Natty vs roids

18 Year Old Bodybuilder Tristyn Lee Natural Or Not

18 Year Old Bodybuilder Tristyn Lee Natural Or Not17 Nov. 2020
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KENNY KOSubscribe 438 721

Everyone wants to know if

Everyone wants to know if 18 year old Tristyn Lee is Natty or Not

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Comments (100)
Eriksen Gong

Tons of drug tests in the football world. So you know why he stop doing football...


Not gonna judge a person if they grind in the gym and want a certain physique, even with the help of juice. Once someone uses steroids, the natural component is out the window. Sure it flushes out eventually but the side effects and results of using them will still be apparent.


The only thing I disagree in this video is saying that he should just say what hes on etc. I think as long as hes not saying hes natural its fine. Its like forcing or expecting a woman to reveal her age, or exact weight or if shes had surgery if she doesn't want to as long as shes not making false claims.


being short don't mean muscles bigger the dude Is on juice look at the shape and amount

Bad azz Patriot

This fucking goober called someone else a sell out. Kenny is the type of kid who used to go to the teacher after class and tell on the other kids he was jealous of.


All those striations look gross ?

Bit Rage

But on the other hand why would he bring up or talk about peds. Unless it is something specifically talked about as a video subject he has nothing to gain by revealing it but possibly lose fans by admitting it.

kolby bourque

Congrats man. Good content deserves good reward. Keep on keepin on brotha.


Can you do Miguel Bonam?


I miss the stranger things song intro

Derek graziano

He is not natural.. he did steroids for health reasons

Jose Luna

Just a big clout chasing bitch

Lest Tat

Cut shit we know what up He went to the Darkside

Richard Rodriguez

Cuz of the money, he’s not going to say anything about him taking roids and if he does he’ll lie about it. People are dumb enough to buy something if you have a giant following and you endorse a certain product that will help you achieve the same level of physique. Obviously no matter how much protein you take and strict you’re diet is you’ll never be as huge as let’s say Phil Heath. You will get far don’t get me wrong but you will never be that big.

Bad azz Patriot

Kenny ko is the type of guy to ask you for a ride to work and then run in so he can tell the boss he got there first.

Gio Nieves Ramos

His family is genetically short

Joshua Scicluna

I still think hea natrual



Punisher_ 80

Not natty he shredded doh


Goats are toasters!

Junior Stil

The kid is 5’3”, 125lbs, 18 years old, diced to the gills, and leg pressing 10 plates on each side. He’s NOT natural.

chris bribiescas

That dude has been lifting as a youngster
I watched him with BIG BOY
I think he's natty could be wrong

joseph cummings

Kenny, I like your new place .....living large

Nine0Nme chillin

Hes natty
Just years of hard work and discipline

Peter L.

Dude needs to train chest 3 times a week for like 2 years and back off shoulders a ton.

Yng Mezzie

Guy just shouts a steroid company :/

Tony Best

Brad sells me all my gear!

Zack Snyder

I used to be super into working out and going to the gym 2-3 hours a day. However, I started thinking why am I working out so much so I can move weight from point A to point B. There is no reason for it. Now I workout 30-40 minutes a day doing mostly bodyweight workouts and I feel much better. Bodybuilding is the dumbest sport in the world, girls don't even like it when you look freaky and vascular.

Itz Just JC

Not only his physique shape and low body fat to muscle ratio, his strength considering he's no powerlifter and the fact he's always around Bradley Dec and that low test believes he's natty....... Your circle usually determines your outcome 9 out of 10 times and it's visually obvious he's not natural at all. He looks amazing and he's dedicated but I hate people who say they're natural when they're not.

Jovan Ben Joy

What do you mean by genetics stop saying genetics dude if you work for it you'll probably get that dream body of yours

Francesk Lala

Why you ratted on Bradley selling the roids bro lmaooo


if you don't claim natty, but you're also silent and don't claim taking PEDs.... then you might as well be claiming natty and should be called out.


How can a person at this age have this strength and weight naturally?

