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Tibialis Anterior Workout @ Home! - No Gym Needed!

Tibialis Anterior Workout @ Home! - No Gym Needed!28 Dec. 2016
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Hi Guys!


Hi Guys!

I hope you all had a great year and I wish you the best for the next one!

In this video, I'll show you how to work your tibialis anterior muscle at home! What is the tibialis anterior? It's an antagonist muscle to your calf muscle, it is tricky to build and develop but just follow these exercises and you'll fire them up in no time!

These muscles are great for your balance and to keep an overall symmetry in your legs, a lot of you have been asking me how I managed to get my TAs looking the way they do, so here's to all of you!

As always, let me know what you think in the comments, I'm always reading you and I love your feedback and answering your questions!

Moji out!


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Comments (78)
ghatak prahar

Very unique tips

David Hammer

Great video!! Never heard of this movement but I'm looking forward to training it

John Q Public

I am 80 years old. During the last year I have noticed that when I walk the front end of my feet makes a flapping sound when it touches the ground. My physical therapist thinks that my tibialis anterior muscle has atrophied. Thanks for this workout.


Does this workout prevent shin splints????

Iltércio Bruno Dantas

I'm here because of basketball.

Duffy Moore

can you try to make videos shorter. I really enjoyed the content and informative thank you!

ashish jain

can anyone suggest how many times i should do this workout in 1 week?


Great video there isn't much around for training this muscle. I will train them your way to prevent my shin splints from arising once again. Thanks

Marqito boi

I never trained that muscle group... until today.. i did 500 pure raw reps ... very nasty... i forced my self to finish it.. i cant wait for tomorrow to barely walk?

Kuldeep Singh

sir can i drink pre workout empty stomach in morning 5:30

Johnny Jones

great channel!

Iltércio Bruno Dantas

For begginners, would be better beginning with 2 sets of 1 exercise and then, by the next week, add another exercise?

mob syr

Home, means no freaking weights.


No gym needed, just a bingo weights and a dumbbell.

Mukul Inspires

Hey Just wanna tell u that you have made the best Anterior Tibialis Video Over youtube .. You have really made a new workout by adding both the plates over ur toes while sitting over a ball / bench since i have seen tibialis anterior machine only in a gym ever , also others gym dnt care to buy that particular muscle group machine ,now u have fixed that problem by ur this very exercise. Subscribing your channel
Much Regards ??


I went to try a muay thai class, and everything was what I expected, UNTIL the trainer did a kick and someone said that hurt, afterwards he showed us his shin muscles, they looked like a damn tumor, I was so impressed I had to look this up

Zack James

I'm trying to grow my tibialis to be huge, thanks for this! Blessings

Mohit Sharma

Thankyou sir ?

Alex Akinyemi

For 2 years people have been telling me that I have a great body but small legs, and no matter how much I focused on my calfs alone, they never looked any bigger. Sure, they looked fine from the back but they looked tiny from the front and sides and now thanks to your video I understand why.

ted dy

Great video, thanks

You thought

been looking all over for a workout for this muscle. surprised there's not much tips out there


How many times a week would you do this ?

terry lim

hum... mine come on naturally after i put in some form of power running in my training. does power running trainning help too?




Awesome video! you should post more often!! and can you make a video on how you got your calves like that too? I tend to have really small lower legs lol

Clapper Dan

Are you able to stand after doing these to the max?


Great content and detail, thanks for the effort and time you put in for this video ?

Lopez Kushin

Nice video . How many calories do you consume a day ? Thanks

Jim Valdez

You're not training every muscle, your forearms are lacking bro.


Nice boots

Michael Kid

nice job ty ...

Blue Sky

Great video. So glad I found it ...

Michael Kid

nice job ty ...

Joel George

1st like ?


Great video. Do you have any tips for working calves in general? Thanks

One Journey

★★★★★ Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. ★★★★★ GOT It!

Max S

It's a very important muscle for toe hooks in climbing, yet I had to find you to get a proper training method. great job!

Arthur Ho

Hi! awesome video, would this exercise help increase the range of ankle dorsiflexion?

Berlin Jack

Amazing collection for front calves.Thank u very much.Greetings from Sri Lanka


Drive a manual car... Instant anterior tibialis badass muscles.

Rodel Pinlac

When i was in the gym back then
I wondered why the fuck my mates doesn't talk about tibialis cause before i go to gym i searched all the muscle in legs.then i noticed that if you dont train that muscle you will have a heel pain because you always train your calves its not balance.

