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Nike ZoomX Spikes and Flats || RR: Sneak Leaks

Nike ZoomX Spikes and Flats || RR: Sneak Leaks18 Apr. 2020
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Nike's ZoomX isn't just

Nike's ZoomX isn't just for the streets anymore. It's going to the track with the ZoomX DragonFly, and shorter road races with the ZoomX HyperFly.

Intro: 00:00

ZoomX DragonFly: 01:05

ZoomX HyperFly: 02:12

Conclusion: 03:10

Note: the HyperFly image in the thumbnail is a mock-up made by me, not an official image.



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Comments (20)
Omar Alex

I'm really looking forward on hearing your thoughts of the peg 37. Bell icon checked. BTW I really like your videos please keep it up!! ✌?

Wiktor BitOwski

This hyperfly shoes look like a Pegasus turbo shoes. I'm going to call them Pegasus turbo 3:-)

Brian B

Do you know when the Hyperfly will be released? Pretty much no info online.


It's weird with Nike, they have no non-spikes in the EU for something like 3000 m to HM. No streaks, no LT, no nothing. It's been like that for 2 years, they are completly giving up on customers in that segment.

Nathaneul Benioff

I've heard some people say that the Dragonfly was about $150, similar price to the Zoom Victory Elite 2

Jacob Runs

The dragonfly released in Japan for 153 dollars when converted from yen

John F Piccinino

I wonder when will the hyperflys be released?

Yi'en Liu

Just saying, I think nike overprices their shoes just a little. I understand that they have the latest and probably greatest technology out there right now for running shoes, but I seriously think the prices are exaggerated a little too much.

Carter Tv

will there be a xc spike or are there only track spikes releasing

Jordan Thomas

I'm here for the Hyperfly. Cool video! Didn't realize you had a YT channel. Just subscribed.




The hyperfly looks similar to the peg turbo


Update on release date to the public in the U.S?

Charlie Helfand

On Instagram I saw a picture of the hyperfly but the account that posted it said that it was just a concept they made where they put a victory elite upper on a Pegasus turbo midsole.


How much of a difference do better spikes have on your times. Like I know there is a significant difference between using trainers and spikes, but how much of a difference would there be between maybe the elite 2 and victory 3s. They are both good spikes but the elite 2 is a tad better. How much time would be subtracted off your time if you were to use the elite 2s over the victory 3s?


Where are you getting the info that Dragonfly is a carbon plated shoe? That was heavily rumored, but it's not advertised as such anywhere. I contacted Nike and they told me that it does not have any carbon fiber components.

TF XC Running Shoe Reviews

Update: The HyperFly release date isn’t until Spring 2021. The DragonFly released in Japan July 2nd (for around $150-$160 USD) so there speculation it’ll be available in the U.S August 13th.

The FOD Runner

I’m definitely interested in that speed shoe (non spikes).... they look great for a quick 5k!!

Reece Runs

Loved the video bro!

Video Games 5

Is there going to be a new XC spike for the Fall?

Nike Vaporfly's and Alphafly Next% BANNED from the TRACK!

Nike Vaporfly's and Alphafly Next% BANNED from the TRACK!29 Jul. 2020
5 604
Start Run StopSubscribe 438 721

On July 28th, the Nike

On July 28th, the Nike Alphafly Next% have been banned by the World Athletics to not be allowed in any future track races. We will continue to see runners put the Vaporfly 4%, Next%, and even the Nike Alphaflys for training either on the road or track, but racing in them will no longer be allowed.

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#StartRunStop #NikeAlphafly #BANNED

Comments (10)

The ban needs to be retroactive to invalidate the unfair scores.

Marquis Sturdivant

I own all of them. I’ve run in hoka one one’s and vaporflys and Alphafly. The vaprorfly is by far my favorite even over the Alphaflys. And I have run faster wearing vaporflys vs. new balance, brooks, and Saucony. So maybe banning them on the track isn’t a bad idea. I’ll still wear them when I do marathons though lol

Etevaldo Pereira sousa

Top demais um sonho distante,mas não custa nada sonhar

hanphil noffz

They aren't good on track anyway

Bayley Massey

I wonder if all track officials will be informed about this change now. With track meets happening across the globe from 800m up to 5000m races, im sure there will be the odd person that wears the next% and wont be told off about it. Obvcourse these are just average runners / club runners at most but i assume its the same rule for everybody across the board right?

Pacheco Maratonista

Show ??

