Plane motion

Plane motion of Rigid Bodies | Energy and momentum | Problem 1 | Engineering Mechanics

Plane motion of Rigid Bodies | Energy and momentum | Problem 1 | Engineering Mechanics16 Apr. 2020
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Plane motion of Rigid

Plane motion of Rigid Bodies | Energy and momentum | Problem 1 | Engineering Mechanics

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Plane motion of Rigid Bodies | Forces and Accelerations | Engineering Mechanics

Plane motion of Rigid Bodies | Forces and Accelerations | Engineering Mechanics15 Apr. 2020
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Plane motion of Rigid

Plane motion of Rigid Bodies | Forces and Accelerations | Engineering Mechanics

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Motion in Plane class 11 - Physics NEET JEE CBSE | Chapter 4

Motion in Plane class 11 - Physics NEET JEE CBSE | Chapter 415 Dec. 2020
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0:00 Introduction

0:55 Motion in a Plane

2:03 Position Vector

3:57 Displacement Vector

4:30 Position & Displacement Vector

7:08 Average Velocity

7:34 Velocity:Average Velocity

9:38 Instantaneous velocity

11:14 Velocity:Instantaneous Velocity

14:23 Instantaneous Velocity:in componentform

17:04 Average Acceleration

17:21 Acceleration:Average Acceleration

21:13 Instantaneous Acceleration

21:33 Acceleration:Instantaneous Acceleration

24:23 Point to remember

25:46 Ex 1

28:37 Ex 2

31:47 Constant Acceleration

37:01 Problem 1: Constant Acceleration

43:35 Relative velocity in a plane

45:33 Problem: Relative velocity

47:31 Relative velocity: River problems

55:07 Example: River Problem

1:0023 Projectile motion

1:03:43 Equations of motion for a projectile

1:09:09 Nature of path of a projectile

1:12:06 Projectile: Important terms

1:15:29 Projectile:Mathematically

1:22:32 Problem: Projectile

1:24:00 Uniform Circular Motion

1:26:11 Centripetal acceleration

1:27:42 Angular velocity

1:28:41 Velocity & Centripetal acceleration

1:31:04 Problem: uniform circular motion

.The position of a particle is given by r vector= 3ti-2t2j +4k m, where t is in seconds and the coefficients have proper units for r to be in metres. Find the velocity and acceleration of the particle at t= 2s.

13.A man swims heading right across a river for a length 0.6km in a certain time while the river flows 0.4 km in the same time.Find its resultant motion or change of position.

14.Describing motion in a plane when acceleration is constant.

15. A particle starts from origin t=0 with a velocity 5.0 ^i m/s and moves in x-y plane under action of a force which produces a constant acceleration of (3.0 ^i + 2.0^j) m/s2. (a) What is the y coordinate of the particle at the instant its x coordinate is 84m? (b)What is the speed of the particle at this time?

16. What is relative velocity in a plane?

17. The velocities v1 and v2 of two objects are given by the vectors v1=3i^+4j^-4k^ and v2= 2i^-3j^-4k^. Where i, j and k are unit vectors. Find the vector for the relative velocity of the first object with respect to the second. What can you say about this vector?

18. How to solve river problems based on relative velocity?

19.Rain is falling vertically with a speed of 35m/s. A woman rides a bicycle with a speed of 12 m/s in east to west direction. What is the direction in which she should hold her umbrella?

20.What is projectile motion?

21. Mathematically deriving equations of motions for a projectile.

22.What will be the nature of path of a projectile?

23. Important terms related to projectile motion:- Time of flight, Time of maximum height, maximum height, horizontal range.

24.A cricketer can throw a ball to maximum horizontal distance 100m. How much high above the ground can the cricketer throw the same ball?

25.Direction of velocity and acceleration in uniform circular motion.

26. What is centripetal acceleration?

27.What is angular velocity?

28.Velocity and centripetal acceleration in terms of angular speed.

29.A body of mass 0.4kg is attached to a string 1.2m long and then whirled round horizontally making 120 revolutions per minute. Find (a) Angular velocity (b) linear(c) normal acceleration

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