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Only a Sith deals in absolutes #70 But It's The Big Bang Theory *ear rape*

Only a Sith deals in absolutes #70 But It's The Big Bang Theory *ear rape*21 Oct. 2018

Only a Sith deals in

Only a Sith deals in absolutes Daily


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It’s cancelled. I never liked the show anyways

AlrightyThen Daily

I’ve been inspired

Artemis Steele

What's the word, hummingbird?

Specter MK

Guess what


Ear rape is always good its sad i listened so much earrape i am deaf now

Wizardry Wolf Art


J Nuy

I really don't like that show.

B2 super battle droid (daily)

That moment when you never saw that show and dont get the joke



Is Obi-Wan a Hypocrite?

Is Obi-Wan a Hypocrite?3 Jun. 2016
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What does Obi-Wan mean by

What does Obi-Wan mean by "only a Sith deals in absolutes"? That statement itself is an absolute! Is he a hypocrite?

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Clips sourced from:

A New Hope (1977)

The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Return of the Jedi (1983)

Attack of the Clones (2002)

Revenge of the Sith (2005)

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Music: Dark Fog, Kevin Macleod, Incompetech.com


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Dor Ben Yaakov

I don't necessarily agree with your analysis but i appreciate the effort

Val3nt1 S

I am not a hypocrite.

Chris - Sol Mon

A Star Wars theology apologist? God, help us.

Ayaan Mugloo

Obi Wan isn't saying "Only a Sith says absolute statements". Anakin first said "If you are not with me, then you are my enemy". Obi Wan replies that only a Sith DEALS in absolutes. DEAL is the key word. A DEAL is an agreement entered into by two or more parties. DEALING is not simply talking or saying things. He's saying only a Sith makes deals with absolute terms. "Agree with me or die" would be dealing in absolutes.


I'm not pointing any fingers here but "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" is in itself an absolute.

David MacDowell Blue

OKay. Amid all the fuzziness of the prequels, in terms of ideas, this one at least makes some kind of sense. Still, given the context and wording, it remains a confusing line--as evidenced by decades of people misunderstanding it (if in fact they have).

Sean Corcoran

But what about the droid attack on the wookies?

Rod Gill

Yes Kenobi is a hypocrite

Joseph Wuttunee

I agree with most of this but "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" is one of the best lines in film history. It is one of the most succinctly and beautifully put commentaries on the nature of evil.

Michael Verdon

Yeah good point obi wan is kind of being a hypocrite here I mean it adds up I mean anakin only chokes padme and claims she’s turned against him once obi wan shows up and is ready to fight him and I think he just gets overly frustrated at anakin and goes extreme when he says only a sith deals in absolutes but yeah I mean all of what you’re saying is true but I think obi wan still only has hopes for anakin here because anakin hasn’t been a dark side user for so long but it’s just in the originals obi wan has lost hope and anakin has been a dark side user for years and years and killed lots and lots and lots and lots of more Jedi and still does in the originals and it seems more like obi wan just tries to talk sense into anakin telling him to back down and come back to the light and is saying don’t do this but I mean it still wouldn’t help because it would still be hypocritical because obi wan is saying I will kill you if I have to and him claiming it’s ok for him to say it but when anakin says it to him it’s not ok

A Few Gamers

The sith are like liberals

BigFred 2294

When Jedi cultists grasp at straws in claiming the Jedi aren't lying hypocrites.

Phil M

Damn you EC Henry! Expanding my mind once again!


I agree, really good video!! I was just wondering about this the other da my, and search for it and found this vid.❤️

J Sailer

The issue I see with this comment section in understanding Henry's point is that they see this battle as only a culminating struggle of the Jedi and Sith. While it certainly is, that is not entirely what this exchange is. It is not just a fight between a Sith and a Jedi, but a struggle between two men considered brothers over the soul of Anakin Skywalker. While Obi-Wan did want to destroy the Sith, he also wanted to save Anakin, which is why his response here is important.
"Only a Sith deals in absolutes."
Anakin is acting irrationally due to selfish purposes. He does not want Obi-Wan to save him, nor does he want to change as a person. He has achieved not only physical power, but emotional and political. He has destroyed the Jedi Order and the Republic in one fell swoop, institutions once viewed as unassailable, and now stands on the threshold of absolute control over the galaxy. The galaxy, his. The Force, his. The Skywalker family, his. In short, he has become drunk on this realization.
Here, Obi-Wan comes forth as the man, not the legend and not the Jedi Master. He is here as Anakin's brother, in company with his wife, and what does Anakin do? He strangles Padme and then spits in Obi-Wan's face. No debate, no negotiations, no allowing for Obi-Wan to try and speak his mind due to their personal relationship. Instead, Anakin gives Obi-Wan a choice: Join me or Die.
Yes, the argument of absolutes can be easily applied to the Jedi and that's the point. The Jedi became as self-serving as the Sith because of the circumstances surrounding their status. Instead of being protectors, negotiators and the independent faction uncorruptable that the people could turn to; they instead became like the Sith in the way of Overlords and maybe even so far as Warlords.
However, what is key here is that in this scene (which could have been better written and directed, sure), we are not seeing Jedi Master and General Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Great Negotiator; but instead, Obi-Wan Kenobi the brother and friend trying to save the soul of the man he helped raised from the darkness of Anakin's own doing.