Andrés Ramos

Your philosophy on training makes so much sense to me! You wanna work every muscle in your body, SPECIALLY if you're natty, which I believe you are. Thanks.

Jonathan Lee

Try standing on 1 leg and raising your toes. Pushing through your heel or hallus bone.

Leo Iheb Mejri

I was having bad leg cramps (calf muscle) and I eventually found myself researching how to strengthen the muscle that serves the function of relieving the contraction of my calf. This video was only a few searches away so thank you.
Kind of like how you would relieve the contraction of the Bicep by activating the Tricep, I was searching for which muscle would be able to accomplish the same with the calf.
Exploring here but I think this might solve my problems. I'd never specifically focused on it before so it's only natural it's not as developed as my calf. I have a similar problem of imbalance between my 'monster' quads in relation to my hamstrings. No bueno.

Malcolm Lagares

This is a really good video. Thank you so much for sharing. : ) Best Tibialis Anterior video I have seen. Thank you sir. : )

raja sekar

Very helpful.

Sharif Khan

Wow,people who has skinny calves can also work this muscle for overall development,thanks man

The Awkward Curry Pot

Always thought that my legs were bent.
Damn, my tibialis anterior were pronounced af.

Bozhan Ivanov

Hi MiamiMuscleUSA, a question: wouldn't you train these muscles on the eccentric portion of a calve raise if done properly (by that I mean FULL range of motion)?


Great advice

Black Hawk

Hi man! I'm skinny should i train how many reps per set to grow muscle? Example bench press I should how many present health?

Know 1squarter

Clever and simple. Thank you.

Mark Stuber

Get to the point. I got the importance of balance and injury prevention in the first 30 seconds. No need to be redundant for the first third of the video

Jamil Muhammad

Really, it is a very important and necessary exercise ... thanks a lot , stay blessed

samuel ventura

DAMn you’re good. One day I’ll be like you

ind09 kumar

nice video
plz post video on tibialis posterior

Ivan Djuric

Thanks alot man. This helped me.

Manuel Peters

My favourit muscle ♥️??

YeeHaw Yamaha

Old video, yet I’ve yet to see a newer one show so many valuable tips on training the anterior, and it’s obviously working for this guy!


I play soccer/football is it possible to get calves bigger and that tibialis bigger?


Big thanks. I am working out at home without much equipment and this will come in handy. Been doing high amount of body weight single leg calf raises for the last two weeks as an experiment. Have been surprisingly effective and actually managed to put on muscle that quickly. I do two times a day, 3 sets of 40-45 for each calf. So roughly 250 per day. Since the results have been so good I thought I would need to balance it out with targeting a different part of the calf. Your video was just what I needed.

ab zy

Thanks coach I was just gonna ask you about it on your last vid??

Chris Mcilroy

I've never seen anyone talk about the tibialis, thank you for doing it! I've wanted to train this muscle with weight couldn't think of how. Appreciate the info. TY.

The Traveller's Thoughts

Please do a video on calves

Frank Pichardo

There was an old gym that had a machine for tibialis, but nobody seemed to use it. Thanks, great vid!

Tracy L

I've been following your advice and like what i see. Also have been doing the calf exercises. Thank you for your help.?


The best would be hanging on pull up bar upside down with your foot.

RJ Gurri

Moji bro.. I think one should do calves barefoot. Whatduthik.. Also I think we can train this muscle with bands too.. B)

alex trimblett

great video! The Tibialis anterior is a forgotten and unknown muscle to most gym goers,

Toni Brzić

Great legs man

C. Billups

Thank you MiamiMuscleUSA for your videos and the knowledge you provide. Could you make a rear Calf muscle workout? It seems to me when i do your training style my muscles response better.. i'm a little guy 66 inches about 164lbs and a sprinter so my calves are very high on my legs and very hard to grow... please help, need a life line 'THANKS


the tibialis anterior to me is one of the coolest muscles because of how unique it is to see built on someone

Ahmad Al Marzouq

You are great man, I love this one

Antonie Hopkins

thank you brother for the wisdom on the shin exercises, I have a little issue with pain and shin splints, after watching your tutorial I will definitely being trying out the exercises that you teach on my next trip to my gym.

Anmol Dadwal

Actually i have bow legs..so should i do these exercises coz my anterior muscle is stressed most of d time.

