Is running everyday bad

pros and cons of running every day | run streak day 1083

pros and cons of running every day | run streak day 10832 May. 2020
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running every day DAY

running every day DAY 1083

what's up guys! thank you to my boy Jason for recommending a video on the pros and cons of running every day with no days off. It was actually a little tough for me to come up with any downsides to this but here are the things I like most about running every day and the things I like least about running every day. Let me know your most and least favorite part about running every day! #trainhellahgood

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Comments (100)
Juan aviles

I got tired just watching him run and talk at the same time ?

Александр Леденцов

you are very cool . I from Russia and try to be equal to you and I want to look also outletically. The first results appeared.

Pashi Ocean

WHAT DO YOU USE TO RECORD, is it your phone?

Jeremy Smith

Surprise is one of my favorites as well. Great video!


Bood mooster is a big ting for me as well haha


Have you ever considered running an Ultra Marathon? 100 miles straight in competition.

Andro Fuentes

you should bring a small towel in your pocket so you don't get sweat in your eyes

bak 138

I feel so much better days I run vs days I don't run. Mentally, physically, cognitively

Niki Football

you are the best and very exemplary

the nugents

Talk about your injury history

George Lithoxopoulos

my favorite pro of running is it releases endorphins and hormones with allow me to maintain 1400 calories a day

Mark Jefferson

The course I run on is 1 kilometer. 11.26 kilometers is 7 miles. I run 11k in 50:28 and my pace by that time is 5 per kilometer, so 11.25 K would be +1:15, so 51:43. Great job on your running always try to improve. I am trying to beat the guy who runs 9.25K in 38:44. My best time for that distance is 41:59. I Started running 5-23-20 and now I run everyday, even if it's just 1 mile. I feel great afterward.

Jose Concha

You moost my bood brooo!?‍♂️☀️


How do you keep your camara from shaking?


My mood was boosted after this video haha

Some guy you just met Byyyan


nikos spi

this man has positive energy
you just gained a sub brother

amer nadem

But in Yemen we don't even have the food that can fid you to run I wish if I was in your country I'm 21 years old I run when I got leisure time but the work take me out and gain some money to pay my college taxes

toks :3

Русские есть? Ребят поставьте лайк как будто я что то умное написал )

Gurdhian Sandhu


Muhammad Faris Amirin

What your favourite shoes bro for running everyday and prevent injury?

Kaylita Bebesita


Christopher Barber

I like this dude. Dude, I like ya.

running thamiza

It's day 189 for me thank you hellah good will reach 365 soon ❤️ but I'm running 7 km daily ?

Draw BrightArt

Hello. I’m also a runner and I take fish oil and as for protein, I prepare home made shake. Ingredients are blue berry oats, egg, banana and milk. And I’d like to know if you also take fish oil as a supplement to boost recovery and heart function.

Paul Cardoos

How do you avoid shin splints??

Bobby Green

Hi Hellah, thanks for sharing, definitely a good insight i can relate too (started my year of running on 1st Dec). Quick one: any tips on how you deal with blisters? Cheers from Australia!

Adi Adichie

Con: being chased down and shot because you're assumed to be a burglar when you're literally just running while black.

Matthew Su

How much do u run on average

BrightLights Famous

He'll bring your food faster then doordash...

Tara 2daG

Hello I see your video in my YouTube suggestions. My Sweetheart (my girlfriend) is starting to get into running. I will show her this video. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. :)

Valentine Korzh

I run since March 2016 almost daily. Just saw endomondo challenge You VS The Year where you have to complete 1000 km in a year and trying to keep it since then. Maybe in 2018 I did around 941 km, because off misusing the website and considering runs, walks and cyclings as only runs. Feeling good, the only thing negative is to have a runner’s knee with time, but so far it’s good. And of course if you are in a climate of extreme heat ? where I am right now running is not so enjoyable. On the other hand you plan more, you achieve more especially such milestones as 1000 km in a year and you feel better. I tried 10 km officially in my hometown back in 2018 and the result was 43:53. It was amazing.

Jorge Azevedo

Hey hellah and fellow runners, just started running last week, my first 5k was 26:00 minutes, then the second was ardound 24, in my third i pushed real hard and got 18:50, gotta keep going. I'm 22 by the way hope i can improve and one day reach the sub 15 5k training to win my first 10k in 25th of april 2021.Your content is really good i appreaciate it keep going you inspire a lot of people :D

Javier Andres Lozada Barbery

Check out my transformation! ?

