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What REALLY Happens at a NUDE Modeling Photoshoot...

What REALLY Happens at a NUDE Modeling Photoshoot...10 Jul. 2020
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Come with me to a Male

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Watch my Underwear Campaign Photoshoot HERE: https://youtu.be/zwMqLGcTLzs

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Always keep smiling- I love u guys ?

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Desiree Mossberger

Watching Mario’s underwear and censored nude photoshoot

@3:46[email protected]4:09 ??????......

@4:10 Spongebob “IMAGINNNAAATION!” ?

Snaps out of it ????????

Youssef Mohamed

Oh you talk german ok ich heiße Joseph ich bin neun jahre alt ?

Bhaskar Gogoi

Hello please baby I want that music??? backgrounds

Azriieen _

Idk but he only tells us a bit about the nudity during they doing the photoshoot but idk why they didn't even show us the result of the photoshoot and they ask to go look at onlyfans? Love mario still ??

cosmobiology gyaan

Beginning song name plzzz any one

Wellro Arpilleda

More videos for more

Sisuka Nobxxx


click the link above and feel the satisfaction
Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??

collins anele

That's a really cute dog ?

Emmanuel Morandarte

come here in Philippines....

Carlos Canadalla

hi mario am a big fan can i be a member? thanks

Vương Nguyễn


Lauriie Croteau

You have an amazing job. Sometimes hard, but amazing and your video is really getting me in

Rowan Sage

You’re so adorable and funny

Christine Kraus


Bhaskar Gogoi

Can I know the background music it's awesome

Angel Fabian

I love tha way how you express your wanting to go back here in Ph when the worlds gonna open again.. ???


Hi Mario!
At the beginning, in this video, I really like your work out. Can you please show it in detail in a video?

Eagle Fit

Looks a fun shoot! Glad you're back!

Andrew CHANG

Love the music at the end in the car! Keep partying!

Paul Lindsay

Mario, never use God or Jesus, those names as cuss words. They deserve respect.

Sofyan Efendi

Love u so much mario??❤❤...from Indonesia


Mario I’m begging you release your diet shit again PLEASE I promise I’ll buy it this time I slept last time?

Charly Juarez

Booo!!! ?

Ball zaza


Troy Hagen


Michael Francis

So damm sexy and hottt need that rod bad ?????

mo do

Me eating Doritos while watching Mario talk about his body shape ?

Niel your's

I love the gap between youre teeth

Justin Howell

Mario you are awesome!! I love you!!!

I'm Ricky

Guys, let's get this to 5k! I really want that makeup tutorial for men!!! Lol.

Paul John Dayangco

Cebu Philippines please. ???

Andreas Stock

Cool mal zu sehen wie du so arbeitest Mario ? mit Gabi ?

James Robinson

Good video

Jaymar Capitoc

How to be you Mario Adrion???

Pedro Cristiani

Muy carente de grscia

Juan Carlos Diaz U

Cool! I love that you are spontaneous, Mario... Big warm hug from Chile ?

Ernesto Spironelli Junior

Mario eu amei você e lindo e amei suas fotos ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

Quín Villafañe

¿No podrías activar los subtítulos en español?

Robert Tanas

Mario where's your girlfriend are you still together


On time in italian, please. Bye

Jay cali-motan

Mario you always looking hot grrr?

Danie E

Mario i dont like your in using Christ's name in vain. Its extremely low class..untastefull and outright offensive. Please don't do that!

Patrick Dorleans

The house is really nice

Liashly Tigao

I love your video specially when I see Travis on your blog and specially when you and Travis together ❤️❤️?????

Stan Lee

You stand for nothing, you are an idiot, you are for sale... move along

Aroldo Rocha

Linda ????

Chris P. Bacon

Where's Luigi?

The Conduit

I would venture a guess that a nude photoshoot would mean there is nudity. PS: Love your body and you're hilarious!!!

Ron Santiago

Wow the new Brad Pitt??

Gary Greely

This was another great video. I try not to miss a single one of them. It was good to meet your videographer and see him try a photoshoot. I look forward to seeing more videos from you and I hope that more people will smash the like button.

polo patrick

this dude is a lot of things both good & bad, but he is just adorable af ! yes, pls visit us here in the philippines again !

Willie Lugo

Mario what editing Software you use? Plz respond and Carrots ?

Nick Doe

Mario - I wish you listed the music in your vids

Thomas Kaefring

Mario, I’m gonna out do you at 30 years older. Watch and learn boy.

Michael Lasfetto

When I think of Augsburg, all I think of is Lutherans.


Hating your contents more and more. Byeeee

Kd Dragon

I will gladly be your personal fluffer

Douglas Harrislane

A Photo Release Form is needed to allow an individual or photographer to obtain consent from the other party in order to use photographs for personal or commercial use.The releasing party, the "releasor," can choose to give away the rights to the images for free or charge a fee or royalty. In the case where there is payment involved, the rights of ownership to the images do not become final until the both parties sign off.

أحمد إبراهيم

This video reminds me of the old mario which i miss so so much..

