Jammed thumb symptoms

8 BEST Exercises To Stop Thumb Pain | Simple and Easy

8 BEST Exercises To Stop Thumb Pain | Simple and Easy11 Sep. 2018
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8 simple and easy at home

8 simple and easy at home exercises to stop your thumb pain

?Why your thumb hurts

Right thumb pain and left thumb pain at the base of the thumb where the wrist and the thumb meet is a common symptom of thumb osteoarthritis. Thumb osteoarthritis is also called basal joint arthritis, or CMC arthritis (CMC stands from carpal metacarpal).

?Thumb osteoarthritis symptoms

Along with a sore thumb, you may also have:

- swollen painful thumb

- pain at the base of your thumb

- less strength when grabbing objects

- pain when grabbing small objects like a pen

- less ability to move your thumb

- pain when you press on or around the base of your thumb

- a bump at the joint on the base of your thumb

? If that sounds like you, physiotherapy can help reduce pain and prevent progression learn more here https://www.pthealth.ca/blog/thumb-pain-try-these-8-exercises/

?What can I do for arthritis in my thumbs?

If you have been diagnosed with thumb osteoarthritis/basal joint arthritis/CMC arthritis, or have the symptoms of it including swelling, stiffness and tenderness at the base of your thumb, these exercises are for you!

These 8 simple at home exercises can help reduce pain, get you moving again, and strengthen your muscles too.

?In this video, you will learn how to

Ease Pain with Acupressure

- Relieve Thumb Pain with Distraction

- Increase your Wrist Range of Motion

- Stretch your Wrist with Extensions and Flexions

- Build Strength with Pronation and Supination

- Strengthen your Grip

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?‍⚖️Legal stuff

These exercises are best used to complement a physiotherapy treatment plan that's specific to your condition and level of pain. Please consult a qualified physiotherapist to see what is best for you.

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Shyla F

Nice video en kaiya konjam kuda asaika mudiyala pain

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I can’t close my thumb in

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Amazing stretching exercises i do this exercises quickly relief form thumb pain

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Really helpful thank you

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I have pain in my thumb tip. Please suggest exercise for that.

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Here after writing for 12 hours straight with no breaks in between...


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Aaqiß Noor


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Updo and Hairstyle Education

feels great already!

Philip Croft

Although I have 'Trigger Finger'' in my right thumb, first joint, this help too.


If you can't afford a specialist, try the program in Treat Your Own Hand and Thumb Arthritis at Amazon.

Jose Freeda

This relieves me of my thumb and wrist pain that i developed after excessive usage of mouse and mobile phone. Immediate relief after trying for 2 minutes along with the video. I guess my pain is not that intense.

Dimple Simple

Thanks for the introduction

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Thank you soooo much!!! It works

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really good

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This really works! My thumbs were killing me after trying to pop them too hard, but by doing this I reduced my pain by 90%.

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I have disintegrating disc`s in my back, & and allot of neck pain. Arthritis is also a concern I`ve got. This arthritis treatment method “Rοngοdο Ruzο” (Google it) helps me get rid of the pain in my neck, back, and sides. This helps me do my daily work without disruptions. With assistance from proper diet as well as avoidance of inflammation-causing food, your condition will enhance a lot. .


Hello my DEAR, I had my Stroke 12 months ago, my left feet start moving, but my left hand still no activities, means not moving at all, please advise me .thank you

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ThankYou .Iwill try those.

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Mere thumb me kafi dard tha. Aapki video dekh maine bhi exercise kiya. Dard pura khatm ho gaya. Thanks a lot.

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Thx for teaching me how, i broke my thumb on playing volleyball now it healed :)

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Excellent, troubled by thumb pain since years, great relief already

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It scared me when he grabbed the hammer ??

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This arthritis treatment method “Rοngοdο Ruzο” (Google it) is an excellent item. My situation included fractured spine, hip dysplasia & acute arthritis in both hips. It also works great on my foot big toe knuckle which hurts in the winter and from wearing smaller width shoes. You name a product for this, I might already have tried out it. Hip problems are difficult to cope with, but this product makes the procedure less complicated. .