Rnav Plays

I've been running 3km 6 days a week since 8-9 months and its the best thing you could do if you want to lose fat instantly.

Juliana Pereira

I'll start tomorow in this shit, lets GO


I’m on day 437 of my streak and I’ve got to say - if you’re a lazy runner, streaking really helps? I’ve improved all my PR times because streaking has made me so much more consistent in mileage!


Check out dr sebi diet

Matthew Dugan

Suggestion for the laundry: Put your sweaty clothes in the shower with you and ring out all the sweat and water, then hang the clothes to dry before putting them in the hamper


Bro, you're seriously making me loose my breathe just listening to you. ? ? ?

Michael Natal

When I would run I would love to pas the other people idk y I just felt like I needed to be in front

Natasha Sharapova

Very cool video!

Nathalie Kikunaga

When you get to 1169, you'll have ran the same amount of days as Forrest Gump did ヽ(°〇°)ノ

Sérgio Pontes

Thanks for the inspiration! I run for 10 years now (but no everyday). I'll give it a try and see how it goes for me

Mallory Myers

Nice editing and concept on this one.

Amigo Wettung

Unfortunately I see that running has a negative effect on weight lifting. It releases cortisol. On overall health running is great and not only keeps you in shape as youtuber Bare illustrates. But if you want to be able to lift heavy dumbbells it slows down process. Been lifting 2.5 years and doing few reps with 40kgs if I did zero running bet I could lift more. I bet this bro cant lift heavy

Darryl Calder

One of my dads friends ran 5k every day for decades. It ticks all the wrong boxes for me: no change, no development, no rest. I guess he just kind of liked to tick the box that he 'got it done' every day. Maybe it felt good for him. I just finished my first speed workout yesterday and I sure as hades am not running today!

Keyboard Warrior

Cons of running everyday:
Speaking like a Dalek 24/7

Rene Hernandez

Do you eat before running? id love to know your daily meal plan.


For anyone needing a good stretch out afterwards! I made this yoga for runners video! https://youtu.be/Y13aVHZbA8M

Ruth Veronica

What camera u use


Grrat stuff my man. I been doing this same thing here in yokosuka japan. Having many of the same experiences (pros and cons).


His hard work gives me energy.
I like him.


My man, may i recommend a slower pace if you need to talk a lot into the camera :D


Russia ?? смотрит ????‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Uno BJ

Got to love this guy!

self portrait

Me: I'm gonna run every day!!!!
Shin plints: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah

Cool Breeze 432

Ive been working out every day for at least an hour partly because of your videos. Day 122 today , Thank you ??

baked beans

Watching HellahGood videos is great bood mooster.

honestly facts

favorite thing: healthy ?
least favorite thing: running

Kalvis Kalniņš

I was running 3 days a week. Now I am on a 7day streak.

Spencer Kilpatrick

Truly are my inspiration bro. I haven’t ran everyday for 3 years consistently, but, last year I ran every day for a total of 3 months & this year I’ve ran everyday so far. Minimum of 5km a day maximum of 10 miles a day.

Enoc Paz

Bood mooster!


If u want somewhere to run then just drive out maybe 30 minutes, do an out and back and then go back. Of course make sure the place is safe and the landscape is good to run in


Ive ran everyday this year so far! Ive gotten my 5k down to 18:07 and I am trying by the end of this quarantine to get it down to 16 mins if possible! Im a footballer and the thing I most love about running is that it improves my stamina dramatically and Im able to last a full 90 mins on the pitch! Cheers Hellah!

Pritish Mahanta

Atleast stop while making the video we can't understand a shit while you are panting

Nahnah Omar

Sprinting is the key for big muscles

just a question

I run every day and I have a great tip for londery: go into the shower or bath tub with your clothes on just some shampoo and a good squeeze and enjoy your bath, my wife actually appreciates the since she is the one does londery

Martha G

I am on day 6 today, so far I did 27 miles in 5 days. I took 2 months off and I am back on it. The most I ran is 14 miles in one session. You said exactly how I feel about running surprise, acomplished, happy it just feels great!!

Lokesh Barri

"Bood mooster"


One con: People just look at you as if you are jobless when running

John Doe

I've been running everyday since yesterday

Beautiful leaves

Cons losing weight and I messed up my ankle. I'm not looking to lose weight I'm already small as it is and I worked hard to maintain the weight I have but it's hard eating so much. I could preferably eat one meal a day but I can't do that running in 90 degree heat every day or like I learned the hard way...I'll pass out.

