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This Is What Barack Obama Really Eats

This Is What Barack Obama Really Eats22 Apr. 2018
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He may have been one of the most fit people to ever hold the office of President of the United States. But just how does Barack Obama keep his trim physique? Sure, he stays active playing a lot of pickup basketball, but much of it comes down to his diet. Want to stay as fit as the 44th President of the United States? Then take a look at what former President Barack Obama really eats…

Coffee is out of the question | 0:20

Breakfast is a big deal | 0:44

Everything's healthy — mostly | 1:16

Chili is his number one recipe | 1:52

He won't say no to a burger | 2:21

Sweet tooth | 3:09

He brews his own beer | 3:26

Favorites and least favorites | 4:09

Read more here → http://www.mashed.com/114046/barack-obama-really-eats/

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we do not caree

Ann Tyler

Who cares about Obama ate are y’all that desperate for something to talk about


“Orange juice “ healthier fare , than coffee ??‍♂️ahhhh no , try again .

Samar Misra

How amazing to Fran's Bigelow and Ray's burger. Will see if they have anything vegan there hehehe.

Subhalaxmi Rout

I bet one of the 1300 people who disliked the vid , one I trump

Shirley Hill

Who cares??

Casql Casou

I might have to try that chili recipe

Jeannie Russo

Looks like Obama has a very good diet.. that's really good I'm just curious what he thinks of all these people that impersonate him ?? . Aladdin person aters I've seen could pass for his younger brother


I miss him so much..

Jonathan Tedesco

Hey Mr, President Obama, please go and help Mr, Biden our President OUT!!! and God bless You, Sir!!!. Mr, Biden needs Your Help!!!

Yudo Bawono



did they close down bc of this?

Verenase Blessed

Dang Obama didn't know or risked to eat at a place named with the word 'hell', at such a place the owner might be empathetic but had abusive manipulative parents, but still I thought for such an important position for any progress of the nation people near presidents would advise to choose the most positive names and places and that is not including places with 'angel's either but more specific. Honest Tea, or products with the word 'wisdom' or 'miracle' in them, never Starbucks because of the siren logo... Or perhaps many people don't change and become less sociopathic and I shouldn't help strangers.

Johnjason Gray

Barrack obama eats children... he say yes my preciouss...


Desperate Qdiot: Is it babies?

John Smith

Who cares

jesse paul

nobody cares

Claudia Hammond




Michael Williams

Trash diet, isn’t healthy at all

Vicki Hatley

I I figured Trump just belied up to the trough

Mariam Marcela

He forgot his smoking problem lol

David Cavale

I assumed food before clicking this video.

I wasn't wrong.


Seems much better than Trump

Alenor kaye Olpenda

so you eat like the Rock and we both drink beer like Stone Cold

Rosi Nelson


Johnjason Gray

Barrack obama eats children... he says yesss my preciouss


imagine cancelling a person for putting MUSTARD, MUSTARD on a BURGER

Carol Cornell

Obama eats burgers and fries too...just a thin guy

K.Ranjith Kumar

Next video what trump poops

Bernard Brooks

And no wonder for Satan himself (Obama( masquerades as an angel of light

Ray D.

Obama and his wife Mikey can go eat a steaming pile of shit.
Worst President ever!!

Ben Elkinne

besides brewing beer in the white house, he also made whitehouse meth. the weed didn' t work out , too much pilfering before the plant matured.

Chelsea Ortiz

Horrible ?


He eats food, duh.


The souls of children!

spy eyes

no bacon ? why ?

Johnjason Gray

Barrack obama eats children... he says yes my preciousss...

Perry K

Orange juice is like soda. It is not healthy.

I love playing roblox adopt me

0:51 it's a good breakfast if you ask me

Infinite Fretboard

Wow, finally evidence that Obama isn’t American. He doesn’t even drink coffee. What a madman! No wonder he’s so thin.

Drew Hendley

Devil’s food cake ?

Johnjason Gray

Barrack obama eats children... he says yes my preciouss...


He eats shit. ?


Miss Obama!! We want him be our president again!!



Carol Cornell

I like mustard , so what ? Grey poupon is good


If you think that orange juice in the morning is healthy, then you need to visit a doctor.

suzanne eggert

Fit??? He smokes you liars.

Johnjason Gray

Barrack obama eats children... yess my precious?

Mortgage Financing

You forgot to mention Nicotine gum

See Bun Lim

Wow... that is some seriously healthy eating habits! ? no wonder he looks so good


I sure miss him.

