Getting back into lifting after long break

Getting back into training after a long break

Getting back into training after a long break22 Jan. 2019
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Get Back On The GRIND! (How To Workout After A Training Break)

Get Back On The GRIND! (How To Workout After A Training Break)14 Aug. 2020
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In this video, I tell you

In this video, I tell you guys the best way to work out after a long training break, such as in quarantine when the gyms were closed. It is essential to know how to workout properly after a long break to ensure the best results and to avoid any significant injuries. If you guys enjoyed this video, be sure to leave a like, subscribe, and let me know which topics to cover next!

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Sahil Sheikh

its been 2 weeks, eagerly waiting for new video


What workouts were you doing when you first started at 16??? Because I’m 16 and 185 pounds I look similar to how you looked and also there isn’t much I can do from home is there anything you can recommend for my age because I’m also on a calorie deficit


Bought your workout plan :)


Great video, ive been waiting


I was watching one of your vids when I saw this notification?

Dj Hunter

My gym is still close smh

Aarsh Ghotra

Thank you Mahd for the video ? I appreciate all your efforts!


Hey man can you make a video on cutting im gonna start my journey.

Mahad Rehan

yoo mahd are you bulking or cutting rn

Halo Reach

Hey bro Can I increase my bench press while bulking?

Kfuwa Kar

Hey bro I’m 5 foot 6 and 70kg what do I do first weight training or cardio

Ankit Panday

which protin use??



Ankit Panday

How often did your do cardio in the week ??? weight loss time


You truly understand that not everyone can jump around do high impact, your workouts are well put together ,short & get results but more importantly sustainable.
Iam very surprised you haven't got more subscribers tbh.
I will recommend you to my friends in need. Thank you ???you are awesome ?#workout #motivation #fitness #music #goodluck

Akshit Choudhary

Bro plzz plzz explain how to loose thigh fat ... i had commented several time the same .. so plzzz take this in consideration ..
i have fat accumulated around my thighs and hips plzzz tell how to cut that fat .

Mohit Tomar

Love you so much bro!! U motivate me!

Dr. HasDan

My gyms are closed for another few months. ? Living in a high risk area ain't the one chief. Stay safe out there guys.

Gamerzz Zone

Bro make video about mind musvle connection i dont feel my muscle burn while working out and i dont get any pump

Andrei Ceurte

You dont know how to do deadlifts

Ashnan Kirithararasan

If I order a plan what is included, your routine?


Too bad you didnt get to go to gym for so long.. In Romania they had been opened since the beginning of June

Hep Nongz

Nice bro ???

George Luca

Lol I know this sounds strange but I actually got more serious about lifting during quarantine

Uday Allawadi

Hey mahd if i buy weight loss plan, will be in direct contact with me on insta if i need some assistant ????

Capped Delts

How much can you bench for 5x5 ?

Alice Sacco

Very interesting and informative video
Love it ?

Mahd Sani

Thank you guys for watching the video. Be sure to check out the brand new comeback plan on my website! The first 20 people can use the code "COMEBACK" at checkout for 25% off any order! https://maddufitness.com/products/the-comeback-plan

Pubg World

In Nepal in my place gym isn’t opened yet

Sam Menon

I'm looking forward to the end of your cut you're going to look sick!

Reset Your Routine | How To Get Back On Track

Reset Your Routine | How To Get Back On Track4 Jul. 2019
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Mike ThurstonSubscribe 438 721

How to get back into a

How to get back into a good routine if you've got back from a holiday, are lacking motivation, or if you've simply taken time off from training and eating properly.

Training programmes - https://mikethurston.co.uk/

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https://bit.ly/2ZDgnsu - Best Sellers

https://bit.ly/3jkdRyX - Bars & Snacks

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mosoiu marius

Yes brother, you are right but i am 100% natural so ...for me only nutrition and smart training are my weapons . I'm not saying is something wrong in steroids but ....your amazing shape physique is not only from nutrition. Sorry if i have disturbed you. I like your channel .


Mikey boy enjoys a cheeky nando's eh?

Randall Smith

Bonus tip: Make a video on 'How To Get Back On Track' so you are forced to do it yourself.

Alain Mallette

Excellent advices my friend ??. Thank you for your amazing content.

Tatu Parkkari

Best youtube fitness channel by far.

