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11-Minute Standing Flat Belly Workout for Busy Men and Women

11-Minute Standing Flat Belly Workout for Busy Men and Women9 Jan. 2020
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If you are too busy with work but want to flatten your stomach, use this home standing workout to lose belly fat.

In just 11 minutes, this workout will activate all the muscles in your body and activate your metabolism.

This workout is so effective and it can burn the excess fat in a short period and make you lean and strong.

Enjoy the standing flat belly workout.

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Standing Flat Stomach Workout. 15 Minute Abs to Lose Belly Fat

Standing Flat Stomach Workout. 15 Minute Abs to Lose Belly Fat30 Mar. 2017
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15 minute standing abs

15 minute standing abs workout to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach at home. Body weight exercises to burn abdominal fat and get a six-pack fast. Standing workout without weights for women and men to lose belly pooch and get toned abs.

⦿ Calorie Burn: 110 - 200

⦿ Frequency: do the workout 4 times a week

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Consult your doctor before starting these exercises .

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Magrei Ramadhan

it's helpful thank you lumowell

patsy graham

this is wonderful thanks i will be doing it

Regina Mapp


Animegirl's channel


shelia hudsons

Right on! Thank you, I enjoy this. if possible broadcast more like this

hippity hopp

Honestly kind of refreshing to see a new avatar. It's always the same tan woman avatar with the same hair and same make-up. I have this idea that you make different characters and then each one has a difficulty level.
One guy- brutal workout
One girl- moderate workout
This one in your videos usually- standard workout
Over weight girl or boy- for overweight begginers/ for injury
You probably are not going to take this seriously if you even see this, but it would be like 1000x better

Jacqueline britton

Just finished and man did I sweat!!! I just started trying to really lose weight n I'm thankful for these videos

Chaitali Gajankush

definitely trying this tomorrow


I love how it guides you step by step and how personal it feels and has such a great cartoon depiction so you can mimic it!

rohan anand

i can doo ittt baby


Why did the model change to a guy??? Are these only workouts for guys??? (Is that a weird question=P)

jojan powers

Ur merch does not let us lose weight ?

AJ Tate

Oh yeah baby feel the burn