Sota Maehara

Where did you get this screenshot at 0:43 from with the thickness of the midsoles?

Joshua Dowling

They're not banned on road

luke gleason

Crazy stuff. Wonder how Nike will respond?

Zander Jeffcoat

Does this include Hs and college?

Nike Vaporfly Killers? | Which Carbon Plate Racing Shoes Will Make You FASTER?

Nike Vaporfly Killers? | Which Carbon Plate Racing Shoes Will Make You FASTER?5 Dec. 2020
50 849

Carbon plated running

Carbon plated running shoes have burst onto the running scene in recent years - since the introduction of the Nike Vaporfly 4%s and much talk of their performance benefits since Eliud Kipchoge’s sub 2 hour marathon in Vienna in 2019, wearing a pair of prototype Alphaflys. Many brands are now onto their second iteration of shoe with carbon plate technology - so Anna and Andy have been testing them out and are giving you their thoughts on the BEST carbon plate shoes for racing out there at the moment.

In this video:

0:00 Intro to Carbon Plate Shoes - why should you care?

3:27 Asics Metaracer

5:22 On Cloudboom

6:50 New Balance Fuelcell RC Elite

8:44 Brooks Hyperion Elite 2

10:35 Hoka One One Rocket X

12:24 Adidas Adizero Adios Pro

14:59 Verdict

↓↓ What do you think about the shoes we’ve featured? Do any take your fancy? And how do you feel about the debate surrounding an unfair advantage for athletes who wear these shoes? Tell us in the comments ↓↓

Asics Metaracer


Brooks Hyperion Elite II


Hoka One One Rocket X


New Balance Fuelcell RC Elite


Adidas Adios Adizero Pro


On Cloudboom


Nike Vaporfly NEXT%


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Link to study mentioned: Creating Footwear For Performance Running


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Comments (100)
Avinash Bhogun

This is good knowledge on what's out there. I have always ran in Nike's and have a pair of Nike 4% Flyknit and Vaporfly NEXT%. I think it's part placebo and part race-day vibes that make them special trainers IMO. Both aforementioned trainers, I have experienced training runs with the previous models i.e. zoom fly and zoomX foam; so new surprises on race day and nothing new! Do your own research and gait analysis to make sure you are good for you and race day. I have been lucky enough to PB in both editions... But you do your training so it's a good indication of your efforts and remember there's no short cuts here folks! Despite the magical (carbon-plate) powers they possess!

Gary GB

Would be nice to see high end shoe compared to carbon shoe difference in speed/effort? Say Brooks hyperon to the elite carbon version? See if extra cash really gives you a big enough return?

Nick B

The vaporfly can't be killed.

Gerard Posch

What about Zoom Fly 3??

Robby Desmond

Still got my Zoom Fly 3 Nikes. The "little brother" to the old Zoom Fly Vaporfly/4%/Next%/Alphafly. Same carbon plate, same ZoomX and React foam combo. $100 cheaper. Lasting me over 700 km already and still performing great.


Metaracers are great, really comfy and feel quick. Haven't done more than a half in them yet though...

Imam Fadhil

I am laughing when you try pronounce carefully for AAA pro??

Viktor Fellinger

Ran Adidas Adios Pro today for the first time ... bouncy and fast, but not sure it will be my marathon shoe ... definitely very interesting shoe for half marathon

Nathan Baker

I think in 2021 when I can actually do some races I want to invest in a solid pair or two. I think currently I'm tossing up between the Next% or Adios Pro for when I run the GNR and I'm not sure for my 5km - 10km shoe, maybe the Endorphin Speed?

Currently looking at trying to get into sub 19 minute 5km times (although my 1km reps the other day were hovering around 5:25-5:30/mile pace with 2 minutes rest inbetween). Also hoping to go sub 1:30:00 for the Half Marathon! So if any of these might just tip the balance even by a few seconds it might be worth it!

Dave Brown

I agree with Adam Small, if you are comparing carbon plated Nike Vaporfly killers, you should have included the Saucony Endorphin Pro


Is the foggy footage from Hyde Park?

Marco B.

Congrats on 200k subs. Love you guys, keep it up.

Richard Bartley

Metaracer are super fast, firm and responsive and for me 5K and 10K. Cannot run slow in those. No Endorphin Pro in your review and that’s got to be a serious contender. The Endorphin Speed nylon plate is a lovely alternative - a great all rounder.

Struggle with the comfort on most Nikes but the Adios Pro look tempting.

