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Salvage Title Cars: Bargain or Nightmare?

Salvage Title Cars: Bargain or Nightmare?18 Nov. 2019
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We all dream about owning some of our favorite cars like the Nissan GTR, Subaru WRX STI, VW GTI, BMW M3, and the list goes on and on! Chances are you too have stumbled across the cherry-perfect “For Sale” ad on the internet for your dream car. The price is perfect but the title is 99% of the time SALVAGE! Is it really worth purchasing a car with a salvage title and what are the consequences?

WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.

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Comments (100)
the brick God himself yt

I have a 2006 Laborghini Gallardo Spyder that is a a salvage title, I rebuilt it and put a Twin-Turbo, i found a roof for a coupe and made my Spyder a Hard top convertible, it is also manual

Matthew Androus

salvage cars suk

TheBestForYou TBFY

Guys, literally 80% maybe even 90% of cars where I live (Kyrgyzstan, look that up) drives salvaged cars from the states, japan and europe. And they drive as any regular car that has clean title

John Malfavon

All my cars are reviewed from salvage which bring its worth almost 100 percent bevk

Siniaya Kantrell

I drive a 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT That is a salvage car front end collision when I bought it I have since had it rebuilt (I paid $500 for the car)

steven zemo

Got a 2000 Trans am for 5k with 80k miles.....Best car Ive owned Mod the shit out of it too because I bought it for me not the next guy. That being said I smacked my old 73 vette into a telephone pole and fixed it, never reported it, so when I sold it to the new guy he asked "is the title clean?" he never asked if it was horribly wrecked, Just because your title is "clean" doesn't mean some dirty shit hasn't happened to it.

Kevin Arndt

Depends on what the damage was, if your not buying it yourself and fixing it then I would say goggle the vin and click the images tab and alot of times pictures from the auction will show up

Casey Holcomb

love the fact that he’s sitting behind low-car?

Lyse gaming [bruh]

my 1966 t bird is salvaged from a crash my dad was in but its still og


Estaba viendo este video en Facebook y de repente la wea se cerro sola jqjaja


"If it's Flooded, Forget It" - Department of Transportation, Government of Australia

Kenia Monterroso

The jolly beginner partially love because quartz electrophysiologically dislike except a robust hope. ad, smiling file

Benjamin Romero

A baldwin park!!!!!

Brandon Son - RS Motorsports

Loop hole. Goto Texas, register car, come back to CA and re-register. Car now has clean title


Lmao like the rust bros shout out in this vid


A car with extensive flood damage is very difficult to fix, harder to sell and because of that the cheapest. A flooded Title can be good. If it is extensive, You'd buy it because you plan on Tearing it down to the frame anyways.

So if you plan on stripping the car down to its frame, then a Flooded Vehicle could save you a lot of money because you would have to get to the frame anyways.

Uwu 016

As long as they are compared good and didn’t have ridiculous damage I’m all in for it

James Jendrusina

Got a 2010 Audi A4 for 8k off a rebuilt. After putting about 3k worth of repairs into it, best car I’ve had


Mine is salvaged.
All that has happened was the front bumper fell off : (

Le Asher

Someone ran into my first car in an intersection and as a result the car was "totaled' which seemed a little heavy a price to bear on a car that just had a dented quarter panel and door. The car had some minor issues (as all first cars do) but they didnt take those into consideration. I rebuilt it myself but now the car has a salvage title. So that was fun to deal with lol

Car Nation Videos

8:42 I think it’s funny everytime someone says this. I would assume 99% of people don’t have mechanics. People act like a mechanic is like having a family doctor or something. If I have a problem with my vehicle that I can’t fix then I take it to a shop, but I don’t personally know any of them therefore I can’t trust them.

Scotty Kilmore always says the same stuff. “Before you buy a car, take it to a mechanic.”

If mechanics are going to check cars out before I buy them that means I would have to schedule the meeting to buy he car, hope the seller allows me to take it to a mechanic shop and then I would have to schedule an appointment with the mechanic which sounds like a nightmare. It’s not like mechanics offer this service for a certain fee. You walk into the service lounge and tell the lady what you need done. She’s quickly gonna tell you they are all busy and can’t.

Stop saying have a mechanic check it out. I PERSONALLY know a mechanic and I’ve never been able to get him to check a car over before I buy it. If I buy a car 100 miles away, and he’s busy with his family on a fishing trip then it never works out.

