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GYM LEADER MAYLENE WANTS TO FIGHT! ? Pokemon Renegade Platinum Nuzlocke Part 11

GYM LEADER MAYLENE WANTS TO FIGHT! ? Pokemon Renegade Platinum Nuzlocke Part 1126 Apr. 2020
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In this episode, we

In this episode, we battle Veilstone City Gym Leader Maylene and one of my favorite Pokemon suffers a VERY sad death. I also try out a quick Nuzlocke-killer challenge near the Valor Lakefront!

Thanks to everyone for the support! We smashed our like goal last video! Let's try to get this video to 230 likes!

Nuzlocke Rules:

- The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.

- Shiny Pokémon do not apply to the above rule.

- Species Clause: The player can keep fighting Pokémon in the area until one is encountered that has not been caught yet, which then immediately counts as the first encounter.

- Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be put in a "DEAD" Box in the PC permanently.

- The player must nickname all Pokémon, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds.

- SOS ? Rule (Made by me): Pokemon Renegade Platinum is unique and gives out several "gift" Pokemon at a time. The player can only choose 1 out of the gifts per area; however, the additional "gift" Pokemon in this game can be saved in a "SOS" box. These Pokemon can be withdrawn and used if the player is down to 1 or 0 Pokemon remaining. This is to increase longevity of the playthrough. (Example: Oreburgh City gives Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, and Beldum as gifts. I can only choose 1 in that town (no interchanging between them throughout the LP) and the other 3 will have to stay in the SOS box and can only be withdrawn when the team is down to 1 or 0.)

- NO ITEMS DURING BATTLE!! Shift Mode allowed, but no healing or stat boosting in battle.


Pokemon Renegade Platinum Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI7CHsXx_Eo5yK5owW-N8DSqt8xDuim_F

Pokemon Renegade Platinum Download/Doc Page: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/52294-pok%C3%A9mon-renegade-platinum/

Pokemon Emerald Kaizo Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI7CHsXx_Eo5hacpt6Ej0QR_JdEWul1sg

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Comments (59)
Arvid V

Pure power (medichamps ability) makes it broken

Julian Riml

I am always getting caught up between wanting a challenge for you with some possible deaths and not wanting to see anyone go
Would have been a major loss if magnezone died glad everything turned out fine
PS i know you work hard and I don't want to pressure you but damn these 1 hour videos are great


Yes chizzy thanks bro!

Ke Lewis

Always loved the Marlene gym fight I loved the dynamics of the gym and the outlay of it being a boxing gym. Super dope and much love fam always enjoy your videos anytime you upload

Matthew Ray

it brings me such joy that youre using and loving a wormadam :)

Kindu White

Meganium is fairy type you could have used the steal move


Im late but these are really good and I enjoy them alot


Why your staraptor kills in the 2nd turn because the close combat from the first turn lowers the defences

Shreddy Krueger

The double battles at the end was amazing ??????

As Above So Below

That intro had me wondering if magnezone lives an EQ for a bit.


bro low key vibin with the intro ?

Avatar N

An hour of power let's go

Colby __

The switching of members as strategy is very entertaining. Much better than using one pokemon and OHKOing the NPC's pokemon. Also cool to see underused pokemon getting some love in this playthrough ?


“We got EQ before gym four!”
Regular Platinum, chilling with EQ after gym 2:


Close combat reduced the machamp's defenses.

Latrodectus mactans

The one time a double battle partner is competent, you murder their Pokémon with zero hesitation. :P

Preston Huang

You got SO lucky with that Dugtrio. Should make an extra nuzlocke rule to never lead electric/steel types and add an incentive so the arena trap doesn’t keep happening lol


Chizzy out here getting faked out like Javale Mcgee with all these fake outs!


Rotom Fan is the Dollar store Zapdos

Wyvern Tear

Whether your using your strong mons or weak mons, I don't mind. You're still fun to watch

This Isn't My Real Name Google.


Joey Ro

Yay you beat the weakest gym leader lol(Maylene is actually a lot tougher here tho).


love it every time i see an upload

Ethan R

Haven't commented this entire series so far, but I just have to say thank you. I've been hoping this entire playthrough that you'd implement level caps for the next gym leader's highest Pokemon. Keeps things fair and balanced, especially as you're on switch mode, while ensuring that tactics matter. This, I feel, makes for the perfect challenge.