Colby Bundy

Yes!! someone else noticed! I'm not alone! I mentioned this idea in a comment on another video but I met hate and opposition, instant subscribe

martijn van weele

To be fair, when Palpatine says "you will be turned or you will die", from his point of view there is no false dichotomy. If he has his way, then there's only two ways Luke will leave his throne room: either as his apprentice, or as a corpse. He will allow no other outcome. While that does nothing to undermine your point, I wanted to point that out.


that is why the truth depends on situation and condition. althought the jedi is the true one here

The Average Gamer

But wasn't it in reply to "If you're not with me you're my enemy!"?

Dukan Ani

Your argument only appears reasonable because you added the word "death" at the end of your explanation in 2:11. Dealing in absolutes does mean to negotiate in false dichotomies (and that usually includes submission to one's point of view).

And Jedis do fall in this behaviour throughout the entire story, they do deal in absolutes quite often. It would have been VERY different if the quote from Obiwan had included something like "deathly absolutes" or "selfish absolutes", but that is not the case. The quote is indeed a contradiction.


That's some pretty terrible writing that you need a youtube video to interpret it in a way that makes any sense.
Also I seriously doubt Lucas gave the line this much thought.
The "with me or against me" stuff was just a to have a dig at then president Bush.
The whole point there is that Bush used evil language like a Sith would do.

Гемунар Олiвець / Манга-пролетар

In Russian dub of ROTs it's said "only sith make everyting absolute"

Uto Resa 519

So... It's all Obi-Wans fault!!!!!

Anthony PC

Possibly most generally relevant Star Wars analysis I’ve seen. I was searching for a text picture of Obi Wan saying this line to reply to a rather politically extreme acquaintance who is dealing in absolutes... then I paused, thinking hang on, is this overtly hypocritical enough to incriminate illogical Obi Wan, and Me by association...???

But thanks to your video, I’ma go ahead and send it.


So, like...what Anakin says he doesn't like sand, it's because he thinks sand is evil? XD




So lawyers are Sith lords?


Damn. I gotta go back and watch the prequels again. I don’t even own them anymore!

Badass channel, man. You’ve reawakened my childhood love for the prequel trilogy.

Pate Ardealul



That face at 1:00

Nicholas Eitenmiller

meesa likey dissa bombad vidya

Felippe DeMello

I don't know... the "only a sith deals in absolutes" thing is quite cool. I mean, it is really something. It kind shows the inflexibility, the tyrany, the power lust of the sith. Think about it as the balance of yin-yang, as the Tao. The sith would be like something that brake the balance, that interrupt natural flow, and that´s when the things got complicated. Think about the concepts of chi and deasese in chinese medicine.

So, when Obi Wan says "only a sith deals in absolutes", he's not being a hypocrite. Neither is master yoda when he says "there's no try. do or do not". They, in this case, are both expressing, comunicating, translating in words a "natural law", the natural flow, how the things actually are and actually work in nature. However, this is just a way of expression, of comunication. We can use the word Tao to express something, but the real Tao cannot be exprssed in words! Got ir?!

And There's no try because, well, when you're trying, you're are actually doing the thing you're trying to, or you're actually doing absoluttely anything else, but the thing that you're supposed to do - or to try.


Tomás Jonsson

so what obi wan said was true .... from a certain point of view. anyone? xD

Marcus M

what about "do or do not"?