Eric Houghton

Lol natty no

Syed Junaid

Finally trysten Lee has become 18 after 5 years being 17


Lul natty my ass if he's natty Im de pope

Harris Badalandabad

I’ve taken steroids and sarms. Sarms really don’t work, but they’ll still shut down your test levels. Stop promoting sarms

Sibongiseni Gwala

Baki Hanma


Mike Turtson never loss interest & he is the same. It's not what u do, it's how u do it.

Chinmay Sharma

well its simple ....if you start intense gyming...bones ossify and growth stops as in case of Lee..he is 5 foot 3 as bones have to be hard to be hard to bear heavy weights and muscle dev. starts


Definitely compensating for something


He has to keep getting more muscular to make up for his 1in asian weiner

lost bandit24

Don't post ? just tell him good job little guy ?

Jude Lo

Do a video thanking brad for helping purchase your house!!?????? you made a killing from that dude!

H Almod

Do diesel josh @kennyko biggest joke out of New York

QuerDenker Skeptiker

I don t understand the discussion about this guy. He is 18 not really big but shripped as fuck. Nothing really Special ! When I was 18 I had a great physique with abs, and everybody blamed me to be enhanced! I was at that point swimming for 10 years. I even did not how to liftband how to eat. My post workout was 2l Vanilla Icecream. I weighed 85 kg (1,75 cm hight) with Abs! If you are young and have decent genetics you will grow and maintain a good physique by lower fat . When I get older, about 25 everything start to change in a worse way? Belly fat etc... This guy has coaches, he is young, not really big.....so nothing Special! The kids today are lazy as hell, they are pussies, unable to do intense workouts and the rest of time they are sitting. I was swimming, Bodybuilding, Thaiboxing at he same time. Not really smart to grow and get big, but I was ripped, had decent gainz and was fit! Nothing Special at that time, compared to some other friend I was one of the wakest ones! Don t guess whos on and whos off, go in the gym, do what is necessary and contnuie fir whole life. That s the secret!


Yo remember when Philion exposed Kenny?

The Xilaman

Tristan is natural. Thats how I looked at 18 because I was obsessed with training. Varsity caught up to me and I was never able get that physique again.

Jesse James

5'3 lol.

THE ultimate Anoy Channel

not natty if you look at his natural body transformation video at some point you will notice that he gets buff all of a sudden
skip to 2:13 and you will see how it changes all of a sudden: https://youtu.be/jXIH5PW_dQU

gary grissom


Manly Man

Nothing natty about that guy :P - but its all about what people claim :)

Jaime Romero

He’s still 18 YO? Dude has been 18 since 2015.

Crash Teas

You are welcome. Thank you from all you do bro ?

Bora Mehlepçi

wasnt he 16

Saki Dog

Hahaha hell no

Sahil Rane

Lee priest at his age was awesome
Like he is much more better than tristyn lee

Ashley Johansson

Lots of muscles but all that early age weight training and drugs prevented him from growing any taller.

Anthony Green

you gotta keep his weight in mind....

Daniel Evans

Not natty but where’s his chest? It’s like an ironing board ??


Natty or Nah?

Demon Sky

Are You guys stupid???!!
Of course he is not natural!!!

Sydney Dulcio

I don’t even have to watch the videos and I already know the answer

Jonathan J

He is 5'3 lol, kinda feel sorry for the kid

Tristan Swain

Still took a lot of hard work, steroids or not the weight still has to be lifted lol

Paul Burnett

Kenny, you ever see Lee Priest at 18? Just as ripped and would dwarf this kid!!! Just saying

Kent Judy

Look at his wrists. The way they are curved he prob had surgery at a young age, due to some form of dwarfism. Prob has been prescribed something his whole adolescence.

Wile E Coyote

04:11 "Gifted at an early age"
3' 7"

Brandon Brodbeck

Lol I thought he was 10 and looked like that but 18? I looked better then that at 18 and was at least a couple inches taller lol.

