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15 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Fat Burner | The Body Coach

15 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Fat Burner | The Body Coach9 Jul. 2018
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This is a beast of a

This is a beast of a workout and all you need is one kettlebell.

If you found this one tough give it a like and let me know what other workouts you'd like to see in the comments below.


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Comments (100)
Evan Chambers

what are those nikes?

Alvaro Mateu

Russell Brand is now fit, good for him.

Stan Park

Wow this workout was pure evil! Thank you for posting!

Woden The Wanderer


Carolina Zabala

Loved this workout!!

Southbank Crows

this is mental, loved it, made the mistake of using a 16 but scrapped through haha. Cheers Joe

Graham Ingram

great workout with my Christmas presents


This was awesome after a 30 mins spin class, I’m a proper sweaty mess!


Excellent ??????

GW Harris

Joe, this workout is a killlllllleeeeeeeerrrrrr, but amazing. Can you please do a new sub 20min KB full body workout please?

Bex Miles

Brilliant but tough!!!!

Pee Tee

More kettlebell workouts please, thank you ???

Fahad Nari

Loved it...

christina baldry

I havnt worked out for years. Had to modify to 2 hand swings and press the bell with both hands, but I did it! Feeling very proud of myself ♥️

Chris Warner

Love it, more kettle bell workouts please, Joe!

honey yandy

Fantastic workout ?enjoyed doing this

HWL Summer Days

This was a tough workout. I’ve been surviving on your videos during lockdown. I’m missing the gym so much so thanks Joe for keeping me fit and sane. I hope your hand heals up soon.

Michael Newcombe

That was brutal but awesome ? Cheers for that Joe ? ? ?

Ghob Lin

First timer. I did this with a 8kg kettleball after 3 year without any training. This was brutal all my body is numb. Thank you buddy for the effort

Matthew Carter

When would you use set reps, over interval timing (as many as you can)?


This workout was brutal, but I had a lot of fun getting my sweat ? on.

Lisa Knight

Killed us, but loved it

Vincenzo Mirando

Beautifully done

Marco Liguori

30 secs x - Single arm swings
- Single arm lunges (back and front)
- Single arm squat to press
30 sec rest

Repeat for 8 rounds total alternating arms between rounds.

Dafydd Morse

I've never gotten to the end of this workout! Beast!


Savage. short and sweet.

Eliza & Annie Bourke

Loving the kettle bell workouts! More please ?

Jeroen Tomas

Holy [email protected], just finished this one ? Great workout!

Aop duffer

hated every minute of it .. itd take the bend out of ya ......


I done it onlt 6rounds. Next week i will do it 8!!!


So I did Russell's workout this morning with a 30lbs kettlebell. It's no joke. I tried to run 5K after I finished but I only made it .05K because my legs were shaking. Great stuff, Mr. Brand!

Chris L

Great workout, I'm shattered!! More kettlebell stuff please!

Michaela Chamberlain

You weren't lying when you said this was a beast :D feeling great now, thank you!

Mikha DeKock

I had been doing this for 3 weeks now wow it works for fat loss


Follew along every time this video when lift up my kettlebell, sweat a lot guaranteed. ;)

Lisa Smith

Oh wow! I’d forgotten how hard this one is???, especially in this heat - I’m melting!!! Thanks Joe. More like this one please???

Gareth Rogers

This just kicked my a££

Nadeem Issa

Killer workout for coronvirus!


Blimey, this is workout and a half ! Done it with an 8kg and I’m really feeling it ! I’ll be doing it again.

Shelley Keen

WTF was I thinking???????

Lisa Smith

OMG! This is brutal, it looks simple but you really feel it. Surprisingly, didn’t add any extras today lol! Thanks Joe. Can we have some more kettlebell workouts please???xxx

Carter Frisque

Bro my shoulder f ing hurts

Khal Nawaz

Can you make 40 min HIIT kettle bell sesh , then 40 Min kettle bell leg sesh, and a 40 min upper body sesh please !!!!!

synth hero

Great workout joe thanks

Rob Simms

so brutal! How can 3 exercises hurt so much????

Louise Webster

More Kettlewell videos please. Short and hard xx

Frankie Lavender

Awesome very awesome. Best one I've done. Hard and quick

Alex Froom

This workout is BRUTAL!!!!

r v

This is a great workout before breakfast to wake up the body and brain....


Do a shoulder side raises after, would be perfect

Daan Stelder

I love it when the instructor is comfortable enough to share he's having a hard time too :-) Thanks!