Martin R

Mike ! Live how you break it all down !! Speak on , brotha !

Deity Slayer

I know you'v been training for years most probably for over a decade ! but I still find it hard to believe to maintain a physic like that without the help of either roids or peptides !!! cuz I'v been using both myself and still couldn't achieve what you claim to have naturally ! if you do so !!!!! but don't get me wrong im not against using any sort of drugs, im actually pro drugs when its comes to this sport but you either are a genetic freak or not quite natural ! which is fine with me ! just wish you could be more clear about the topic


Just what I needed after glastonbury festival

Biggie Smalls

Mate what make are them sunglasses there smart asf

Sean Voncken

Mike since I subscribed a few months ago, my chest size has doubled. Not your average fitness guru!


Just watched this again after having a lovely week in Spain, lost a bit of motivation leading up to the hols if I'm being honest, but today I've done some batch cooking to get me back on track. Need a kick up the arse too ? but I know I'll get there, progress photos are a great idea. Love your videos, loads of good info and advice, thank you

Az A

Incredible how this video pops up as I'm legit going through this exact thing.
Definitely going to get myself back into it. Thanks Mike!


Mike , what is youre height?

Amor II

I'm always enjoying watching your videos ?

Tristan Tross

Very great advices here Mike always providing valuable and entertaining content for us!

Mohamed Ehab

Are you serious? Where is the advice for getting back in track!

That's a scam!

Jamie Gambino

What about a period of fasting following a vacation?

Milky Way

thank you my friend you really helped me bro you are a real motivation for me keep going may god blesse you

Brian on a mission

Things have gone wrong for me a few times. I go off the rails completely for one or two years and gain, 15, 20 even 30 kg (like right now)

barrzzan !

Not all Hero’s wear capes !!!

slightly obese rat

wow i really needed this video thanks !!


Perfect genetics


Where can I get that white hoodie??

Jai Bevan

please invest in a mic :)

chen joseph

3:11 Good video!
How you write is super weird!

Ralph Sanchez

Just got back from Cozunel Mx. I needed to hear this , Tks Mike


I may the only person who loves supermarkets then ?

The meal planning, the most efficient route through aisles, playing Tetris on the conveyor when you’re putting groceries up to pay...

Tviper Jester

love the meal prep, looks like you are cooking up some nice looking, flavored meals! I almost barf watching other fitness youtubers prep their meal where they make “bro” meals mixing something like brown rice, salsa, and chicken because they have no idea how to cook lol. it’s nice to see a little class lol.


This guy is the best. Always has some positive bit of advice. So much is mental, yeah?

Sam Coates

Old school watching you go shopping I've missed it ?

samu el

It's time to repent and seek JESUS .He gave his life to save you from hell. Repent! before you die, you don't know the time! Stop sinning! and give Him your life. The end is near.


you've andwered all of my questions on this topic in this video... BUT where is that armbinde from?


Going on vacation to Gran Canaria Sunday. Searched for a hotel with a nice gym and found it. Think I will workout literally every morning and maybe do some cardio as well, so the typical vacation meals and cocktails wont harm my physique as much ?


Mike, this is your best video to date. Extremely helpful and I loved the way how it moved from point to point. Great work buddy, welcome back!

Elizabeth Dorchester

Hi Mike . Iv recently swapped my work out for 4 x all over full body . Highly intensive . Feel stronger . Quicker but im burning a extra 1200 cal a day . Also kneck pain . Iv been advised messages on top of my foam rolls . Id rather not and iv heard an alternative is to sit in a freezing cold bath and slowely heat it up over 20 mins . Then to do the foam rolls . Im 21 weeks to compitition so what would you reccomend and is cupping a good or bad idea . Thanks

Will Crawford

Perfect timing - needed the motivation. Thanks as always Mike.

Kemal Topcu

5:07 gt3 behind ya mikeyyyy

Abdul Mohamed

My guy. What grey t-shirt are you wearing ?


This flat must be costing you an arm and a leg mate! ?

Matthew Gendreau

2nd video I saw from this guy, and I instantly subscribed just from the value he puts out.

Zen Guerilla

So True mike! I did that misstake and learned from it back in 2016. It will not happen twice!


