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Today is our 24TH

Today is our 24TH freaking day of #100daysOfYoutube wooohoooo!!!!! So, I've been getting a tons of question on how I get my half up do hairstyle look so volumized and I wanted to share with you how simple it is to get voluminous curls in a half ponytail. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. Did you like it ? was it helpful ? If so please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to not miss any videos. XOXO love you guys ?



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-Tresemme heat protector spray

- babybliss PRO flat iron



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Comments (47)
Rhea Fernandes

Soo beautiful hair...loved it.

Ada Unveiled

Do naturally have curly hair or do you rather straighten your curls / heat curls

Loves of JBNeet

Gorgeous as always Sahony!

Rocky Colangelo

Your hair looks so amazing! (And your face) I swear every time I try this style it just looks like a flat mess?

Veronica Haro

Loved this so much! I would need extensions for my hair to look like yours!!!!! So jelly!!! Xo❤❤


Love your accent. And great tutorial, don’t know if it’s gonna work on my super long hair tho ?

Mel issa

yessss I've been waiting for this video??✨✨

tina Ortega

Love it ?? my hair soo thin thou lol I have two,three hairs ??


the temperature you used to curl?

Kimberly K

This song in the beginning omg love it can I know the name and also love the hair girl ?

Fathima shah

Super easy n looks great too?

Inci Karadas


Ana Ruskaya



You make everything you do look so effortless your amazingly talented! ❤️❤️

Cynthia 15

?I'm going to try this I love how much volume it gives?does anyone know a good drugstore eyeliner for the waterline that won't smear?

Itzy Garcia

Thank you for the tutorial!

Alessia Martinez

Her hair looks really damaged ?


Yay!!! Thank u!

Rajendra Quotes Wala

OMG your hairs are soooooooooo beautiful??????
And you are so pretty toooo

Kristin Koyon

awe u look so soft and pretty .ur beautiful girl omg!!! I love that hair style...ur that best



Brenda Mercado

???? thank you!!! I didnt know what to do with my hair till i watch ur video! About to get started thanks love!

Janette Perez

Like a doll ??? I didn't like this video.... I LOVED it!! ? Haha I'm so corny ? I don't like my hair when it's straight half of the time because it's kind of thin. I haven't had heat on my hair since the past summer and it grew ? Xo ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Johnnel Adderley

Can I have your hair Sahony, your hair is so gorgeous and thick!!!!! Love it boo and girl you are a boss filming all these videos, you deserve an award girl!!!

Love you boo!!!


Your hair is so beautiful ❤️

Ferguson Tilibacbu

Damnnnnn girl??


Wow goalsssss

Kelci Lopez

Thank you so much for posting this it helped me a lot and now I love my hair.




Make up..mg?

Brenda Reyes

Beautiful hair. Love it ?

Eileen Sanchez


Brittainayaa Beauty

Love it!!!! Almost 20k congrats u deserve it !! ???

Kai Baby

Love thisssss. Youre gorgeous boo.

The Ebony Show

So pretty!

Yazmin Beauty

I loved it very Beautiful ❤?


Lovvvveeeee itttt ❤️❤️❤️ cal. Down Ariana grande looking to cute

Unknown gaming

Do you pefer curly hair

Kassandra Marie

Love this ❤️


nice!! ?

Mehzabin Pinky

awesome video gorgeous loved it huge thumbs up

Itss Erin

So pretty

Naomi Love

Absolutely beautiful ??❤️


So fancy! Love it!

Kristin Koyon

also is that pink on ur eyes? wat color? who is it from? also lol wat song was playing? I like it alot!!!!*

Pankaj Giri


Tiff Saud

So pretty!???

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Comments (100)
Kristiana Marie

Plus you keep puffing up the thick side, and almost trying to keep the other one flat, you hardly even grab one area but barley lifted it up. They look the same to me. One just looks fluffier because it is mostly all your hair. You even have like all the hair in the back of your head on that side. They might feel different, but I don't feel this was a fair comparison. You should have parted straight down the middle and puffed the hair the same. Plus one time won't do it all.

Dee Dee

Diva light was crazy too expensive for me tbh at the px (military store that is supposed to have discounts) was 75 dollars for the conditioner and shampoo combo. I did buy their gel though a small bottle for 8 which I felt was a great idea

Lisa Hernandez

Probably because you didn't give the left side as much attention. I think you just advertising deva curl.

