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Hip Pain - Torn Labrum Hip

Hip Pain - Torn Labrum Hip25 Nov. 2013
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Hip Pain - Torn Labrum

Hip Pain - Torn Labrum Hip

Dr. Edmond Cleeman -

This is an educational video about Hip Labrum Tears. There are many causes of hip pain. Hip pain can come from problems within the joint such as a torn Hip Labrum, or problems outside the joint such as Hip Bursitis, Hip Muscles, Hip flexor injury or even sciatica. In this video we review Hip Anatomy, the function of the Hip Labrum, causes of a hip labrum tear, and non surgical management such as Hip exercises.

However, labrum tears often do not heal and for many active patients Hip Arthroscopy is a good option to provide Hip Pain Relief and improve motion.

In this video I show a Hip Arthroscopy surgery video treating a Hip Labrum tear and CAM-Pincer FAI. We have included diagrams and surgical videos to help demonstrate this injury and the treatment.

This video is for educational purposes only, it is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment from a licensed healthcare professional. Thank you for watching, we look forward to your comments.

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Margarette Groenewald

Informative video. I am 55 and was told that I am too old to repair labrum tear and should wait until hip replacement. I am a active ultra hiker. Will excercise assist in controlling the pain especially after 8km. Carrying a bag pack will that cause more harm. Look forward to your reply

rockstar gaming2233

hello i was wondering if u could help me i was playing football or soccer and i kicked the ball and i heard a pop in my upper leg and i felt an instant pain and couldnt walk so i didnt do any exersice or use my leg for a month or so then the other day i was running and heard the pop again and the same pain in the same pain and i can still feel it what gave i done

Nathan TV

My right leg goes out of the hip socket freely. I had an mri and they found “degenerative fraying of the labrum”. I am 34. Could surgery possibly help?

Margo Wright

Very educational video - thank you doctor for your expertise and sharing the information. I now have more questions for my doc going into surgery in a couple of days, but at least I know what to ask. Thanks again.

Brenda Walsh

Thank you so much for posting this very insightful and visual video. I have a labrum tear and this is the best YouTube video I have seen on labrum tears so far!

Rachna Shah

Sir need solution for pain and walking problem due to both hip joint dislocation

David Goldman

Super helpful, made it a lot more clear to me what was just done on my left side and also helps me to understand the extent of the surgery and why the recovery time is what it is. One needs to manage their expectations. I should add that although I’ve had groin pain, the majority of my pain has been in my lower back. Looking forward to sleeping better and scoring more goals in hockey.

Christian Bisetti

I had my surgery last week for the tear and had a quick question. What would cause my back hip to have so much pain while I'm bending over for a period of time? Would it be a tear in the back of my hip?


I just had this surgery (January 17, 2017), so far I still have a little pain around the area from the surgery. I'm hoping after some time and physical therapy, the pain will disappear. But, the surgery wasn't that bad. I was walking with crutches the same day and only had to take pain medicine for about four days afterwards.

I'm Rick Harrison & this is my pawn shop

Great video, very informative and well structured.

Danielle Mccarter

Where are you located.

Patricia Dumas

Dr. Cleeman, thanks so much for this. Lots of patience and good info on your part. My ortho didn't do ANYTHING to me when checking. Not even touching. Just an xray. Said I didn't need hip replacement. I've got the bad pinch in the inner hip when moving a certain way or uncrossing my legs. I live in NJ.. Just might have to come visit you in NYC. Thanks a lot again.

omundo semfronteiras

brilliant info dr ...thanks so much for taking the time to put it together,... i feel more relaxed now heading into surgery

Emma Chase

Thanks for explaining the FABER and SCOUR tests. The FADIR test (internal rotation) is also important to know about.

Faith Chi

Thank you Dr Cleeman, this is an excellent video that explains a lot to the layperson. I have a labral tear from physical trauma and repeated subluxations over the last ELEVEN years! I'm in the UK and the NHS is looking after me. My GPs failed to diagnose me. It was after ten months of living with the initial subluxation that a private physio (chiropractor) diagnosed the partial dislocation and reduced my hip. But the damage has been done. I became physically disabled in my early 30s and have severe chronic pain. Finally, in December of last year they relented and gave me the MRI for my hip that I have been asking for, for the past 11 years!

I hope to be having my surgery this year. I feel I have a bone spur too and the pain is worsening - I have no appropriate pain management... I would love to have my surgery filmed.

Any suggestions would be grateful. Thank you.