Plus, glad to see you're making use of the EV training! That's awesome. Could you maybe let us know how you trained them? Just saying, like, "I went for attack and speed on Gliscor" or whatever. I'd love to know.

Keep up the great work! Hope to see you do nuzlockes of all Drayano's hacks.

jfong shankity

Give this man 300 likes


47:50 could've switched out anyways, now that magnemite is gone

Andre Ganjee

25 hour gym ???

James Balogo

i love long episodes from chizzy!!


Where do you get the razor fang for flight? ?

Zarina Sultana

You got this

Tommy Durning

Beatha lovd who the the big question maylene love candice

Nando Prima

Maylene an martial artistee shy yuri of candice she told me on facebook she have 30 pokemon for the gym medicham her pokemon candice use it instesd froslass or glaceon by mistake she ship nando me with zoey i also with cerulean 4 sister and gardenia bi for her museum palio or les with cheryl colress try to portal me back

Walker Strait

Love all the work you put into this man. It really shows great job. Got a consistent viewer in me

Katye West

Honestly thought there would be more deaths after you said you had a self imposed challenge ?


at least now everybody "should" realize why being 2-3 levels higher is a good idea

Steve chew_86

Thank you rchizzle for proving laughter with your amazing videos! keep up the good work


Late upload today because I had to rerecord, mic crapped out on me ? worst feeling ever. Extra long ep for y’all though so enjoy and have a great rest of your weekend ?

JulianNoT BREezy

Play pokemon soaring gold (known as hgss rebooted) it might have overtaken sacred gold and storm silver as the best way to play hgss

Azelf Da Boi

Nother good vid


My favorite gen and favorite rom hack. Cant wait to see if ur gonna be doing the new hgss hacks when drayano releases them. You're incredibly fun to watch.

Quincy Beckley

Saved by the dusk ball. Keep it up man.

Terra MHWR3ns

Love the 1 hour episodes, please keep it! ?


Yo, you really need to keep some pokedolls in your inventory lmao

Andy Polk

Thanks for the long episode Chizzy, you're the best!


Inb4 does the no healing thing for E4 =3

Andrea De Censi

The fact, that you’ve got so many Mons to count on, seems really an Anime Episode. You can always swap teams, that’s cool!


19:50 the close combat lowered the defence lol

Patrick Flanagan

Delli Delli Delli Whoooop

Alvin Bernardo

This is better than OKO’ing all the gym leaders mons. Now this is entertaining ??

Zel TheGr8

That intro was perfect lol. You just don’t learn bro.

Sven Vegter

Never knew 1070 was pronounced as ten-hundred-and-seventy hahaha

Ludicolo 15

Magnezone: I fear no man, but those things points to Diglett and Dugtrio they scare me.
19:38 Close Combat lowers the user's Def stats. That's why the 2nd Aerial Ace killed. You were so worried about bullet punch that you forgot what Close Combat does.

a peddie

Nuzlocke aint the same. Emerald is a solid 95% every battle, a locke on this game is more like spikes where 100% is a dead mon, then nothing for a few battles, then another spike so to speak. One crit can change ur entire end game strats etc lol it has me on edge either way.

Remington Wallace

Always look forward to these


Almost an hour long episode?
Now this does bring a smile to my face.

Haachama Priestess

RIP Delewhoop. Nobody gives it a chance even though it's good in this game.

It was so cool seeing you excited about it.

Ethan nations

Loved the video as always man! Also I heard you mentioned you just started working out recently, if you need any advice or tips hmu!

Doctor Anime

Man the Grim Reaper had it out for Magnezone today.
40:00 Nice reference there


You don’t get damaged if you’re in the air with fly

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Ritu Bhargav


Lavish Verma

Superb rahul ?

Aman Peace

Wow yr ye starting me konsa effect hai bhai.

Rain Rain

Wow ?????

abhishek thakur

Amazing ?❤️

H itesh

Bdiya hai bhai????

Bhawna Rawat

Amazing ??

Kishor Singh

Amazing ❤️

Dev Singh

Wow ?????‍♂???