Geno Gains

Your program philosophy is awesome. I am guilty of this neglect and it ends today

Laurynas Zubavičius

I like the philosophy for training every muscle in the body - great work!

Renoy Rajan

waoww this is one good video n explained in detail regarding the importance of anterior tribialis

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All you will need to complete this calf workout is a mat and your body! Ready to get started? Roll out your exercise mat and press play!

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Comments (52)
Connie P

I had a double bunionectomy and big toe fusion due to osteoarthritis. I couldn't bend the big toe anyway due to the damage to the joint. After the surgery, I was kind of left to my own devices as how to walk and manuever. I was only told that I couldn't wear a heel higher than 1 inch. My gait was so out of whack, and the calf atrophy so advanced that I took physical therapy to help strengthen my ankle. I was rotating my weight to the outside of my foot because I can't roll forward onto my toes/big toe, as it will not bend. So far, I've been given no advice on exactly what exercises I can do to strengthen and rebuild my calf muscle. All the research I've done always ends up with toe bending exercises. And I can't BEND THE TOE. It's been 15 months since my surgery, and I'm still having issues with my foot/ankle and skinny calf due to being non-weight bearing for so long.

blog visiter

Tell some things for bow legs

Rakhi Samani

thank you - great tips - recovering from broken ankle :0)

Juliana Merz

I am so worried about my calves because being in a boot is making them feel as if they are in a state of atrophy. Any more calf videos would be GREAT!  Thanks again!!!!

Nadin D

cannot wait to do those... hopefully in a few weeks :)

Gary Hinken

Thank you Caroline for your video i am going to try this out, i had sciatica a couple of years ago now one of my leg muscles have atrophied and i now walk with a limp as i am out of balance, is there any exercises to build the whole leg muscles up also to build and strengthen my core area

Rhythm Star

Great calves workout for toe injury.

Ashake Shittu

Thanks you this was very helpful

kindred Tofu

Thanks for this video! I have an injury to my shin bone and I had muscle atrophy

Peggy S

This is an amazing exercise. I'm also recovering from a foot bone fracture and your videos have helped me so much with staying fit and most importantly positive. You have an incredible spirit that's so infectious. Thanks so much for sharing your absolutely great videos! Watching it every single day from all the way DownUnder :)

Ed Brunner

thanks. broke my cuboid bone in R ankle and have noticed atrophy in calf in 2.5 weeks. so will try these exercises. I can't do the rotation of the ankle but can do the point and flexion.

Lezlie Winsor

Thank you Caroline.  I have been using your exercise videos while recovering from a 5th metatarsal fx and have found them to be an effective way to stay fit during this process.  I just got the go ahead to remove the boot and ambulate with a hard sole shoe.  It is surprising how much the rest of your foot and ankle are effected by being immobilized for 4 weeks.  I just completed this video for the first time and it feels great - I think it will really help.  I also told my Ortho PA about your videos for his other patients :).

Julia Sanders

Thank you so much I really feel a difference after one video and it is helpful because I am trying to get on point in ballet before the end of next school year.

Juliana Merz

I also told my podiatrist about these videos so that she can recommend them yo other patients stuck in a boot. These videos are an incredible help to my mind and body. Thank you!  PS  Are there any other calf strengthening videos? THX!

Anna Moore

Have just found your channel. I'm really praying that these exercises will allow my daughter to walk without screaming in pain after 5 minutes!

Michelle Casey

Great stretches. thank you much!

Ruby Arora

Is foot rolling good for ankle ligament tear... Otherwise this video is just awesome. You are my favourite

Jessica Hidalgo

Thank you for posting this! I broke my ankle about a month ago, and these really are helping with my ROM. ❤


Fabulous--really feel increased well-being in my lower legs and feet after doing this short but really good workout. A real boon when you can't do the usual exercise due to foot injury!

Freddie Stranger

This is helpful for someone recovering from back pain also

hollies clubhouse

i had to immobilize for 10 weeks after hurting my foot and heel. My dr. said it was likely tears in my plantar fascia. Now i can stand and try walking. I've been doing physical therapy for 2 weeks. I can feel a lot of improvement, but how long is it going to take to get back to normal? How long until i can just walk around normally? I can gently walk around my house, but it gets sore around the calf and ankle quickly. Resting my foot gave me calf and ankle atrophy. Should i still do my stretches/strengthening if i feel sore?

