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TEDxEast - Nancy Duarte uncovers common structure of greatest communicators 11/11/2010

TEDxEast - Nancy Duarte uncovers common structure of greatest communicators 11/11/201010 Dec. 2010
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TEDxEast INTERCONNECTIVITY - 11.11.10: -Nancy Duarte- That Resonates with Me!

Why are some presentations spellbinding and some not? Well, this is the question Nancy Duarte takes on as she shares with the audience the secret of an excellent presentation. In this fascinating talk Nancy Duarte explains the model that she developed for designing transformative presentations. She explains the essential qualities of an excellent presentation by analyzing the speeches of Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs. She reminds us that the only way to spread important ideas is to make sure that one is communicating his or her ideas effectively using strong presentation skills.

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Broken Username#7526

how does a learning channel have 26mill subs

Bend Em

Brilliant Nancy. I would have you any day in my company.

omnivor Rajan

She talks too much (most of it generalizations), and she talks too fast (for us Indian ;-) )

Tikiri Herath

|Wow. Wow. I believe that says it all

EPIC Magician

Yay, I learned something

but this is my homework

Zachary Bryant

Yes. She is so right... I AAAAM Yoda! No but in all seriousness I watched this for a class and I always love TED presentations, and yet again this one is no different. Good job.

Regina Sanchez

Can anyone explain me how this structure works (what is and what could be). please

Kyle Pandapatan

There were several sections where if she paused longer and took a breath, her message would have more impact. I guess she was struggling with the anxiety. Good work though :D

Collective Rising

she's amazing!!

Pragya Chawla


Claude Ayitey

Great analysis of two great speakers and their notable speeches. Good work done.

James Hendrick

Jobs and King why not?  Both are great communicators in their field.  A good idea is a great communicators in their field.  They fill in the gap between what is and what could be.  Great talk.

Edwina Ferro

Best TEDx eveeeeer! Thank you Nancy.

Frederick Fitt


Tim Elliott

Great video ...I only just discovered this from the JTBD framework people :)

Mohammed S.

I believe there is something wrong with her techniques, I can't keep focus on video for more than 3 minutes. maybe she is not applying them?

Donna Bond

wow! Brilliant!!

Lorraine Rinker

I truly appreciate Duarte's ability to tell a compelling story herself!

Manuel Miguel Hernández Pujadas

Very good, Nancy. Very good speech.

Custodia Santos

Si porq no entiendo nada

Karate of Comedy

Did anybody else notice that she did not apply her own principles to her own speech? Linear for 15 minutes. No emotional contrast, and then right at the end she decides to implement the story and contrast mechanisms.

Sandeep Kumar

A very compelling speech with story and emotion.

Sara Meza

She is a good speaker because she can connect with the audience and that is key.


Oh my goodness, what a GREAT talk....I've seen many Ted Talks but this is by far one of my favorites, she's captivating and engaging from the beginning to the end...LOVE IT. Thanks Nancy Duarte...BRAVO!!!!

Melanie LiCausi

What an amazing analysis!

Soul Motivation Records

Man this is really powerful! Really great stuff here.

Sagar Tandon

thanks a lot Nancy Duarte, this will help me a lot!!! 


You had me at "you have the power to change the world ". Thank you.
And thanks for sharing your story with me.


clap clap clap

Bonita Nuttall

Excellent!! Loved it!! Thank you Nancy - just what I needed to hear tonight...

Julio Cesar Gonzales Gutierrez

Glory to God


No. You missed it. Started with the personal story of the poster in Maui. And she continues to do "what is" and "what can be" all the way through the presentation. She continues to use "story" by explaining how she studied the structure of presentations. She went back and forth with Steve Jobs and MLK. She ended again with a more personal story.

Секреты фокусов от fokusoff

great jon Nancy!


Reading her book 'Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences' for school and googled her, this is a lot of what's in her book. If you like this tedx talk check it out.

The Echelon Team

The strategy was likely to bring the light and focus upon the face. That said, I have a hard time not being distracted by the (I am being kind) less than elegant outfit.


This is one of those "Emperor has no clothes" lectures. Despite her fancy charts, she basically says nothing. It's not illuminating that in two speeches proposing change two men go back and forth between a current state and a proposed new state. Does she think she's using three act structure correctly? She's not. Does a hero have to start likable? He doesn't. Is the audience the hero? No, the audience is the one empathizing with the hero. - My pov: she's no poster girl for storytelling.