Gio Nieves Ramos

He did start working out when he was 13 so he had 5 years for his muscle to develop like the way he did

100KG Natty

Kids with undergrowth get Vicryn prescribed (pure IGF1)
It's expensive but he can definitely afford it with his ad revenue.


The kid stunt his growth

durell bushner

Thats kid is on a heavy cycle

Ronald Costa

Only in social media era can creepy little f---s like Trstyn Lee and Kenny KO with zero talent make a living from You Tube!

A20 Fitness

Bruh yes he's natural

Semir Jemil

Anyone who thinks hes not natty will never achieve anything near his conditioning. Sorry. Its not for everyone.

Jose Lechuga

At 18 I was hitting 430 then a year later 475 and I didn’t start taking pre workout drinks or Protein till I was like 24.

TrapHouse Tone

Awwwww look how ripped the little guy is ????

Gunnar Gossett

more than SARMs homie


a bodybuilder knows whos.

Mr. Raphael

Not sure what people see in Tristyn to think what he’s done is so unobtainable. He’s shredded yeah but anyone in this world can be shredded. It’s not like he’s huge and shredded, he’s small af. When you’re that lean and short it makes you look bigger than you actually are. When he’s relaxed you hardly can tell he even trains. No disrespect to him but I can name guys his age that are way more impressive. He’s got the smallest chest I’ve ever seen too


He's 26 years old,, not a teenager,,, and chinese people have very thin skin so of course he's gonna look shredded,,, he's not a big dude

Brendon Wharton

His height was stunted from being Asian, not from PED’s. Iol

don corleone

He has the build and bone structure of a child

jackson wu


Matt B

Can’t believe this guy was able to buy a house by stealing video ideas from Philion and Nicks strength and power, and having a permanent semi in his shorts for Brad Castleberry. Mad.

Bradley White

Not natty, but I mean I thinks it's more so the tik tockers are in his age group so it's probably more fun lol it's not all for clout


Notice how all his pictures are taken from below the knees so no one knows the dude is like 5'2"

Tobirama Senju

Even if he didnt take steroids, Being ripped at young age is dangerous

Gio Nieves Ramos

This dudes ads are longer than vshreds ads

John R

Look how long his hands are compared to the length of his arms...Dwarfism he's bout 4' 10.


I’m not a hater but in my opinion he is just way too short to put that kinda muscle sorry bro ?✌?

Ian Daniel

Stop dropping weights you little punk!

Chris Brown

Crisper kid

Ryan Nicholson

He’s fucking tiny. Good condition but that muscle is easily built natural. But probably on something

Helt Fläng

He is not natural at all, he is shredded af year around and incredible strong.

Ayush Bann


Ju Pin

Lol kenny still gets to make videos? Thought he closed shop after Philion exposed him.

Nope. I guess simps even do it for dudes ?

James Dean


Githus smith

2 months later, he has practically doubled in size?

Tristyn Lee || Natty or Not - UPDATE!!!

Tristyn Lee || Natty or Not - UPDATE!!!28 Dec. 2020
497 938
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Comments (100)
Henk Henkos

Ah i see the kid who is already ten years 15 years old

Eric Savala

The longer his career goes in the more Lee is adding to his drug list. Yea maybe his older vids a few years ago he wasnt taking anything, but 2019/2020 Lee for sure is adding more and more as he blows up

Sub Ject

Make a video on Bradley Martin

Josh Sulli

Dude is 5 feet tall and y’all talking about gifted genetics... just stop..

blair iris

That's not natural?

Pyro FT

Look up fitnawras on Instagram. Is he natural?

NoHeadphoneJack Gaming

Guys natty or not is dumb I doubled my strength a little bit over a year of hard work in the gym even after I worked out after a week to get my muscles back


I don’t know why you said he was Natty last video, he seemed to be on the juice for a while

Grant Colman

8:55 Why have you never mentioned the fact that you can backflip


Listen to that voice. Roidsss


did he pick Dwarf race on character selection? and max out on GAINS?