Daniel S

But the Jedi also deal in absolutes. Examples include the absolute assertions that emotional attachments are dangerous, that the deaths of others is not to be feared or mourned, that the will of the Council is always to be obeyed, etc. The Jedi deal in other absolutes, and maybe not at the price of killing those who disagree. But, for example, when Padme falls out of their ship in Geonosis and Anakin wants to go back for her, Obi-Wan screams at him that he will be expelled from the Jedi Order (for placing this personal attachment ahead of their mission). In fact, the only flexibility shown is the otherwise inflexible Mace Windu (flirting with the Dark Side repeatedly), who declares that the Jedi should seize control of the Republic (illegally) after removing Palpatine and, of course, in that Palpatine must be executed on the spot rather than taken captive. This is what leads to Anakin's sense that the Jedi are hypocrites and liars, and yes, evil. They have some very absolute, unyielding, rules and beliefs that only the most elite among them are allowed to break. Even Qui-Gon, a wise, powerful and open-minded Master, is specifically excluded from membership on the Jedi Council precisely because he tends to take a nuanced, rather than an absolute, view of things.

Eugene Derry

Obi Wan is a hypocrite because he told Anakin that only a Sith deals in absolutes, but he deals in absolutes for others as well. He and the Jedi Order deals in absolutes as well, because he told Anakin not to have emotional attachments, but he and the Jedi Council are dealing in absolutes of their deaths of each Jedi.

Eugene Derry

Obi Wan is a hypocrite, because he told Anakin to not let his emotions and personal feelings get in the way. Obi Wan told Anakin on Geonosis when Padme fell out of the ship, and Anakin is like I don't care put the ship down. Obi Wan responded you will be expelled from the Jedi Order, because you are placing your personal attachment ahead of their mission. Obi Wan says to Anakin, that we have a job to do and he cannot take Dooku by himself. Obi Wan needs Anakin's help by taking Count Dooku together. Obi Wan told Anakin that we will take Count Dooku together, Obi Wan says you go slowly in the left, while I go slowly on the right. Anakin says I am taking him now, Obi Wan said Anakin, no.

Ray C

Basically, the Sith deal engage in ultimatums.

Charles VanDeweel III

Beautiful! I think this is an amazing depiction of the Christian religion and it's ongoing struggle for peace with God and moral acceptability from all of life. Pharisees (subjective truth) represent the dark side and Jesus (absolute truth) represents the light side.


God people take this way to far it’s Star Wars not AP Lang

Ponera Grimoire

"Only a Sith negotiates in false dichotomies (that involve submission to their point of view or death)"
That's not hypocritical, but it's completely wrong.




This was the first logical argument I have seen from you Henry.
You've successfully persuaded me toward a different and more accurate interpretation of this line.

Andy English

It's still a bad line, IMO. It doesn't convey what Obi-Wan means effectively, and it's also patently untrue: one does not have to be a Sith to deal in absolutes. "Join us or die" is a phrase that could be said by anyone with sufficient delusions of self-righteousness (or just naked self-interest.)

It also struck me and I think a lot of other people as an incredibly clumsy middle finger to something then-President Bush had said, which just felt extremely out of place and dates the movie.


You know if you look at it,the prequels aren't that bad really.They got problems but when you look into them,they are pretty good really.Not the OT but still pretty good.

Autistic Kid Who Is Actually Austitic

Only an absolute deals in Sith.


I searched up “ what if the Jedi dealt in absolutes

Obelic /

"Only a sith deals in absolutes" the opposite would be the "jedi do not deal in absolutes" jedi can be wrong, make mistakes, break rules, and use the force to determine what they should do.

People of the Free Gift

Hey EC Henry, would you consider subscribing to my channel or possibly promoting it? I make videos about star wars and cults. Thanks!

Preston Thompson

Good lecture on the English language.

Rosamund Powell

Oh dude, spare me! Of course Obi Wan was a hypocrite. Obi-Wan, the Jedi, Anakin, Palpatine, the Sith, the Galactic Senate, Padme, the Rebel Alliance, Luke, Leia, Han . . . all of them were in their own ways. You sound as if you're trying to give Obi-Wan an excuse by splitting hairs. It doesn't work for me.


The sith false dichotomy reminds me of Voldimort's line in the Philosopher's Stone. "There is no Good and Evil. There is only Power and those too weak to use it."


Teacher: "what is the absolute value of 7-"
Kid: "Only a sith deals with absolutes"

Joseph Barrett

He was speaking in response to "if you're not with me, you're my enemy". He didn't mean than any declarative statement makes you a sith.

MaX Frost

Good job my friend, you almost got the point.
What Master Kenobi meant is that who is "bad" (the sith in the SW universe) sees only either black or white options whereas the reality consists in an incredible amount of gray shades.
The only absolute that exist is that there are no absolutes (which doesn't make this sentence an absolute itself).