Artsy Roww

You mean the expensive brand send you that for you to promote them instead of sending it because 'oh shit she ran out lets give it free' no ofc they wouldnt do that. You're being paid for this video, no honesty in this video :)

Danika Reuzenaar

Can you do an update ? :)

Toni Perez

Can someone help me and tell me why my hair gets stringy and looks greasy when I put styling products in it?

expectare maris

when I detangle mine, I end up with enough to make a wig for a small child. My cat sits by the tub, waits for it, grabs it and runs off.

•Salty Season•

Do NOT use DevaCurl, thousands of people have claimed to have hair loss and extreme hair damage! A law suit into DevaCurl has been set in place. I suggest looking into it and to immediately stop using DevaCurl!

Rebecca Shaw

Your right side is our guess for the salon


They look the exact same to me minus the huge difference in parting


I know you don’t like to part down the middle but it would have been more accurate if you had done so, hopefully you can redo this video or future ones with a more accurate result. ?? otherwise I love the video and content ?

Sexicana G

Wow... I use way too much condish on my hair. But it seems I have to use a lot of the Deva curl delight condish to do the job... So far Deva condish has been weighing my hair down:( but it's only been two washes... Third today. We'll see how it goes

Sara. hamdan

girl your hair is cooool

Krista Vrapi

I'd say the drug store products did better because of those ringlets you mentioned at the end. I'd say your hair curl pattern is much more developed on the right. It was fluffier on the left, but that's because more hair on that side, but it looked healthier on the right.

Heather Pope

hey, I have loadssss of highlights and was wondering if you could recommend any lightening blonde products that wont destroy my hair? xx


so did you rinse out your conditioners or left them on and then applied the curl creams


I just have to say I hate devacurl. It cost a fortune and doesn't work better than anything else for me. I spent hundreds on really expensive products and didn't see anything special about any. I still have like 15 bottles of almost full products in my bathroom. So I decided to try a cheap sulphate silicone free conditioner (tresemme botanique nourish and repair) and la looks extreme sport hair gel. That is all I use and my hair looks great. I think the most important thing is how you dry it


Both sides are equal though...

Sarah Gatewood

I would love to see you compare other brands!


Someone help me
I have type 3a hair and my style product always make my hair crusty and greasy...so any good styling things to make my curls pop?
Id prefer if there was a store in Europe?
Thank you♥️

Jordan Cooper

You probably had frizz because all of the Maui Moisture shampoos have C14-16 olefin sulfonate in it, which is a harsher surfactant than the surfactants they use in the Devacurl Low-Poo Delight. In the Low-Poo Delight, Devacurl includes cocamidopropyl betaine and coco betaine, which are mild surfactants

Gee Wiz

Definitely prefer your hair on your right treated with Salon Products ??

Amanda Williams

You are a Lil rough with your hands, b a Lil more gentle! You are causing breakage

Joan Cahill

Of course devacurl as you get products from them

Lakeisha Rhyant

Just like others said paying equally would have been better....oyher than that I liked both side. Just depends what yoir looking for.

Ally Roenfeldt

Why does she remind me of JoJo Siwa


I'm about to cash out on some shampoo and conditioner. I've always had semi straight hair but it was always frizzy and lacking the waves I had as a baby/toddler. I just bought the Maui coconut milk hampoo/conditioner . I'm hoping this will restore my hair. Since I am mixed and my dad's side has some wavy fucking Filipino hair ???

Kyneesha Joseph

I was correct on my guess

Angela Mungai

I think the right is drug store


Mh I got hair loss from this shampoo.. don’t recommend it.

Jordin Alexis

I think this would have been a better tutorial if you would have split your hair down the middle & maybe would have used the Maui curl line, instead of the one you used. You used products specifically for curls on one side & then just for moisture on the other!!
Side note, I loveeeee your hair & you’re gorgeous ❤️

Daniela Wingo

This video is very bias. Your hair is not even parted down the middle so of course the devacurl side is going to look more voluminous . Also you worked the wave maker into your roots and did not use the Cantu near your roots nor gave the drug store side as much scrunch.