IDidHer_ Yesterday

Does Greg do his voice intentionally


This guy's arms are funny


Good job!

king jaybruh

Trystyn just got great genetics man....he is very discipline.


This guy is the real life Baki

Sam Glennon

It does work

Justin Tarter

Who’s here after he got his body fat%

Harry Kelly

I used to think Bradley Martin wasn’t natural but looking at him and his strength gains, leanness I can safely say he probably is at least now or on normal HRT for his age, I’ve been working out since I was younger than Tristan lee, watching what I eat, my dad is shredded at 49 years old, this is the most unnatural kid I have ever seen, it’s sad what society pushes, but I can still curl more than him, you can really see how unnatural he is in the shoulder press, as most people that are natural have weaker shoulders that those on gear. That last part is a fact and studied extensively. Btw I am 18 now as well, insta @uphill.skill

Havierre F

You can't tell me he hasn't ridden winnie the horse.

Adam lohr



he not natty

Bob Smith

too bad he can't fix his face

Rob Garza

This boy coach Greg geeekd up??


I've heard Gregg say "PD" half a million times.
Me not knowing what PD is, I decided to google it.
Pupillary distance..
Police Department.
Professional Development
Public Defender
PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS ohhhhhh ok. got it. lol

Sandu's Tanks

U need to add some testosterone to your voice . ?


Lol Greg you sell out. The Kid is on ALL KIIIIIIIIIINDs of SARMS.

Jacob Luneberg

this dude has been 16 since ive been 15 i stg, im 20

Derrick Tee

The buff Gilbert Gottfried

Charlie Ryder

@"Kristen Lee"

Agni Das

He doesn't get any bigger because he is not eating enough calories to get bigger. The extra /whatever/ he is taking is giving more muscle growth signals than he normally would have resulting in less bodyfat and also resulting in monster strength levels. Quiet normal for people who take test to look like a super lean natty year round while being a bit too strong...


I never like to make fun of people’s appearances or mention it but you can tell by the spike in skin imperfections around the same time he started doing superhuman feats with brad martyn. The fact he hasn’t grown since he started being that lean and strong followed by the fact he’s pushing more weight than people who workout for years and is leaner year round than people 99% of people is proof alone. I feel bad. He’s going to continue to be rich but how long can the dudes heart and body bare being Juiced up and near death body fat % and lifting that weight. I believe he only quit soccer because he knew he’d have to stop taking stuff if he did and he’d lose all his gains and strength


A fking backflip on stage. Damnn


Trystyn weighs less than my left nut and he shoulder presses 110 ☠️☠️

Aidan Kahalany

Tristyn lee be like ?


I hate that kid

Chaz Bustos

He’s totally on some type of steroid or enhancer. A Natty looks healthy and Lean without having crazy huge muscles with veins exploding all over. It’s quite easy to spot a fake natty

Jager Gerg

Poor kid is not gonna last long.

Sam Almond

Just like to say that I did not and never will judge Tristyn lee for taking peds but I think myself and many others did judge ourselves for not having the same calibre of physique that he has and so wanted to believe he was on drugs to help alleviate some of the disappointment that he simply may have better genetics.

Muhammad Mujahid Umar

young coach greg looked like Matthew McConaughey

Limpho Jack

You look way Jacked compared to the previous vid


Watched the whole thing bro! Love the dogs barking at the end too! Nice editing. And daaam you are shredded lol ? I’m sure you noticed.

Solem Vow

I wanna see HIS testosterone lvl

Adriyan Atanasov

0:53 your human skin camouflage is damaged on your neck i knew you are alien

Samurai Steve

That kid has been using for years now. Kid probably was not even born naturally.


guys . he literally takes test for medical reasons and he said so


Why does his voice sound like this

Stimulated Gains

Has anyone watched any of Tristin's videos? Dude is super cringe.


Look at these peep hole!

Ahmed A.

Christyn Lee ??

