Mark wahlberg 45 day challenge

Dr. Oz & Mark Wahlberg Take Their Breakfast Feud to the Gym - Part 2

Dr. Oz & Mark Wahlberg Take Their Breakfast Feud to the Gym - Part 25 Mar. 2020
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Dr. Oz & Mark Wahlberg

Dr. Oz & Mark Wahlberg Take Their Breakfast Feud to the Gym - Part 2

After an ongoing, heated Instagram feud over whether or not you should eat breakfast, Dr. Oz and Mark Wahlberg finally face off in the gym to settle their big debate. Who will win?

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Mark is a class act.

The Interfaith Shepherd

2hrs of work

M Dayeh

Good for you Mark!


I like Mark. But I also like President Trump. Because HE's standing up for America to foreigners and to the DEMoRATs. And Mark doesn't like President Trump. Maybe it's for those reasons. And Mark gets rich from those elements fucking America over. idk. But I can't imagine anyone not liking a President who fights for his country the way President Trump has.

circleof light

That is a seriously disciplined daily schedule. Very impressive!!!!

Jason Blaha Fitness

Mark should be in better shape than he is with all those hours he puts in working out.

Motorcycle Michael

Such a great role model ??
Thank God for Mark and Dr Oz, may He continue to bless you both ??, so you can continue to bless others

Wonder Woman

As a former BB, I think 2 workouts in a day are complete nonsense. Pick one. Invest your time into your family or faith for the second. Also, your protein intake is...not good. U need to drop some of the meat and go more plant based. But...your workouts are SICK my friend, just, for anyone, dont loose yourself in your love if working out and taking the time from what is REALLY important...those people around you. Blessings ??


2:11 What time does he romance the wife? (not mentioned in vid)

The Time Stamper 0:00

Good vibrations bwoy lol! Love you Marky Mark.

3 Minute Poetry Analysis

Whatever happened to Johnny Trinh?

thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid

Awsome!!! You two were amazing together. Mary Mark and Oz show for sure.

David J Rosser

The power of editing ! Dr. Oz looked like he got his ass handed to him!

Andrew Chavez

Crazy how much he has to workout and he looks the same.

Jean Paul Jean Paul

Stop with the Intermittent fasting garbage...its just a way to eat less food, for those who can't portion control.

Tracy Johnson

So the F45 gym is a version of curves gym for women! Curves were everywhere in USA back in early 2000s. It was a 30 minute high intensity circuit of resistance machines and cardio. There was a music track that told you when to change to next thing. Curves disappeared I think because all of the machines were preset to same level. Once your body got used to it results slowed. Anybody else remember Curves?


There’s still no such thing as spot reduction like you promoted a bunch of times, oh & no disrespect Oz but Mark would slaughter you in the gym , hell, he’ll kick your ass in fitness, you may know a few things on nutrition but fitness? Never gonna happen.


“Dr” Oz is a pencil neck.

Nicholas Alexandropoulos

He should also post his hormone regiment lol

Angela C. Jamison

Mark keeps talking about his faith. What is his faith and why?

Gary Siegel

Wahlberg.... have some fun in life dude and you are NO SYLVESTER STALLONE LOL...... dork


https://youtu.be/bwP_7Hp5GJM?t=177 (<<< Feel free to ignore if you care) I mean if your in a position where you may need to perform without food for any length of time? It might be good to force the body to want to store. But I would ask that you watch this... https://youtu.be/SRdEEC4i_3w

Deon Go healthy

Mark, going to try your workout?with positive thoughts.....I can do it.

Gail T

As a 64yo female this workout isn't realistic but the drive is inspiring!! Thank you

kim peterson

doctor oz just wants attention

reece turner

You need to take a loan out to sign up to f45 in UK its expensive af


The luxuries of being wealthy and having a 3 hour workday of “meetings and calls” and access to cryotherapy.

katerina z

love this show been off ciggys 24days am on metphormin for now so not gaining but not shedding feeling inspired after seeing this thanku

Andrew P

Dr. Oz works out to "look like he's in shape" .... Mark Wahlberg works out to "be in shape".....same with the diet of each...

Dan Illahi

The world strongest man.
I eat a lot and my son eats the same.
Me: WHAT?!

Armen Petrosyan

At least this guy wasn’t bitching and moaning and complaining like Ellen’s guy Randy I think his name is

Richard Jolley

Mario and Mark are stud s, DR Oz, well he's successful.

Quentin Woodard

chickpeas on keto diet SMDH!!!

Ali Ataya


Mr. Perksy

I’m always amazed how people such as Wahlberg or Mario can workout that much and eat lean chicken, fish, and vegetables with so little carbs and still be 200 of muscle. I have to eat almost 3,000 calories just to maintain 170. Now granted I’m not as lean as they are but still. And I workout maybe an hour, 4 times a week. If I worked out like he did I’d have to eat 4,000 calories a day. And I eat a lot of good carbs - sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal, aside from the proteins and vegetables.

