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Honeyblood - Glimmer (Lyric Video)

Honeyblood - Glimmer (Lyric Video)21 Mar. 2019
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Stream ‘Glimmer':

Stream ‘Glimmer': https://ffm.to/hb-glimmer.oyd

Taken from the album ‘In Plain Sight’ out 24th May: https://ffm.to/honeyblood-store.oyd

Honeyblood are on tour in 2019: https://ffm.to/honeyblood-live.oyd

Follow Honeyblood: https://ffm.to/honeyblood-follow.oyd

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Video by Alex Joseph



Did you catch a glimpse?

Incandescent, behind the moon

She’s on fire tonight

Burning like a ball of light

Crashing with a passion that you’ll never touch

And even in your dreams you know you can’t keep up

She could put a hex on you

Watch out, she’ll bewitch ya

If you play untrue, better not try to trick her

Glimmer, glimmer, glimmer, glimmer

And all her secrets came laid out in an open book

When the rest drop way outta sight

She’s the one that streamlines

Crashing with a passion that you’ll never touch

But you wish more than this that you might do just once

She could put a hex on you

Watch out, she’ll bewitch ya

If you play untrue, better not try to trick her

Glimmer, glimmer, glimmer, glimmer

Just a faint of a shimmer

Feel the sense of it linger

But she’s made to disappear

Left just a trace of a glimmer

She could put a hex on you

Watch out, she’ll bewitch ya

If you play untrue, better not try to trick her

She could put a hex on you

Watch out, she’ll bewitch ya

If you play untrue, better not try to trick her

Glimmer, glimmer, glimmer, glimmer

Comments (10)
Scott Rowell

I love it when artists do lyrics for YouTube!

Micaela Faria

I loveeeeee it ♡


Oh shit, new music. That's one more reason to live.

Allister Smith

Your Dundee Gig was fantastic!???

Jonny Goo

Every song turns into a man hating rant.

RockaBilly Rhino

Added to the northukradio.com general rotation ?


Well now I know what's going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day ?

Kayla Bowers

Does this mean a tour maybe? I neeed to see you in America???

Rachel LaDue

My first thought when I heard this was the Hex Girls from Scooby Doo, which is partly why i love it so much!

Avi p

Come to Israel! Love the new music!

Courtney Barnett - Everybody Here Hates You (Official Audio)

Courtney Barnett - Everybody Here Hates You (Official Audio)8 Apr. 2019
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‘Everybody Here Hates

‘Everybody Here Hates You’ is out now: https://courtney-barnett.lnk.to/EHHYID

on Milk! Records, Marathon Artists and Mom+Pop

Courtney Barnett's album 'Tell Me How You Really Feel'








Artwork by Courtney Barnett

Words & Music by Courtney Barnett



I feel stupid, I feel useless, I feel insane

I feel toothless, man you’re ruthless, oh…yeah

i go to Loving Hut, i get my hair cut, i feel the same

i feel putrid, i’m getting used to it, these days

you said, “it’s only in your head

they’re probably thinking

the same thing”

i’m bleeding, you’re leaving, i feel strange

you been distant, you seem different than yesterday

everybody hurts, everybody breaks, n everybody fades

we’re gonna tell everyone it’s ok

we’re gonna tell everyone it’s ok

you said, “it’s only in your head

they’re probably thinking

the same thing”

Comments (100)

I feel stupid, I feel in love.


this is such a jam, i love it. thank you courtney for my life


Keep up the excellent work and generating the crowd!

J Tizzo

This is Velvety in an Underground kinda way.

Benjamin Asack

I remember being 15 and studying for a math test when my Dad told me to take a break and check out her performance live on SNL. It's been 4 years and my favorite artist hasn't changed...

Robert Kett

Another killer track... great lyrics, phenomenal vibe with plenty of fantastic guitar work. One can expect no less than the highest quality product from Milk! Records.