Aaron Da Bluestoner

He was/is probably on a testosterone booster because of the fact that he was super short at 15 and 16. That’s maybe what helped him get the incredible strength.

Improve Everyday

8:45 Greg was ballin on these fools with that posing routine??????


Yea bro ain’t natural now lol.


Coach Greg been using that hair dye

Cregory D

I just hope someone thinks I'm in juice someday.. Greg u right that is the biggest compliment ever for a natural


I was thinking he's on something till I see him run like fuck and thought his cardiovascular is too good ?

Daniel Zarate

You didn’t even mention the most ridiculous, important, crazy thing about him which is that not only does he follow the keto diet but he follows it STRICTLY, under 30 carbs a day. Greg can you please comment on this. How is this possible

Ryan Dunn

Kids ruining their bodies at 16 for instagram likes.

Jan Rokyta

I wonder what he'll look like in 10 years?


he looks 12

The Dainz

Despite what everyone says about you I respect you ?

Michael Cruz

Obviously NOT natty.


longer hair rly suits u

Alex Wood

I didn’t know Greg could do a backflip. Pretty cool!

Andre Pierce

Tristyn said he only eat steak & eggs no carbs in a video he did with Kali muscle I think I wanna slow down on the carbs as well

Kik Ärtan

You should do a video about Jen Peach.

Teo Atik

Of course he's not natural let's all stop being silly.

Dalton Pate

Don’t care I’ve been watching tristen lee since he started your just jealous until I get proof that he’s not natural

Emil Haggen

im 5 8 and I eat 4200 kcal daly and im shredded, I got tryst genetics, when I was eating 2800 kcal daily I was around 9 % bf, im 5 8 and I weight 158 lbs

Everything • 9 years ago

I give him 15 years

Pablo Magdaleno

I mean this kid is always hanging around with bradley martyn, do you really think he's natty ?


Real life Vegeta

Bobby Sweeney

Tristyn is to natty
Cream corn is to optimal protein source


Taking sex hormones in your childhood prematurely closed the growth plates in your joints and stops your from growing taller.


tris should be way smaller look at how his head is its to big for his body


omg coach greg is almost a mil !! wtf


He admitted to taking test


Wow when you made the first video about him your voice was so much deeper. So does steroids play with your voice or what?

Tahmoor Ali

You sound like a squeaky toy

hahaha 00

your shoulder's are injured though, so that's why u think u wouldn't beet him,

Nasim Xaman Fitness

What about my body fat%??

Hateful Comments

Yeah right he is natty and i am a billonaire

The Adventurest

Tristyn could probably do a one handed handstand push up and if he could balance it free standing he would be the first in the world to do so, also he could probably be a pro at gymnastics with his hight and strength


I wanna see him collab with Athlean X

Whilom Dream

Lmao tiny shredded freak muscle guy


110 shoulder press is indeed suspect


Seems that kid got only good arms and shoulders. Thats not competitors form, bodyfat % its much less important, than good symmetry and propotion.


Why do you look like you are in pain when u talk

Jahim Uddin

It is crazy how people were obsessing with a 15 year old's body.


He’s been 16 for 5 years, let me find out he’s been sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber and is actually 12 now


Hes on tuna ? no protein drinks, hes -3%.... i would be mad if i was him when your saying hes not natural if he did this all natural? And his buddy is only 148 pounds with 21 Testosterone levels too and hes not natural u say boy i thing i would hang it up if i had to use gear to be that little

AKüMæ_ JP_

this guy is smalllllll

Patryk Tański

I dont mind if they are a circle, take roids or anything. I just dont appreciate when they lie about it, e.g. Isaiah Miranda. Faker than last time


Hasn't he been on growth hormone since he was 12 ? Cause he was so small for his age


There's literally 0 chance the dude's natural lol

Quentin Conley

Wait does Greg claim natty?


Does this guy ever talk in a normal voice ?


6:16 His arms looks too damn big for his body.He literally looks ridiculous.