Denise Barnette

Girl you are talking straight out your ass.. Try parting it straight down the middle rather then 70% pulled to one side.. Such a joke and you are not a honest person.. Shame on you..


she asks in the beginning which side is which when clearly the answer was in the thumbnail

Sydney Jaden

I’m so glad you showed this. Your left side is literally how my hair looked ALLL the time. I couldn’t get nice defined curls and I was the only one in the family with hair like this so no one knew what to do ? I chemically straightened it at 13. Loved it. Now I’m 18 and I’ve been letting the curls grow out and I keep watching curly hair videos but to me caucasian curls and black girl/ Latina girl curls are different I feel like white girl curls are NOT as intense. So I’m glad I get to watch you.


Omg your hair is gorgeous!??

Tanzania Nichole

The right has the drugstore products

Tammy Dowell

Maui moisture has shea butter in devacurl doesn't..


Eh, don't know why people are complaining. You can tell there's a difference in the curls, regardless of how much hair is on each side.

Holly XO

The drugstore side does NOT look wonderful. The Devacurl side DOES. Regardless of there being more hair on that side, the texture, definition, and wave formation are night and day difference compared with the other side.

Denise Rutkowski

Cut suggestions for your kind of curl??My curl is more bottom half and I'd like to get an all over look not straight at roots and crown.

Karla Rios

For what I had learned, to get a good results on drugstore products, you have to find a good mix, not always the whole line will work for your hair, maybe a little of this and another from that, to get the best out of options on a budget :) xoxo

Rabika Haroon

You didn't rinse your conditioner???

Connar Gosdin

The fact that you didn't part your hair down the middle doesn't make sense. You have more layers on your right side, so of course it's gonna look like you have more volume! Didn't take much from this. Pretty hair though.

Kayla Bragwell

So u dont wash ur conditioner out?

melody dash

Ur really pretty but u should probably middle part It ur hair so u could both a chance :>

Lizzy Donovan

You should use the curl talk line because in my eyes that’s one of the best drugstore stylers and compare that to other expensive products. Similar to this video!

Julia Ramos

where did you get that necklace? its so cute


(If you like using the devacurl products that’s completely fine, but for others that might not be affordable) I know this video was posted a while ago, but I feel like you didn’t due an accurate comparison for a few reasons (listing below)

1. The parting issue, the hair wasn’t evenly parted (which you addressed)

2. The specific products used, you used such a light and runny conditioner and shampoo from Devacurl, compared to a thick conditioner and shampoo from Maui (I feel the Maui was too thick for your hair

3. As a continuation from part 2, I feel like you used the wrong line from Maui moisture, it would’ve been more fair to use the Curl Quench line from them, but be careful not to use too much as it could weigh your hair down. (For everyone who might read this) make sure you aren’t using too much or too little product for your hair type, for example, thinner hair needs less product, especially with thicker products, whereas curly hair needs more product especially with thinner products (in my experience)

4. You used too much if the Maui moisture product which is why you hair was weighed down, from what I can tell your hair is pretty thin (compared to other curly hair, forgive me if I’m wrong) so you just went in with too much product and The Cantu product is what really killed it. The devacurl product you seemed to use the perfect amount (I’m assuming due to more experience and trial and error with that product)

5. Not saying if you did or didn’t do this, but it looks like the Maui side needs to be combed out a bit with a wide toothed comb, it really looks like the Devacurl side was combed but I can’t tell/know for sure

Sorry this is so long for anyone reading this

It's Andie

It's funny how nowadays everybody hates Devacurl and loves Maui moisture. At the end, drugstore products won the war

CurlyGurl Kay-Kay

This seems to biased and not real results.. I would of needed to see a middle part


it's kinda hypocritical to claim "this video is not sponsored", when we all know you are a Devacurl "ambassador" (attending their events, reviewing their products as soon as they come out, constantly mentioning their products in almost every video you make etc.)
It would definitely not make much sense for them to invest in/consider you as a brand promoter, if you went ahead and concluded cheaper/drugstore products perform better.
I am not saying their products are bad or that your results were inaccurate. I just wanted to let you know you are not fooling anyone by saying "this video isn't sponsored or anything, just my personal test and opinion (:"

Kristen Landon

The Maui conditioner was a lot thicker and heavier too, which also weighs the hair down.
I use deva curl delight line and love it to pieces. ❤️ ?