If Only

Just a quick note. Contrary to gossip the Nike curved plate doesn't act as a spring but a lever stiffening the MTP ( big toe ) joint and transferring force through to the more mobile ankle joint. While this is efficient it negates the windlass effect of the plantar fascia which is literally your foot own spring board. So to be used sparingly or you'll end up with foot issues

The Running Channel

What do you think about the shoes we’ve featured? Do any take your fancy? And how do you feel about the debate surrounding an unfair advantage for athletes who wear these shoes? Tell us in the comments:

Phil Lamb

Been impressed with New Balance in general this year


Sketchers Speed Elite hyper should be on this list as it is better than many of the shoes on this list already

Trail Heart

Thanks ? just added to my ? gift list those new balance shoes ?

Andy Clark

The Running Channel

Love your videos, all cool and awesome, (and love this one) Anna your cool, my favourite and best/number 1, (you Anna) got some new trainers (tried them at gym today) Nike zoom Pegasus 37.

What do you think about Nike zoom Pegasus 37, (although it was a bit embarrassing at gym today) I had chocolate over my face while at gym, only noticed it when I got funny. Got a few stangle for it.

Funny but embarrassing. (People always cool be funny)

Biggest city in the world, Dublin cas it keeps doubling up in size.

Love your cool cool videos.

Ellie McOnie

My vaporfly next % arrived today so I tested them out on the track at training. They were rapid and I could run so much faster than I have done before. It was hard not to go fast in them. The only speculation I have is that they are definitely not very long lasting. The foam tick at the bottom has already started to peel away. I will now only use them for races ect. I was planning on buying some Pegasus 37s for everyday training but I heard the 36s were better...

Joel Bharat

Just subscribed to your channel ? ?.
I am a returning distance runner in the market for new sneakers??.. question is which ones. I prefer sneakers that provides you with the best feel of the road but yet flexible and not unstable like the adidas boost cloth upper..
The thicker your sneakers are it seems your injury risk is higher...please advise which carbon plate low drop brand would you recommend.?..
Currently I am running in mizuno wave sonic that should expires soon.....

lee basden

Have a pair of Hoka Carbon X, they take 3-5 mins out of my half marathon time which is great. I think they also take less effort to run at speed compared to my usual running shoes as I recover much faster, 24 vs 48 hours.

The Ancient Runner

No Saucony? It was their breakout year with the Endorphin Pro and Speed and arguably the shoe that has gotten the most attention over the Nike this year and I can attest to how good the Pro and Speed are personally. I understand you cannot include them all but the Cloudboom and no Endorphins? Incomplete review in my opinion.

The Marathon Experience

Regulation is definitely a good thing for the elite runners, but for 99% of runners who don't compete with others but only with themselves - trying to be better tomorrow than they were yesterday - I would focus mostly on how do these shoes "feel" vs how much time it makes them win.
Love this review! Great video!

mr blue

i run asics gt 2000 they are great,

Bernard Alchalal

Excellent content. I love when you do gear reviews.
I'm curious about how the Saucony Endorphin Pro matches up to the other carbon plated racers.

Steve Burstall

I keep seeing all those high foams and I hear my knees screaming in pain. I have worn Asics a few time in the past and not problem. From this video, they seemed to have the lowest heel foam, which is still slightly higher than what I'm currently running in.

Mitch O'Brien

Still waiting for Altra to drop a carbon plate shoe

Chris Rose

After the 4% came the vaporfly 4% and then the next %

Claire Sweter-millar

The playing field has levelled out a lot now with all major manufacturers having a carbon fibre option. I like the look of the Adidas adizero adios pro but for value the Hoka rocket x looks a good bet.

Kevin ODonovan

Thanks! I asked for a next % alternatives video a while back so thanks for doing one!
Still think the carbon plate is cheating but is it getting to most people using them so don't get left behind?
Seems there's a bit of compromise with most of the shoes, whether it's stability, ankle support, wet grip? Great to hear of the options out there though, now if my local running shops would stock a couple of them....

Timothy Brammer

I’ve been happy with the endorphin speed, £155 and it does everything. ?

Nick P

I'm an Adidas man generally. I'm mostly interested in expected lifespan, which wasn't mentioned here

Samuel Mark Webb

I purchased a pair of carbon plated shoes. Unfortunately, they tore on the lateral side. I believe I need a wider fitting shoe (due to my wide feet), however, I cannot seem to find a carbon plated shoe that is available in a wide (E) size ?

mr blue

so nike run shoes make you run quicker,

Lucas Oldaker

its not hard to see the carbon fiber plate with the soft rubber cause a spring board affect

Steve Burstall

Ban the swoosh.