What foods are there that are nice but healthy I keep saying oh I’ll eat clean but it’s just so boring haven’t trained in two weeks either and really need to lose fat by september

Jakob Baker

I went on a lads holiday and came back with weight loss and massive strength loss. Thanks to this video I’ve managed to get back on track ❤️


Thanks for this, I've been lacking motivaton lately because of a weight loss plateau so I think this video will come in handy for me.

Abyaz Ahad

Can you share that meal plan spreadsheet you showed at 2.30 please Mike

Riley Wallace

i did my first cut after a year and a half of strength and aesthetic training. the cut took about 3 months and when i got down to about 11% bf i was just so stuck on my numbers and it pissed me off that my strength dropped by 30 or 40 pounds on my major lifts. i needed this cus im getting back into a bulk and its time for me to form a new phase in my training. thanks dude


This is what I needed

doggak doggak

Gold content Mike like usual!! Cheers

Jason Carreiro

I’ve missed 3-4 months at the gym with physical ailments, back, neck. On top of that the last 3 weeks I’m fighting something, a cold or something, with no energy to speak of ?. Plus went to Vegas 2 weeks ago, so really struggling with motivation!! Good vid, thnx.

Alex Mendoza

Watching this after coming back into the gym after the pandemic.

NEO TheChosenOne

Top tips from the chesty beast just in time for my return home. Lucky I stayed relatively clean eating whilst away, just need to carb load up now. ✌️

user name

1. Trow away all junk food
2. Food shop
3. Meal prep
4. Lower/Increase your calories a little bit (200-300 kcal)
5. Write down your goals
6. Start your training with your favorite workout
7. Measure your weight, take progress photos (use it as a motivation to get back on track)
8. If you eat out, skip junk food (it will crave you for more the next day)
9. Implement these tips as soon as possible. It's easy to get off track and go back to bad habits.

ya hoo

Perfect timing I've also just come back from a holiday. I quit alcohol last year so my 1st ever sober holiday and the 1st time I've used the hotel gym ? been back in the gym this week training nicely, I think taking alcohol out of the equation helps massively

Alekso Pala

what size shirt are you mike?

Terry Tibbs

Was that cadogan square

Mr Lee

I suffer bad with DOMS


My first week back at the gym after a couple of years off, I'm a new subscriber and you've really helped motivate me so thanks man.

Hikmet Sener

Hi Mike. Great info, thank you for your efforts! One question, how do you get your skin color? Is it just the sun? Thanks.

Ali Imran Tufekci

As usual the right topic at the right time, thnx mike!

Michou van sluis

I've seen so many 'back on track' vids of girls who just keep on talking without ever getting to the point. This video was just straight up no bullshit . Loved it!


imagine buying nestle and then throwing it away...


Hairs looking good bro! hopefully it continues to improve with the coming months

Real American Muscle

Im on reset right now from three major surgeries on my left hip think i am lying come see for yourself.

François Malo

Just got done with a week of moving. Exactly what I needed to get back on track


I absolutely fucking love your videos


Energy drinks? Yes or no? Or which one is safe to drink?..I tend to drink one before a workout C4 it gives the strength to do more reps and lift more.

Oliver O'Donoghue

Hi Mike, the last minute of this video you touched on turning into a pudding from not getting back on track. That’s me now and I don’t know where to start. I can’t touch the weights I used to lift and look terrible. I’m in a endless cycle of feeling sorry for myself, evey time I try to start over.


comfort food makes me want to kill myself

Will Klein

LOL I will definitely get my wife and little kids to start hiding temptations from me. ?

For real though, I do ask them to help me skip ice cream, cookies, etc. on grocery runs. What a team.

Manny Ribera

Planning to shred on a three week holiday, to end up looking like mo farah.


Another great motivational video, thank you ??


How can 14 people dislike this video? What’s there to dislike? Honestly. ?‍♂️ he’s purely just trying to help people stay healthy lol

Tornado Ali

Would you be able to make a video on DIM supplement in relation to bodybuilding. Keep up the great work.

Sajjad Hashim

First thing Mike does to get back on track with training is to get in touch with Brad Tarren for a training session. Because Mike knows that Brad will make comments like "go on son squeeze" "big back" "front double bicep" "tectonic plates" "What a set from the man" etc. and that motivates Mike and gives him confidence.

When i saw Brad in your Ibiza vlog I could sense that you two guys have a special chemistry/bond with each other because you have a long history together that goes way back.