Brittany Holtgreven

Am I not supposed to rinse my conditioner out??


Video is bs. Of course that side is “fuller” and “better” you parted 70% of your hair on that side.

Kathy K

To be fair, you should use drugstore on the right one day and left another day.

Alexandra Olivia Rose Reading

I think you should have split your hair too, the drug store side still has an equal definition to deva curl side I think! It's definitely personal preference though

Brittany Adams

sigh wish I could afford divacurl


my right or ur right

Sierrah Howard

Ogx has good shampoo/conditioner. Some of their products have some sulfates in it, so be careful. But I really enjoy their products

Cindy S

How stupid. 3/4 of your hair was on the DevaDurl side. And you weren't even FAIR. You used and EXTRA product on the Deva side. You should have ONLY used shampoo and conditioner on BOTH SIDES. Also that was a terrible demo. You didn't use anywhere enough water AND you didn't even follow the Deva way of conditioning. WTF.

Elizabeth -

Maui makes my fine 2b non dyed hair dry & knotty.


You should redo this video with a part down the middle and not with devacurl products.

Isabela A.

I'm really shocked that Deva Curl products costs just $70? You mean all the products, with shampoo and conditioner with this size, or just the part you had used?
Here in Brazil just the styling costs R$70 </3

Royale Clay

I would've liked to have seen you actually part your hair down the middle and literally do a comparison. Its more like a 75% to 25% and not 50% to 50%

yeahnothanks _

Hi, I am writing you because I have been struggling a lot. I just started my curly hair journey and I’ve spent A Lot pf money on devacurl products. I use the LOW POO DELIGHT, but my hair feels GREASY afterwards. Is it okay? WHAT DO I DO? PLEASE HELP ME


You used to much on that side and there is not enough hair either

Brooklynn Salazar

The next time you do a video like this plzzzz split your hair in the middle

Lady J

Like, like, like, uhmmm... so much, really, like, I mean...


I love side-by-side comparisons like this. Of course this is one designer line and one drugstore line shown; it takes a lot of experimentation to find any product that works for you, whatever the price point. My routine has a mix of both drugstore and designer products.


Thanks for trying this. I wish you would have parted down the middle so the hair was even.

Sarah Johnson

scrunch out the crunch and it would be the same, or we could at least see. Besides saying you put too much of a product on the left.


I have similar hair to you and I've learned to use way less of the cantu. A little goes a long way.


This just comes to show that quality really does affect, so it shows those products are worth it, but if your on a budget, like meee, then I definitely recommend the drugstore

bored cat

It's be cool to also do this again by doing one week Deva curl and the other Maui so people can see results for a span of two weeks. However, speaking in terms of drugstore products I'd go for Maui until one day I can afford devacurl. ?


I was ready to like her... but this was obviously so unfair. Just watching this I know she is getting free stuff from that brand and is 100% biased. Smh.

Abby D

Maybe next time you could split your hair down the middle for a valid test

Holly XO

Even though she has her hair parted on the side and more hair is on one side than the other, it is still very obvious that there is quite a notable difference in the curl formation and in the overall way her hair looks from one side to the other. How much hair is on either side has nothing to do with the very obvious visible differences that are very clearly present between the two sides. If people can't see that, I find that frightening in terms of their baseline awareness - or lack thereof. If you are someone who could only see quantity difference and could not see any other differences here, I can't help but wonder what else are you missing in the world that could be far more important than hair curl. It is a scary thought.

CAR Jones

You didn't rinse out the cream rinse?

Ashley M. H.

It is kinda weird that she kinda hated on Maui moisture but now she works with Maui moisture sometimes.


You've got my hair <3

Inaya Monawar

Hi India I wish you would have used a Maui moisture product that would have been most likely the Deva curl to help it give a chance I think u should have used the Maui moisture light weight hydration for ur hair type as it is lighter but I love your video and this is not hate


I use Maui moisture and I love it! However, I don't use nearly as much product as she did. I need to get a microfiber towel because her hair is goals!


How often do you shampoo your hair??

Josee La

Cantu kids' first ingredient is legit Canola oil, its a shame you put that on top of a Maui brand.. defeats the whole purpose of camparing.


Um is she trying to be cute........


So happy I found you!! I tagged you in a happy curly hair post on IG ♥

Meghan Marquez

Love your bathing suit! Where did you get it?

