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1485: Ten Life Lessons from Lifting Weights

1485: Ten Life Lessons from Lifting Weights8 Feb. 2021
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* Why it takes a lot of

* Why it takes a lot of consistency applying discipline towards a goal to see its benefits bleed into other aspects of your life. (1:22)

* What makes fitness so powerful? (4:27)

* The Ten Life Lessons from Lifting Weights.

* #1 – Change your relationship to pain and struggle. (10:44)

* #2 – Embrace failure as part of the process. (14:20)

* #3 – Learn to care for yourself like someone you care about. (18:10)

* #4 – Learn to focus on what you can change and ignore what you can’t. (21:47)

* #5 – Perfect doesn’t exist. (25:11)

* #6 – Be humble. (29:55)

* #7 – Consistency is the key to success. (34:00)

* #8 – The journey is far more important than the goal. (39:00)

* #9 – Healthy self-criticism. (43:36)

* #10 – Balance. (45:33)

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Kishan Balli

hoping the T shirt comes to the UK! Thanks for all the advice brothers

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Love listening to all your guys advice!!

Ambar Ponti

I was just curious. I did not want to get bulky. Without knowing about my body type. I had no idea about weight training.

Bruce Blackwood

Great stuff. I didn't start lifting until 30 years old. Now I'm next door to 40 and I'm so glad I did.

The Dagda

Looking forward to those extra 10 inches ?️?

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Dont Worry

idk if i am apart of the 30 but i would love a shirt #


I'm so glad I found this channel! Love you guys!

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Love the show. Fitness is much more than what you see in the mirror.

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Happy Birthday!

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Dang! This was your best episode yet guys I think. Beyond epic!

Riley West

I have a question for y'all, I'm just recovering from a wrist injury and got tendonitis and was wondering if there is any exercises to help my wrist recover and get it back to full strength


Great episode

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Love the maps anabolic program!

Kenneth Young


Godavelii 333


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Love mindpump!!!! Free shirt, wahooo!!!!! First started lifting CONSISTENTLY and SMARTLY, 4 years ago. Konnichiwa from Japan all!


The goat of podcasts and health/fitness information!

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I've listen to this podcast for years! We call it the OG"s... but watching brings a whole new level of satisfaction. Found my new addiction. Love these guys!

Will Bugden

Top 30? Need the biceps

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A lot of Jordan Peterson ideas here. Love it. “Life is struggle.” “Treat yourself like someone you care about.”

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Great episode

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Great episode gents. Really resonated with this.

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You're going to need to put your dog on the show next time. Thanks!

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Love this show!! My new favorite podcast. You guys have helped me keep on the path.

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Very challenging training kids... But you’re right love to see their confidence grow

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Mind Pump crush here! ❤


Just came across your podcast. Loving the content. Thanks dudes.

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Gasp! Jaime had me lost my butt!! With black magic!

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I really enjoyed this post cast because I definitely related to many of the topics. Really learned a lot from this. Thank you!

Danny McLaughlin

You guys are amazing! I’ve been stagnant for too long and you guys are responsible for getting me back into it. Plus you all are so cerebral about everything, it’s great.

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Love the podcast ? keep up the good work.

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Great episode guys!! I so much relate with this

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In for biceps. I started lifting at 40.

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Started bodyweight training at 23, gym at 24.

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i love you??

1486: How to Adjust Diet In Weight Loss Plateau, Build Mass with Limited Access to Weights, & More

1486: How to Adjust Diet In Weight Loss Plateau, Build Mass with Limited Access to Weights, & More10 Feb. 2021
4 106

* The anabolic

* The anabolic muscle-building effects of cholesterol. (7:21)

* How parents enjoy embarrassing their children. (11:20)

* How the guy’s associate themselves now as fathers. (16:50)

* The lessons learned from lifting weights. (23:32)

* HubSpot acquires The Hustle. (30:22)

* The fascinating story of craniopagus twins. (34:15)

* Interesting partnerships you wouldn’t expect. (36:38)

* #Quah question #1 - What’s in Sal’s bag? (42:59)

* #Quah question #2 – Can I build mass with only 50-pound dumbbells? (51:17)

* #Quah question #3 – How should someone adjust their macros and caloric intake as they hit plateaus for weight loss? How do you know when it’s time to make an adjustment before hitting a plateau? (56:11)

* #Quah question #4 – You often talk a lot about people not having enough mobility, but what if you have the opposite problem and your joints are actually hypermobile? How do you correct this issue? (1:00:12)

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Angelo Laguna

Anybody know how I can possibly get my question in one of their podcast episodes? Thanks in advance!


when I look in the camera, I am the fattest Sal. ugh

Peter On Pole

Great vid as always!