D Wilson

my right hip hurts so bad after I walk. Most docs believe my l4l5 disc bulge is causing my pain. i cannot flex well, it throbbs after walking and hiking. I did have xrays, one doc thought Acetabular impingement. Been dealing with this for 9 years. I dont want to avoid activities. I really want to hike and walk and most importantly get off meds. Can I have surgery? I am 38, healthy and really cant live like this anymore.

Charlie Hornet

Great information. Thank you.

Jamie Cummings

It's an absolute miracle that they can do this kind of stuff. I had an CAM lesion and had this exact surgery.

Leann Gentry

Hi I am 29 years old had a Hip arthroscopy for a torn labrum 7 months ago. I went through physical therapy and was recovering very well. I still do my hip exercises but I am currently having a lot of pain in all areas around the hip and mostly around the piriformis muscle. I haven't been back to physical therapy in a couple of months. Do you have any input or suggestions?

Kimnbarry Couch

Dr dean matsuda is the best for fai

Lindsey Lou-who

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for compiling this information and presenting it outside of your practice for viewing on the internet - for many of us patients, our doctors do not have the time or infrastructure to take the time to educate all their patients about the intricacies and variety of hip/SI injuries. I have bi-lateral labral tears/impingement and will possibly need hip replacement in both hips; the unimaginable chronic pain is exacerbated by a herniated disc L4/L5. In my early 30s I never imagined this would happen. Digression aside, thanks for the videos you post to educate patients, students, and medical professionals about these debilitating conditions. It means a lot to get this information directly from trained physicians with a passion for patient education as well as healing.

For any fellow viewers, what are you doing for pain management? I've yet to have the shot but may have it soon. Otherwise, what do you do to get through the day?

John Pritzlaff

I was one of the world's best bicycle jugglers and caused this to happen in both of my hips from repetitive micro-trauma. Diagnosed in both hips from MRIs. My life sucks


Very thorough video! Thanks for sharing. Recovering right now and going to kitchen to ice my hip rather than take percocets or Vicodin!

Habib Shetty

I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover hip flexor pain exercises try Trefendous Pain Relief Tips ( 7wow.cc/9h0r ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

Suicidal Rockstar

10:56 taking aspirin? Are you kidding me? OxyContin doesn’t even kill the pain.

Mark Fulcher

As an ex operating theatre RN and current paramedic I would like to thank the doctor for this extremely well put together video. It explains anatomy , pathophysiology , causes and diagnoses along with operative procedure. It has helped me considerably. Thank you

Andréas Remis

What would you recommend for a posterior labral tear?


I'm pretty sure I've got a labral tear. Unfortunately GPs tend to be rubbish in the UK so probably an arduous journey up ahead. I guess I can try the exercises first though.

maruquel rivera

wow amazing information I have that pain and feel more informed. thank you!

Catalina Valderrama-Diaz

I think this is what is wrong with my 11 year old. MRI set this week, she is in competitive Taekwondo.

Blake Hunter

Have thought about using tape, especially when the labrum is really freyed like in the first labrum you showed? Especially since you use knot less anchors.


I have a combined FAI. But I don't feel pain in the groin. I feel it close to the trochanteric bone and a bit more backwards. I ask myself if there is (also) a problem in the posterior part of the acetabulum. I fear there is no access to this part - artroscopically.
Well, as I have a crossover-sign and a retroversion this doesn't seem likely - as far as I understand this video.
And I think my bump is placed more on the head of the femur. Not so far down. But you clearly see, the head won't fit into the acetabulum that way.
I had surgery on the left hip approx. 5 years ago... I'm still in pain. Looking at new x-rays I still see a crossover sign, the thing I call bump is still there. Reading the report: He only trimmed the acetabulum, and removed the labrum (ossification). I fear - he didn't fully address the problem.
Now the other hip has become very painful. Same condition, identic x-rays. But no labrum tear yet. Starting to look for a surgeon not only looking at pictures - but also taking into consideration my pain.

Robertson McDowell

Fabulous video...chock full of information and presented in an easy to understand fashion! Thank you!


You should add jujitsu to that what causes list ?

Annee Mchughes

fascinating. Thanks for posting this.

Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa

Yeah been running 4-5 days a week for 2 month now after being for sedintary for a long while. The way he described this I'm almost certain now I have this tear injury due to repetitive stress. Thanks doc, hopefully it heals up fast.