Richard Dismore

His favorite food is Mike's "Meat Whistle" or his "Skin Flute".

Chuck taylor

If trump was on this impeach impeach he should be in office not out doing this impeach him

Arhan Bhattacharjee

Why Asparagus Instead Of Fast Food?

v. st. lord

I wonder ???
Did Barack Obama share the 'services' of his sugar daddy George Soros with other world leaders supplying money, rigging their elections in their favour ???
I wonder who and how many of foreign leaders took advantage, if any...???

Original New yorker

Oh yes he was growing gardens making chili and beer and the country had no jobs for 8 years high taxes and four dollar gas. Worst pres in history

Monique T

I don’t like him I don’t wanna hear about him doing this to him anymore he’s a liar and a deceiver and dishonest and a thief to

Minh-Ha Nguyen

I recommend for him to pee on his veggies before eating them, therefore they can have healthy salts in them

Niang T

I misread it as "This Is Why Barack Obama Really Exists" and now I can't get that out of my head.


Which other former President's diets would you like to learn about?


Michael Obama never forget.

Yudo Bawono


Vicki Hatley

4-2-6 eggs he must not worry about heat trouble


I had no idea he home brewed beer at the White House!


Better then trump.

John Rossi

$65,000 worth of "hot dogs" flown in from Chicago

Samar Misra

I admire how Obama lost weight and got more fit after his presidency.

deepali b

So nice to know

Aiden Journey

Anyone who says OJ is healthier then coffee is a liar

lee batt

Doesn’t McDonalds serve their cheeseburgers with mustard? You cant tell me Hannitys fat ass hasn’t eaten a truck load of McD’s.

Infinite Fretboard

One second you show Michelle promoting a breakfast of oats and fruits - all sugar. The next second, you claim that Obama avoids sugars.


Contrast Obama’s eating habits with that of the marmalade Mussolini who just, thankfully, left the White House. Also, Sean Hannity is an asshole.

tiwa Charles

I feel healthy by look this wise man

Andy Stack

Lol if u pause at 4:22 they list Nicolette as one thing he likes to eat

happy Gabby!!!

As a teenager I loved orange juice for breakfast and hated coffee. Now as an adult I'm a coffee addict, in the mornings only.

Curran Frank

Orange juice isn't healthier than coffee XD. Water and Green tea sure, but not juice

Rennette Charette

G how do you elevate chitlins and ham hocks? Oh that's right Muslims don't eat pork


I'm Irish, I only in the US as a child & I love Obama, how could you not?. There the best, since JFK.

linda wilkerson

Who cares

Teresa Davis

I don't care what he eats but I know what he's full of

Mohammed Asad Zuberi

I doubt any of this true. He probably eats healthy because of his position and wife. How did he eat in college or his teenage years. In politics and in entertainment you generally have to look well groomed thin to decent. That's why the have meal plan experts. Look at what he likes. Which is chilli fries and burgers and beer. However he has an image to maintain. So...

Jungle Mania

Didnt really like Obama as a president but he seems like a real wholesome guy

Adam Zaidi

Michelle's BBC.

Johnjason Gray

Barrack obama eats children...

Jay Fitmob

Thank you for posting this


I swear, when grover said airforce one, I suddenly thought about the UK

Eric Black

Hey Obama, you should defecate and then have that for dinner. I bet you would like that.


We learned from Democrat National Committee emails that Barack Obama "flew in $65,000 worth of hot dogs" for a private White House party. The FBI's Child Trafficking Division's website will tell you what the code word "hot dog" means in the secret world of pedophiles. Look it up.

Connie Bauer

Jimmy Carter eats peanuts.

Owen Brady

What's unhealthy about coffee? Just have it black.

Brian Timmons

He eats shit

Austin Funko Geek

I dont like Obama politically. But, in real life he doesn't seem that bad of a guy.

Eddie Barriga

Why does he like chili so much?

Constance Cashmorris

No balls


I hope that garden is still there after trump took over

satish sharma

And also grows his own weed the bama kush


He eats big Mikes sausage.

Gerge Himon

He's missed so much called him the champ of champs , if my dad said he liked him for being a great family man , if put his portrait in office or home most other presidents , not saying .

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Renato Zarate

Way to expensive..... no way is it worth all that money for a weekly mean.... with that amount of money spent on you guys I can feed a family of three for that week..