Nikos K.

Damn, America! You more Greeks than we are ?

Shah S.

been driving a salvage title for 6 years (you guessed it, Toyota Camry)

Commander137 Lol

nice video

Ismael Ornelas

Where TF is SCOTTY??

HavenOf Bundles

I do sell only salvage cars and I have a lot of customers. The right thing to do is to show the before and after picture and all the repair you did on the car. Now you have to be smart when buying a salvage car if you want to do it as a business I do not buy cars if the airbag is deployed or the frame is damage, I do not buy front end collision.

jay yee

I purchased salvage vehicles from insurance auction, iaai and copart. Some vehicles i repair others i resell As is. Been doing it for 6 years! Love it!

Bryce Roberts

I do like dealing with electrical problems... I'm an electrical engineer so that challenge always helps in my designing process.


I like that they used Mike and Avery from Rust Valley Restorers

brunilda avdiu

Did u know title washing transforms ur e class into a c coupe

Practical Bible Studies

Some states will issue a Rebuilt title to previously salvaged cars. That way you can get it insured and fully legal.

Austin vlogs

Hey Nolan,don't know if you read old comments but in your opinion what is the best way for a kid (14 year old) to earn money for my dream car (350z)?

Cup of Joe

I bought a jeep cherokee for 1300 dollars and had no idea it had a rebuilt title. For 1300 bones I didn't care.

Reo San

my mom bought a $35,000 car for $13,000 (given the fact that its a 2015 we bought in 2020) after minor front end damage. airbags didnt even deploy.

legendary broly

Wats a reasonable mileage to buy a car at. I’m looking for my first car. I see a lot of people buying cars at almost 200,000 miles but I hear I should be buying max 150,000.


Theta/GDI engine problems aside, I picked up a 2012 Sonata 2.4l limited with 55k for 5 grand. It’s in great condition too. Question, am I not eligible for an engine replacement due to the recall if mine goes because it’s a salvage title car?

Jose Gonzalez

I have rebuild a few cars for personal use and as long as you use oem parts and repair the right way you are safe .


You cant insure salvage the same. If you are going to spend a bunch of money it is good to be able to insure it well..

Kirby Griffin Memes

Scotty where are you

Jaidon Lusk

Rust bros noice


Just found out my car had been title washed when i started pulling stuff off it yesterday. I'm not very happy

Xxlegit DashxX

I bought a 2007 ford focus ses with a salvage title and its nice

Kendall Lewis

rust brosss

Donut Media

What salvage car would you buy to fix up?

Andre LaBeach

I'd buy one... As long as repairs were done correctly... Hell... Most of what's on roads in jamaica is worst than salvage cars in the us


Just bought my track/project car that took months to find with a clean title. Main reason to avoid sal/rebuilt titles was the insurance & registration fiasco. I’ll be spending s lot on the car. I’m not ready to buy a truck and trailer too.

brandon blythe

I looked this up as I'm halfway through the process of getting a rebuilt title. Kinda makes me feel crummy but it's probably cheaper than buying something else

DeWayne Hodges

i have had a few salvage title cars. i bought my daily from a sketchy shop. 2012 fusion for 4k? yessir. have had it for 2 years and no problems except the battery

Sage Tolsma

"im with you donna"
me too Nolan, Me too ?

Christian Ledesma

Me living in California ?

Scott Tiefenbach

Not hard to figure out what was damaged. Just google the VIN and look at auction pictures. Insurance companies do not charge any more at all. They just give you less if YOU total it.

Lovro Pablo

Bruhh my parents bought a brand new S class that had a broken passenger door for the third of the price and bought new door fixed it and had it for 10 years. Then sold it for more than bought for.


My first car was a salvage title Celica GTS. It was honestly a fantastic car and I got it for $3000.
I drove it to 200k miles before I blew up the motor in the mountains.

I’d happily buy another one.

Dave DiPetrillo

Walked away from a salvage title car. Guy tried to sell it as a clean title. Looked up the vin and found out that my insurance basically wouldn’t cover it. He was also trying to sell high and compete with the regular market.

Erik Truchinskas

The best part about salvage title cars? Cheap potential race car

Andre Reyes

What is Ron Jeremy and Dee Snider doing here at 2:16?

J- Hickz

real video starts at 1:40 thank me later

Jacob Park

Depends on the car.