Rusty Johnson

I’m with you alllll the way dr oz....I’ve been working out hard for years like Mark and with all due respect to him, workout without breakfast/carbs/sugar is the way to go in my opinion...I’m 52/male and have never been in better shape in my life due to IF and keto and weightlifting is just as fun as ever.....keep promoting!...?

John Guanciale

Your 48. What supplements?

dnoallyn16 98

Why would you go to bed at 7:30 and wake up at 2:30.. ??‍♂️ not anywhere near circadian rhythm.

Seymore Butts

So it’s really just a big circuit class heavy influenced by CrossFit?

Marci M

Impossible schedule for a person who slaves a 40+ hr work week to maintain normal life stability. Would be nice tho.


So his wife and kids go to bed ? Or he passes out and someone puts his kids to bed ?


I ain’t buying it, so he woke his kids up at 2:50am, dude’s a douche

Antony Fitzgerald

Wow wish I had an easy life to pull this off. Instead I work 11-12 hours a day and no time to eat enough at smokos ? good on use tho

Tabitha Sabella

Mark,you should do crossfit
Our church does something called crossfit, but what it does is, you work out together, you have someone preaching, donuts, and health. I don't do it because of my injury.

Maria Guardanapo


Carbage Man

Breakfast is the most unnecessary meal of the day, and eating more than three times a day drives insulin resistance and diabetes. To put it bluntly, 5-7 meals a day is insanely stupid.

Steven Alexander Harlowit

At 6:10 no nut challenge failed

Matt Bakker

I love the OZ man. so hot! I would love to stay at a hostel with him and watch him get stuck under the bunk beds

Giuseppe Buttitta

You still after be in calorie deficit fasting or not


Damn at 4:17 oz looks like he’s about to clock Mark


of course they had to put eggs in the meal...sell outs

Mike Derenne Jr

Somebody forgot to tell Mark

Letty 45

Whoa!! Mark is a beast, his body look great. I remember when he went through his thing years ago, he has really made a total 360 degree turn.

Mine Mine

Doktor nasyl zayiflayim.karnim şişyo yemek yesem gaz olyo.

Wilma Burr Gooch Rock star


Matt Petermann

No mask no social distance what a joke

Anthony Kence

If he not going to be a professional body builder then why is he killing himself. It's makes no sense

Ricky Spadelski

he’s said that he doesn’t regularly get up at 2:30 every morning, just is he happens to go to bed early.

katerina z

omggggg thats so true not long after getting clean 9 years ago my flat start3d being broken into other druggies did huge c4imes which i was set up for the removalists stole my clothes 20 bags id saved for if i ever got clesn 0lus a diagnosis still they broke in till a few months ago when i put triple layed padlocks on the doors with chains noone can pick them i have so many enemies dont even know who they all are

Carbage Man

Figures he's selling the beyond impossible frankenmeat. That's related to him eating 7 meals a day because he has no energy. Dude needs real food.


The money shot at 06:11


Dr oz looking at mark Wahlberg like love at first sight

Tim K

1500 calories a day??? I don't see how that is sustainable.

Steven T

All that working out & he still CAN’T do a strict pull up . He should try a BADTENDAZ or a THENX work out

Deon Go healthy

I tried Wahlberg's burgers...In Atlanta...Wow! it was amazing.

Violet Rain

I really loved this. I've always wondered about Mark's workout and eating routine even though I'm a woman. I like that fasted workouts were reinforced here, because they've been working wonders for me. Stubborn pounds that refused to budge are coming off, and my binge eating is under control as long as I'm keeping up with my morning workouts.

Craigslist Reply

You know he didnt want to do those dumbass kippingn pullups

John DeAnnuntis

I was 3 times bigger them him at 19 years old n I'm 6ft n I didn't work out 3 hours a day ridiculous .n he's only 5 ft 6

J. M.

Whole country fasting, low carb, no carb, high protein, bla, bla, bla! The end result! 45% obesity rate, 75% of the 3.7 trillion spent on health care is metabolic syndrome related! 100 million Americans, type2 diabetes, 80 million heart disease and 30 million fatty liver disease! 1-3 people every year die of heart disease! That's about, 2,200 a day!

Debb Vaughn

I can see 5 small meals. I think what ever makes you feel good about yourself !!

Chris C

I love all this "intermittent fasting" woke BS. I've not eaten my first meal until 12 in the afternoon for the last 22 years (I get up at the late great hour of 6 AM weekdays).

ian otto

you can't really starve (fast) and run "gear" at the same time. MW isn't all natural, which is fine, he looks great, but don't be fooled.

IamDejj Dula


Ignacio Cattaneo

He works 3 hours a day! Apply this to someone that works from 8am to 5 pm ?