Cooney. B

The real question is..WHY Would he stay natural? The kids like 5ft tall & 125lbs and depends on his physique for his income/career. At 125lbs shoulder pressing 220lbs, the chances he's natural still are slim to none.

peter rogers

I don't think Gilbert could do more push-ups than Tristan. that's the old man pride talking

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Paulo Costa's Steroid Cycle - What I Think He Takes26 Sep. 2020
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Comments (100)

Awesome videos

St Ben

32:18 bald spot coming in

P. Kaye

Great video. Worth saying though that he came in to TUF Brazil with 3 wins and 0 losses (according to the screen) so he wasn't completely without any fighting resumé.


This video is trash

Pastor Dr. Martin Sempa

His effiminate look is a sure sign. Nothing against people juicing or looking less masculine, just how it be with steroids. A lot of theseguys seem gentle to me. Then match them up vs and actual warrior and they get absolutely dismantled. They are a facade, not the real thing.


Almost all MMA fighters shave their chest though. There are very few hairy fighters in the UFC and it's not a genetic thing. They know they will be shirtless on television, so they go overboard with the grooming. Actors and other athletes do this as well.


He's literally the third most tested fighter on the roster

GimmeDaLOOT 23

Rogan sent me here

Shane Dougherty

now do a video in his hair, he looks bald almost then other times full head of hair lol it's crazy.

Drew Whitfield

Y’all have no evidence he’s on roids.. like no one can be buff naturally.

Franz Fuchs

they make weight a longer period before the actual fight and how much they weigh at fight night doesn't matter at all? why would I want to watch a middleweight fight if there's someone competing who's obviously a heavyweight
this is number one bullshit

James Kennedy


G Fuego

Whatever he’s on send it my way ?

jack hacks

is usman on peds his body is so fishy

Fan of TheBrand333

Connor Mcgregor is not a tough guy in life believe it

Peter Hernandez

There all steroids lol

Jin Roh

He's starting to have hair loss too..

Massimo Bucci

Hey guys:

Who do you think is NOT on those roids?
I mean the 85/90% at high levels in the UFC certanly are.
But what about fighters like Diaz or Wonderboy? Or Ben Askren?

Daniel Gosse

Fun fact: The Jones hiding under the ring story isn't just speculation anymore. Jones confirmed that it actually happened (He said that it was because he had been smoking Marijuana and did not want to test positive for that).

V Trigger

People will show you a video like this and everyone accepts it no problem. Then someone will do the same thing and connect people to Epstein and stuff like that and it’s called “conspiracy theory”.

Eric Bolt

I love how everyone pretends to like these videos for how informative they are when In reality it’s all speculation and people just get off on saying he only looks like that bc of steroids

abel l

Its ok ,he got pump lol

Hashtag EV

This is crazy

Bullrock NY

Wow. I feel like this could have been compressed to 5 minutes, yet I'm locked in and the information never stops

Kristjen Štjuprić

I honestly don't think he is using that much... All of them are on PED's obviously; however, after watching some of Coach Greg's videos on him and Adesanya and him explaining how everyone is looking at Costa and nobody at Adesanya even though Adesanya is the one most blatantly using simply because Costa has muscle mass - most of it probably being held on to by using exogenous testosterone (sorry, I added the last part - but Coach Greg mentioned himself that he had more muscle mass given his height when he was natural than Costa does) - Adesanya had blatant side effects from exogenous hormone use, and everyone points the gun at Costa.

Derek, I am not at all trying to disrespect you, you're the freaking man... I know you recognize this and you talked about Adesanya but all this other guys - especially Luke Thomas - makes me sick defending Adesanya simply because he doesn't look like he is super jacked due to his body type... I mean... It is ridiculous how little Luke Thomas knows about pharmacology.


Is he on the gear or not? I don't have a freaking hour to find out...

Ꙟ ᵴᴇᴌ Ꙟ

Paulo costa is natty you hater


Growth hormone its one most use in ufc short life and get out fast from sistem

Joe B

So Costa is taking a super soldier syrum


All the Brazilians juicing atm.