Andréas Remis

Update on my injury:

I injured my right hip on May 8th, 2014, doing the side splits on the beach.  Pain was pretty sharp for the first week, but then subsided, but remained consistent, until now.  The pain now is a steady dull ache, a sensation.  I have not done any physical activity for the past 2 going on 3 months because I am concentrating on school.  I had an MRI done (without contrast), and here are the following: "Findings: small joint effusion, Acetabular Labrum: There is fluid extending in between the posterior-inferior labrum and the subjacent acetabulum; Impression: fluid extending in between posterior labrum and adjacent acetabulum may represent physiologic sulcus or a labral tear."  I am worried about this because since the symptoms have persisted for 5 months, I am assuming there is a labral tear.  Pain is right above the top of my hip bone, a little towards the rear.

Josh Lazarus

Had anyone had a tear due to falling down directly on the hip?

Margarette Groenewald

The also found a cyst in the bone, do you perhaps know what this could mean!

J. Roger Cavanaugh

What kind of dr. Should I go to for this.

Andréas Remis

Its already August, and my hip still hurts from doing the side splits at the beach on May 8th.  Is it possible to damage a labrum by going to far on a side split?

madelyn skulj

Can a labral tear cause muscle atrophy in the quad and glute?

Michael Horn

I had a roof fall on me! Could it be mylabrel tear?

Jenn Schilling

Had my FAI, hip labram repair, with 4 anchors a year ago next month (April )I still have pain in my groin and I wonder if it will eventually get better. I have heard that it can take a whole year...I'm a month away..I don't want to do it again, because of how long the recovery is..


Thank you so much for this great informational video.

benjamin bagby

I have had three surgeries on my right side to fix an impingement and labral tear. Now the hip capsule is thrashed and I need surgery to fix that. They cut through the hip capsule (ligaments) so they can shave the bone underneath. They do no tell you this. But they do. Most stitch the ligaments back up when they are done shaving bone or fixing the labrum. My stitches broke open the last time and now I have to have an allograft (cadaver tissue) placed over the capsule defect and hopefully it takes and becomes a part of me. As of right now, I'm in serious pain and it feels like my femur is loose in the socket because my ligaments aren't tight and holding it in properly. This can be a successful surgery, but sometimes I think a total hip replacement is worth living right now rather than being sedentary and sitting at home all day thinking about suicide because the pain wont stop and you cant participate in living your life fully.

Kirk Sr

Great and informative video..

Ina Diener

Very helpful for teaching, thanks


Is this something that baseball pitchers would be likely to develop? My right hip pops and moves around constantly, "posterior ilium" according to chiropractors. I have to push leg out (like traction) in order to pop it back where it should be, and/or sway my hips to the right so the right leg rotates inward (and the right foot is pointed straight again instead of the right, for example. I also did hurtling in winter track when I was 17, and around that time had a distinct moment when there was a popping and intense burning in my hip, could that have been a labrum tear to the best of your knowledge? Thanks for any info, and thanks for the video.

Karen Sirucek Lee

I've had mine now for 6 years and I'm still running on it. still running marathons. I'm back down to 6 miles a day from 10 to 12 miles a day. yes it hurts every day. but too chicken to go through the surgery. I guess when I can't walk anymore I might decide to get it done, until then, I'm not planning on slowing down.

Bonnie Konjevich

My balance impairment has caused many falls at 66 y/o. It would be good if the doctor can diagnose a problem like a tear which can be repaired. Last month I broke my thumb when irritating the hip (fell).  I did not tell the MD because I went to a hand specialist. With a hip that is very irritated, I will see an orthopedic surgeon. Having only 50% kidney function, NSAIDS have to be limited. If qualified, surgery would make it better for me. A lay person on YouTube can see how complex the assessment is.

jones pretalis

Anyone here have this injurie

David 30 minute meditation Za

dear doctor thank you so much for your info, my friend is an older patient with a labrum tear; is it possible that an older person, also can get this procedure?? instead of a of hip replacement ???
a hip replacement looks so aggressive compared to this other procedure.. I would appreciate your opinion** God bless you for caring for others***??


So I started getting snapping hip from kickboxing in HS on my right side. Then, with weight lifting, the left side also begin snapping. Then I did a bunch of yoga, with all the sitting cross legged, my right side now limits the stride in my gait.

Silverback Silverback

awesome thank you so much ! I definitely have a labral tear of the right hip I will go see ortho asap


My doctor said I have a possible labral tear in my hip it'd been hurting alot and it's getting worse by the day I'm only 17 but I think I got it from Taekwondo (martial arts)

Tanya Dwyer

Thank you!!! VERY helpful!!!