Over-analytical propaganda theoretical BS

nonofo lechuti

amazing. am buying her book right now.

Radeth Dart

You still watched the whole speech; she accomplished her goal.

Gerald Adcock

This is an outstanding presentation and the content works. Nancy chose two rich examples and used them to help us understand her message. It is a compelling message. Shehas the skill to help us "change the world." The concept of including stories is great.

theresa mathai

WOW! Thank you...& i think your speech had the same shape as the greats as well.

Jason Sams

...Says the lady in $900 designer boots.

Roses Metronome



BALLL shiiiittt (that would Arnold Schwarzenegger say)

Sathwik Kesappragada

this is AMAZING!

Davinder Kaur

She is a good speaker because she is completely connecting with the audience and that is the key to interact audience and attract audience to your content .this is an inspiring video for me.

kamlesh malviya

Amazing Information...hope you use all the time during presentation...thanks

viny g

314-18 Very educational video and it definitely helped me learn a few tips and tricks!


Wow this was so incredibly boring and cheesy, waste of time honestly.

Gino Blinker

Dit is echt niet leuk


Unos de los mejores juegos xd

Lours Vanthilai

Thanks you very much, a very good insightful talk


I should hope so... but since she somehow represents that herself, one might wish for a (caution: meme) sarcasm sign :D

Jeff Bochsler

How these speeches go are very much like Classical music Benjamin Zander gives.  http://www.ted.com/talks/benjamin_zander_on_music_and_passion.html Building up the audience then taking them back down.  Building them up then taking them down.  Finally the music arrives to the place where bliss occurs and the ear and mind are so grateful to have arrived.  Both have the power of telling a beautiful story to our ear.  Well done, Nancy...and Benjamin!  

Oliver Murray

last statement was too well rehearsed.. but good watch.

Lori D

Fundamentally this information is good, & yes, Nancy is correct in her analogy of storytelling/presentations. She also speaks & engages us about someone/things we are familiar with & want to hear about (Star Wars/Jobs). However, I was far from being in a 'frenzy' nor did I have a 'heightened sense' with her overall presentation. What is missing here is charisma! Additionally, she could have connected us back to the beginning poster with a different story about herself other than being abused.

Danielle Molenaar

Thank you for your inspiring lecture Nancy. My hat off to you! :)


I love how a presentation about great communication and audience engagement is littered with poor oratory, awkward speaking and an audience that seems rather disinterested

Didi Junior

Now I'm sad

Salomon Laleye

Amazing speech ! Thank you Nancy, God Bless you and your family as well.