Rebecca Donis

I feel so sore

Traci Baron

Thank you for the video! This really helps me with tight calves and shin splints.


I just got stitches out today, I have a good 3 inch on the top of my foot vertically toe to ankle, and a little less than one inch on the arch of my foot underneath. Basically had a hole through my foot. I've been using crutches so my calf muscle on my good leg is building but I've lost majority of my muscle mass is my calf on my bad leg. So I was wondering, with where my wound is on my foot, if this would be good for me or not.

twentysix linx

Why isn't there one, just one person who doesn't speak like a moron on youtube?

Mike Guilbeault

Thank you for some exercises I can do to strengthen my calf after fusion surgery in my foot. Also I am having ridiculous amount of nerve pain. I’m hoping this helps.


I am recovering from Tibia and fibula fracture. I am diabetic. Will this exercise help me in leg strengthening? I wish to start playing Lawn tennis and football again. Thanks for your video


LOVED THIS! I had a fracture in my ankle a year ago and still feel pain and have have troubles with some movements. This was so helpful!

Shaun Chang-time

Wow I really felt the burn!!! hit a wall in my rehab post foot and ankle surgery which prevented me doing calf raises and balancing on my ankle due to the pain and it aggrevating it. Thank you ill see how this goes over the next few weeks!!

Sunny Khan

I Love this video.. .very help ful .. thank you sis. I actually want this exercise

Diana Nosková

Thank you for your videos, they really help me! Especially your chair cardio. But for this one I need to wait a few weeks :/

Alexandra Bolloch

Unfortunately I’m not there yet to do this video. I had ankle ligament surgery almost 3 weeks ago and I took my boot off this morning I was shocked to see how my calf turn into a wet noodle. Next week I hope to start with PT with some range of motion. For people who just had ankle ligament surgery this video is to “advanced”. Will book mark it though for later!


Thank you so very much for sharing this positive energy exercise routine. The style of Flutter Kick that you do has been really helpful to me.I notice that my stomach muscles are really benefiting. To be able to strengthen my ankles, calves and stomach while lying down is fantastic!!
Again, I thank you. Be Blessed.

Judy and Ian Bissland

This video is exactly what I need after having operations on both my feet. Thanks so much!

Juliana Merz

Thank you so much for these videos. It is difficult to stay in shape with a foot injury and these are a godsend!!!!

Freddie Stranger

Very helpful

Michelle C

Thanks for this not very many non weight calf exercises

Joseph Cowley

I started using this during my stretches before any workout and I differently feel a positive difference during my work out, wether it is running, lifting, or anything in between.

Denise Barrett

I love this video! I have a sprained ankle that is very stiff when I wake up and hurts really bad. I do a mild version of these exercises on my bad ankle, and it really helps to stretch it out, wake it up and alleviate some of the pain. Thank you!

Nikos Sioumis

I love you and your videos Caroline. Today I was in a really, really bad mood due to health issues, but working out with you brought some sunshine into my day and a smile on my face. Thank you so much!

Michelle Victor

Thank you. I love your attitude.?

last Starr

My ankel is broken, I cant move my foot at all

treasa ní tormaigh

I've just found your videos after googling no impact calf exercises. These simple exercises are amazing and don't hurt my calf at all. I'd recommend these when restarting to exercise following healing of a partial calf rupture (obviously not during the healing process). Thank you so much. ?

Brooklyn stepahns

Thank you Caroline I appreciate the simplicity of this routine and your positive attitude.....made a big diference after just one session

If only Cain were Abel

0:42 to start in a playlist


?These really burn ?

Sahla Marakkar

I have vericose vein,could you upload any exercise for that, this is good for vericose vein

Janice Sampson

This is great! I think I have tendonitis in my left foot and can't do calf raises. Will these exercises tone my calves as well?

Julissa Dee

I've been having a pitty party for weeks now with my ankle not progressing how it "should" after having ankle surgery (broken and dislocated). Came across this video and its helping. So simple yet so effective! Thank you so much

Pragati Tipnis

Thanks for this wonderful video, Caroline! I have flat left foot and lately the soft tissue behind the left knee is aching. Do you have any videos for putting life into knees?

Melissa H

I'm recovering from Lyme disease and had alot of joint and muscle pain lingering in my calves and feet and this really helped release that tension. Def adding it to my daily routine!

Claire Ramos

Thank you this, Caroline!! This is exactly what I needed!