Umair Nurgat

Amazing workout, I felt pumped after it, I used an 8kg kettlebell ???

It’z the Kay kid Kay

This is a killer workout, i use a 10kg kettlebell, one day i will use my 16kg but im not ready for that yet. follow it up with the 10minute ab workout and feel dead yet somehow very alive...magic!

William Harrison

Great boost to the metabolism

Alexander Nyman

nice with a workout in just 15 minutes ... 15 minutes of hell, thank you ?

Mark S

Very simple, very brutal! Enjoy it

ruthra kumar

Kettelbell how much weights?

Audi Laboy

Excellent workout routine coach. Just your KB racking is wrong.

Joe K

Deceptively tough.
Update: My legs are still sore.

Gillian Dawson

More kettlebells please

Michael P Walsh

Great , Thanks


Cool workout, It is full body simple and complete and quite metabolic! Good job! I would just add some snatches but that way it would not be for everyone.

sunny smile

im missing the gym, so glad i have a few kettlebells at home, but dam doing this with 12kg my smallest weight, is as tough as [email protected]@k! but loving it! Thank you Joe, loving this during lockdown! UK fan! xork out vibes! xxxx

Dirk Forsdyke

I did this yesterday and my forearms are still killing me from the single-handed swing! really painful!

Krystle Green

I have done this workout several times and each time I forget how killer it is! Love the kettlebell workouts!


This is the only kettlebell workout I did every time home. lots of sweat, strong recommend to follow along. Thanks!

Adam Birkinshaw

This was brutal. Almost got to the end but my shoulders just couldn’t get there on the last load of thrusts. Guess I’ll have to try again!?


Thanks coach... really appreciate the... kickass workout.

Chris Reeder

Hi Joe, thanks for this kettle bell class. Whilst I've done every P.E. with Joe, I've never done anything like this. Flip me what a burn. Lockdown sucks a little less now!

Rob Simms

SO HARD! Why did I choose this after a non-stop HIIT workout!!???? Thanks Joe have a great weekend

Jon Davies

more kettlebell workouts please Joe!

Jatinder Seehra

Thank you, that was just the workout I was looking for.


Seen this workout many times but never gave it a go. Today I did and I can say this is one of those workouts that you do once in a life time. It was brutal.


I've got a 12kg kettle bell and a 15kg power bag, is there any circuits you'd advise I could do with these 2 peicces if kit for upper body improvements? Cheers

Gonelegit ❶

Russel Brand been hitting the gym or is it just me??

Marcia B

Love Joe Wicks! Doable and effective without scaring you off exercise! Get up early to do them before the day begins- is there a separate warm up or down video? ( I generally make my own up but wondering...)

The Black Pixie Cut

Your voice is like Russell Brand's voice...


Woah! That was brutal! Almost stopped after 3 rounds, didn't realise it would be so tough! Great workout!

Frankie Lavender

By far my fave workout. Can't go past

David Lowe

Finished* with a 16kg. Absolute killer. Had to suitcase carry for the lunges as having it racked was wrecking my shoulder too much to do the thrusters properly.

Gemma McClelland

Wow!! Best ever kettle bell workout I’ve done yet ??

Kettlebell Sport Training

Nice workout...I’ll try this today...by the way is that rack position so far from your center of mass a voluntary choice? When I’m doing lunges or squats or thrusters I usually keep a very tight rack position to shift the weight of the bell from the shoulders to the lats and try to keep my elbow as close to my hips as possible

Andreas Makusev

Great! <3 Would love to see more Keetle Bell workouts in the future!


Been doing this workout off & on since April. It is hellacious. Did it today, it never gets easy. I use a 25 & 30 lb KB.

MADV madv

Good workout. However i had to fight my voice that asked me to stop and the guy on the video who kept remind me how hard it was. A bit more positivity (finish strong, go on, etc) would be appreciated !

Dom Saneria

This was tough, dropped from a 12 to 8 after 2 rounds

Shane Gilhooly

Great morning workout to get ready for the day ahead.
14kg and it was brilliant.
Top job Joe Cheers.

sinead perkins

More kettlebell workouts please

Mohammad Ali

Anyone know what app he uses for the intervals?

Priyantha Fernando

Awesome! I followed your lead and stayed with my heaviest kettlbell

Hub Pacheco

Thank you ??

Lisa Smith

This one really was brutal?. Only 15 mins? Felt like more - brilliant. Thanks Joe???x

Matt G

Brilliant, intense and simple ?

