Muscle builder protein shake

Best Protein Shakes To Build Muscle???

Best Protein Shakes To Build Muscle???30 May. 2012
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Comments (100)
Timmie The Worst

You are very helpful

HBCU Apparel

Quick Question??? What's the deal with Soy in Whey Protein? Can it really create man boobs?

kenneth brown

so….. any protein is good .ill keep drinking body fortress.Thanks men!!

SKiTz The Gemini

I disagree and here's why:

1. I've tried SO many different brands of protein and they all either taste like crap or mess with my stomach.
2. That crap you get at Walmart (I've tried Body Fortress and Six Star) is a low quality protein. It's probably like 45-50% protein.

After about a year of trying different brands I settled on Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard. It tastes amazing, mixes easily, it's reasonably priced, doesn't hurt my stomach, and it's 75% protein. Don't take my word for it. Google the stuff. It's a highly respected brand.

Just sayin'

Sean Singh

Best youtuber. Much love to Chris and pog.

liban katib

Thanks bro

Dashawn Williams

What’s a good protein powder that u can use with out working out. I just want to gain weight

NOBO Takoda

Hey Chris Jones, do you have a macro ratio chart you can post and can you go over that a little bit? Like, what's macro nutrient ratio all about.

Carlos Oscar Comedy

Uhm I'd rather pay extra than be around the walmart clientele.

Joseph Connolly

"More cheaper"

Nicholas Izzo

Walmart sells muscle tech

Austin Adams

Is it true that casein is good to take before bed? Great info in the video man thanks. Subscribed.


that amino spiked bull shit

Pana_Montana RN

This just saved me big $$$$,,.i was thinking about changing my powder thinking the same too,,, but I'll stick to my EAS powder then!!!

MT Poland

Gotta be one of the best reviews I've seen. I just bought some of this earlier tonight, and now I'm glad I did. Thanks, Chris.

Ozzy Weezie

thanks bro I barely began boxing and I was looking to gain,muscle and everything is 40$ up thanks foo you've saved me a ton of money


Your right it's like most of these health stores people get sucked into buying all these fancy ass protein powders you can more protein per serving by eating eggs

M. Champeau

how big is that walmart?! takes forever to get out

Isaiah McMillan

How does that taste

1234 1234

Now he sells the product

Sachin Khasa

Whats the best ratio of protein, carbs and fats for bulking.

James Wells

Thanks man! I needed to hear that.


What are some examples of good fats??

Goated Tyler1 Vods

Isn't the protein at walmart cheaper becuase its amino spiked?

Jasmin Martinez


Carlitos Otxoa

you made total sence to me, subscribed. I just went to a GNC store and they offered me that Whey Protein for $63 Thnx


Gettin ur protein from wallmart lol just lost a few points of respect wit me


your absolutely right, yesterday I bought the little size of protein wich coast me 46 dollar just to get enough protein to start with my training. next stop I will be going to Walmart or even Costco. thanks for the tips brotha!


Supplements do work this shit is a joke ..eather your doing a shity ass workout well your taking it or just buying shity ass supplements, research what your getting first

BallisticBomb B

I normally get the phase8 or iron whey fits my needs


Amino acids is what helps muscle growth and development

Brandon Ala

I have always had the same question. I always took wal mart protein and I'm fine. My buddy's all go to GNC and basically ain't changing dramatically. It's hard work and watching your diet from my experience. Not some magic protein. #TEAMWALMART!


@natali09sha Yep I was skeptical at first about this program cause I
thought it was a scam but i took a bit on it since it offers
100% money back guarantee. Good think I took the risk
because it does wonders on my body just a short weeks.
From skinny to more muscular guy.


