear try on haul where I show you at least one item from every single collection on the Ryderwear website now!!

I discuss sizing, material and details xx

I hope you love this video as my as I loved making it ❤️

Ryderwear website:


Discount Code: CR10

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Mandy 224

Do they collect lint?


Wow, only 5 feet. You don't look short.
Very pretty. Great eyes.

las vegas

best youtubers do 4k video quality...l think you will be one of the best youtubers..so you must be 4k video quality because it s very clear

Viktoriia Gurova

What size in bra and tights do you use? It’s always difficult to order online as each set fit differently


WOW beautiful and breath taking in all. Search here for (Alone At Last) by Rock Candy. Enjoy!!!!


11:01 Have your boyfriend pop that massive white-head on your back.

Adrian Contreras

Are all the sets on the haul short girl friendly or did you have to make them work?


she has such big... personality


I love seeing so many collections in one try on video! Interesting to see how the fits look on you in comparison - I have a few of the same pieces, and I'm 5'8". I have to disagree with you in regards to all of the leggings/shorts being squat proof - they are amazing quality, but I def have some that are see through.

Unsettled Journey

Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing, hope you are staying well! Hi from atlanta georgia!

moresugar tradercc

that is a lot of outfits they are very nice and practical though

matt donald

Hi there Chloe nice vid and you are so cute too.

Andrew Stankiewicz


Julia G


Gabriel Garcia

20:42 WOW Chloe

Nikita Nan Tie

what song?

Halio Lifestyle Athletica

Hey Chloe! We'd love to send you our collection if you'd like to review/ try it out. Just let us know and we'll get it out to you :)

Dylan Rattana

11:10 I was like WHOAH HOLD UP

THE BEST LEGGINGS Try On & Review! Lululemon, Girlfriend Collective, Outdoor Voices

THE BEST LEGGINGS Try On & Review! Lululemon, Girlfriend Collective, Outdoor Voices19 Jan. 2021
7 534
Christine LeSubscribe 438 721


HELLOOOO booty flattering, squat proof leggings!! Today I'm sharing all of my favorite leggings, trying them on and doing the squat test to see how they compare. I featured brands like Lululemon, Beyond Yoga, Everlane and so many more that made the cut into my favorites. Everything is linked down below!


5 Presets for $15 https://www.christineleeee.com/shop-1


SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/christineleeeeyt

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I N S T A G R A M: https://www.instagram.com/christineleeee

P I N T E R E S T: https://www.pinterest.com/christineleeee

I’m on Tik Tok!! https://www.tiktok.com/@christineleeee?

My Website: https://www.christineleeee.com/


Camera https://go.magik.ly/ml/ot8l/

Camera Lens https://go.magik.ly/ml/tjf5/

Vlogging Camera https://amzn.to/2PuoDWR

Editing Software – Final Cut Pro

ALL of my filming gear linked https://amzn.to/2yls3Vs


BEST OF EVERLANE: My Top 10 Must Haves!


LEVI'S JEANS TRY ON + REVIEW! 501 Original + Skinny vs. Wedgie Fit


Casual Winter Inspo Outfit Ideas: Winter Fashion Lookbook


5 WINTER COATS YOU NEED | Styling Basics: Aritzia, Everlane, H&M


Fall Fashion Lookbook | Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Essentials + Outfit Ideas




Height: 5’6”

Weight: 125lbs

Chest: 34A

Waist: 26”

I'm normally a 6 in Lulu and size S in every other brand!


Beyond Yoga Tank $66 https://bit.ly/3isMXFk

Lululemon Aligns $98 https://bit.ly/38TiIE3

Tna Butter Legging $68 https://go.magik.ly/ml/14bek/

Colorful Koala Legging $23 https://amzn.to/2XYeLaR

Beyond Yoga $97 https://bit.ly/3sAaAQT

Everlane Perform Legging $58 https://bit.ly/3p0krgs

Outdoor Voices Core Legging $88 https://bit.ly/39MzDYn

Outdoor Voices Swift Legging $98 https://bit.ly/35RUKHH

Outdoor Voices Warmup Legging $78 https://bit.ly/38TdiJe

Girlfriend Collective Compressive Legging $68 https://bit.ly/3nWHO9i

Girlfriend Collective Float Legging $68 https://bit.ly/371FCqS

Fabletics Legging $50 https://bit.ly/2XOYjtC

Carbon 38 Takara Shine Legging $109 https://bit.ly/38WOtMC

Alala Legging $135 https://bit.ly/3inCHho


Beyond Yoga Bike Shorts $68 https://bit.ly/3sBepoT

Tna Bike Shorts $38 https://go.magik.ly/ml/14bgg/

Everlane Bike Shorts $38 https://bit.ly/35Q0bXo


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Liquid IV “Christine25” 25% off + free shipping https://glnk.io/koyv/Christine25

DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support my channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

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Michael Tran


Nicole Licandro

The camo ones are my fav !!!!!!!! I have them in green but the grey ones look so nice on you ?

Victoria Le


honeypot films

ahaha I’m obsessed with working out in leggings! and u have so many dang :o
- honeypot films


Them eyes ?

Rachel Chow

your butt looks GUUD


Notifications squad ?

Nicole Ilene Greensher

All of the leggings are really nice, I like especially the brown ones!

CelebritASS T.V.


Matthew Rodriguez Quezada

"You were born to do great things so believe in yourself."

Justinne Diaz

I didn’t think I need this video till it’s here wowza!!!!! The quality, this video, you’re so pretty , your accessories everything ???

Victoria Le

every time i see those camo leggings I think of u boxing HAHAH

Xiayi Chen

Thanks for the informative video! I am also a Lululemon fan but as a grad school student, more affordable options are great!

mich C

Where did you get your necklaces from! They're so cute :')