Erek Downes

Can i have a t shirt all mine are dirty

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Sal, in ancient times, fat men were revered for their wealth and status, and blessed by monks and Himalayan Yaks.

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If I get a free tshirt ill model it for you guys

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This is hands down the best YouTube podcast knowledgeable group. I am a little salty I’ve been listening to mine pump since it was only on the podcast app and I’ve never won a free T-shirt but I still support

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Please talk about your best water sources to drink from. Thank you for learning and doing interesting things to teach us.


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It always blows my mind when you guys start talking about stuff you did a couple years ago and I'm like "Wtf have I really been listening THAT long??"

KYyva m rich

Get mobdro on ur smart tv

The Iron Force

These time stamps are off.

Can't believe we finally see Sal's bag. .? Fkks sake, that's an excessive amount of random supps to haul around everywhere ??‍♂️??

RaynenginSanDiego 333

Guys, I asked Thomas Delauer about this and he responded but hasn’t done a video I don’t believe, but I would love to see someone with modern day knowledge address mucoid
Plaque in the intestinal track and how it impacts nutrient uptake... Many if not
Most people don’t realize that the mucoid plaque build up prevents a large majority of the nutrient rich foods we eat from even being accessed from the Body and what can be done to get rid of this plaque build up and start reaping the full benefits of the quality foods we shell out for.... And I think the guy in the red looks thickest/softest.... And I was always told Bananas are the only food you could eat solely and survive on??‍♂️.... Big props if you can tackle the mucoid plaque!

Andrew Fine


Micheal Tzitz

How did I just discover you guys yesterday!? Your past episodes have helped explain things and methods soooo clearly. Definitely recommending you to my fellow workout partners.

Dan Robinson

I think the natural antimicrobial purple bottle is Heather's Tummy Tamers Peppermint Oil Capsules. it fits Justin's description of "embarrassing name" lol Sal can you confirm?

christine martin

Take your shirt off if your asking who is the fattest;)))))

Sabrina Fallone

I’m comment 53 but I really like Himalayan shirts and shipping them over to Canada is pretty pricy, so I imagine we would enjoy something like that over here. It’s very cold. I’m sure you’ve heard.

Hayden Knapps

Adam needs to put down that monk fruit water flavored with coffee .. but on a serious note, y’all have became my go-to resource when it comes to learning exercises & all the tips to be that much more effective. From the Jamal Liggin episode, to “30 days of Free coaching”, to not missing an episode and listening to some multiple times.

Ambar Ponti

You three are the coolest/handsomest, of all the unknown mind-pump, podcast, cast. Sal, Adam, and Doug. ?. I think that compliment deserves a shirt.

Josh Roeglin

LoL Adam starts the banter by fat shaming Sal, love it haha No Comment Comment

johnny De Paz

Sal, what’s the name of the purple bottle for IBS ? I use Ibgard and would like to give your mighty sups a try. Thank you

Dee Official16

I listen to your podcast when I work out. Keeps me motivated and focused! I was 210 lbs and now I’m 194 lbs. You guys really helped me enjoy the lifestyle and I can see myself doing this long term. Thank you so mush much for everything y’all do.

Fluffy Herrera

Justin's looking like the biggest and handsome dude this Episode!

Kc Cherian

Mind pump is amazing ! I love the show


My mind is blown by your knowledge and your tshirts

Morgan Bosstick

They always joke and tease that Justin is the handsome/hot one and Sal is the fat one...pshh, I watch the video podcasts just to see Sal!
Lol, love all you guys! Glad I found your podcast and your MAPS programs!!

Matthew Bonnar

pyramid training, 40 lbs 10 reps.... 50 lbs 10 reps ,...60 lbs 10 reps and repeat 3 times

Christian Tovar-Vargas

Does anyone know what the purple bottle is? Lol the mystery continues

KYyva m rich

Domino's Brooklyn style pizza is where it's at for real tho..