Mark Himself

I've had continues pain deep in the groin area, locking (associated with huge amounts of pain), clicking, possitive labral tests (external and internal rotation plus flexion) for 4 months but my doctor only sent me to an x-ray that was negative and thought that there wasn't any labral issues then. I'm not so sure about that conclusion since an x-ray really doesn't show much of soft tissue structures plus I have a very anterior shifted femoral head within in acetabulum and really poor hip stability. I would think that an MRI would have been a muh better choice of imaging.

Melissa Taylor

I've been struggling with hip and lower back pain since Oct 2016. Chiropractor, massage therapist, MRI lower lumbar, SI Joint injection, Orthopedic, possible labral tear due to FAI, Schedule to have another MRI with contrast to confirm and also having shot guided with ultrasound to help relieve the pain. Ordered a new mattress. I want my life back. Sex, sports, house cleaning, driving.......I want it all back!!!!

christopher boettcher

I just got diagnosed today. Headed to
Surgery. Thanks!

William Chambers

Thank you for providing this video education! My situation is from a 42 year old injury of a left knee ACL/MCL repair.
I'm not a doctor but I thought it was a forgone conclusion, since I'm not a superstar athlete, that my favoring of the reconstructed knee makes me suspect that it is the major cause of my torn labrum. If I'm way off base, please let me know!

Keith Smith

I injured my side hip from getting a helmet into my hip

Igor Sidelkovsky

I'm researching relieving back muscles pain naturally and discovered a fantastic resource at Fergs pain ease (google it if you're interested)

Jahnik Crosbie

How long does this surgey take?

Benny Blanko

Who had here a surgery just for a torn Labral hip?

PTP Therapy

Your video is an excellent tool for education on hip labrum tears! I will use it with both patients and therapists. Thank you!

Rishab Pandey

Thеreееe are sevеrаl componeееnts tо ways to trеаaаt bаck pain. Onе rеsоurсe I disсоvеred whiсh suссееds in mеrging thеsе is the https://twitter.com/b9d61b31f115e75e8/status/822776762270498816 it's thе bеst guidе i've seen. lооk аt thе grеаt infоrmatiоn .

Helmaerl Cheny

Doctor, what are the overall outcomes of these procedure? What proportion of them are successful and how would you qualify success in those cases? How many of them return to vigorous sports and activities? How many regain capacity to cut, sidestep, twist, rotate etc. as required in specific sports?

Thomas Bauer

Key to all hip problems is proper diagnosis. Then you should opt for an arthroscopy before the hip replacement (which should always be your very last resort). Weight loss and moderate activity, physio and overall strengthening of inner core muscle. Posture is also key! I had to quit my dancing and horse riding, as well as heavy pot lifting when gardening! Your body is a temple and the joints are the marble pillars and columns! Don't crack or break them! lol I am so grateful for my successful arthroscopy.

MrPhajlee .Healing Everything

That was really excellent and informative! Thank You.

J. Roger Cavanaugh

Where r u located?

alf alf

i'm 45 and i have hip pain on both sides strts a year ago,
the mri shows a labrum tear and a pincer on both sides, doing the hip exercises helps relieve the pain ,
the problem that i didn't get any clicking til last week i get 4 clicks on my right hip during exercises.
about the groin pain it's rare, it mostly shows itself on the lateral side and on the back of right hip.
i want to know if this would cause a damage to my hip joint wit the time?
and does anybody did the surgery and what's life after?
i'm not training anymore because of that and walking is very limited, and it get worse when it's colder outside.

Andréas Remis

I was doing the splits on the beach on May 8th and my hip has hurt ever since then.  Did I tear my hip labrum?

Lareina Bellecour

Thanks for this video!

ali benhart

that’s scary. i’ve been having a lot of hip problems lately and i have the symptoms of the labrum year

Vartan Harjon

Why the hell did I not become a doctor or physical therapist. Passion!

Shreyas Bharadwaj

brilliant video; thank you so much for sharing!