Ripped up cut-offs, shit-kicker boots, & solo hip swaying by a vintage jukebox vibes.

björk rhymes with jerk

Keep it up courtney pls

B Boss

pedestrian at best.. pickles from the jar... get back to that.. no offense

Jason conley

Had a really fucking shitty day then I came home to this. So glad I didn't kill myself today lol

Ryan Amberson

Always been a fan of Courtney’s since I first heard her

Dave Porter

May 2017 :)

Trevor Miranda

Excellent description of insecurity and the realizations that pull someone out of it. Though, I can't help but wonder if the "we're gonna tell everyone it's okay" is meant sarcastically.

Vincent Sleeves

Man why's Australia gotta be an island, I don't have a plane ffs

punk rock Michelle

So unabashedly yet humbly great !


Courtney returns to old style


sea of split peas vibes ♡
i can relate to the lyrics in this one so much

christine ashby

WOW! this song just B L O W S U P

Gary Rouffa


Manuel Santana

feel stupid, I feel useless, I feel insane
I feel toothless, man you're ruthless, oh yeah
I go to Loving Hut, I get my hair cut, I feel the same
I feel putrid, I'm getting used to it these days

You say "It's only in your head
They're probably thinking the same thing"

I'm bleeding, you're leaving, I feel strange
You been distant, you seem different than yesterday
Everybody hurts, everybody breaks and everybody fades

We're gonna tell everyone it's okay
We're gonna tell everyone it's okay
We're gonna tell everyone, tell everyone
Tell everyone, everyone it's okay
We're gonna tell everyone, tell everyone
We're gonna tell everyone it's okay
We're gonna tell everyone, tell everyone
Tell everyone…

I felt this

Josh Boyle

I can't believe she almost didn't finish this. Thank you, Courtney for not abandoning this song. I have a strong feeling I will need this tune from time to time.

the meme machine

love the song!

Nyla The Writer

Thank you Courtney for brining my dad and I closer together through your music ❤️


oh thanks Courtney

Augusto Pozzebon

Me lembra hendrix, wild thing


Great stuff. Can't wait for the new E.P. , L.P. ,... whatever. As long it is new :-)

Tom di Giovanni

Whammy abuse CB style. Oh man.


If Bob dylon had a love child with kurt cobain raised by oscar wild it would be Courtney




We actually hate the 19 losers who thumbs downed this


I became a fan of yours after hearing your song on Bojack Horseman. After I got my parents an Alexa I started playing your music on it and now my parents are huge fans of yours too. You deserve success :)

Paul Goodall


Chris C.

Love seeing Courtney's drawing of Courtney's notes for Courtney's lyrics.

Huples Cat EPL

Best of the best

New Alternative 40 Chart

"Everybody Here Hates You" debuted at #4 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

Ryan Rockers

Goddamn Courtney. You're too good. Thanks for more goodness.


Thank you Courtney! It’s a cool song!


I love the fact that I have a Courtney Barnett shirt in my life.

Jim Cooper

Loved at the first note....

Mark Rivlin

I'm 63, and have seen and heard it all over the years. No-one comes near you on lyrics.

Charles Howard

Thanks Good People at Milk Records. I really like the gritty sound to your new song, and Your lyrics never let you down. Who hasn't felt at least some if not all of these feelings before now. Looking very much forward to seeing You all play in the U.K again this Year.

Masochistic Meese

I wish Courtney was my aunt

viola ren


jaja bz



Another masterpiece made by Courtney!


Great song! Does anyone feel Paul McCartney’s vibe? Probably because of the simple chord changes and moderate tempo as songs like “Come On To Me “ or “Cosmically Conscious.” He doesn’t really write this kind of ironic lyrics though.


Love it! Very CB!

Bandana Sharma

When a song makes you cry from happiness cuz it's so good. Ie. Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elliot Smith, lots and lots of old soul tunes and Courtney Barnett :D


Thankful i have friends with good taste in music. They introduced me to Courtney's music.

Paolo Lorenzi

you never disappoit your fans Courtney... that's why we love you, your music and your fantastic lyrics!


but how do you really feel?

infinidimensional infinities

i like it.

Madison Ballard


Jessica Mickey


Matheus Santana

Brazil ??????


This is SO awesome.