Lmao that thumbnail cracks the shit out of me ???

kobos k.d

you the best chrisss


totally false wallmart protein is amino spiked, in actuality it has a lot less protein per saving than it claims

Frank Drejaj

great review man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


me and my brother (same age same height same body fat and muscle same weight same pretty much everything) he takes walmart protein like body fortress and i take iso 100 and mts protein  and we both train exactly the same eat exactly the same lift the same to the same amount of reps we pretty much do every single thing exactly the same but after i switched proteins i saw a huge jump i gained 10 pounds on muscle and my body appearance was way different only think that changed was the protine because the walmart protein is not really protein it say 52g when its more like 10-17g where as what i take is 25g and no other crap is in it nothing wrong with walmart but its just not the same at all

Luis E Mijangos Duarte

yeah but walmart doesn't have the big ass jars like other shops or websites do thats why there protein is so cheap is because they have small amounts of weight.

Vlajko Tomic

Hey(: Did you thought about the Ripped Muscle Factor (search on google)? Ive heard a number of extraordinary things about it and my friend build alot of massive muscle quickly.


Body fortress is crap!

Bilal Chaudhry

How do you feel about body fortress being charged for amino spiking?

Jasmin Jasmin

hey just wondering if my six star creatine x3 pills will do the same job as other supps


@maus09029  Glad it worked for you too. I was also using it and was
completely happy with the result.The program does it
provides me with the nutritional knowledge that helps me
provide body with exactly the right fuels it requires!

Edgar Monroy

Could you possibly do a review on vitargo post?

D Mac

Its amazing how far Chris Jones has come. His own supp brand, apparel brand, online training, etc. You know whats funny, Body Fortress is the protein brand I use right now because its the most affordable. But I will be supporting the Pumpchasers and Mike Rashid supps in the future when money gets better


Your just pointing out the obvious,

Carlos Acosta

yup he kept it 100% it's just the brand but they all do they samething




I love this nigga he right

kyle Miller

man u have special kind of dumb u really do ur miss leading people now it does not matter it kinda does because the brand u bought got sued for putting in un safe chemicals in there products and protian spiking so that being said it kinda does matter and people out there look up the math to know if ur protein is good and really just do ur homework on what u buy don't get caught up in the hype of some powders out there but just do ur homework and find out what works for u and really look at the brand and how long it been around have they ever been sued for putting un safe chemicals in there product or protein spiking all I am saying just look the stuff up before u buy it.

Joel Castillo

great vid thanks man.

Russell Cook

He talking all that junk but now he sells the protein wow

Sparkle Rozay


daniel Laswell

Man your really helping me didn't know that shit damn gnc like to screw us over

Lee Johnson

Thanks man that's good to know!


Walmart Protein is actually good! I tried some recently and was impressed. I wish i knew about this sooner. Could have saved a bunch of money over the years.


@Alagan A  Its about 7wks now & I still do
what it has asked me to.It talks
about my nutritional program
based on my body's somatotype
in order to know what to eat and
achieve muscular physique.


my friend is a monster he also used the Walmart stuff. but he eats lots of fish


He make anyone else wanna go to walmart? Lol

sal alvarez

Are you going to steal from Walmart too?


Supplements companies are making millions and millions on suckers more GNC your really paying for ther high rent cuz on the whole GNC is very pricey

Chilli Farm

I use mutant whey 2.27kilos 40 pounds or 40 dollars in you're case and get 77 servings

Monster Monster

Walmart he's One Stop Shop


Hey dude please answer so i got the same protein powder as u and i threw it up within 10 mins and i still have a upset stomach

Paul O'Neal

I purchase protein supplements from ProSource.net.

Shad Meyer

Come on man protein is good,what’s in it that is cancerous.but keep buying it.its on you


good vibes from the dude

Cody Stout

Best channel for beginners and honestly I believe veterans of the game.

Tanya Wilson

thx man that ws really offffffffffffff you ,,,,,, i always think the same bro,,,peace

12:34 PM

Aye man, beverly international is still top o da line.


lmao , i fukn love you bro, are you a born again Christian ? Just asking because you have an incredible level of incite for the common walking dead 

Dan Thompson

You are so right keep up the good work

Robert Garcia

That's the first Walmart I seen with nothing but white people in the store. Haha
I been taking the creatine from them and man that shit works good.