Ilian Kodzhahristov

Adios Pro, the new normal! ADIDAS RUNNERS WORLDWIDE!

Noli Estrada

Wow nice

sean tellier

Why do the British insist on pronouncing Adidas, like la di da, or something? Lol. It's pronounced, "uh-dee-dus." ?

Sandeep Mestry

Omitted Saucony Endorphin Pro? Probably the best innovation this year and a great competitor to Nike. Its also the most loved shoe.

Saad Banna

I liked the Cloud boom but is little expensive for design stolen from Reebok 2016

orc carding

Thank you for the reviews and suggestions.

Martin Duffy

Next challenge, Anna and the team to all wear a pair of Adidas Adjacent Adjective Adverb (or whatever they're called!) on a muddy winter 10km trail run - it'll be like an episode of Scooby Doo with your legs skid-addling everywhere! Good video again guys!

Barbara Markie

I have a low candence and brake with my heel before taking off again between each step and my strides are longer , I've tried taking smaller strides but results are the same , I can run half marathons on my Nike's can't see them right now so can't remember what style they are , I actually feel ore comfortable running to the ice cream van wearing my memory foam slippers , the sports shops around here is JD sports and sports direct who don't have a clue when it comes to training shoes ,out of the shoes you have tried and tested what would you suggest for me , I'm training for a marathon ( my first marathon ) and my dad gave me a generous amount of money for Xmas I wouldn't want it to go to waste ?? Thanks in advance anyone

Robert Shunk

Congrats on hitting 200k subscribers! Your videos are the best - I look forward to seeing them whenever they pop up!

Jason B

Why no inclusion of the Vaporfly, Alphafly and Zoom Fly 3 as a comparison? Surely the innovators in the field are the benchmark for all others to be measured against? After running an event last week - 95% of the front runners are all in Vaporfly and Alphafly shoes. Although i run in Nike's, i'd consider myself as fairly brand agnostic but it does seem that there are two camps here - Nike lovers and Nike haters?


I love my saucony endorphin speeds! But i would like to get a pair of the asics metaracers for shorter distances

Novenne Lagua

Want to be fast? Hardwork can do

Btw those shoes are badboys

Noli Estrada

I want that shoes

Brandon Demers

Andy: longtime NB athlete

Also Andy: The NB is the best!

But also it is brilliant! Just had a little giggle. For me it’s the HPE2.

Ashish Bangera

Nothing is in budget ?

Eddie Scott

I know everyone has a different opinion on the matter; but it would have been great to include a bit on when and how you should use a carbon plated shoe :) maybe include it in a video on ‘different types’ of shoe and how to use them ... everyday trainer, racing shoe, tempo shoe, cross training, recovery day shoe etc etc ☺️

Michael Herald

I know they're featured in a other video, but shocked the Endorphin Pro aren't in this one. They're my favorite shoe so far. The Rocket X are ok, but for $20 more I'd just go with the Endorphin Pro. I am trying out the Fuelcell RC Elite now and like them too. But haven't decided if I like them more than the Endorphin Pro since I don't have too many miles in them.

Michael Rheiner

Nice review....we live in a great time for shoe technology! The Endorphin Pro and Skechers options would be good to add to a comparison. As always, well done and thanks for looking at them....so fun wearing a high end shoes that just make you feel fast!



Marie Alessandra

Got myself a pair of Vaporfly Next% for my birthday on December 1st ? really looking forward to trying them in the spring.

Dave Oly

Disappointed you did not discuss the Saucony endorphin pro.

Dave 888

I've held back buying any as I really need stability running shoes due to my pronation. As soon as they release these with a carbon plate I will definitely invest. Asics I am looking at you!

Kevin Lance

Very interesting video, thanks. In a way it gives me the get new shoes bug. I would love to try a pair of plate shoes just to get the feel but both of my shoes in current rotation (Ghost 13/Bondi 7) are about 100 miles each so it probably be summer before I look into it.


I don't like the sound that is used when changing from one segment (shoe) to another one. The whoosh sound. I literally thought my kids were jumping on the floor upstairs.


Anna forefoot strike is really pronounce. She looks like she's basically tip toeing. Does it not hurt her calves?