Carlos Pires

Love Courtney!!! ???

Danya Moxley

ANOTHER PERFECT TRACK COURTNEY JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER OML! im still pissed about her getting robbed at the Grammys too

christinee fan


zyn pouch fan acct

Thanks for the reminder

Tuane Friedrich

Wow, Amazing! ?

Andrea Caccese

Nice song for a drive out in the sun

Random Dude

Wow, Ms. Barnett keeps getting better and better. She's just gettin' warmed up.

Hans Moleman

god, i love courtney barnett

Verania Hinojosa

I was at a record/cd store with my boyfriend and I hear this amazing song I think it was I'm not your mother, INSTANTLY WAS IN AWE!!! I looked you up found like 2 songs and I was IN! And immediately we bought one of your cd's. Ahhhh! Such a magical day.

Pablo Silva

My driving music.

mary chamberlain

RSD 2019 can't wait! Love the B side :) XOXO


Great song Courtney, you never disappoint. <3

tlknss PCA

regalo de cumpleaños :)

Jack Merlot Doesn't Live Here Anymore

You should come back to Minneapolis, Courtney.

I promise my angry letter to the Metro Transit Authority will have worked its magic so you won't ever have to endure that kind of thing ever again.

Marco Araujo Pereira

For me to hear courtney barnett is the same thing as taking a return ticket to the 90's!
This "girl" represents the best that is done in music these days!
Simply thankful from the bottom of my heart!

Tudor Miller

I can totally relate to this song right now. Love you Courtney. ♥️?????


My mind:
Awesome, Courtney released a new song
Goes on to read the lyrics
oh no, depression intensifies (great song nonetheless)


Smooth as gravy! Love it!!! I think it's lunch time.


Courtney Barnett is the best musician since Tupac.

Low Key Sound System

Love the solo at the end.

Strange Habit

Yes yes yeah...you speak my soul.
How great.

Colonel ACE

This came on WFMU FM driving through the park in downtown Jersey City in my convertible with the top down, the Manhattan skyline in my windshield. Wish you all were there.


looks at title
Thanks for reminding me.


I'm in this song and I don't like it


Courtney freaking killing it


oh man oh man did i need this. i'm in love with everything about it!

Larry Webb

Courtney can do no wrong. Great writing and awesome guitar tones.

gareth Roach

Terrible Negative Song haven’t you got something better to sing about? FYI most people including gay people are still conceived through heterosexual birth, meaning they have a mom and dad, you may not like this fact Courtney ? It is time that you get over your denial, I am sorry to disappoint you, But the technology of anal birth that’s on your wish list is still not here. So keep dreaming, the closest you and others on here will get to this phenomenon is your music.


loving hut for days

Anthony Gracey

I've listened to this like a million times.

hayley sanchez

Even your depressing songs are comforting. I wish we, as fans, could provide you the same happiness that you offer us ? thank you for yet another great tune


eh, starting to see the formula to these songs


We gonna tell everyone it's okay, It's OK !!and then think they'll believe it - when you blast out a guitar like that ?
Sure !!

Joe Bayne

Love love love. If this song and "Small Talk" is the direction of her next album, it's going to be a masterpiece.

Birzhansal Mukanov

That smile at 1:59 gave me happyness

jake evans


Miss Severi

I needed this song today!! ❤️

paul elliott

Brilliantly dark song and sounds awesome
Got an email from Milk and here is that song

Matt Markonis

We know.

extunguisher bottle

Great song! I wonder if the date on the draft is real.


Thank you for being Courtney. Your songs never fail to express my esoteric emotions in such simple and beautiful fashion. Lotsa love all the way from Istanbul.


I would like to buy this on bandcamp, but I can't find it there :(

T Crowe Semler

Freaking Brilliant !!!

bruss chain

I really cant tell if she still feels this way or if she's pulling experiences from her past, because these songs usually come to an optimistic conclusion. Not saying you can't be paranoid, depressed, etc without having some optimism. Idk I don't even know where I'm going with this

Milk records marathon artists

Milk records marathon artists26 May. 2015
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