Gabriel Bermúdez

Where I live in Costa Rica it is not very easy to go running everywhere here in the city, first the terrain is very steep and I always go up or down, and also not all streets and sidewalks are appropriate, which does not give me all the freedom to run at the pace I want because I always have to be careful with the cars , so I envy those wide streets haha

Adi Adichie

Please stay safe out there, man! ??

Devaughny Slowly

If i do jogging 30 minutes for 6 days weekly and 250 jumping jacks how long before I lose weight?

Itz Wilza

I run everyday except Sundays

Ryan Lloyd

Love ya man!

Sarchinthong Teron

Good job friend

Zack MB

a bood mooster ???

Mr. J

Great positivity man Just started running as well already 66 miles in April and May getting back at it!

Ferry Gunadi

If you run everyday, buy the cheapest (but still runworthy) pair of running shoes possible. You literally use it to destroy it. Don’t use your favorite pair LOL.


this shin pain is killing
How u deal with it


Running everyday is the best way to stay extremely lean!!

oh snap itz joy

my favorite thing about running everyday is that when i enter the run i may be in the worst mood . but after i always feel better after i talk to myself and see how strong i am !


Look at Joel Embiid gettin his reps in


how can you not like this guy lol he was smiling during the whole video while running. He looked genuinely happy about running and even talking about running. I started running a couple of days ago on treadmill, but this makes me wanna run outside.

Antonio Martic

I think , the biggest thing kept him going is youtube channel and he can share everything with us and we push him.
Telling that I think its healthy but when you are rly young , but when you get older like in mid 40s and older you can only pray to God your bones are not used from all that running etc..
Guy just keep going and you gonna smash every goal of yours ?

Steve Toujo

what is ur P.R in :
1000 m
1500 m
5000 m
10 000m ?

Harrison Jones

What a brilliant video!


Are u from Mali bro?


Cons; bye bye gains

Jahmari Boyd

How do you avoid knee pain

Addict Food

Biggest con of running: your knees will give out when you are 40

Lucian Leesonja

Damn we can see the first pro, those calves holy moly

Onyx 2K

How is it possible to run 7 miles everyday with no days off and not wear down your legs. I’m on day 3 and I can barley walk up the stairs lol.

For recovery I stretch and take 15 minutes freezing ice cold baths.

Jason Platt

Bood Mooster! Ha! I'm gonna totally steal that.

Aman Kumar Singh

looks like most people here are those who want to motivate themselves for running like myself lol


I needed the motivation today. Today is supposed to be day 140 but it is cold and I don't want go outside

Stephanie Flores

Absolutely love your energy and enthusiasm!!! I enjoy running because it boosts my mood too and the fresh air feels amazing. Your video makes me want to run every morning now haha ?

why I run everyday | running everyday for a year | train vegan

why I run everyday | running everyday for a year | train vegan26 Oct. 2017
632 301
HellahGoodSubscribe 438 721

Hangout with me!

Hangout with me! https://hang-with-hellah.appspot.com/

163 days down, 202 to go. The goal is to run everyday for a year - 10 minutes minimum. Check back to find out how I tough it through the cold seasons in NJ. Go run, go train, train vegan!

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Comments (100)
Satender singh

I am telling u all the superpowers u can achieve if u run daily and do exercise daily

Keith Bell

I'm doin this!

Kyky Fit

Just watched it bro! Congrats ?

John Worthy

Bro how do you recover?

Mathieu Navolio

You can do it!!

Yishaii Dreamer

I learned to run faster everyday when i found out my psycho-ex gf have been following me.

UnDeR tHe StArS oVeR ThE mOoN

I love running. I used to run so much as a teen. Now I’m 26 and work two night jobs. I’m depressed and not happy with my life but I don’t know how to change it. I do have a half marathon coming up in April and I’m gonna be training for it in a couple weeks. I can do it. I’m not that out of shape right now so it should be “easy” to get back in real shape and shed a few pounds.
I need to get rid of my two jobs now and find a full time day job.
Running is a huge stress reliever for me. I’m going to get back into it(obviously I need to for the marathon.)

no name

Is that muscle just from running?

its debbie

Wow looking good keep it up

pratap loher

Hi hellha

Daniel Byerly

What’s your average miles per day?

Kevin Hickey

Day 4

Silje Kristin Lunde

Wen you run often do you getting abs?

Илья Рулев

Russian people. translate you ты крутой

Lauren El

Always so humbling to watch you Hella. I am watching this in 2020 and this is motivation. I am just starting out with being consistent with running. I am going to watch your vids whenever I need tips!


