Push up rotation

Push Up Rotation Modified

Push Up Rotation Modified3 Jun. 2019
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The Push-Up and Pull-Up Game Changer That is Scapular Rotation

The Push-Up and Pull-Up Game Changer That is Scapular Rotation8 Apr. 2020
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Why you should be using

Why you should be using scapular rotation:

- Improved tension control in the working muscles.

- Improved stability and functional control for all upper body exercises.

- Improved joint alignment and decreased stress.

- Extended spine and open chest for better breathing.

- Improved back stability for more effective leg raises.

- Balances out the tension in your traps to relieve upper back stress and reduced tension headaches.

- Reduce stress on the elbows during pull-ups.

- Reduced stress on the wrists during push-ups

- Reduced shoulder stress during dips.

- Improved should mobility on hanging and dipping exercises.

- Reduced lower back stress on all hip hinge and bridging exercises.

- Greater chest activation during push-ups and dips.

- Full shoulder activation during all overhead pressing exercises.

- Improves posture and full-body agility.

- Better endurance during long-distance exercise like running, cycling and swimming.

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Benjamin Wetscher

What about dips Matt?

Alessandro Lepo

Great advice! I've started again chain training after a pause due to the fact that it didn't work. But now i have bought Smart Bodyweight Training and i found that, as you say, you have to add tension very slightly at first in your "sleepy" muscles. It made a great difference and i feel very well my back and pecs. Will be the same as for scapula i think since they are sometimes very hard to control. Otto Arco was a master in this art and his body proved how important it is

Kenya Matsuo

Sorry Matt, can I get an answer to my follow up question? I tried scapular rotation, it felt easier than before but I had some pain in my left shoulder afterwards. Is there a reason why? I also kind of didn’t feel it in my chest like I normally do. Did I not rotate my scapula all the way when I pushed myself up? Would that have been the cause??

Kashif Naqshbandi

Thanks for this! So, if I rotate my hands inwards on the way up and outwards on the way down, that will work, right? :) Someone mentioned this tutorial on Reddit, so glad I found this valuable resource https://www.reddit.com/r/bodyweightfitness/comments/gf4mi2/engage_chests_more_during_pushups/

Jakub M

helped me with my wrist problem!

Kalle Buchholz

The description of spreading your wings was really helpful

Mariano Larrosa

Matt vas a hacer algún videos de los de 60 segundos para las otras tres cadenas?


Excellent advice from Kryten as usual (Love ya, man)

Aldave Desierdo

Amazing tip! Can u do a vid about ur favorite pullup variation? I need some variation on my routine to not get bored haha. Tia

George Snell

Been using this advice, been really helpful in my push-ups, though I seem to struggle with it in my chin/pull-ups as I keep getting elbow pains. So still needing to work.

For push-up, what also helped me with the scapular pull fir push-ups is the advice of when going down work on making as of you are pulling you self to the floor. Really makes it more effective.


I just tried this with my push-ups and it felt more solid and controllable during the movement, and after I felt the tension ringing in my lats. Thanks Matt, you always give me something else to work on with these "basic" movements.

reg profant

Ok another great video.

Amogh pratap singh

What if i shrug my shoulders and do push ups i feel it will target my upper chest.

marc arcm racm cram

Yes I agree,in the press up,load your lats on the negative movement ,squeezing your elbows into your lats on the way down


You are absolutely right! I just experienced this today. I feel all right muscles are working and the whole body are aligned through scapular control. I feel I can do any type of exercises now

Br Ave


Kenya Matsuo

Hey Matt, sorry yet again.?I have a problem with my chest. I’ve implemented everything you said (including this video) but I don’t feel so much in my chest. My shoulders are also haunting me again unfortunately.(shoulder pain) Any ideas why? and how I can get my chest to light up?

AM Vlog

Nice tip

Tiago Pires Abud

Great video! I've heard some people saying that it is better to do pushing movements with scapular protraction during the whole execution of the exercise, specially if the goal is to focus on the shoulders. What do you think about this? Thanks!

Heamen K.Kordestani

You thank us for watching? Man just let me let you know there is no way any one of us could be able to thank you enough for this amazing curriculum of calisthenics you have created so I just feel ashamed and guilty when you thank us. O:)

Raymond Foo

Can you show us balancing movement for legs? I have flat foot on my left and it is harder to balance on that foot, I need movement for balancing, stability and strength for my foot.

Lee Downing Keat

Are those portable hang boards you were doing push ups on?

Vinícius Albuquerque

Yes! Awareness in scapular movements are a hard very hard to learn. Just yesterday I was trying to understand what would be best to do with my back while doing push-ups and you have answered that here. Thanks a lot! I'll try it out on today's workout.

Hamid Jalloh

Is this like the other stability videos? Do we just squeeze and push down our traps?

Kenya Matsuo

I’m a little confused on the application, particularly with Push Ups. Can you kind of simplify for me for Push Up application?


Should u stay in this position through the whole movement of the exercise? Also that 1 video about 6 isometrics for chain training, the 1st one was the extension chain. Is that movement scapular rotation?


Great tip! I have been working on my scapular retractions for a while now and they really do make the difference in the displacement of muscle tension to your muscles and alleviating joint pain!

Matúš Vincze

Wow. I just tried push ups. A was like is this how im supposed to feel my chest ?? This is genius.

Oskar Denis Baharudin

Still confused.

Daniel Earl

Can focusing on where your elbows go help with rotation? i.e. "squeezing" your elbows down and back during push-ups and pull-ups?

Gavin Buckner

Recently been focusing hard on pulling my lower traps down but didn’t visualize the upper traps lengthening. That was helpful.

Jerem E

The scapulae is so important. I screwed myself up because no one taught anything about it when I was young. I've been working on correcting things for like 5 years now. Things are better but I still have to be careful.

Ahmed Khan

Another great video. Is it ok to go to failure on pushups? I understand failure should be avoided mostly, but is it ok for pushups?

Neil Neazer

Bridges. Thank you. Haven't thought of that. Def will incorporate that in tomorrows workout.


Thank you for that tip. Never thought about it. Thats a new thing to focus on

First Last

I try to be mindful of this but I'm just to weak

Jake Hayes

Ahh.... it's completely an awareness things.... I've been practicing this while sitting to get the feel of how my muscles light up..
mind/body nervous system awareness type of thing.
I think this is going to help me kick it up to the nxt level... also will help with close hands pushups and pullups.
Matt you rock man!!


Denis Beaulieu


Big Brutha.L


Push Up with Rotation

Push Up with Rotation1 Dec. 2019
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