In my opinion Costas physic does look natty he’s just got massive arms

Wei Wu

Just discovered your channel because of Joe Rogan. This video's are amazing

Son Goku

Lol dude idk how your talking about someone else use it steroids when we all know damn well you on roids lol


Of Course he is on roids...It's obvious...Him, Prime Vitor Belfort, Prime Romero, Prime Overream, Prime Lesnar...All of them was super easy to tell they was on the juice...

Itzz Ya boy

Great video, very detailed and some interesting points made.

Agent Smith

Tested myself when I was around 24 y.o. I think, and I had 1300+ ng/dl and it was flagged H (high) in the results. If I remember correctly the norm was something like 160-970 ng/dl. I checked with an endocrinologist and he said basically that's just your body. I never took steroids. Jones ~49 ng/dl? That's freaking insane for an pro MMA champ ??
You did a clinic with this video.

Karan Singh

Israel himself has gyno due to overuse of steroids

Sadoque Transport

Did I really lose my time listening to this ?

John Matos

This was an entertain documentary!



George De Leon

Do Usman next


Is he the dude who was banned from the UFC for all the cheap shots?

Conrado FMC_Ny

What u say makes no sence, people are corrupted here too, in Ireland too, MONEY TALKS, COVINGTON took pictures with TRUMP too, SO IS HE TAKING GEAR bc Trump is helping him?Let’s do a video about that.. Connor is a celebrity in Ireland, so is he taking gear?? USADA AND WADA testing are very sensitive, if WHAT U SAID IS TRUE, Every athlete takes gear

gummi xx

I think the guy is taking hgh tops, not anabolics.. He isn't that big

Ronel Delgado

???????? obviously, don’t believe in fairy tales

Jessica Lacasse

everybody know the olympic games are dirty ... and ufc hire them ...

x Berreys

Here after Joe Rogan shouted out this video on the Cody Garbrandt 2 podcast

everyone deserves to live

bad idea to have chael video in this . took everything not to just go watch that video from uncle chael

Dana Loveall

way too long holy shit

Chris C.

It’s that easy to get steroids in Brazil? Fuck I should’ve stayed there

Spiro O

Love your videos man! Keep exposing!

Zac Cooper

tldr - he on the juice

Mark MacInnis

Short acting testosterone and IGF-1 would do it

J Carroll

In the Pride contracts they told u they did not do PED testing.

Domingo Maya

Do a steroid cycle video on kamaru usman. The man is more jacked than Woodley and somehow has a gas tank.

Chris Lutin

How safe is dmp

Randy Johnson

Third time watching through, this must have taken forever to put together. Thank you Derek ❤️

Jessica Lacasse

wacht in 125 x speed unless ....

Steve Burdex

Man this video is amazing! Very informative!

DLP fitness

Stupid af u can't take anything no more with usada

1969 Plymouth

I heard somewhere that Brock Lesner puts on over 30 lbs after his weigh ins...

Marcus Holbert

lookin like a DBZ character

dreißig 舗装 - HiveSG & Clips.

wouldnt surprise me if israel adesanya watched this

Meine Namen

People forget that there’s more money in creating new (=untestable) steroids than in creating tests for them. There will therefore always be doping possibilities that are undetectable.


Supplements what he take and show most are multivitamin minerals instead taking one supplement with all that he take individually each vitamin and mineral

Hazah Izab Ban Zabalawan

Regardless... This is all speculation

Earth from Google

ill never forget when Uriah Hall said in a interview before fighting costa " i know hes definitely on the juice " you were not wrong uriah haha

Oliver Queen

You should do rumble Johnsons steroid cycle


Your pretty informative

Mike the Moocher

I never knew he had no experience before this haha, hes ment to have a black belt in BJJ just shows you how legit that is ?

Ciprian Dinu

You just know the dude gets mad dic... err I mean pussy.