Ola Al

What's ur hair type? Is it 2b?

Mackenzie Ferris

I think that my left and her right is high end and my right and her left is drugstore.

Amanda Robbins

As a hairdresser I would say both look the same but you're parting very heavily to one side and top layer always sits differently to your bottom layer on everyone.

Amalfi Alberts

Cantu doesn’t work for me either. I love Maui but there are lighter shampoos. Says the girl that puts a billion things in her hair.

Dalai Mami

My hair looks like your high-end side with drugstore products (mostly Maui Moisturize and Cantu). I have a shit ton of hair, though.

Kayla Hebert

This was an interesting video as a comparison! I do agree with others who have said it would have been nice to have seen your hair split down the middle to have equal amounts of hair on both sides, but nonetheless, it was still a good video! You are absolutely beautiful and have beautiful hair! I am curious, however, why you chose to use this line from Maui, instead of that Maui Moisture Curl Quench?! I've heard that one is completely AMAZING for curly hair!

Jessica Nicole

UGH your top is beautiful!

Tina Tit

Right drugstore


Wtf how can you make a comparison if both sides are not equal ??

Joan Cahill

I subscribed the I unsubscribe: even the way you washed your hair and put the products :

Natalie Martinez

Well not trying to hate but next time plz part ur hair by the middle bc I feel like y didn't give Maui moisture a chance

Micaelah Touchette

Where did you get your bathing suit? I love it.

★ EASY Wedding Half-Updo HAIRSTYLE with CURLS | Bridal Hairstyles for Long Medium Hair

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Comments (100)
Alyssa Ramsook

it look cool

Rebecca Padgett

Does anyone know what curling iron she used??

S A Ahmed


Sandy Esquivel

U do a great job

lyn tsu

I love your formal hairstyles!!! It looks so simple to do but looks so elegant!! I definitely will try this out for prom tonight!


Love this! Please more up/down styles... also easy curling techniques ❤

R Mayes

You rock. Eloping next month. Going to go practice.

Harlene Narvasa

You are soooooooooooooo #beautiful

Ericka Hill

This is going to be a lifesaver for my wedding in October its really simple and elegant ! Thank you so muchhhhhhh

dina haokip

i like it?

Cenzo Fuego


Mana Qureshi

lol can I borrow your hair for my prom night? :p peeeeeeeerf <3 :)

Sonam Shah

Hey I loved your hairstyle. What products you have used?


So so sweet! Doing the video normal speed so the ladies who cannot afford a stylist can do their own hair!

Huda Taqdees

Plz do hairstyles for eid

mimi.b t

مممرا تهبل

Megan Vickio

Hi Tina I love your videos! This style is so gorgeous! I am thinking of doing this style for my wedding, but when I tried it, my hair got really tangled in the elastics. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Thanks!

Forever Beauty

u did a great job girl love this look ?

Tanisha Gill

I luv this hairstyle I should do it on my in laws weddings

anahy salinas

I LOVE IT ???????

sidra sidra

gr8 u r beautiful

Priya Choubey

mind blowing

Teresa Green Hughes

Thank you for this video I am getting married in Vegas in 6 days and while I am getting my make-up and nails done. Not my hair so I have to do it myself and love this style.

Virginia Rodriquez

I love your tutorials! They are beautiful and you explain so well! Thank you so much ❤️

Linda Hashem

Can u please do a hairstyle for Eid

Valencia Carvalho

I love all ur videos and u have really beautiful hair, not only the hair but even u are very beautiful

Gabbi Merr

what elastic bands do you use? mine always break.

gigi kean

Thanks for this and for not speeding through it.

saima Wasim

how can i get long hair like you???


This is perfect! I'm doing my sister's hair for her wedding and this is the simplest tutorial I've come across that doesn't require a lot of time or technique trying to hide bobby pins and still looks intricate and lovely! Thanks so much!

Kamalii moore

where did u get that thing u put in the back of ur hair

someone xx

beautiful ???make more video like this you are soOo cuteee???

Shanise W

Definitely going to use this tutorial for my prom ?

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Rehan Baloch

hi tina i love ur imgination of hairstyle and its my hobby too to do hairstyle

Liora Alishba

so pretty

عشقي الابديA


Akash Kamble


Casara Gonzalez

I love it! I am going to do this for my wedding. it will defiantly save me A LOT of money.