Thank you so much, I'll definitely save this video so I can do them everyday. I'm a gamer so my wrists are always in a messed up position. I was trying to play guitar, but I couldn't hold a bar chord for more than 3 seconds, but after these exercises I managed! The range of motion one caught me off guard, it hurt like hell xD

Levi Ackerman

Bent my thumb while playing basketball

80 8

Ive been playing cod and damn my shit hurt

A Pain-Free Thumbs Up - Mayo Clinic

A Pain-Free Thumbs Up - Mayo Clinic25 Jul. 2013
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Mayo ClinicSubscribe 438 721

Whether it's getting in

Whether it's getting in the way of your mad skills on a video game -- or it's interfering with your job -- Thumb Arthritis is a common complaint. In fact about one-in-ten will have to see a doctor for a painfully stubborn thumb. And women are 6-times more likely than men to have a problem. Here's Dennis Douda for the Mayo Clinic News Network.

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Thumb Pain , Trigger Thumb , Bilateral - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Thumb Pain , Trigger Thumb , Bilateral - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim24 Feb. 2014
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nabil ebraheimSubscribe 438 721

Dr. Ebraheim’s

Dr. Ebraheim’s educational animated video describes the condition of trigger thumb. Stenosing tenosynovitis.

Many conditions of the thumb can cause pain. Trigger thumb is often called stenosing tenosynovitis and it can be bilateral. Trigger thumb can be associated with painful triggering or locking.

Focal degenerative thickening of the flexor tendon (flexor pollicis longus) creates what looks like a nodule (localized swelling) at the level of the metacarpal phalangeal joint of the thumb. This limits the tensor excursion with tendon stretch. The nodule gets jammed beneath the A1 pulley. This occurs with a painful snap or click, similar to a trigger getting pulled or released with either flexion or extension of the thumb. A small change in the size between the flexor tendon diameter and the A1 pulley will affect the thumb flexion and extension. When the nodule gets jammed, the thumb becomes locked.

Idiopathic trigger thumb occurs more in women. It occurs during the 5th or 6th decade of life and is often bilateral.





•Inflammatory arthritis


Patients with trigger thumb most likely develop carpal tunnel syndrome or De Quervain’s syndrome. Patient with trigger thumb may develop the condition from playing too much video games.


•Anti-inflammatory medication

•Injection into the sheath not the tendon

•Ultrasound is a great modality for precise injection.

•Consider surgery in difficult cases:

oRelease of the pully

oAvoid injury to the radial digital nerve

oThe radial digital nerve crosses oblique over the sheath proximal to the A1 pulley.

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Paul Valdez

Got trigger finger in both thumbs right now ,dam it sucks

elizabeth atkins

This is a good video, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand but i wear a wrist support which i wear on a night only, Now iv got trigger thumb on my right had my god it really hurt now got a thumb support for 4 weeks, If it is not bad enough i am riddled with osteoarthritis

ms selfish

finally i got to know now what problem i am having .

Shabeena Adnan

Thanku so much doctor
My son have bilateral trigger finger doctor adviced for him a surgery without any test X-ray or ultrasound mri m too much worry


I have it but its painless and doesn't lock much.I had since i was 6

Parth Rodrigues A-3121

Thankyou very much, by showing this to my mum I was able to feel guilty....

Shruti Pandya

Is trigger thumb always bilateral? Or can it be unilateral too?

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I have this thumb trigger finger since last june..its very very painful your just like the whole shoulder is painful..???

km K

Thank you so much for all your useful video clips~

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Oh my god I think I have this is there any self massage to treat this or something like that


Doctor my son right hand 23 fingers a4 joints injury is it any surgery

Dennis Monzon

I have been dealing with this for over three mi ths now. Can't go the hospital due to the pandemic. Very painful when you wake up in the morning......i'm gonna try the anti-inflammatory meds. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing Doctor.

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Im only 12 I think I might have this im reallu scared?