So lets get back to some old school Mike and Brad simple training video. And the video has to incl. you and Brad shopping in Lidl and him sticking his finger in a cinnamon bun without him buying it and of course his special training comments :-D

3:15 - Mike the type of guy to flex his arms even when writing things down on a paper.

Wheres is your white trustyboard, it was a good tool to use to visualize and memorize the information that you are talking about in your video because sometimes you can forget or miss some information when watching. It was defintely needed in the video "Do you need to do cardio for fat loss". Don't get lazy and to comfortable Mike.

I can't find your San Francisco vlog? The one where you visited a client I think he was an architect and he had a huge kitchen with many drawers and at the end of the video you said that there would be a another vlog about another city in the US coming up next time but it never came.

I predict you to have 1 millions subscribers by the end of january 2020. If I am right I get to personally meet and train with Mike and I get a customized training and diet programme as a prize. :-D

Edgar Kay

Use a decent mic, please! That echo is a bitch

soso free

What steroid are you using mate , it’s not a joke question


Why Lewis and Owen call you Mike TEA?


Hi Mike!!! I love your videos but what id like to know most is your cycles! What u run, doses n how long for

Andy McBride

By far the most informative straight talking guy on YouTube. Learnt so much of this guy. Massive thumbs up ????

Neil Barron

You've just returned from the States Mike ,how many days do you leave before you get back into training

Jeppe Holmsted

I needed to see this after binging for a few days, thx ??

Cussy Richards

Wait, is he only 90kg at 6ft tall? Isn't Doug Miller (a pro natty bodybuilder) like 100kg at 5ft 9in, and approx 9% bf? Makes you appreciate how elite Doug Miller's genetics are


Wow. This is such a good video on this topic. Cheers Mike!

Sayzo 48

Did I spot a hidden uberEat advertise ?

Sirch Productions

Over the last 7 months i've lost 15 kg. Before this I looked like the "pudding" you mentioned at the end of the video haha. My training was very inconsistent and I wasn't counting my calories, eating anything that I could eat. I am now training 3 times a week consistently and my diet has been very steady. I have felt my motivation wane over the past couple of weeks though. I'm down to 1600 calories at 83kg. I'm quite muscular so I look much better then I once did. I feel like my metabolism has gone bust because I have to eat very little now to see a drop on the scale. I am tempted to go on a break but I am also tempted to keep pushing it. I'm a little bit confused at the moment. I really want to get shredded. Anyone got some advice for me?


This year I got back from my holiday sick. Should I hit the weights like that, maybe a lighter training?

Progressor X

[OFF TOPIC] Am I the only one that noticed Mike inhales deeply everytime he finishes a sentence? ?? beeen watching 2 years just noticed.

M. Armand

But before getting back on track, aren't you supposed to find the track first ?


Lol just came back from the US yesterday for 2 weeks, got tubby in the first week and food poisoning the next so I'm just like skinny fat now ?, btw mike don't know if you remember replying to my comment saying take jeans for the night time but fuck me I must have hit a heat wave after you came back, I was sweating my tits off I had to do shorts everyday and night ?

Movie Facts

Mike, I swear you should start an affiliate scheme with some of the clobber you wear. If you it included it in the caption you would sell loads. I'd buy loads of it.

Alex Haynes

Really wish I watched this 7 months ago!

Ryan H

Excellent video Michael. Tons of great tips. Cheers


Bullshit. You forgot to mention the PED's.

Dan Jones

Without goals you'll be "floating" about with no purpose - Classic Arnie quote


What I rep about your videos is you're realistic. You didn't avoid the takeaway option, and instead pushed to get the more healthier options. Lot of other YouTubers wouldn't even touch on the topic which is unrealistic for everyday people.


Nice chest...

Luca Daufi

You just motivating me day for day and I got so inspired by you that I started living my dreams work hard and just started to grow my own YouTube channel because Tag at was my dream. I uploaded my first workout yesterday. Would me so happy if you take a quick look.

Healthy Motherf*cker

It’s particularly hard to get back on track when you’ve been smashing MDMA & cocaine in Playa D’en Bossa for a week. This gave me a little bit of hope, cheers Mike! ?


God I look like a dropped pie at the moment compared to Mike!


That is an absolutely great video