Miguel Padeiro

only sith deals in absolutes


I call it agressive negotiations ;)

David Sears

Yes. He is a hypocrite and I honestly think that was intentional. Remember, THE JEDI FAILED. The Old Republic WAS corrupt. The Jedi had become dysfunctional. Not all was well in the galaxy, and not all of those problems were Palapatine's doing. Slavery exists in this galaxy and the Jedi are... shrug 'not our problem'. Look at how much we know the Jedi were wrong about. There were wrong about the prophecy and what it meant. They were wrong about the Clone Army. They were wrong about the nature of the war they were drawn into. They were wrong when they said that once fallen to the darkside you can't come back... they were wrong about many, many things. Demonstrably wrong and demonstrated to be wrong on film, in canon.

I also think this is why Luke says the Jedi must end in ep VIII. The Jedi have drifted from the roots. The were wrong about many things. And among their flaws was hubris. They were so certain they were right and 'good' that they were blind to their own flaws and hypocrisy.

I have a theory, and it has to do with the Whills. 'I am one with the force and the force is with me'. It's a reversal. Chirrut in Rogue One let the Force guide him... he was it's servant, it's tool. He obeyed it's will. The Jedi and the Sith are alike in one way that is different from the 'Guardian of the Whills'... both impose THEIR will on the Force. The Force obeys THEM. The Jedi assume they are always right and good... but is that REALLY the will of the Force? Could they have blinded themselves to whatever will the Force itself has? Both Jedi and Sith force the Force to do their bidding. This is why I don't think 'balance' meant what the Jedi assumed it meant.

Obi Wan was a hypocrite, and this is why the Jedi fell. They were close minded and stagnant. Self confident, self assured... self righteous. Some of Palpatine's criticism of the Jedi was perfectly valid.

Jordan Odita

200th comment

Cruel Angel

"Only a Sith deals in false dichotomies that involves submission to their point of view or death." HaHaHa, George Lucas is such a shitty writer. The script should be changed!... Oh, wait...


This sentence is absolute.

unstaible child

i saw it this way too and actualy bring up this quot e against people who think this way but when i was called out on it i couldnt find the words to explain it like this as well


I feel like, if Anikan had a better actor, the third episode would have been so much better.


The irony is that Obi-wan is responding to Anakin essentially quoting Luke 11:23 of the Bible.


Wow I never realized this but now I’m 100% convinced this is what the line means

Joey Price

Left Ear: You turned her against me!

Skelton Slay8er

“Only a sith deals in absolutes”

“Are you sure about that”


Dzooky P2P

it sucks how George cramed so much trippy philosophy into the prequels, but ultimately failed to make the movies entertaining, so they'll never be appreciated. Nor should they be. His execution was poor. Its basically the Matrix 2 and 3. Guess thats what happens when you commercialise art.

Gregory Gomez

Wow thats... A good argument..

Hedgehog. PNG

Hold on, maybe.. maybe the Sith


M. G.

Jedi: Only a sith deals in absolutes
Also the jedi:
He's too dangerous to be kept alive
Fear turns into....
Jedi can't love
Then the empire has already won
[Insert them just generally being too strict]

It's raining clones, Hallelujah, it's raining clones



Just wow.


"Siths deal only in absolutes" would have been a more appropriate line. This way Obi-Wan is not implying that anyone who deals in absolutes is also Sith.

Chad Ricks

Kreia already talked about this hypocrisy. The Jedi and Sith are both walking hypocrites.

Obscene Camel

You can't spell "Only a sith deals in absolutes" without EA

Mattias Irving

Good point! This is now my new opinion.

David Wise

Got it, deals is the operative word.

Abraham Lincoln

The democrat party are Siths.

17B Crew

Idk... I feel like, in order to believe in anything at all, you need to deal in absolutes.


You're right. Hypocrites don't deal in absolutes. Only a Sith deals in absolutes. Obi Wan dealt with Anakin by stating an absolute. Obi Wan is a Sith.

Alex Garth

It's actually not hypocrisy, but doublethink.
And it makes a lot of sense, the Jedi are brainwashed since they were children so the 1984 concept applies perfectly.
A textbook example of doublethink. Maybe I am overthinking a bit, but you see this shit everywhere when it comes to politics.