Joe Mutambaie

Chris I just got one question where the hell am I supposed to find that pre workout by pog

Paulo Dybala

He has a point. Supplements are just a hype and are expensive. If you want real results Work for it, work your ass off daily. Do more reps and more weight than what you did yesterday, so on and so forth. Don't rely on any supplements, it pretty much a cheat. Just work for it, eat right, stay consistent with your workouts and you'll see that you don't need these hyped expensive supplements. Though buying one wouldn't hurt for the protein factor of it but that's about it.

Johnny Blaze

Who said you need carbs? Lol fuck carbs

Dxllie Kxx

This don’t make sense ... I thought protein was always protein and people lifted weights to gain muscle ? ... where have I been?


Yes he right but I bought cheap protein it's hard to mix it's chunky And sticky I hate it

Prime47 214N

Thanks a lot.You just opened my eyes.

Mike Watkins Jr

Yeah protien is protien.... I know a guy who takes the whey stuff and I just have muscle milk shake and a bar after my workout while he uses that stuff before and after. We both have gotten the same gains lol. It's more about what you eat and how you workout.

John C.

Actually BodyFortress does work, I use Body Fortress Whey Isolate and did the lab test so heres the result. The label says 30g of protein but the results came out 26g of Protein which is 73.5% Protein. Its still good and cheap.

raul robles

i always wondered if which protein you take matters but now after seeing this video i see it really doesn't. what really matters is what source of food you intake and getting enough rest also hitting up the gym lol. good review.


Great video!!!

Frank Colletti

chris, you are 100 percent right, protein is protein!

michelle thomas

Hey Chris love watching u

Justin _that_one_dude

What the actual fuck did I just watch on some transparent labs bull shit. I don't take supplements I I eat food and drink electrolytes drinks for replenising the body for more sweat breaking gains.

Lisa C Texas

Thanks for keeping it honest. Most of us have to watch every penny we spend,but try to stay healthy. This will help. Love your video!

Jairo SendsIt

Got damn the video is funny as hell and it opened up my eyes to the "game" only thing building the muscles is me

Grant P

I totally agree with this video-"read the label"-protein is protein, and
Walmart sells only reputable brands. I like Body Fortress protein, as
it doesn't give me "stomach gases" like other brands.
As for the taste of Body Fortress-I take isolate, make a sport's shake
with ice cream, milk, banana, chocolate and it tastes just great. It's
as high in percentage or more, than the other brands. If it was not, you
can bet Walmart wouldn't carry it. They can afford to carry the best.
Bad part of this is that Body Fortress, is not sold anymore in Walmart
up here in Canada-Oh Oh-what am I going to do now ???
This guy on this video, makes good sense, and he's 100% right !!!
A lot of this stuff is marketing, and trying to get more $$$ out of you.

JM-500 JM-500

CJ Keeping it 100%
Respect goes out to you brah:


Ur wrong check out protein factory and see why there protein is miles ahead of wallmart protein lol let me see u get sum pepto pro at wallmart of some luecine peptides im srry chris but theres a difference between high quality protein an cheap whey concentrate or poorly filtered isolate from wallmart

Alex Darling

"The more expensive a product is the more beneficial it is"

Said noone ever.

Except for the retailers at GNC.


Guys! :) Did anyone heard about the Ripped Muscle Factor (google it)? Ive hear a number of amazing things about it and my friend build alot of insane muscle fast:)


What is wrong with you walking around in public cussing like a sailor? SMH

Woven Chaos

Great video ✨✨?✨✨

Jimmy Bob

Lmao this nigga look like a kid. youve grown a long way.


Eat the same whey, sleep the same whey

Martin A

bra, your videos are always hilarious as fuck.

raul robles

i always wondered if which protein you take matters but now after seeing this video i see it really doesn't. what really matters is what source of food you intake and getting enough rest also hitting up the gym lol. good review.