Francisco Araújo

"it's really really great to be here you have the power to change the world I'm not saying that to be cliche really have the power to change the world I love you every single one of you has the most powerful device known to man so a single idea from the human mind they can start a Groundswell it could be a Flashpoint for movement actually rewrite our future and idea is powerless if it stays inside of you if you never pull that idea out for others to contend with it will die with you maybe some of you guys are trying to convey and it wasn't adopted was rejected and some other mediocre average idea was adopted in the only difference between those two is in the way it was communicated communicate an idea in a way that resonates change will happen and you can change the world my family we collect these are vintage European posters every time we go to Maui we go to the dealer there kanji great big posters I love them they all have one and when really clear visual that conveys the idea about the size of a mattress they're really big I got to tell the story as he turns the pages in this one time I was flanked by my two kids and he turns the pages of posters underneath and right when I lean forward and say poster but my kids jump back and I like oh my God Mom it's you the thing I love the irony Standard air and she's holding his little swap meet those baking spices something so seemingly insignificant is willing to risk in life and limb to promote this thing swap out swap out those little suavito baking spices with a presentation how to start a presentation smacking wasn't cool to be fired up about presentations have the power to change the world when you communicate effectively through them changing the world is hard it won't be effective so it has to come out of you the open for people to see and the way that eBay the most effectively is through story you know for thousands of years illiterate Generations values and their culture from generation to generation stay intact so there's nothing had a magical about a story structure that makes it so that when it's assembled it can be ingested and then recalled by the person who's receiving it so basically a story you get a physical reaction your eyes can dilate you could talk about going to chill down my spine or I can feel it in the pit of my stomach physically react same story can be told but once a presentations told it completely flat line I figure out why why is it that we physically fit with rapt attention during a story but it just died so I wanted to figure out how do you incorporate story into presentation so we had thousands of presentations back at the shop hundreds of thousands of presentations actually so I knew the context of a really bad presentation I decided to study and really dig in and figure out what was going on and why it was broken so I want to show you some of the findings that led up to what I think I've uncovered as a presentation form those obviously start with Aristotle he had a three-act structure and beginning a middle and an end Poetics and rhetoric and a lot of presentations don't even have that then when I moved on to studying hero archetypes I thought okay the presenters the hero there up onstage those star of the show you feel that way as the presenter I realize right away but that's really broken because I have an idea I can put it out there but if you guys don't grab that idea and hold it isn't dear the audience Joseph Campbell's hero's journey just at the front part there was some really interesting insights there likable hero in an ordinary world and they get this call to Adventure so the world is kind of brought out of balance listing for like I don't know if I want to jump into this for comes along and helps them move from their Ordinary World into a and that's the role of the presenter is to you're not Luke Skywalker Yoda when it actually helps the audience move from one thing and into your new special idea stop the power of story so it's most simple structure it's a three-part structure of a story you have a likeable hero who has a desire they encounter roadblock and ultimately they emerge transform and that's the basic structure until I came across a Gustav freytag's pyramid shapes in 1863 German dramatist he's a German dramatist and he believed there was a five-act Structure which has a Exposition rising action Climax and falling action in a day Noma which is the unraveling or or the resolution of the story Kevin arquilla Arkansas shape look up music having a shapeliness to it if presentations had a shape what would that shape be and communicators use that shape or do they use a shape go to Saturday morning after all this study was a couple years of study Idaho shape oh my gosh if this shape is real I should be able to take to completely different presentation and overlay it and it should be true the obvious I took Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech and I took Steve Jobs's 2007 iPhone launch speech I owe related over it and it worked I sat in my office just astounded actually cried a little gifts and here it is this is the shape of a great presentation so I want to watch YouTube because it's actually pretty astounding there was a beginning a middle and an end and I want to walk you through it because the greatest communicators of all time the beginning of any presentation you need to stablish what is you know here's the status quo here's what's going on then you need to compare that to what could be you make that Gap as big as possible commonplace of the status quo I need to contrast that with the loftiness of your idea so it's like you know here's the past here's a present look at our future no problem but look at that problem removed there's a roadblock listen I like the Roblox you need to really amplify that Gap this would be like the inciting incident in a movie that's when suddenly the audience has to contend with what you just put out there to say wow that's your presentation should support that so the middle goes back and forth between what is and what could be what is and what could be to do is make the status quo in the normal unappealing and you're wanting to draw them towards what could be in the future with your idea adopted on your way to change the world exist now you have to move back and forth It's sailing when you're sailing Against the Wind and there is wind resistance you have to move your boat back and forth and back and forth you can capture the wind just actually capture the resistance coming parasailing interesting if you capture the wind just right and your set your cell just right your ship will actually sell faster than the wind itself it's a physics phenomena planting in there the way they're going to resist between what is and what can be especially going to draw them towards your idea quicker than should you not do that Steve move back and forth between what is and what could be turning point is a call to action which every presentation should the very end you need to describe bless this is Utopia with my idea adopted this is the way the world is going to look when we joined together and we solve this big problem very poetic in the dramatic way so interesting Lee when I was done I was like you know but I could use this as an analysis tool I transcribed speeches how to map out how much they mapped this tool so I want to show you some of that start with the very two people that I used when I first sip jobs completely has changed the world change the world of personal Computing has changed the music industry now he's on his way to change the device the mobile device industry so it's definitely changed the world and this is the shape of his iPhone launch 2007 when he wants to buy fun at the 90-minute talk working 4th and ends with what could be someone is zoom in on them speaking he's stalking the next color line You'll see popped up there that's when he cuts the video so he's adding some bride any cuts to demo so it's not just him talking the whole time and these lines are on representative there and then towards the end you'll see a blue line which will be together so this is where it gets kind of interesting every tick mark here's when he made them laugh check Mark Harris when he made them clap so involved physically they are physically reacting to what he is saying which is actually fantastic cuz then you know you have an audience in your hand what it what could be with this is a day I have been looking forward to for two-and-a-half years so he's launching a product that he's known about already for a couple years so there's not a new product to him this other thing he Marvel he marveled at his own product he marveled himself more than the audience laughter class isn't it awesome in this beautiful so he is actually doing a job of compelling them to feel a certain way pixoff with white could be with every once in awhile a revolutionary product comes along the changes everything so Shannon talked about his new product at the beginning of it he actually keeps the phone off you'll see that the line is pretty white up until this point so he goes off between here's his new phone and here's the second competitors and then right about here he has a star melon that's something we'll always remember because he turns the phone on the audience C scrolling for the first time you can hear the oxygen sucked out of the room I hear it to create the moment that they'll always remember move along this model you can see the blue with external speakers are going and then over towards the bottom right the line breaks so if you do he wants to keep this heightened sense of excitement he tells a personal story right there where the technology didn't work because the master Communicator any turns two-story to keep the audience involved top right ends with the new Bliss he leaves him with a promise that Apple will continue to build revolutionary new product and he says Gretzky "