Dominic Altamirano

One of the weirdest things about Costa when he cuts/weighs in, he doesn't look crazy drawn out. I mean look at some of these guys when they have hard cuts they look like skin over skeletons and they are ready to fall over. Yes he does look different and much smaller, but no where near how some of these other guys look and he arguably cuts more then anyone in the sport!?! On top of whatever chemical enhancements this guy must have some crazy genetics, he and Romero must drink out of the same well (or have the same "Doc") right?!? You gotta give this guy some credit, even if he uses chemicals he still must have some crazy genetics and an insane work ethic!

Jacob Keeney

what roids you take?

Indiana Jones

Costas family is RIIIIIIIICH and he has his own private training facility and he's had it for a long time.

Lesten D'souza

Summary at 1:16:13 If you are in a hurry. Thank me Later

Jamie P

How do they put back on all that weight after the cut. Is it just water?

Osvaldo Solis

Who else pressed play when he paused hiss videos ?

St Ben

These brasilian guys come from a very poor background , this is their chance out of poverty. Ofcourse he juiced and is still juicing


Joe Rogan shouted out this video on the recent episode with Cody Garbrandt. I think you convinced him how bullshit usada is because Joe said he used to think Usada was legit

Dick Truesay

The eraser ✏️

Matt Longenecker

It just chicken broc and rice right, and ufc sponsered supplements?? Lol!!! I hope someone bets his ass, only because i am racist though!!! Hahaha!!

J Carroll

Before the ban using an IV was the norm in the UFC. Him using am IV means nothing the vast majority of fighters regularly used IVs during cuts.

Ghost Dragon

You must be really really dumb to think he takes steroids lmao Jesus Christ


Adesanya beat the Tren out his ass


What about Tyron Woodley? Do you think he's natty? Cuz I doubt it

D2DS 17

UFC needs to apply the tactics ONE championship does. They weigh fighters year round and make them fight in their actual weight class. Also, weigh-ins should be the fucking DAY OF! No more losers cutting past 2 weight classes just to try and get an edge because they're not confident in their skills alone.

4ALL Esports

Steroids are illegal here in Brazil, it's not hard buy, there's a dealer in every Gym that go to Paraguai to buy it and it's cheaper than regular supplements. But you can't buy it legally unless a doctor prescribes it. BUT, only a few expensive sports doctors prescribe it. But the mentality here is that it's impossible to get jacked naturally and guys hop on orals, Winstrol, Deca, Dbol and Anavar with 0 research, no PCT, It's almost sad to see. this is the average gym goer, the Bodybuilders and more experienced lifters are mostly using test, tren, masteron and primobolan and doing PCT and all that's required to not fuck everything up...


Lmao when he crossed his arms you know he is done. Also whoever is beside him. Crossing your arms is a way to protect yourself when felling exposed.

Luke Hatten


Conrado FMC_Ny

USADA test them all the time, off season, randomly, anytime how did he keep the size? Without it? Now what connor said is NOT TRUE.. usada send their own people and TEST WITH THEIR OWN LAB

J Carroll

Pretty sure The Ultimate Fighter tests the competitors


You can break you biceps if you get hit in fight o hit a elbow with you biceps o extend in submission

Devin Kaula

He reminds me of a juiced up fighting Cristiano Ronaldo


Dude how old are you?

Diego Ricardo Altamirano

I heard on somebody else interview that the fake(the one that he hired) doctor was Eric Albarracin ????

DLP fitness

None of y'all don't know what hard work is in the gym if everyone u see that looks jacked u think Is on steroids ?

Bryan Wesolowski

To look Jacked is good For strength reasons. But skill and technique trump strength every time.

Wayland C

The hilarious thing about Logan saying he was at 250 lbs: Costa said it was actually 285 in response to someone on Twitter ? Plus, the first red flag for Costa is that he's from Brazil. The history there is undeniable.

Idea Machine

What's the point of weighing someone for a weight class just to have them gain 20+ pounds come fight night? No shade at the fighters, I just think the weight class model needs some tweaking.


Yeah, Jake Paul outright lied with that 250 number he pulled out of his ass.