Full body workout suit

Full Body Workout - Bands or Dumbbells - Cardio In & cardio Out

Full Body Workout - Bands or Dumbbells - Cardio In & cardio Out15 Feb. 2021
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Cardio Tri-set: 4 Sets

1. Scissor Jacks

2. Burpees

3. Squat To Uppercut

Resistance Training Set: 6 Sets

1. Push-Ups

2. Bent Over Rows

3. Shoulder Press

4. Squats

5. Reverse Grip Rows

Cardio Tri-set: 4 Sets

1. 3 Punch w/ Defense

2. Run In Place

3. Skip Hops

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Comments (14)
deepak sugathan

Please create separate videos for each body part for muscle gain and definition

Socra Tess

Hey, new sub here and I love your content ! Already followed some workout during the week and I LOVE IT. My only question is how you wrap your bands on your foot ? I always struggle and you seem to have many type of wrap according to the exercice. If you can make a video on how to wrap the goddamn bands it would be helpful. Thanks


This is a great workout as you both motivate me. Thank you


Nice workout! It would be great if you can include warmup and cool down! Thank you!

Dennis Johnson

Good workout! Really pushed me.


Destroyed me! Loved it, thank you!

Terri Irene

Great workout. I was dreading it when I saw the 40 min workout, but a great combo of exercises made the time go by quickly!

Jake Fox

Brilliant,makes it better if you close your eyes it's like dale doback from step brothers is doing the lesson

Gemma granolleras i ciurana


N Blixed

Great video!!

Erica Bell

very nice video!??

Bill Wall

Outstanding workout. First time a workout made me a little queasy in a white. Thanks guys


Do they only do home outs? I’ve been told big gym equipment is necessary to build, tone, and maintain muscle, but I know that’s definitely not an option for everybody.


What a workout. Really made me go the extra mile.

35 Min Full Body Workout | No Equipment Bodyweight

35 Min Full Body Workout | No Equipment Bodyweight23 Sep. 2013
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almost die hahaha, btw awesome full body workout


I love this workout?✨✨✨✨

juliet Rivl

Como podría traducir el video!!!???

janice murray

Me too...after a while I just start calling on the LORD to help me.


Not original, not well executed...useless :(

Frank Kwok

Perfect form. High energy work out.

Lorenzo Valla

And not a tattoo anywhere to be seen!!!

Athina Venieris

What is what you drink ? I did not understand. Thank you.

Alice Benigno

how many times a week is this ecxercise to be done?

Génesis Fernández


Laura Aguirre

First time trying this and I'm dying! Absolutely amazing!

Sahnetorte 1A

I have a question, during this workout I could keep doing it, but at some point I stop to hear properly and I see some back dotts, what am I doing wrong?


Amazing my joints felt like they got oiled :)


I enjoy this channel because they offer effective workouts and not these gimmick workouts I see all over YouTube.

nusrath banu

Hey guys!
This is best Workout to lose your weight,i have been doing this since a year and the results are remarkable ,this is the only workout i found in the internet which includes all body parts fat reduction!!!!thnq

sheryl decelis

this was amazinggg,,

Hoori K

Brilliant ??????

Stéphanie Frenglit

I love this workout , but why it isn't with an off voice? It could be better than always hear a shouting voice like that ! Poor girl also can be tiring for her ! I left fitness club for this reason and I also hear again a shouting voice , here. It's so pity .


이거하면 항상 무릎뼈 닳는 느낌 남

Chi Rel

Happy to workout with u miss gymra.

Sara Bonora

you're great!

Love Marie

Good excercise for beautiful body

Pushkal Pandey

Awesome workout. Great calorie burn and very effective

Denise Baez

Today was my first time I only last 12 minutes lol tomorrow imma aim to do 15 min then 20 minutes the following day or 2

Priyanka Verma

amazing workout

Alyona T

Nice workout to warm the body up in the morning. The best thing is that exercises don't repeat, so you don't feel bored.

Wisanee Ratchampee

Anyone has done this till 2019 ? ?‍♀️?

Mohammed El-Ghanam

Thank you it is a nice workout

Агния Барто

Она охрипла походу от ора своего)))

Doctor Go

if you do barefoot, then the degree of elaboration of the leg muscles will double

Bahar Glbahar

In workout details write if I did it for 10 weeks I lose weight , should I add cardio or did twice a day ?

Rania Grace

this is a gr8 workout!!!

Re M

I love Rebeca and i do her workouts since she was on XHIT daily

Howling Creations

Who else is using this in summer 2020 to get a glow-up?

Marijana Vasić

How many calories does this workout burn?


She has sexy calf muscle..... I was just gazing her legs only in whole video...

shruti prasad

She is one of the best trainers...
I m working out after a lay off... nothing would hv worked better than this...
Modifications can be tried by begginers as well...