I love how the car community comes together. Shout out to Scotty ☺️

Matt M

7:39 Gotta love an endorsement from...
Hold on...
Steve Morris?!

M Walker

The only thing you can trust from CarFax is the location history. Don't count on CarFax to identify accidents. Its good for verifying that a clean CA car was in CA its entire life, and didn't come from a rust state like NJ, and sold at an auction, then end up in CA. That is the only information that you can be sure to get from CarFax. Just because CarFax does not list an accident does not mean the car was not in an accident.

Pacocloud 04

How much is a full price for a salvage mustang like a 2010 by full price i mean like already fixed and everything (ps a v6)

damian cervantes

I've had an infiniti q60 2018 lexus is200t 2016 infiniti q50 2015 Honda accord 2016 all driven for about a year then sold with out any issues. And an fj cruiser for 5 years that I take offroad 3 times a year. 0 issues as long as you repair them correctly and they don't have that much damage to begin with.

john Dombrowski

I'm 17 I bought a salvage miata love the thing to death but its been 3 months and I cant get that damn rebuild paperwork


215k Subaru wed wagon salvage title for 5k what the fuck!?!?

Steve Brown

bought a salvage title altima, looked fine , no issues for a year. got rear ended guy's insurance would only give me $800 for the car. lawyer would not help, neither did my insurance company. book value was $4500 if it was not a salvage title. I will only buy another if it is real cheap.


Where's scotty

Squat Penguin2

Aye Rust Bros!

SonJa Kid

Scotty will buy it as long as it's a celica


They got Mike and Avery for the video!!!!!


“Probably Scotty Kilmer”???
“Rev up ur engine”???


lmao the scotty kilmer reference

Newy M

Honestly the government should have some standard across all states. I hate how it is different for each state

Gaming_and_Reality 101

Some times a insurance company will total a car for some petty damage too. And the salvage title means didly squat cause nothing major was even damaged in the first place.

B Mc

Just restored a salvage mustang. Went off road, tore up the undercarriage, gas tank, axle, etc. Spent $4,000 in repairs and it performs like a new car. Now I have the car I wanted for about $6,000 less than market.

Richard Smith

Rev up your salvage title engines

damian campoz

Salvage is good with a professional inspection, unless food


I only drive salvage cars, owned multiples at that, and never had a problem.

Richard Medina

Rev up your engines

Brandon pavon

I drive the car not the piece of paper...

Anthony Lopez

Last 3 vehicles I bought were salvage. One is great but the other is a beater. Forntunetly I know how to work on cars so I can fix alot of problems. Got to be smart in your purchase.


Salvage title is also used when a vehicle has no title

Ekstra Official

This video is perfectly timed, the only time YouTube recommended actually helped. I literally just put up a Chevy S10 for sale. Salvaged title.

Never knew a salvaged title could make or break a car sale. Thank you!

HavenOf Bundles

I honestly think salvage cars are best to buy. I am in the industry and I know a lot of people that repair clean title car and sell it and if you see the damage the clean title cars have you will run away. Clean title no accident reported that's all it mean. Salvage accident reported. Do you want to buy a car that the accident was reported and you know what was the problem or do you want to buy a car that the accident wasnt reported and you dont know the repair? Do your due diligence before buying a car.

Kathryn Miranda

My first car was salvage title and had been in a wreck. I bought it at an auction. I drove it for 1yr and ended up trading it in and got blue book value for its YMM. If you know people who are in the industry of fixing vehicles, I say buy one. But definitely don't buy one if you have no clue what you are doing. You could end up losing all your money and have no car

Bill Lockheed

I’m one of the 45 from Mississippi! Poor straight six Cherokee

Cy-Fair Clean

If buying a salvage car go into it with the mindset of keeping it as a project or kick around ride. If you are able to sell it then that’s an unexpected bonus.


I love how I just finished watching a Scotty Kilmer video and then he makes an SK joke

Taelor Watson

Someone should ask Scotty kilmer if it was between the Toyota was a salvage title or a Fiat with the clean title which one would he recommend to a buyer.