Can someone explain how to run everyday with injuries?

Esmée Rodrigo

I do this to!! for 2 years straight now. I feel amazing! Thank you for this video

Ash Khan

How many minutes you run

Krishna Kumawat

Like from India

teodor smilevski

thats so motivational video man thanks!
also i need advice should i run in the morning before eating or..?(i dont want to lose muscle) :D


I dont know . Isnt that 2 much for the body to handle?

Karen L Howard

You are inspiring and have a great energy! If your shirt is on we can all stay focused :-).

Sowmya C B

You are my motivation!! For this new year!!

Major 77

Where do you live?

John Worthy

Going to start running tomorrow! God be with me!


I wish i could travel back in time and tell him that he already ran for ~850 days ?


Man i hope we have the same mindset, i enjoy your vid bro. i learned a lot

Challenge yourself

Nice video! Amazing "P.R". Keep running!!

Uyên Lê

Thanks bro

Rahul shinde 143 Rahul

Hala bro you're my hero

Hendriksen Hucker Health & Fitness

I’ve been running daily in the morning thanks to you! I enjoy it clocking in about 5-6 miles a day. I’m gonna slowly increase mileage weekly by one mile. That way I avoid the over training injuries


I m also running
But unfortunately due to coronavirus crisis... I slowed down to 1k
Which takes me around 4 - 5 minutes
Are all your runs more than duration of 10 mins
Is minimum 5 minutes valid??
Pls tell me im at day 121

Chris Pelaccia

That’s sick bro !!

Aschab Aschab Magomadow

You best

Christian Evangelio

I watch this video everytime I get demotivated. Thank you so much for making this..

Jonathan V

I have a question. If you run every day, can you not have a knee injury from excess exercise?

Jonathan Mechau

2019 anyone?

Fahad Ali

Oh man thats great, i am start running too ...?

Kudzi Nyakudzi


alexis anatalio

lmaooo "is this skinny, niggaa" did i hear that right?!?!


How does the joint hold up in the eventual future? It’s highly possible that runners knee will happen. I am interested in running frequent and I admire your commitment to run daily I simply cannot do it haha. Bed is too comfortable and games are all just to alluring. And especially Girlfriend is too much a distraction even at the gym...

Liam Garner

Did you work out in the gym when you made this video or do you just run? You are in amazing shape bro


Can we increase height by continue running

Ash Khan

Jogging or running and why


I saw that video with the lady in the snow! :)

Control your Future

https://hvmn.com/podcast/episode-129-ft-zach-bitter Could you beat this guy on sugar? I mean with carbs?

Health Is Wealth !

nice information

Ali 19

Buy a Treadmill for winter

UnDeR tHe StArS oVeR ThE mOoN

You have a great body wow.

Ur Mum

Hard to believe ur 158-159 unless ur taller than u look

Aschab Aschab Magomadow


Craig Tweddell

So many amazing plant powered athletes out there doing amazing work! Can’t wait to dig into your channel!

Love Björnson

Hey man! I’ve seen your video on how your body transformed from big and bulky to (now) lean and very quick and fast. I also want to make that transformation because I’m quite big and fast but I want to get smaller and leaner to have that blistering pace and great agility.
Can you help me? How should I do?

Astrid Oprea

I thank you for this! You have inspired me.I started running 2 weeks ago and already impr

Aman Singh

Anyone can run everyday.
You just have to have an alcoholic dad and a psychotic mum.

B. Frank

What’s ur height?

Michail S. Maipas

The most important is to add hours increasing our life through running or better just jogging,?

James Wilson

10 minutes is like nothing too, I really gotta get into doing that


You are inspiring. You've got me working out with hopes of losing weight and having my very own 6pack. Thank you.

I commented • 7 years ago

Forest Gump left the chat

Samrat Banerjee

You are truly inspiring..have motivated people all around the globe..anybody watching this video will love running.. cheers and keep up the good work..

Manasa Yanamala

I feel like running

Chris Topher

i've been running five miles a day for years. only way to have a six pack in your mid 30s..

Akashdeep Brar

Running is the best exercise

Jimmy Hopson

Man get a treadmill for the snow days.

Truth Seeker

I subscribed right after this video and motivation factor was ?

marwo maida

Before i start runing and after i come back what should i do??

Waiting your answer plzz?


What would you recommend for bulking the legs up? I noticed your legs are mostly slim muscular

Medium rare Microwave

im about to get some fat kinney laps tomorrow at school R.I.P

No One

Dude, you have a contagious vibe. Makes me wanna go for a run right now.