Terry Lapins

Even though it's a 2019 shoe. For me I'm keen to eventually get my hands on (well technically get my feet in) a pair of next %
My current Road-racing pair I have are the poor man's version of the vaporflys. I have the Nike zoom flys, so off the back of those would be keen to have the next % or even the zoom fly 3s.
I also believe that like the evolution of human speed in the progression of the marathon WR or even the 1 mile, that technology in shoes naturally evolves, so if you compare a Bekele 10km track WR in 2004 to a Cheptagi 10km in 2020 they both had the best possible track spike avalanche to them at the time, if that all makes sense.

My Yule jog day 5 has now turned into a double day square... (as I didnt get a chance to do one yesterday) this morning I ran on my local parkrun route, 5km of course and not at 9am, now I've just watched this video. So that's 2 squares to tick off!!


I have purchased Brooks Adrenaline GTS for many years. Earlier in the year when I went for my fit I was told my style had slightly changed (I am 64 and I now bring my foot through at a bigger angle.) I was told that the Brooks trainer was still ideal for me but by replacing the insole with a carbon insole may help me rectify the problem. I am not sure if the problem is still as so severe but my question is the carbon insole similar to the carbon plating in a trainer?


If you can get those adidas ones in black, i might get myself a pair!

al Rumie

Great review, done Subscribed. Btw I'm all the way from Malaysia who love to Run

Michael Kennedy

In Australia the Adidas shoes work out about $20 more than the Vaporfly next %. In AUD the Adidas sell for $340

Ali B

Yeah good, but I'll stick with my kalenji 100 run, thank you ?


No Endorphin Pro? Carbon X2?

Katherine Mae Fairbanks

I love shoes like that its very nice and comfortable in our feet very comfy ... Thats great shoes ??


I always liked Saucony when I used to be able to afford them. They don't seem to be reduced as much in sales these days. Wanted to hear how you thought their carbon shoe compares. Though it's not looking like I'll ever have money for things like this.

royal cakez

Aww Andy, you need to make more appearances man.


I’ve got both the Nike 4% and next%. With the latter only being used in races (3 in total all PB’s)

Masimo Iannelli

thank you for the video, great video. I am only missing the saucony endorphin pro that in my opinion are at the top with vaporfly. I have been lucky enough this year to be able to get the alphafly, vaporfly, the saucony and the metaracer, so i can only judge on these ones, but if i can give an advice, don't do that it is a mistake, don't buy different brands it doesn't help, choose one and stick to it. My favourite are the saucony, and the metaracer, of course with vaporfly, but what i can say is, that there is a lot of nonsense going on about running economy, in my experience the running economy is there when you don't feel the shoes, that are working for you effortlessly. This is not the case in many of these shoes. Let me try to explain, each of these shoes pops in a very different way, to reach the point where your body understands the pop from the carbon plate, you need to train a lot into them (and with the price of these shoes, is it really possible?) so that when you try to relax in the pace your body expect that pop that propels you forward and use it in its advantage. if you don't do that in many cases the pop is counter productive because your muscle tense to absorb the impact so you end up working harder. Let's talk about the elephant in the room, the alphafly. they are a mistake, or at least a step back compared the the vaporfly, too heavy, too bulky and the 4mm drop it doesn't help, in my experience i can't understand the pop, it seem to bounce in the wrong moment, especially when i am tired, i need to work harder just to get home, running economy(?). Nike is sponsoring the tempo next % as trainer and the alphafly as racer, but the tempo next % is a 10mm drop, don't you think that if you train your long runs in a 10mm drop and you race a marathon in a 4mm drop you are going to injury your calf?

Chris McCoy

Bottom line is the Nike vapor fly next% is the best carbon plated racing shoe.Spend the extra money and get the best shoe.The other shoes out there are great I’ve tried most of them but when you put on the next% it’s like “Ahhhh,that’s what I’m looking for”

Euphresia Thabani

I have been using wrong running shoes ?? thank you to the video


That strange sound you can hear is probably Chris McDougall screaming at the screen


I dont think you could call it an unfair advantage as long as anyone can buy the shoe. Materials evolve and the tech in the material with them.

If you are sponsored by a brand with an inferior shoe; get a different sponsor...

Leon Al

For me the Adios Pro and the Endorphin Pro have become my favourite racers with both slightly edging the Next%.
As mentioned informatively in the video this can vary depending on running mechanics, shape of foot, weight etc.