I've got severe developmental hip displayiser and a torn labrum on left side. I've been a carpenter for 18yrs (I'm 36) I had no idea I had displayiser and my hip just 'went' doing squats at the gym. Now I can't get through a day without visibly limping, can't bend down to pick things up over my left leg, lifting my left leg to put my pants on everyday reminds me of the injury that is slowly ruining my life. Worst part no one can see it so just don't get how bad it is. I'm on 200 to 250 mg of tramadol everyday but it doesn't cut through when I "jag" it. Surgeon says I'm not a candidate for surgery because he thinks I need every bit of labrum I've got and I'm too young for a hip replacement. It's very depressing and uncomfortable and throughly inconvenient. Got made redundant because I couldn't keep up at work now trying to study but can't find any part time work. Wife left and took my daughter. Lost the house. Slowly going broke all because I was born with shallow hip sockets.

Peggy Murray

Great video.  Any thoughts/info on this surgery precipitating osteoarthritis around the site?  

Lynnea Bendele

Hip Flexor Pain Basically the Worst - Please check this out https://zip1ink.com/4O


Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I'm going through some pain from a hip injury 4 months ago that has yet to be fully diagnosed. This video helped me understand more about labrum injuries in 15 minutes than the hours I've spent trying to research info on the subject.

Mark K

My MRI shows that I have a congenital sulcus as a pose to a labrum year. I have gain in my groin, what can I do to resolve this issue?


Thank you for the information! I am post marathon (Oct 27th) and still trying to figure out what has gone wrong in my hip. Have gone from psoas, to lower back, to currently a possible tear in my labrum. It verified I am finally in good hands! Just had the anesthetic injection to figure out what is going on with the joint vs muscle. I am off for an MRI at last and hoping to find out exactly what is going on to get better, stronger, quickly! I appreciate the direct and informative help here :)

Marj Belot

Excellent video Dr. Cleeman. I will definitely recommend it to my patients. 

VG Goldenboy

Metoprolol Tartrate

I’am so fucked

karla samora

I have congenital hip dysplasia on my right side. Is there anything I can do to help with the daily pain? Anything I can do to help strengthen that hip?

Nelsonesmid Ospina Aldana

Are you nagging joint pains in your legs, lower back or hips? If yes then maybe silently you are seeking for its solution. In my opinion, there is a perfect solution for coulc.it/painfix you. Which gives your relief from pain in your legs, lower back or hips.


One thing, I'm not sure if you (anyone) respond to questions here? I am wondering if after just the injection into the joint I should have moderate pain in the hip the next day and even all of my pelvis? I know we "messed" with an already sensitive area, but not sure what I am experiencing now because it is definitely like I was a month or so ago (been getting better with PT and chiro care)?

Brooke Cote

Thanks for the video! I found out I had a labral tear back in November (it’s currently June). My initial injury started in July 2017 when I was 13 through dancing. A teacher stretched me the wrong way one time and when it was a day before the show, I did a split (because I knew I had to do it the next three days) but it ended in my entire hamstring popping. My parents brushed it off as a strain and so I didn’t get it checked out until January 2018 when major pin resurfaced. I got an X-ray as well as an mri and learned I fractured my ischial tuberosity six months prior (when my hammy popped) as well as a stage 3 strain in my adductors. This led to me going to physical therapy until July 2018. Everything was fine until I ran the mile in PE one day and (I’m also in marching band) when I marched at a football game, I immediately felt pain (I believe that is when I tore my labrum). I remember crying and remaining in bed the following day and went to the doctors trying to figure out was was going on. It took a few months and two mri’s (one without contrast, second one with which really freaked me out) to find out I have dysphasia in both my hips as well as a labral tear in my right hip (found out November/December of 2018) Due to band conflicts, we decided to have the surgery scheduled July 16, 2019 (which is less than a month away when writing this) being 15 years old. It’s a relief that after two years of hip pain I will have surgery to fix it! I’m really scared for it but I know it will be better in the long run. Good luck to everyone who will have this same surgery in the near future!!

Crystal Norvell

32 year old diagnosed with this in both hips

nicholas bowman

Just got diagnosed today, this video was very helpful, thank you doc.

Paul Lanyi

I thought it was my piriformis . . No . . MRI indicated Labrum tear . . Excellent Video TNX

Nate Sutton

I have a torn labrum my foot stands at a 45 degree angle and I can turn my leg backwards. Going to see surgeon I hope he can fix me

E98: Hip Pain after Running is Gone after 1 Simple Test

E98: Hip Pain after Running is Gone after 1 Simple Test8 Apr. 2018
16 901

E98: Hip Pain after

E98: Hip Pain after Running is Gone after 1 Simple Test

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If you’re interested in reading more on HIP FLEXOR, here's the article I wrote about it. https://www.p2sportscare.com/hip-pain/#Chapter1

Here's the link to the HIP FLEXOR/ PSOAS MAJOR Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7olrwfU2zQ&list=PL4ia_VsGiqb-b4KDcCiEvBuGmKvOPEUVI

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Pain in the front of your hip when lifting up your knee?