I bought a flood car. I converted into a sub


3 out of my 5 cars are rebuilt titles my sister are both driving them aslong as its been properly rebuilt its fine often it can even just be air bags going off in a vender bender that can total a car because airbags can be a grand plus a piece

Big Guy



Nobody wastes the time or money to rebuild cars that are smashed all to hell, just go on copart or iaa and look at the cars in the auction and you will se hundreds and thousands of cars marked “run and drive” that are fully functioning and drivable cars that just need cosmetic repairs like hoods and bumpers and headlights and fenders and paint jobs, or some that are rear ended and need rear bumpers and tail lights
These repairs are not difficult and it just makes sense that there are people out there willing to fix them and get them back out there on the roads
The really badly damaged cars are sold to dismantlers like LKQ and other parts stores that take the parts off of them and sell them to body shops to use on repairable cars
In this age of “environmentalism” you’d think that automotive rebuilders would be hailed as recyclers who are helping to reduce waste and pollution but they never get credit for that

Nathan Beeney

salvage titles make the car worth half the original price


Don’t just don’t

Noah Kanz

Anyone else searching for Scotty's comment?

Dimitri Patakos

I’ve had a 2011 Jetta since 2106 as a daily driver. Put over 50k on her and she’s still working great. Definitely got lucky I was younger and didn’t know what a salvage title is. Be careful and do the full research always you might not be so lucky!

Caleb P

8:07 ?

Jake Hancock

Id subscribe but not until all these in-video ads and sponsors go away.
The videos just haven't been the same since.

pritam singh

His 350z looks like it's Been abandoned


i bought Miata with salvage title and the thing is that this car was never been into any accident at all. there is no history of accident anywhere. every piece of the car has original Vin number tag on it. does anyone have any idea how i can fix the title or what should i do with the car since i wont be able to get a insurance or drive it on streets ?

James Arthur - Train Wreck (Karaoke Version)

James Arthur - Train Wreck (Karaoke Version)10 Nov. 2020
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Comments (100)
Faith Raver

I came because James charles sang this

Thersa Goodwin

Train wreck is sad/underrated for suicide

Yvonne regaspi


Jesus has memes

This song came out 4 years ago but it doesn’t feel like 4 years ago-
Old songs don’t get old for some reason-

Yadih Egrang

This song too epic

fizzy filmz

i sound like im singing meow

Tiara Songer

....is no one going to talk about how it says “sanctum” and not “sad song”.....what

Shooq Yaqoob

I sing good but idk why no one likes it
I have no one to support me
I thought I sing bad
That’s why I stopped singing for a while

Marya2020gamer Maryam

The song-some lyrics r wrong

firepie YT

lul i dont get it my friends say i sing awesomly gud but i dont like it for me legit i sound like a dying goat xD ehm ye but like who could imagine world incredibly good without 3 things
1.Billie Eilish
3.this chanel

Vidmarie Perez

When I sing the song I feel like is this powerful words and when I sing this is like my voice sounds like an angel the same time and I sometimes sing it with his voice is really cool and I sound better


Love this song

Jenn Orozco

Cm you do angels like you by Miley Cyrus

gacha darla

Im sinfing and im alone and when i tellu i was yelling i mean Yelling

Dixie D'Amelio


Sofía Ferreira

2:26 best minutes


James: Sings It Really Low
Me Sitting Here Sounding Like A Man In The Deep End.

Milly and Lailas journey!


M and m Group

I sound like a dying rat or skunk

Asia Mae Dela Cruz


Pandawins0 My roblox:pandawins0


Jesenia Mendibles

This was too fast

jayd samantha


Lyshannette Grant

Hey! Would love for you all to check out my cover of Train Wreck! I’m an 18 year old singer from the UK ❤️

uwu uwu


Marj Lagos


nyirah and kalaya


Excuse me? I’m sorry but


Meadhbh McElgunn


Abby Panda!!

You got some of the lyrics wring

Movies And others




Matt Braley

Do hamiltion? I feel like I can't do any other kareoke channel and yours is so perfect I just wanna memorise guns and ships! Also I kept saying: snacktom instead of sanctum XD

Family Owusu-Antwi

my.. throat

Madison Blair

I need some advice I’m kind of worried because in my choir group I have to do a spotlight Friday it’s like a singing talent show and I’m really nervous I have a good voice but I’m really scared I will mess up

• c l x v e r •


Sophia Francisco


Sandra Okula

Is it weird I sang this on my toilet

Georges Mallo1

Who is here from tiktok

ugh daddy

love your channel sing king


Some of the lyrics are messed up

David Gomes

Oi burras


Am I the only that keeps singing it to deep to the point when you can’t sing any deeper?-

ajim noob

Holy shIT yourr VOICE IS SO FUCKING AMAZINGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!

