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The Best of Nick Chubb from Training Camp and Kareem Hunt's Hernia Surgery - MS&LL 8/29/19

The Best of Nick Chubb from Training Camp and Kareem Hunt's Hernia Surgery - MS&LL 8/29/1930 Aug. 2019
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Les Levine and Mac

Les Levine and Mac Robinson discuss the Browns' running game and Kareem Hunt's injury.

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Maverick 3850

Ahh, free public domain music.

Chris Barker

The Hunt thing wasn't a DV case. It was simple assault if anything.

Josh Wingate

Those cuts..

How Nick Chubb Became a Top Running Back | Film Room

How Nick Chubb Became a Top Running Back | Film Room24 Jul. 2020
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When Nick Chubb was drafted out of Georgia, he was seen as an almost afterthought behind prized running back Saquon Barkley. He was the fourth running back taken in the 2018 NFL Draft. Many believed that the Browns actually settled for him in the first place after missing out on Rashaad Penny who was taken in the first round. After two seasons in the NFL, Chubb has become one of the best running backs in all of football. His ability to create yards independent of his offensive line is what makes him so dangerous. In this video, I took a deep dive into Chubb's 2019 season, discussed his fit in Kevin Stefanski's offense, and broke down why he should be a star in 2020. Hope y'all enjoy!

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nick pillow

People always thought Sony was better at Georgia but as a sec fan we never slept on him he’s been crazy good since then


Browns have the best backfield in the league. Two starting running backs in Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. The Stefanski hiring plus the offensive line additions will make them very interesting to watch this year

Steven Undisclosed

Go Browns!

VSauce 4

I had Nick Chubb as 90+% of Barkley and he’s essentially out producing him to this point. He really is a monster

Ryan Miller

As an owner of Chubb in a keeper league, I very much enjoyed this video.

Bailey Moyer

Idk why this is surprising, I said that he was gonna be the second best back in that draft. Also said that Lamar would be the best QB in this draft. In college you could see Chubb was getting better each year after his injury it was clear that he was going to return to his original form


Can u please make the next video about miles sanders for delusional eagles fans who think they’re gonna win another chip this season and think he’s the #1 back in the nfl

Al Lanistas

Great breakdown. The backs listed in the top of the analysis, in my view display elite skills of running the football in this league, the type that are shown consistently over a career, and by the best backs in history. Things like vision, anticipation, and instinct or “feel”. They also demonstrate torso posture that helps them break tackles, protect the football, and limit the chance of taking big hits (shoulders and chest down posturing) while running the football. They take what the defense gives, but also have burst and speed to house it. Also, setting up blocks, understanding run concepts, defenses, are consistent. We all like to see big time jukes, spin moves, hurdling, and outright bulldozing defenders, but it opens the chance of getting hurt, and increases the risk of losing the ball. RBs really have to be taught schematics, vision, footwork and track when running IZ,OZ, Gap and Power.

Sam S.

Chubb is one of those no nonsense RBs

VSauce 4

Frank Gore clone with more burst and speed. Kind of the same career path with a big college injury that had them severely underrated. They both won’t go down and have so much vision and power

Uso Penitentiary

Hoping for a Courtland Sutton or Noah Fant video next

Inappropriate Content

The league has been inundated with amazing running backs the last couple of years! But if Stefanski runs this offense like we all think he will, then Chubb is my pick for leading rusher this season

sir josh

in all honesty, chubb would be better then saqoun if he was a better receiving back


What's funny is Penny has higher YPC than Chubb. Penny just isn't getting the carries.

oh jay


Boll Fills

There’s definitely an argument that he’s the best rb from his class period. Looking at the numbers, Chubb is better than Saquon in so many different categories. Probably the most underrated rb in the league.

Terrance Wiley

Peanut had a terrible game against Chubb and the Browns. It cost him job and made the Ravens go out and get linebackers mid season

King Jay

As a running back this is very useful thank you so much

EDPs Toilet

Is Josh Jacobs legit? It's Miles Sanders better? I saw Jacobs on a few of those graphs you showed in the vid.

Tjay D

Oh boy thanks for showing love to an underrated great RB. Top 5

Darrien Twyman

Please breakdown Jordan Love in the futuree

Super Facts

I think chubb is better than saquon for what the browns want from him
Also just in general

Oliver Taibe

Can you do David Johnson? Lot of question marks surround him for the upcoming season with the Texans. Thanks for the great content anyways!

Headshot_ Kennedy

He became a great running back, he’s from CEDARTOWN!!


Great breakdown, can tell you put a ton of time into this! Always look forward to your videos

ATL Clutch

A damn good dawg!

Robert Givens

How do you discern yards gained by the running backs own accord vs. his lines blocking?