How did I miss this feud

Jon Knight

I do cardio fasted, but i like a few meals in me for weight training. I eat every 2.5 hours until bed.


There’s no such thing as spot fat reduction like you’ve promoted in your previous videos, 2nd there’s no certain amount of time you have to eat, all intermittent fasting is is pushing your first meal later into the day which in turn you eat less calories AKA a caloric deficit, 3rd the foods that the blonde so called nutritionist said to take when not fasting is stupid, too little calories, 4th there’s no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition , each person has toe eat a certain amount of calories to either gain weight (CALORIC SURPLUS) or lose weight(CALORIC DEFICIT). I’d listen to you when it comes to medicine but nutrition & fitness ain’t your cup of tea so stay in your own god damn lane Oz.

Andrew Cox

Now what is mark wahlberg. Going to do. The gyms are closed. At least he is nice and caring. I want to meet mark wahlberg. Someday. I enjoy dr oz.


6:12 epic orgazm??

Letty 45

We don't have the money that he has but the foods are available everywhere and we can work out.


Mark Wahlberg free meal
Chicken breast , spinach , rice and extra soy sauce.


Mark over here doing the worst form pullups i've seen in a long time.


This is too much. He’s destroying his body

K Parker

That's funny. I met the founders of F45 about a year ago because they were opening a new location in North Carolina, and they were VERY nice Australian people. It was a couple


I hear punjabi mc- mundian to bachke in the back lol

Candle Kane

A) Mark is over exercising to an unhealthy degree. It is like an addiction. If a female exercised this much she'd be accused of having an eating disorder. B) Intermittent fasting is yet another diet fad and I am SO sick of it. For YEARS doctors and nutritionists would say "breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day". They would stress this TO DEATH. About how what we eat when we wake up fuels our body throughout the day. And how if we ate too small of a breakfast it would cause us to overeat later on. Now suddenly we are to fast instead? The polar opposite of what has been said to us for decades. These people have no clue.


Dr oz said he was wiped out after f45 while fasting if he consumed electrolytes

Sebastian Ibanez

Hes rich no wonder he’s ripped...

Shondra Britton

Love this! Thank you ??

Melinda Khristine

I have to eat something light before a workout or I either get sluggish or lightheaded. Mark is built amazingly beautiful regardless that he has a cool gym at home or elsewhere. I'm not rich but I still can have a great workout with weights, resistance hands and lots of videos on YouTube.

No excuses. If you can't afford weights, get cans or bottles for dumbbells, dance, walk, run and swim. Stop feeding your mouth with junkfood, fast foods and fatty foods. You could really do it IF you WANT to. It's all on you!


1978 32

The RICH have very different lives. I work 2 different jobs and deep in debt. And not getting a raise anytime soon.

Eric Brown

This is awesome I would love to train with him

FrostBite Pokin

He definitely wearin a Nike shirt at 4pm

Andrew Cox

Im trying to make a home gym. I have dumb bells. Stretch bands. I do some push ups. Walk im try to lose weight. I have 2 meals a day. Breakfast a shake for lunch dinner.

Jose Mama

That's overkill. Ted Naiman is shredded and he only works out 15 minutes a day. Also he does intermittent fasting, only eats twice a day in an 8 hour window.

Bruce Wayne

It was nice to see Mark Wahlberg b** out

Tara Welch

not attractive

Dustin Surprises

Most of us don’t know what’s like to go through the process to be an actor so some of those people try to make it sound not as important ?. Mark has earned his money with hard work.

You don’t like Actors to begin with DONT WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Mark Wahlberg - Most Athletic Actor | Mark Wahlberg Body Transformation

Mark Wahlberg - Most Athletic Actor | Mark Wahlberg Body Transformation3 Jul. 2020
Silver FitnessSubscribe 438 721

The “Instant Family”

The “Instant Family” actor was once known as Marky Mark and appeared in a famous 1992 campaign for Calvin Klein. He was ripped and young. Now, he's shredded and 48, crediting a 45-day training challenge with no wine for his six-pack abs and bulging muscles in a photo he shared on Instagram.

How many times a day does Mark Wahlberg workout? According to recent Instagram chats and interviews, Wahlberg often works out twice a day and eats approximately 6-7 meals a day.

"It was a lot of work. A lot of getting up at 2 in the morning to eat another meal and I was still full from the meal at 10 o'clock." The hard work paid off though, as according to Muscle & Strength, Wahlberg now benches 335 pounds

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Mark Wahlberg’s F45 Challenge with PI

Mark Wahlberg’s F45 Challenge with PI5 Nov. 2019
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Mark knows that it’s not

Mark knows that it’s not just a gym! It’s PI products and a healthy lifestyle.

Comments (2)
Shar Frederick

Can i possibly meet the legend someday?? Love ya!! Just getting going on your products!! Love them Mark!!