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Arm Range Of Motion (Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand)

Arm Range Of Motion (Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand)4 Aug. 2014
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From http://famouspt.com/

From http://famouspt.com/ "Famous" Physical Therapists, Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, demonstrate some great exercises for arm range of motion.

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Jeanne Strauss

Thanks again, guys!

steve kierstead

That's all good guys but I had a stroke and my limbs won't move like that. They are paralyzed on my left side.

Lydia N

I've just spent the past 5 days in pain and reduced ROM to my arm and shoulder. This exercice helped "unlock" everything while I await a referral to a physiotherapist. Thank you for saving me 1000 s of $.


nice video! Thanks!

Leslie Grisham-Ousdahl

Thanks so much for a great demonstration of the ROM exercises. About six weeks ago, I severely sprained my left arm, wrist and shoulder when my dog spooked on the leash and pulled me to the ground, also causing significant injury to my intercostal muscles, as I fell flat as a pancake. I'm feeling better and will be starting physical therapy in my area as my doctor ordered. But I want to do these exercises at home as it is important that I gain the strength back in my left arm. Although I'm a little older, I'm a poker dealer and need good flexibility. Thus this injury is really cramping (hahaha) my gig and sometimes the muscle in the arm, above the wrist, just aches and aches, along with the elbow, the wrist and shooting pains. So I want to get better as quickly as possible. So my questions are these:
1. How many times a day can I do these?
2. How many repetitions and should repetitions be increased every few days?

Thanks for your assistance. Your You Tube presentation is great!


I cannot use my right palm to apply shave cream to the right side of my face... I can flex the elbow on left side to touch shoulder with left hand fingers but right side is 12" from touching shoulder... HELP ME PLEASE !

Aaron Richards

Hey guys, how many times a day should I do these? I dislocated my shoulder and fractured my elbow a month ago, and the cast came off on Saturday. The X-rays show I'm good to go. I've been doing the 5 reps about 8 times a day, and just increased it to 10 reps. Am I doing too much? I really want my full range of motion back!!!

Angie Munroe

Hi. I broke my elbow and I'm in therapy. I am having great progress with extension, but not so much with flexion. It feels like a sharp shooting pain in my elbow. Is this normal? Should I just push through this pins and needle feeling, or am I just causing more damage?

Oxy Moron

Keep the vids up. Good work


I'd love to see a video for Open Heart Surgery Patients.
I'm 6 weeks post op and having trouble lifting arms high and outward.

travis nieman

i love the vikings football in the back...the packers thing...not so much

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A therapist at Cincinnati Children's demonstrates exercises to improve range of motion for children born with a brachial plexus injury. A birth brachial plexus injury is thought to be caused by an injury involving the child's brachial plexus during the delivery process. This injury results in incomplete sensory and / or motor function of the involved arm. Remember to perform exercises at each diaper change.

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