Cian MacGana

How did you think of the intro song?!

Alfred Tineo

Do run under 10 minutes, bc that's my current goal?

Zundar IPS

Hi Fi

Ronski leonard

Good fun and inspirational points... ?

STASH Animations

I’m gonna do this, I like the lean fit look on me rather than being buff

Celeste Cavaliere

I love this. Keep up the good vibes man

Shanaya Oberoi


Thanos 27

3 years ago, I wanted to increase my speed but didn't know how, I just tried different forms of running and just got faster naturally by age (not training) but I don't know why I didn't just train.

Bey Zee

Beyonce's song 'running' in the opening video is literally on my playlist whenever I go for a run and it is that one song that gives me the adrenaline to run harder that I even sing to it lol

Michaelangelo Ncube

Strong mind ????


Man, I miss 2017. When you can go outside without wearing a fucking mask.

Aishat B

I fancy you

Anthony P.

This goal is my goal for 2019

Henrique Rothbardian

Omg u.s roads are soooo great for runners, I wish I was born there ?

Positively Thriving

Vegan athletes REPRESENT

Ray Ye

you run like an athlete

Thanos 27

Running looks (and is) so simple, so I will run even more!

Michelle R

Just started jogging five or ten minutes a day and I love it so far also running and walking alternating on the treadmill haven't tried running outside yet.

Rahul shinde 143 Rahul

My inspiration bro about the exercise love you bro keep it up


Get the Sony wireless headphones NWZ274s.....Your Runs will feel soooo much better!!!

Isaac Garcia

Yo quick question can anybody help me out real. Does running build muscle on the legs and brings out ur calves?

Thesolotraveller 007

Bro from tomorrow I am going to stay running as well everyday
Do you also go to gym, your abs are awesome bro.. keep it up

M.Lakshmanan M

How many km

Rok sakho to rok lo badmasi.

Par day running km

pratap loher

I was trying to get a 365 days running

July Mariana de Lima

mannnn, you are amazing

Pravin kumar

Just go for a run everyday.It costs nothing and cheaper than any kind of thing that keeps yourself stronger.

Momo Rod

like if ur here from the 802 day update

Alex Paterson

you think you're that guy eh?

Mason Samuels

What sport do you play ?

I’ve had a run off bad luck, but I’ve finally had some good news I’ve received a parcel? Dinky doo?

I’ve had a run off bad luck, but I’ve finally had some good news I’ve received a parcel? Dinky doo?15 Feb. 2021

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Peniglen OFF GRID Cabin Life’s new channel was launched in early 2020, I hope if you are new to my channel you will all be kind enough to press the Subscribe button & ring the bell so as to get notified of all our up and coming videos, it’s totally free to press the Subscribe button at no cost to you. But by pressing the button you will help my channel grow, I will try to uploading new videos everyday if not a minimum of four times a week.

If any companies would like to contact me to do product reviews on there behalf, you can contact (Ian) at my email address: [email protected]

Comments (10)

your eggs are overdone lol

James Kelso

Good to see you back on, busy busy by the sounds of it, see you still have 2 sad followers with the ??, how sad, get a life, wonder who they could be?insignificant people with sad lives, never mind mate, crack on and get the jobs done, hopefully better weather coming soon??

L. Sieu

Was wondering where you were. Glad you're working your way thru it all. Goodness! Two kinds of water problems! Floods are the worst! The mildew, etc. I hope you can get everything dried out quickly. Be careful of the black mold. We use a paint called Zinnser primer to seal mold out. There's another called Kilz, but my friend who paints for a living swears by Zinsser.

Jane Stoodley

Hello Ian, pleased your food delivery came and our parcel arrived safely! Get the wood burner going it will work wonders drying out the wood. Keep well Jane & John.


Look after yourself stay safe

Tina Turnbull

What about digging a trench around your cabin a sort of soak away to take the water away from your cabin? X.

Tony Miller

Wondered where you were, hope everything is ok now. Stay safe Ian.

Tina Turnbull

Get some chicken for your own eggs.
And insulate your outside tap-in fact insulate all your pipes.

Sandrews international Junction

Please be careful Ian stay safe and try and rest a bit glad you got your food delivered and glad you got a staple gun things are looking up for you keep the videos coming when you can I really look forward to them cheers Ian best wishes Chris

Lochnaw Smithy OFF GRID smallholding Scotland

Thought the water looked awfully close to the cabin...