Wimfrid weinhard Lakoy

Try to come indonesia.

Rainntertainment PH

I always love the intro " its me maaaarioooo" xoxo authenticp?

Daniel Viquez Barrantes

Hey Mario I love you
And delicious body baby


everyone: wash your hands and use a MASK!
Mario: wash your hands and use a CONDOM !!!!

Norm Tucker

That song on the background *your pulling me in song * someone tell me its name

Jet Gardner

CLICK BAIT title. Nowhere are they NUDE without being censored to another pay site. Too bad he looks line a demented 7-year-old scribbled on him with sharpies. THUMBS DOWN

Ivam Gamez

So cute Mario

Osvaldoi Garcia


Raw Eel The Theyve June Your

So hot and cute. ????

XxKazxX XxxX

Why u making the same video that u made last year or 2yrs ago... That's weird but I can't complaint because naked Mario

Daniel Iddo Abera-Balcha

these are hitlers ungen

Javier Meza

Hi Mario how can we meet

Ayah Habib

Looking forward to see your travel vlogs ?❤

Roberto Gonzalez Velazquez

Por favor traduscanlo a Español para poder entender bien ? gracias ?

playa bahía

Ein kleiner schwanz

Nick Doe

Nude modeling - back to childhood? haha -

Monica Hansen

Right now you are close to 5000 likes. I will look forward to your makeup video ?????

Vivian Oquendol

Loved the modeling photoshoot Mario. Gorgeous as always. Keep the good work. Love you babe??????????

Joaquim Neto


Frank White

Hello. A question. I am thinking to join your OF. Just a question: are all the contents with full frontal nudity in there? Thank you.


Your beautiful please stay safe

L. Rhymes

Why does he seem like he's on meth now

Moi Ca

Sorry god like
12:21 ???

Ms Georgia

You are Gay?

Mr MakeShft

Whose the music?

Paul Blount

Great fun .... and lets have no more talk about little carrots ... it looks Mighty Fine xxx

Jhong Peralta


Cora Greene


ආයුබෝවන්ඔහු නැවට කීවේ පසුව සන්නිවේදකයා ක්‍රියා විරහිත කරමිනි ඔහු බලා සිටියේය


The song right at the beginning of the video is called: Craig Reever feat. Leone - Pullin' Me In

Daniel Larose


robby yadi



Nnnnno marrrrrio don't shave bee mannly!

Simon Phillips

Nice video. Mexico is great ! I can put you in contact with some artists there.

Joseph D Dudgeon

If we join only fans will we have to pay more to see every post ? Thank you

Shoto Todoedits

Why do yellow hair look like gorden ramsey


Nice men

Kong Meng

Your ?

Giovanni Jacobs

These photographers are so exploitative. I mean look at the way this dude photographs him at 18 omword


Mario, you absolutely are even more ripped than you were before quarantine. Maybe you should make it an annual thing and give yourself a physical reset.

Hen Party life drawing classes with nude male model !

Hen Party life drawing classes with nude male model !1 Jun. 2015
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dradi parisSubscribe 438 721

All the inspiration you

All the inspiration you need for an unforgettable Hen Night !

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Fitness Model Photoshoot BTS (behind the scenes) | Ashley Kaltwasser

Fitness Model Photoshoot BTS (behind the scenes) | Ashley Kaltwasser18 May. 2020
13 022

In this video, see the

In this video, see the BTS (behind the scenes) of a fitness photoshoot with 3 time Miss Olympia Bikini Ashley Kaltwasser. The rare thing about this shoot is- it's without strobes! I typically HATE natural light... (still do) but this video has a few tips when working with a seasoned model.

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* IG: https://www.instagram.com/seeleyfoto

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Comments (16)

Dude, your work is awesome. Cant wait to photograph with you. It will happen. Cheers from LA!


Natty light or strobes, you’re always killing it! ??

Way of Kung Fu

“Special” and “unique” ? Love how the shots turned out!

Dean Nagano

Wow bro... I'm speechless! Natty light? Love the final edits! Dare you to do more shoots with natural light! LOL


2:18 Had me expecting to see ducks. 2:25 Finally get to see a family of Canadian giraffe ducks.


“Satisfactory” lolll very asian dad critique


Well once again a good vibes vidz !

can't wait to see the next one !

Charles A LaMatto

Your model is killing it. Her workout routine must be killer.

Maui Kao

damn that red outfit tho.. hahaha when she made the goat sounds

Michael Fairbank

"I hate natural light" *Proceeds to give Sasser a run for his money...

DJ Hancock

"Always keep an eye on the glutes". Don't have to tell me twice. Respectfully, of course.

andy photo

You did ok too :)

Paulo Carvalho

Do you think this type of photography it’s better in harsh daylight? Great pics!

Tim Barr

This gal is a inspiration. Health and fitness. Sexiness. Fun.

Kris Foto

As always the shots looked amazing! I actually really like the natty light look man! And the second location and her outfit were just fire!

Dominic Sanders

Brett, thank you for all that you do on your channel. And thank you for the tip on the EOS R. Coming from the T7I, the R is definitely a game changer.