eli sulejmani

Laying in the silence
Waiting for the sirens
Signs, any signs I'm alive still
I don't wanna lose it
I'm not getting through this
Hey, should I pray? should I pray
To myself? To a God?
To a saviour who can

Unbreak the broken
Unsay these spoken words
Find hope in the hopeless
Pull me out of the train wreck
Unburn the ashes
Unchain the reactions, I'm not ready to die, not yet
Pull me out of the train wreck
Pull me out, pull me out, pull me out
Pull me out, pull me out

Underneath our bad blood
We still got a sanctum, home
Still a home, still a home here
It's not too late to build it back
'Cause a one-in-a-million chance
Is still a chance, still a chance
And I would take those odds

Unbreak the broken
Unsay these spoken words
Find hope in the hopeless
Pull me out of the train wreck
Unburn the ashes
Unchain the reactions, I'm not ready to die, not yet
Pull me out the train wreck
Pull me out, pull me out, pull me out
Pull me out, pull me out, pull me out

You can say what you like 'cause see, I would die for you
I, I'm down on my knees and I need you to be my God
Be my help, be a savior who can

Unbreak the broken
Unsay these reckless words (find hope in the hopeless)
Pull me out of the train wreck
Unburn the ashes
Unchain the reactions, I'm not ready to die, not yet
Pull me out of the train wreck
Pull me out, pull me out, pull me out
Pull me out, pull me out, pull me out

Joseph Justice

Can you please do a karaoke of “Starting over” by Niykee Heaton PLEASE PLEASE?

DamonE Stewart


pastel ruby

I love .

JoAnna Henry

Please do save me by Jelly roll. Please please please

Your moms laundry basket

0:48 - mark for myself

Baboon Panda

I love singing this song


The "ahhh"part?it feels so emotional if you sing that part????


I only sung this twice and I'm already really good at it I barely listened to this song even ??

Emma Willianen

Pull meow

Angel Playz

I love tgis songggg

Ana Gabriela

Alguém brasileiro ??

feline tendecy

Just did a cover on my channel ❤?


My mom's worried because I kept singing this and she thought I'm planning to do suicide but the truth is, I'm challenged because I can't hit the notes of this song.


Subscribeeeeee? ???️?‍♂️


this song really got me
when i was 9 that is the first time i tried to committed suicided
when i was ten i tried agian
when i was eleven i chocked myself in front of my class
when i was twelve i tries slicing my rist
when i was thirteen i tried banging metal and heavy things on my head i also tried jumping out the window


pull meow

• Crystal •


Manny Jordan

I love this song man ?

Sing King

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Mrs Malfoy

Omg I had my eyes closed the whole time and I did it

It's Just Ro

Can I use your tracks for covers if I give creditss?


I actually did the ahh part good ?

akyra chan


Jeyana Clarke

I wrote the song wrong it’s underneath a bad blood we still got a sad song

The filmes


Dereka Walker

U get so stuff wrong it's fray not pray two time then it's sad song not sacrum


Me shouting as loud as i can :AHHHHHHHH, im down on my knees and i need you to be my god....


2:18 is when the high note comes, ur welcome

Rangga shiwa kottama


Jade David

i subscribed :]

lolsosc lol

Can you make all i know plsss


i sang this in front of my dog and now shes either a sleep or dead

Ella Russell

I love this song ? Thanks so much yet again Sing King ?

stormy beauchamp

For people who suffer from depression or any disease:
Don't worry, there's gonna be a light in your tunnel. And the sooner you know it, You'll be out and ready to go. Love yourself, Like we love you. Your not useless, They are just jelous of how amazing you are ? You matter, Never forget that. Whatever you do dont give up ??

For people who think about committing suicide: Don't do it, It's not worth it. Think about how much people would miss you...The people who care for you..Just remember your never alone and we love you, Nothing is worth committing suicide unless its for saving someone else ❣

For people who think they need plastic surgery: You dont need that. Your beautiful just the way you are and you shouldnt change for ANYONE. You are good enough, Don't listen to the people who say anything bad about you, Just ignore them go on with your day. You are better then them.

For people who have lost someone important: Its okay, They are in a safer place now. And they are watching you from heaven, They are proud of you like I am, Don't loose hope your amazing and you can fight those tears! ♥

For people who have lost someone due to the pandemic: It will be okay, You can do this! And I know how proud that person is of you, Just dont give up and we love you ?