Harrison Garrett

This insight is strong with this one. What I would love to see as a follow up is a slightly more sympathetic analysis of Anakin’s position: how he got here and what that means for him. This moment serves as confirmation to Obi Wan that Anakin has fallen to the sith, but “sith” is a label, not a character trait.

Jordan Cameron

Jedi apologist propaganda

John Reads Poetry

Great analysis, this is the only video I've been able to find that tackles this important issue in so much detail, I thought I was the only one to notice what you talk about at 0:42. You really make some convincing points. However, the SHORT ANSWER for me is: Obi Wan isn't a hypocrite, he's just a victim of the Jedi's deluded sense of self-righteousness.

LONGER ANSWER: When Obi Wan replies to Anakin's "From my point of view the Jedi are evil by saying "Then you are lost!" this seems to be very much alike what Anakin said at the beginning: "If you aren't with me, then you're my enemy", to which Obi Wan answered with the absolutes thing. But now you have Obi Wan pretty much saying "either you believe what the Jedi believe, or you are lost. There is only one truth (ours), and if you don't accept it, you are lost and should be stopped", which is...dealing in absolutes. Black and white thinking. Either you are saved by the light of the one true Jedi religion, or you are lost; there is no third option. Basically, if we applied Obi Wan's meter of judgement to Obi Wan's own words and actions, we would have to conclude that he's a Sith. It's as if Anakin and Obi Wan exchanged roles and mirrored each other. I believe Lucas did this deliberately to show the Jedi's incoherence and arrogance, that were one of the main factors in Anakin's gradual fall to the dark side (another important example of this in ROTS would be Mace Windu justifying his wanting to kill Sidious by saying "He's too dangerous to be kept alive", using the exact same words that the Sith Lord himself used to justify Anakin's execution of Dooku). Revenge of the Sith is the episode that has the most in terms of moral ambiguity and gray areas, compared to the usual, simplistic good vs evil formula used in the other episodes, 4, 5 and 6 especially. It's also interesting how old Ben Kenobi says to Luke, in Return of the Jedi, that what he told him about his father was true "from a certain point of view" and "You're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view", echoing Anakin's words, as if to show that Obi Wan had spent some time thinking about the matter and had abandoned his previous rigid ideas to accept a more complex view of things, maybe even coming to believe that the Jedi had, indeed, failed and alienated Anakin.

Braian gabriel

If someone has played Kotor 2 knew it from the beginning that obi wan was being hypocrite


'Only a Sith speaks in ultimatums.'

John von Shepard

Star wars is deep.


Yoda: do or do not, there is no try.

Literally absolutes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Glad I caught this.


I think that final confrontation would have held more weight if A) Obi-wan was trying to win Anakin back to the light side and B) if Anakin refused by downright denouncing himself as Anakin Skywalker. Say, Obi-wan making a plea like, "Aniken, it's not too late. Come back with me." Then there's a short silence before Aniken cocks his head slightly to the side before saying, "Anakin? Anakin Skywalker is dead." He turns, activates his lightsaber and finishes with, "I am Darth Vader." After which, Obi-wan has no lines. His expression would say it all. You could see the dread of failure and heartbreak of losing a friend without him telling us. I think that would make more of an impact and emotional connection with the audience.

Resident Contrarian

This is really great, but I still prefer the idea that the Jedi are simply hypocrites. Palpatine says himself that they have a narrow, dogmatic view. The Jedi's foolishness and hypocrisy is what directly causes Anakin to be seduced to the Dark side by Palpatine, and that's how I like to view it. Still, this is a great video.

Troy Weaver

That's great and all, but Obi wan "dealt" with Anakin when he circled him, duel in exchange for Padme. He is a walking contradiction, which makes sense given a once powerful council members have been all killed off and obviously their ways were not working, so the words must be cautious.

Fabio Hurtado

I have always felt this to be true. Your explanation is right on target.

Dank Starscream

The Jedi are obvious hypocrites and absolutists too. The Sith are at least honest about it!

David V

My respect for Lucas diminished over the years. But, i always thought this was too much for being unintentional.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

So short answer no, I am not a hypocrite.


The thing you don't consider is that palpatine mind controlled anakin affecting his rationality.

Schwarzer Ritter

We are talking about people who start infighting the moment there are more than two in the same galaxy. A Sith once build a planetkilling battlestation simply because he did not want to share his power with a senate. Twice!
Saying "only a Sith deals in absolutes" is merely stating objective facts.


Fucking thank you!!!

Only A Sith Deals In A B S O L U T E S

Only A Sith Deals In A B S O L U T E S23 May. 2017
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