Thalia Jaime

What’s the tiara style used ? Trying to find it for my wedding

Latifa Haouam

انا من الجزائر وعجبتني بزااف

Kim Hamlin

You can go into settings and play the video at 1/4 speed. It helps to see what she's doing.

Saliha Chaudhary

Spre main kiya hai

NoOne Special

I love you for this. I'm doing my own hair and this is a look I was wanting. Thank you so much for this and the way you did it on yourself and showed every step. Very helpful. ?

Skip Cain

I've got a wedding to do this Saturday. This looks perfect!

Reem Kader


Kimberly Pena

so preety how do you come up with these wonferful hairstyles

Kirti Gupta

daily collage wear hairstyle


You're SO AWESOME at these hairstyles!! Your step-by-steps are great!! Thanks for this!


Thanks so much for this
I will be doing this myself on my hair for my wedding. I tend to not like people in my hair.since I was a kid. And I enjoy doing my own hair. Thanks again ?

Daffy Delis

You should have shown the front of the style too. So we could see what it looks like

Pooja Sharma

show ur front look

Meera Jassim

you look so pretty with that hairstyle

Shahbinda Butt

awwww I luv it So Muchhhhhhh <3 <3 <3

Diana Viñanzaca

very nice

Nour El Yakine

wow i love it <3

Clementine Gazave

my brother is getting married and i was asked to do the brides hair and i have been having trouble getting inspiration. this video really helped me! thanks!!!!

Raymond Reed

sour 16

Aimée G.

Thanks this is it!!!

ariana khan 09

absolutely gorgeous

Meriem Erradi

i realy love this hairstyle super

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Sandy Esquivel

That was really good!

Desiree Linklater

perfect!! Thank you I am trying this hair style out for a wedding I'm attending, thank you!!! ??

Muskan Khatri

This is my favourite channel.. N mam youu are soo cute.. N your videos are soo lovely n useful.. ❤?

Hassan Rayyan

I also got one which looks like this one but I paid"2"dolla' for it?

Vanessa Gonzalez

love this look! please do more!

Sakshi arora

was too fast

Mostafa Hosseini

Hi Tina u r so beautiful.
you have a gorgeous face. I like your hair and hairstyles and also your fresh but looks natural make up.
I am not going to say that I am your big fan but I always watching your videos on YouTube even if I don't need to watch.
Specially for functions I following your videos to make my hairstyles at home.
So keeps it up and stay beautiful and share your videos with us.
All the best.

Alyse Marie

@5:12 thanks for slowing it down for us!

Diana Francis

I wanna request for some more fancy hairstyles.

Sayyed Shahana akbarali

your hairstyle is soo goooddd??????

Diane Gannon

Did you do a video on how to put in the hair extensions in your hair? Would love to see how you do it!!! :)

HairXtensions.co.uk Direct Ltd

Great transformation!

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Ayushi Pandey

this is so nice I try to make it it look awesome

Madeline Rodriguez

what curling iron did she use?

Raymond Reed

sweet 16

•Skylar Reese•

What size curling iron did you use?

R k


Myriam Drécourt

J'adore, c'est bien expliqué, je vais faire la même chose à ma fille pour son bal rhéto. Merci et bonne continuation. :)

shih gung

love this hairstyle !! thank you for sharing

Shiney glitter girl

can't wait to try it! awesome pretty hairstyle!


I have to tell my mom to make that hair dew???????????☺️

Hannah Dauzat

This is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you!

Makeup By Melissa

I love it! I'm a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding and I cannot wait to wear this hairstyle. Thank you so much!

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ashley den

i want u do make up tutorial plz

Sunita Devi

Which hair spray do you use

Jessica Lopez

love this? gonna wear it just to feel extra elegant?

Gur Sikh

I need u r help in a hairstyle which I have seen in a photograph n m in trouble how to do it

لمى احمد



I like so much

Sheela Iram

I had that hairstyle yesterday on eid and I had to have pins

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Serena Paz

I love the wedding hair

Joy James

U like Neha Kakkar

makeyou glam

My wedding is in 17 days..I think I'll do my own hair

Sanamster's Poetry

It's amazing
but can u make a tutorial wearing the tiara like a hairband.

Chelly tang