exactly, and only the end made a lot of impact. The rest was informative. I think she did it for a reason.

Jim Mullinaux

Jobs and King. Really? 

Samantha Smith

I watched this on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


She should've worn something else but that dull black outfit.

Dr. Melissa Bordogna

what a beautiful way to describe the model :)

Moa Jansson

Beautiful quote at the end there! ?



Kyle Parcher

One of things I noticed with presenters is they take too much time to warm the audience up. These people are here to not only learn but also.... wait for it... be entertained. I found much wealth in the content of this presentation but the presenter for me is on a lower level then others. This presentation needed her tools she is suggesting in her own presentation. Get them excited!!! What it is and what it could be. What it could be is exciting but I found myself falling asleep and daydreaming about what it could actually be.

Melissa Díaz


João Victor Pontes

This is, for me, one of the nicest TED videos. It is simple, honest and says really interesting and motivating things for any kind of person (since the poorest until the richest). I just feel recharged and inspired by these simple but deep words. Thank you Mrs. Nancy Duarte.


Delicious famine woman with integrity and courage we woman need.???

Ahmed Khamis

According to Nancy Durate how long should viewers take to understand what's on your slide?


I d like to know what she makes of Hitler's speeches.




Does anyone else find her incredibly boring? Completely unimpressed with her presentation skills and her analysis of presenting. I have to watch this as a class assignment. This will be the first and last of her presentations that I watch.

Custodia Santos

Speak spanish


2:30 min awkward referencing..!


Disappointing. I really didn't need to hear about her boo-hoo personal history - it's utterly irrelevant to the subject.


Great presentation/story :)

Peter Joyce

Great Ted talk, I love these videos.

Az Khan

really great ....i like it

Dharmendra Rai

Brobdingnagian ! 

Bruce Chen


Hadi Aleid

I liked your talk and I watched it many times. Thank you.

Ann Nee

I like her.


Anyone else feel like she just talked about how important the audience is so she'd be more liked?

John Brown And The Radio Slaves

interesting concept. poor presentation.

Chicchu Beeru Edige



So what is the pattern that she discovered that makes any presentation powerful?  Where is that in this 18 minute speech?


She used the same pattern of Jobs


May god help those people that don’t have the naturally gifted ability to do what they are being taught in here...

Jamie Olivares-Alberti

Great insight! Felt the honesty in her words

Ivory Dorsey

Very engaging and instructive.

Love, Carly

Very inspiring and memorable speech!

Carlos Romero

I´ll be like her... Impacta!!!!®

Joseph B

People in the comments on this video are absolutely bizarre. She's no accomplished orator like Steve Jobs or King, but that's what makes it so great. She's talking about a major and original insight about how a powerful story is constructed, and literally demonstrating it with examples and through her presentation itself. It's effective both as a demonstration, instruction, and a moving story about overcoming one's own limitations of conveying an original idea.

Nikol Stefany Curilla Paz

Yo buscando un video para que me oriente a hacer mi discurso y esto sale en INGLES ¿por qéeeeee? ??????

Alexa Spin

Amazing presentation!