Janice Phoenix

Glad to see Rebecca again at GymRa!

Sarina Meng

Very good. I love it

love 240315 hate

Have you seen any progress doing these exercises??

Girl Power

You shout a lot and you're kinda disoriented (up and down all the time) ????


OMG! Amazing....ugh, puff, huff, bend stretch...... give it some effort...hehe, where did she come from? Thanks for the WO. Super.

Chris Oakes

Nice toned legs!

Chess Marin

My favourite exercise is "Get some hydration". I'm basically a pro at it.

Angelina Zhang



Best workout video ever!!!
I've done it dozens of times since 4 years ago.
Love from S.KOREA♡

Kira X

I want more workout videos from her

jaem jaem

1 week and i see the result at my super big thighs :D my thighs were 54.5cm and now 52cm wow wow wow i like you a lot rebecca, your voice, the way you talk and encourage me everytime i feel exhausted and your perfect body yayyyy

Ahmed Samsung

الترجمة للعربية

patra okelo

I’m gonna comment done on everything I do so I don’t repeat it. God this is amazing. I got my boyfriend to do this with me and oh boy I’m I kicking his butt.


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Stone Henges

That drinking.. Probably not water.

Gerardo Macias

im here cuz of my gym teacher lol

Honannie Rubeus

She is the best for me. Before few years I lost 10 kilograms..

Amg Fitness

Thật tuyệt vời .tôi yêu bạn và các bài tập cảu bạn


Wednesday, November 11th, 2020. Returned after a long time. Nice little sweat. Thanks!

Rof Suliman

how many times should i do this to lose weight ?

Stephy J

This is one of the first workouts I ever did on YouTube, ? I remember when I thought it so hard lol

Bernard Dover

Can anyone see her Cameltoe..?

Mimi Sauvé

That voice...Grrrrrr

Katerina Petrova

Still a great workout after seven years lol

Giove Pluvio

I want to know what music is? I want the title! ❤️ Please

Вусала Мамедова

What is her name? Say me, please

Lil mezzo

11 mins left and i couldn’t finish this. Not too bad for the first time lol i’ll try again tomorrow.

deepti yadav

She is Rebecca Louise guys and she has amazing workouts on her channel too.
Go check them out!

anukul baniya514


Caramel ****

Wow! Awesome! Why pay lot of money in instruments and gym? Jus discipline and wish to be healthy. Thank you dear!

Kamsiluv Cha-cha

I really love this, it's quiet different from the ones I have tried

Anisa Tolibjonova

Am I the only kid about 9–13 doing this workout

okouzina ok

Если я буду так прыгать, меня соседи снизу прибьют...))

nguyen dung

How many calories do you burn by this workout ?

Nika Blecich

more full body no equipment videos like this with Rebecca Louise please :)



Юлия Воронкина

Great workout!

Кира Черняк

Sorry, I didn't understand....could somebody be so kind and tell me what Rebecca recommends to drink during the work out? Thank you in advance!

Natalie Dornbusch

Warum schreit sie so? Total anstrengend....

z z

She the same girl from Xhit workouts?

Angelina Zhang


Bjs Folio

This type of workout can be hard to get motivation for, if your looking for something to start with before gearing up for a full hit work this can help wit motivation.


I know there are more workout videos and programs on YouTube, but I'm keep coming back for this workout!? this workout is so effective & toning my body. Lost weight before wedding in 2016, lost baby weight in 2017 using this workout, and now, I'm doing this again to lose baby #2 weight in 2020.

Chocolate Mummy


Ivana Damcheska

This was one of the hardest videos from rebecca

Агния Барто

Нельзя молча проводить тренировки? Орет как мартовская кошка

Katalin Catchpolene Fister

Annoying voice! And keep shouting. I'm done yes.


What a strong workout finished it hurting but feeling great

Batsheva gross

Too much jumping.

kharmouche bled

???from Paris


my wrists are gone

She Gameplays

Jesus loves you

Menaka Rodrigo

You are perfect . I cam feel the burn. Im burning here but i lv this. Thank you


awesome workout!!!

Naseem Tabassum

I LOST 19LBS IN JUST ONE MONTH. I just followed diet and training plan from website called *Agoge Diet*.

imogen de jesus

I did the work out for two weeks but i can only finish until 24 minutes. It has already made my butt a bit firmer and my thighs a bit thinner.

Helenna Rudolf

not that challenging when u r used to high intensive stuff...would say on an intermediate level...


I use to be part of this 1 month later I quit can I log in to my workout web? Anyone knows if I can help please

Sandita April

done this today.. worth the sweat out.. thank you


Sweaty and painless. Great workout for those HIIT burnout days.

Effi Gagamanos

Love this workout. Was wondering how many calories you burn with it. I was guessing 350?

Freni Pinto

How heavy should the dumbells be