Kevin David

Really liked the single arm workout and the little rest in between. More of these please. Thanks

Gaz W

Cheers for these through lockdown

Tuioti Juniors

Just did this and wow what a workout ??.

Clinton Ubiquity

This HURT!!! I did this with 20kg and had to do last round with eyes closed... even struggling to type this.. haha

Omar c

Strong English accent OMG!!!!! You are mate lol

Tom Vaughan

that's rough!

Joni Kovanen

Thanks man, this workout was absolutely awesome!

Best Workouts With ONE 20 lb Kettlebell

Best Workouts With ONE 20 lb Kettlebell20 Jul. 2020
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Here are some ideas for

Here are some ideas for training with only ONE kettlebell.

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Comments (10)
Jonathon Benavidez

#askpapaswolio any tips on eating healthy while in a hotel

Sarah A

Great video!

kazzuo The Great



Just avoid advice on kettlebells from vshred lol


I love my kettlebells! Gives me the workout I want when short on time. Have a set of 15lbs at home. Usually front squats , double lunges are my go to.

Shawntal O

Here for Tessie❤️

Eric TW

Was stuck in lockdown with a 16kg kettlebell...achieved more gains in the last few months than years of going to the gym. If you want to go minimalist and don’t get bored easily, kettlebell swings, both one-handed and two-handed, are really all you need, you get almost a full body conditioning workout and cardio at the same time. But obviously it is more interesting to do other exercises too.


Mark Wildman has some excellent video kettlebell tutorials on YouTube. Explains the basics very well.


I was a fool doing my start on KBs, got myself a 79.2lbs (36KG) Bell, then another, I can do swing and cleans. and use them as paralletes, but I cannot do twists press overhead, snatches or any orf the most explosive. SO I say one should try getting something they can curl at least 4 times, and something they can use for DLing. If anybody cares

Jennifer Strong


Kettlebell Weight Selection

Kettlebell Weight Selection6 Oct. 2009
100 465
Jason C. BrownSubscribe 438 721


One of the most frequently asked kettlebell training questions is "What weight do I start with?" i hope this guide helps.

Comments (18)
Will Moesser

awesome! hey quick question on the snach. is it ok to not twist the rist when swinging the KB down? I saw you twisting on the way down, but I tent to just flick it.

Arthur Chan

interesting points, if anyone else needs to find out about kettlebells weight loss try Stiklind Bell Fitness (do a google search)? I've heard some extraodinary things about it and my friend got excellent success with it.


Cheers for the Video! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Chireetler Kettlebell Miracle Rule (should be on google have a look)? It is a good exclusive product for learning some amazing kettlebell challenge workouts without the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my best friend Jordan at last got great results with it.

Fabian Winkler

Nice explanation. I like that you use kilos for the weight measurement.

tilak limbu

kettle bell weight exercise is very good to do every single morning .


20LB kettlebells are good for men if they are just beginning (or even a year in).


So for a male that has never used a kettle bell before a 16kg weight is ok ?. Very Bad advise.


Men 16-20 kg 35-44lb An average man should start with a 35-pounder. It does not sound like a lot but believe it; it feels a lot heavier than it should! Most men will eventually progress to a 53-pounder, the standard issue size in the Russian military.


@areharald I don't even remember writing this. 35lbs is way too much for me!


in germany they recommend men to start with 12 kilos ;)


I just have to say this, since I'm really tired of reading or hearing "most males will start with a 16kg bell." I am no weakling, but I was a little bit out of shape when I first started doing kettlebells. I started with an 8kg bell (16lbs). Sure, I progressed to a 20lb bell quickly enough, but still, I find it hard to believe that most people ought to start with a 35lb bell their first time, unless they're already in shape and lifting weights.

Right now, after four months of kettlebelling, I'm using 35lbs for all exercises and with good form. 35lbs is too light for the two handed swing, but I mainly do one-armed exercises.

Ivan Djuric

Excellent! I needed to know this. Just getting started with kettlebells. Cheers

Martin Ankerl

I've started with a 20kg / 44lbs kettlebell. At the beginning I had to take care not to hurt my back, and I have been doing bodyweight training regularly for a year.

Ben Rice

There are a few components to reducing fat loss quickly . One resource I found that successfully combines these is the Bell train blueprint (check it out on google) without a doubt the most helpful resource that I have ever seen. Check out all the awesome information .

Are-Harald Brenne

@johncfl Thinking of getting a 24 kg for home use so that should be perfect.




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Riman Suval

Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else is searching for exercises with kettlebell try Renkarter Bell Fitness Report (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 got cool results with it.