Tim Gosling

For what it's worth I believe the carbon plate and foam assist your foot muscles by storing and giving you back some of the energy you would otherwise lose in the flex of the foot. The increased stack height also makes a small difference to your 'gearing' by lengthening your effective stride. At 63, I run 5k in around 26 mins in my old Nike Flyknit 5 natural feel shoes and just over a minute quicker in the Next%s. Both shoe types are about the same weight. So whatever it is it works for me.

Omar Sherif

Just ordered my Adios Adizero's in bright orange pink, hope they're as good as you say Anna

milind Chakraborty

The best shoes ??

António Gonçalves

4:51 is the Hybrid shoe between the Asics metaracer upper and the sole of the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro.


Chances of getting the adios .... 0%


The better Trainer (shoe) will you make stronger and faster instead of too fast for your current strength..
On racetrack and dry Tartan it's the adidas adizero adios Pro.
Carbon Plate should reduce the drain gutter effect ob the metarsals as well. But this incl. decoupling the metarsals -> Energy Rods of the adidas adizero adios Pro.

Mark Desmarais

Carbon fiber plates..Brooks 1991..Reebok Instapump Fury 1994..so nothing new. Asics Noosa Tri 10 & 11..carbon-fiber plate.. inside of arch to forefoot ..great ride. These look cool, but are way too expensive. They are hot-looking..don't expect over 100 miles.


Which ones last longer because I've heard that the carbon fibre plate wears out and stops giving you that propelling boost after a while? I think that being they are so expensive, it would good to know.

Phil Brown

You forgot the Adidas Adizero Pro? The Adios isn't the only carbon plated shoe Adidas make.. I have the Adizero Pro and find it great. Can often be bought for under £130 too. Excellent half marathon option.

Arron Trevor

Interesting video even if I have no immediate plans to get any. Wonder how many takes Anna needed to say "Adidas Adios Adizero Pro" :)

Jose Gomez

Endorphin Pros are up there, yet they were omitted in this video?

shaista mazhar


Karen Taylor



I love my ASICS Metaracer! The looks, the feel & the lightness are some of a few qualities I like about the shoes. I was really surprised how comfortable these shoes were!! I basically got them for longer distances but found it to be great for shorter ones. By far my favorite running shoes right now!

Mike Zane

I did not like at all the Asics metaracer . For me it was the worst shoe of the year. Felt like my ($32) Adidas SL20. The endorphin,fuelcell,vaporfly,alphalfly etc... are way better. I guess that it the reason the shoe is getting a total


Technology is always moving forward. We see it with watches, kit, nutrition, recovery and of course shoes. Like a lot of "old school" runners I am resistant to change, but it's becoming increasingly more difficult to avoid. For average runners like us I feel the carbon plate shoes make little to no difference at all. In the elite ranks where there are millions of dollars on the line, sponsors to please and time standards to be achieved....every advantage helps. Small percentages of gains in several areas can add-up to improved performance, and in a race where where the top 10 guys are running 2:06 or better it really does matter what small gains you can achieve from from these technological advances. Why is 40mm the legal limit? I don't quite understand that.

Lev and Martha Polyakin-Aarons

I have the Hyperion Elite 2 and the Vaporfly Next % (Nike is being saved for the Boston Marathon whenever it is finally scheduled —hopefully next fall if safe to do so). The Brooks is a fun shoe and very stable as Anna pointed out. The DNA Flash midsole is on the firmer side but as a fan of the Hyperion Tempo I knew what to expect. I have not had a problem with the heel rubbing some people complain about but I preemptively slapped a patch of tape over my Achilles the 1st couple of runs in them just in case. I’ve used them for some virtual races during this pandemic with good results—-feeling less sore after than I would have felt in my low stack shoes (used to race in the adidas Bostons). I also love the Endorphin Speeds, for the normality of the gait thanks to the flexibility/subtlety of the nylon plate, and hence their versatility. Warning about the NB RC Elite, which I tested at the same time as the HE2: My husband filmed me from behind the treadmill in slow motion and they caused a very bizarre, pronounced overpronation (almost a double foot strike) that I don’t naturally have as a neutral runner. The thought of that inefficiency over 26.2 forced me to send them back even though they felt fun and bouncy. In stark contrast the Brooks were incredibly stable. Love your videos. Martha


Come on Asics, you can do a better one.

Pronit Kumar Hajong


Luke Murphy

Honestly don't know how the Zoom Fly 3 was left out. Looks and feels similar enough to vaporfly and would have been the cheapest on the list and has carbon plate and zoom foam.