Hurts when you step into the car?

Gets worse after doing core exercises with your legs?

Hip Flexor Tendonitis is a very common condition that can plague runners, mainly those of the distance variety. If you run ½ marathons or further, you are at high risk of Hip Flexor Tendonitis.

You don’t have to run in pain any more. Rehab for Hip Flexor Tendonitis is highly successful when done correctly. I, personally, have not had this injury, but I have managed many cases of it over the years.

Funny, one of my most popular videos still to this day is on “Stretching the Psoas.”

I have learned a lot more since making that video back in 2009.

I’ll share the updated comprehensive video below… It’s 30 mins long but there’s a good reason for it. Consider it like an episode of Married with Children and watch for 30 mins.

What is Hip Flexor Tendonitis?

Tendonitis is irritation to a tendon. This can be chronic (long term) or acute (new injury).

The main hip flexor is the iliopsoas. The what, you say? The iliopsoas… you have probably heard of it called the psoas, but it is really two muscles and one tendon. The tendon is what you could be having an issue with.

What causes Hip Flexor Tendonitis?

Hip Flexor Tendonitis is caused when the hip flexors become dominant in the running gait.

You’re probably thinking how can this happen, right? Do some floor core exercises, and you’ll probably find your hip flexor can get super tight super fast. Muscles have what is called a normal “length/tension relationship.” They want to be a certain length so they can work well. If your core is not holding your pelvis in an optimal position, then your hip flexor length will change.

Think about being at work… I’m sure you have optimal working conditions.

– Not too cold but not too hot.

– Not too many emails.

– Not too much background noise.

Muscles need their optimal environment in order to not breakdown. Having proper core strength and the ability to hold the pelvis in the correct position when running will decrease the probability of having downtime from this injury.

How can you rehab Hip Flexor Tendonitis?

As you can guess, in order to rehab Hip Flexor Tendonitis properly, we need to create the optimal environment. This is not hard to design, but it is a lot of work on your part. Rehab exercise progression usually includes one that goes from easy to challenging.

Before making things more challenging on the muscles, we always teach proper pelvis and trunk position. This is often a mental game that is frustrating to runners, but it is one that’s very teachable.

Here’s a theory of progression that we often use in cases of Hip Flexor Tendonitis:

Open chain exercise to closed chain exercise

Lightweight to heavyweight

Complete rest to incomplete rest

What does rest have to do with it?

Running form, lifting form, posture, you name it… it all breaks down as you become out of breath. So we need to teach you how to have control of it. The Lewit Exercise is a great starting point for a core program. We always teach breathing and bracing before we start any core program. This is extremely challenging to most people.

What kinds of treatments can be done for Hip Flexor Tendonitis?

Here are some other treatments that can assist you in recovering from Hip Flexor Tendonitis:

Active Release Technique

Deep tissue massage

Anti-inflammatory injections

Regenerative Cell Therapies

Chiropractic adjustments or mobilizations

Strength training/rehab

PRICE therapy

Running gait training

Eccentric Exercise

Postural Endurance

Dynamic Mobility

General Strength


Movement Pattern Correction


Comments (5)
Full Body Fix

Real good demonstration of root cause analysis here Doc. So tough to get folks “it hurts here, there problem must be here” - videos like this will really help!

Patrick Pomerleau-Perron

WOW, those two pains pointed out at the beginning are exactly what I'm experiencing. Thank god I found this video. Thanks!

Chris Thompson

Completely dodged her question at the end regarding nerves. Based on the video my guess would be impingement to the Femoral nerve as it passes through the psoas musculature and/or its posterior branch.. forming into the saphenous nerve. Goodluck!

Rustin S. Cohle

Well ... how the pain is gone??

Keith Adkins

This isolates her issue, but what are the exercises that correct it? Thanks!

Hip Pain in Athletes, by Dr. James Kasper

Hip Pain in Athletes, by Dr. James Kasper18 Sep. 2013
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Dr. James Kasper,

Dr. James Kasper, Orthopedic Surgeon practicing in Pismo Beach and Santa Maria, CA, gave this talk at the San Luis Obispo Health & Fitness Expo on March 23, 2013. In it he takes a look at what most commonly causes hip pain in athletes: conditions, symptoms, and what you can do about them.

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