Teodoro Della Flora

One guy helps to overturn centuries of oppression. The other guy creates a device that lets people play Angry Birds while riding the bus. Great comparison.

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Helen Johnson

Thanks for clearing the hamstring myth up!! It’s a very persistent notion! Now I understand the connection. Great video!

Eric Y.

You can stretch and strengthen the hamstrings with stiff legged deadlifts or good mornings.

Zachary Milos

How do we do that last exercise but alone? I do not a workout partner.


you mentioned the three best core exercises that would be at the end of the video where are they?

Tim D

Blakes face says i love you guys so much i let this dude talk.......

Kristine Anderson

Thank you so much!! Very helpful information!! ?

Stephanie Walton

What other hamstring exercise can you do besides the one at the end

Mr Dieffie

Would love to hear something on tight calves!

kristin seeberger

you mentioned the three best core exercises that would be at the end of the video (BTW, it was great). Need those three core exercise recommendations! thx

Beth Campagna

Thank you for this video. Most of my students have this issue (I teach private yoga sessions). Is there another movement besides the one hamstring strengthening exercise you showed. I work with seniors who I don't think that movement is an option. Great work guys!!!

NBA fan

Thank You. This is excellent ! How about overactive quads? They seem to fire too much during workouts .?

Bianca Pirker

My hams are definatetly overactive as i ride the bicycle since 25years every day... plus i have a flat back. So REAL tight hams? Now...u saying the glutes are weak...but my glutes are overactive too coz of my flat back...what do i do? Work glutes-or strech it? Iam confused

SixPaths ‘

So as long as you maintain posterior tilt while you do them, can you still do deadlifts and squats with apt? Also, even though quads are tight, is it okay to still be strengthening them as long as we stretch them as well. Also, since hamstrings might be tight to compensate for weakness, how do we know that something like hip flexors aren't? I guess an overarching solution to all of my problems would be if someone could give me the A OK to strengthen all mucles and stretch all muscles at the same time.

Adrian Puiu

I would rather post videos PRI influenced ,especially when it comes to core and legs ...

Topher 8

When I lay flat on the ground my lower back is flat no matter if both my legs are on the ground or pulled towards me. I have chronic back pain and been to severral chiropractors who can't figure out my lower back pain.

Five Star

Bro I agree that its weak glutes that make tight hamstrings. Solution : - without making it too confusing = cycling outside just like we used to like kids : )

RC Wolhar

You mentioned increasing your neural drive. I recently had a pinched nerve at the C7. From this, I lost motor nerve function to my tricep on my left arm and a pec muscle. What can I do to help/heal this without damaging the nerve? Thank you and sorry to be off topic.

I have been doing acupuncture, a traction collar 20 mins a day, vitamins , and 3lb overhead tricep extensions. I was doing 35 to 40lb overheads and benching 250. This pinched nerve took 90% of the strength from these muscles. It has only been 30 days but daily I am actively trying to recover

Anitra Moore

Thank You!!!! I started this journey 7 years ago and totally obsessed with working out!! I have cramping in my hamstrings often!!

Jay Glanton

Thanks for teaching me the thing beneath the thing!

Anitra Moore

I like to show my @ss so I have the tilt problem! ??. I need to really work on this!!! I do barre and they focus on tucking!!! I lift weights, do yoga, and so much more. How often do we do these workouts with our other regimen?


Love this. Great that you are teaming up to provide such well rounded information. THANK YOU.


Wait, I'm confused. So if I lay on my back, lift my leg 90d, and then contract my abs which results in MORE flexible hammies, that means my core is weak?


Did homie take a back seat to his own channel?


What about if you’re trying to learn to do the splits? I’m trying to get there for dancing and it seems to be a necessity to stretch hamstrings. What are your thoughts?

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Wow!!! This makes so much sense for me. Thank you

Rachelle Davis

What does it mean when I can’t straighten my leg all the way when I bring it up? I feel the stretch in my calf

Ntegrity Quinones

I Love and appreciate your channel so much it has helped me. But I have a friendly suggestion. It sounds like an echo when you are speaking, perhaps adding to the production value with a wireless lapel mic to get some crisp, deep vocals would improve your channel tremendously. It's just a suggestion, thank you so much for your information it has helped me with my uneven abs which I thought were a result of my total hip replacement surgery.

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This is unreal content.