Txawjhlub Lao

That number 80 blocking tho

Master Malcolm Video Jungle

How Nick Chubb Became a Top Running Back
He was born on Earth.

Eugene Poon

Would love to help ya out on the manscaped bundle (plus I need a new trimmer) but I don't live in the US

Dan Workman

Did you say 3 fumbles in 500 touches? Wow.


he's the back that Trent Richardson should have been

Aiden Rund

And now he is a top 3 runningback.

David M

2000 yard back for sure. new offensive line lets go.

D.N.A DatNiccAleXXX

My favorite running back in the league...him and hunt are gonna terrorize defenses splitting touches


Really sad Seahawks didn't grab Chubb...

Edit: I think Chubb is a little too similar in running style to Chris Carson, so at the time, grabbing a more speedy RB like Penny was a better option for the Seahawks. In hindsight, Chubb was the better option.


Dude had 1.5k yards and 8 tds with a bad o line and people dont even have him as a top 5 RB ?


Can you do demarcus robinson

Stephen Marquardt

Chubb is the best RUNNING back in the NFL

Ken Fulton {Baby Elder}

I drafted Tyreek Hill in the 1st round of my fantasy draft last year (Horrible Decision) but my 2nd pick was Nick Chubb because all the top RBs had already been selected. He did not disappoint! I love Nick Chubbs skillset!

Don Solo

New age AD

Jerryl Joy

Keep feeding him

Fantasy Couch

Another great one. gold

Aiden Rund

Nick Chubb is the second best back in the league behind CMC. Saquon is SO OVERRATED AND OVERHYPED ITS UNREAL!

Rest In Peace Kobe 24

Guy has an ad in his video lmfao

Samuel Gold

Trying to decide who to do for my next video. Josh Jacobs was suggested. You guys want to see that? Open to ideas!


So many times last year I kept yelling "GIVE THE DAMN BALL TO NICK CHUBB" then we'd give it to Chubb and he'd do something amazing. I don't think I'll have that problem this year.

Munch z

Can you do Jaire Alexander because there are mixed opinions about him


I know this is about Chubb but did y’all see baker down field on chubb’s fumble play? I like that from a QB


And still isn't the best back on his team. Browns got a crazy back field

Samuel Gold

Here are my fantasy football rankings (7-24-2020 update) for my Patreon Subscribers! https://www.patreon.com/posts/fantasy-football-39665881

Tarq's Picks

Awesome as always Sam!

Saz .T

after watching this video i somehow feeld the need to shave my pubes


Unfortunately we are talking the browns. They will give him a secondary role and waste his talent, only for him to be traded in a few years when he is already wasted and becomes another backup. Please browns, do not be stupid for once

Tsar Bomba

I really thought The Browns reached for Chubb because of his years after his injury at Georgia. He must finally be back to full health because If I remember correctly it looked like he couldn't get no separation when I watched him at Georgia compared to Sony Michel. Michel just looked in a different league compared to Chubb towards the end of their college careers. Nice to see Chubb doing well and proving me wrong.


I thought predraft the Giants should’ve taken him in the second and take a QB or trade down in the first.??

Edit: Also believed the Browns should run their offense through Nick Chubb. He is their Ezekiel Elliott.

Aaron Palmer

do Dalvin Cook

Marcus Dow

I was hoping you could further explain why he and the browns were so bad in the red zone I blame play calling from Freddie Kitchens

Samuel Gold

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What about the catch he had against Cincinnati in 2018

Jarod Bailey

Nick Chubb was one of the best running backs the SEC has ever produced. He was a crazy good pick up in the second round. Yards after contact was always HIGH with Chubb.

Too Many Lies

Love the breakdown.

VSauce 4

Nick Chubb is easily a top 4 rb in football

Aaron Coyle

After watching him at UGA for 4 years, I knew he was going to be elite. He broke Herschel's consecutive games with 100+ yds record in his sophomore year, and was second to Walker in a lot of other school records, all while splitting touches with Sony Michel. He's a true stud, and always has been. I was shocked he went as late as he did.


Would be nice to see josh Jacobs film breakdown. The man forced most missed tackles on a busted shoulder

Nick Chubb & Saquon Barkley Hit 29 In Bench Press | NFL Combine Highlights HD

Nick Chubb & Saquon Barkley Hit 29 In Bench Press | NFL Combine Highlights HD2 Mar. 2018
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Nick Chubb & Saquon

Nick Chubb & Saquon Barkley Hit 29 In Bench Press | 2018 NFL Combine STRONG Bench Press | NFL Highlights HD

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Comments (3)
Joy Faith

Nick Chubby


I dig it

Chief Bubba

Real nice