Infamous Flight

I literally just adjusted my calorie intake and macros today. And this video pops up

coincidence ? algorithm


Couple years from now, Mind Pump will reach JRE status and be offered some cash to move to Spotify

Phyllis almaraz

I’m in the Coast Guard and I literally download your YouTube videos online so that I am able to watch you all without service while out at sea!!! Thank you guys for all the knowledge you guys share! ???

Kevin Keillor

Adams arm at 5:28 ??‍♂️??


5 619
Hello Good GameSubscribe 438 721

Permanent exile for 3...

Permanent exile for 3... yea okay WotC... nice one! building around Fall of the imposters we assemble a formidable Selesnya +1/+1 counter deck able to beat even the best decks!

https://linktr.ee/HelloGoodGame | https://link.overwolf.com/hellogoodgame | #hellogoodgame

00:00 Deck Tech

15:30 Gameplay

00:54:32 Outro

Deck Rating 1-5





Overall: 3.25

Deck Rank Viability 1-5

Bronze: 5

Silver: 5

Gold: 5

Platinum: 5

Diamond: 4

Mythic %: 3

Mythic #: 2



4 Conclave Mentor (M21) 216

6 Plains (SLD) 101

8 Forest (SLD) 108

4 Fall of the Impostor (KHM) 208

4 Branchloft Pathway (ZNR) 258

4 Oran-Rief Ooze (ZNR) 198

4 Swarm Shambler (ZNR) 207

4 Luminarch Aspirant (ZNR) 24

2 Scavenging Ooze (M21) 204

4 Inscription of Abundance (ZNR) 186

2 Gemrazer (IKO) 155

2 Basri's Lieutenant (M21) 9

4 Snakeskin Veil (KHM) 194

2 Turntimber Symbiosis (ZNR) 215

2 Emeria's Call (ZNR) 12

4 Fabled Passage (M21) 246

Comments (17)
Jordan Guimont


Time to Checkmate

I play something very similar to your deck. In my opinion a really good card, that is missing, is the Wildwood Scourge. Just drop it as a 1/1 for 2 Mana and see it grow whenever you gain a counter. I would also consider to cut out the Anguirus and add Stonecoil Serpant as they are very flexible. Other cards you could consider are: The First Iron Games and The Great Henge. Last but not least I like Vastwood Fortification, it's not the greatest card in the world, but its either a mana or a 1/1 counter, so it doe's good in our deck.


Im currently playing a selesnya counter deck which has no kaldheim cards in it yer, i think snakeskin is a good addition but im really not sure about fall of the impostor. Im posting this at the start of the video maybe i ll edit my comment but i think apparition is better in a very aggro deck ^^


me mum approves


The decktech starts at 4:15


It's funny that I got a 3 and a half minute ad about some work from home 5 hours a week a make 100k a year bs, and when I got back to video hello gg says, "is it just me or did that guy ramble on and on..." ?


The MTG Assistant for Mac OS any idea if will come out? Only windows :(

Keir Halewood

Everyone and his dog is running blizzard brawl and going snowy. Can you have a plus one deck without stonecoil? It's such a versatile card if you run it ram through is essential. Love Basris lieutenant but only if I run solidarity so 2 seems fine. I'm not a fan of the shambler in a plus one too slow. Great if you run live struck beast but not in a plus one deck. Stonecoil better in that slot.


I've been playing Abzan counters, Grakmaw, Vorinclex, Polukranos and Nissa make it more resilient to board wipes and removal.


My mom doesn't play magic though. ?

Robert Viscomi

This is super cool. Vorniclex or an Abzan variant by any chance? The wolf and hydra are pretty nuts with counters. And polukranos


Holy Crap Mom, Thanks for bringing me this great video!!!!!!!!

Hello Good Game

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"todays video is brought to you by your mom" lolol wasn't ready for that one

Shen hue

How about Vorinclex? :P

Moritz Reichart

Whoop whoop

Tyrel Blaxis

Fall of the impostor is definitely not a playable competitive card, it's too slow against tier 1 deck. That just such a weak turn 3.