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Glute Press with Ava Cowan

Glute Press with Ava Cowan10 Sep. 2011
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Ava Cowan demonstrates the Glute Press exercise for the butt with Nick Jones, World Bodybuilding Champion

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Can’t hear music too loud

The Warrior Woman

What is the alternative to this machine, as we don't have one like this at the gym. Thanks

Rebecca Louise

so you want her to make important suggestions but didnt bother to give her a microphone?


Can't hear a thing she's saying


I'm looking at him looking at her butt...he licks his lips right at the end, knew it! :P

Jodi Gigante

Thanks.  Hope it improves my flat glutes!

Jennifer Ullyott

Would be nice if you could hear what she was saying =/


GLUTE PRESS1 May. 2015
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TRUE's Glute Press

TRUE's Glute Press17 May. 2016
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The all-new Composite

The all-new Composite Strength line from TRUE Fitness is reinventing how you look at strength equipment. The Glute Press combines the benefits of core conditioning with full body integrated motions. Dual starting point handles allow this machine to accommodate a wide range of users varying in size. The Glute Press targets the same muscle groups and movements as many other traditional and nonconventional workouts. The Glute Press allows you to incorporate elements of weight lifting and cross training into your workout, all on one machine. Combined with Composite Motion® Technology, the Glute Press provides the integration of functional exercises using controlled movement patterns for a safer and more effective workout experience. Reinvent your strength training today with the Glute Press. For more information on TRUE’s Glute Press, visit us online at truefitness.com.

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