Nadeen Ibrahem


[ Aesthetically h i r a e t h ]

It was going to fast..

that muffin

Find hope in the hopele—eEe—es

Toni Collins


Heb Jdbd


Lauane Sabine



bro i can try but i can never match the amount of emotion in this song


Anyone else reading this while singing XD

Hailey Simmons

I want this to be my music for my floor dance in gymnastics



Mark Salisbury

When i sing this song all the happy memories with my family when it lockdown and i cant meet them :( everyone is going threw a bad time

Just remember at least u still have a family :) Hope i made ur night or morning or afternoon

Norsitina Omar

I tried to sing this yet I've said "I'm ready to die yeah yeah". I was closing my eyes I'm sorry

Michelle Fox

You messed up some of the lyrica

hayden SwAnEy

if sing king likes this he doesnt want me to kill myself

Maggie Gonzales

Everyone else: pull me outttttt
Me: poo MEOWWW

CJ Mansfield

Me singing: Not ready to die, not yet pull me out of the train wreck
My sister: U almost got hit by a train?!!!!!????!!!???? I'm calling the cops!!
Me: NOOOO!! I'm singing a song called train wreck! DUH!
My sister: OOOOOH MAKES SENSE NOW! I'm telling mom!

Shayla Saavedra

Bruh me recorded myself sounds bad me singing it sounds good ....

Abigail Story

I will sing a solo OmGq?

Lillianna Fisk

i never sang so good be for

sara khasawneh

Can you do arcade ?

Angel Playz


honeyhoney- Let's Get Wrecked

honeyhoney- Let's Get Wrecked14 Mar. 2012
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Didn't see the studio

Didn't see the studio version of this on Youtube, and I think it's a pretty cool song, so...here it is... enjoy! :o)


We're holed up in Cleveland

We got nothing else to do

Except have bad intentions

And what history tells us to

I think it's time to finally cash that check

Let's get wrecked, oh let's get wrecked

All these folks around us

Say go get it while you're young

Climbing heaven's ladder

You can skip a couple rungs

Think it's time that all our dues got paid

Let's get laid, c'mon let's get laid

I black out the windows

And he boards up the door

I'm wound up with thinking

And he sleeps on the floor

He kisses like a masochist

And I'm better off alone

Being in love is harder than I ever could've known

We're shacked up in Nashville

And the sky is coming down

Kids back in the backyard

All burning that sweet cloud

Think it's time to default on that loan

Let's get stoned, c'mon let's get stoned

Pulling at our jeans now honey

We're biting at our necks

Shouting both our names out

Trying hard not to forget

Hit it out the park on our first pitch

Let's get hitched, oh let's get hitched

I black out the windows

And he boards up the door

I'm wound up with thinking

And he sleeps on the floor

He kisses like a masochist

And I'm better off alone

Grown up love is harder than I ever could've known

We keep digging deeper

Sending someone else the bill

Crying to our mommas

When we can't climb up the hill

Pushing panic way down deep inside

We got pride, oh we got pride

I black out the windows

And he boards up the door

I'm wound up with thinking

And he sleeps on the floor

He kisses like a masochist

And I'm better off alone

Real love is harder than I ever could've known

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im a hip hop head but i love this music. it reminds my of the old 30-40 music i listen to like billy holiday, bob crosby, danny & andrew sisters. it not the same i love a certain music style this fits me aswell

Ryan Mathews

I'm gonna be bitter when ur popular. I was listening among the first super edgy. you got some t shirts ?

Peggy Pond

Love it when ya coming to New orleans

Roland Bejarano


Jessica Lynn Vasquez

I love everything about this song!

nina love

I agree, I was thinking "Jackson" by June and Johnny when I first heard it


Saw them in concert. They were really fun. :D


their best song.... la river.. so true, dead body in the bushes



SaltyShapeerVessel 2.0

This from toy? Really?

Geoffrey Young

get rekt!!!!!

Alex Seuser



So AWESOME. The beginning has sort of a June Carter vibe, which I absolutely love. Got to see them live a couple months ago, and they're even better live!

kaiser sozay

thank you thank you thank you Joe. I am in super luv with HONEYHONEY!!!!
Saw them here in Texas, best day of the year.

Viva Cisco

do a song with Jack White.