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How to Calculate Your Heart Rate Training Zones

How to Calculate Your Heart Rate Training Zones7 Apr. 2017
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Last week I talked about

Last week I talked about how to calculate your maximum heart rate and how important knowing this number is to your training. In this film I’ll be going through how to use your max to actually calculate the various fitness training zones and outline the benefit each one gives.

According to wattbike.com There are seven heart rate training zones and they are all expressed as a percentage of your max. This means there will be a little bit of calculation involved but you don’t need to be a Stephen Hawkings level maths genius to work things out. So if we are all sitting comfortably, I’ll begin.

The first is what they call the recovery zone and refers to any ride under 60% of your max. To work this out on a calculator you start with your max, so using me as an example, 188 beats per minute, and multiply by 0.6. This gives us 112.8 but you could probably round this up to 113 beats per minute. The benefit you will receive in this zone is improved recovery and promote muscle regeneration. At this pace it should feel nice and easy and you should be able to chat comfortably.

Zone one is between 60 and 65 percent of your max. So, for our example we multiply 188 by .65 to get 122.2. Again, you could round this down to 122 beats per minute. We have already calculated the lower end of this zone, so 113 forms the upper end. When you cycle at this intensity, it should still feel fairly relaxed and you should still be able to hold a conversation. You should also be able to ride at this level for several hours. The benefit you receive here is improved fat burning and generally just getting comfortable on the bike.

Zone two is between 65 and 75 percent of your max. In our example, this gives us a range between 122 BPM and 141 BPM. At this intensity it should feel like you are starting to wok and the benefit you will receive is increased power and efficiency. This is where most of your endurance training should take place.

Zone three is between 75 and 82 percent. This gives us a range of 141 BPM to 154 BPM.

You can certainly start to feel it when you ride at this intensity. You should be sweating and your legs will start to burn but the pay off is increased fitness and even better endurance.

Zone four is between 82 and 89 percent. This gives us a range between: 154 BPM and 167 BPM Its starting to hurt now. You should be pretty stressed and sweating freely but the benefit will be increased overall speed.

Zone five is between 89 and 94 percent. This gives us a range between 167 BPM and 177 BPM. At this intensity you should be gasping for breath but the pay off will be improved time trialling and short term resistance to fatigue.

Zone six is anything above 94 percent.

You won’t be able to maintain this level for more than a few seconds but training at this intensity will increase your sprint speed.

Many cycling computers today will not only show your actual beats per minute but will also show your heart rate as a percentage, taking away the need for you to do any mental arithmetic on the bike. You can also use it to set an alarm if you go above or below a certain heart rate. If you have a Garmin Edge 510 I show you how to do all of this in another couple of films.

If you would like to follow my efforts on the bike you can follow me on Strava. My profile is here: http://www.strava.com/athletes/515946

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True Gaming

whos here bc of online school-?

Juan Orduna

is this only for cycling


You mention 7 zones and others mention 6, but most seem to say 5 zones is the best number of zones. Why do you use 7 zones? Curious...


Wheres is previous literature showing proof of this?

Jason Stroman

Wouldn't it be better to set your zones off of your HR threshold instead of your max HR?


Thanks for this video. It was easy to follow and I now have grasp of how to use my monitor.


Me whenever i do cardio my HB reach 180 easly

tomaž miklavčič

Are there any apss that alert you if you go higher than you Max?


OMG, I can't thank you enough for your explanation and examples!!! I stumbled on your video and it was what I was looking for regarding MHR calculations and zones. I've subscribed and flagged your channel so I can stay up-to-date when you post new videos. Again, thank you!

tria dou

Cheers for the video content! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried - Dinanlinson Crazy Tactic Approach (search on google)? It is a great exclusive guide for discovering how to use short burst interval training to get that beach body without the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 at very last got astronomical results with it.


Thanks for this

Huzaifa Arif

This is THE BEST AND easiest video I HAVE EVER SEEN LIKE WOW U explai ed it sooo easily God bless u man.keep up the gud work

Gary Martin

Thank you for sharing. I don't have a computer on my bike, therefore do everything off feel. The descriptions of how you should feel at a giving zone though, is of use to myself and others in the same situation.

Davor M

Very nice video. Thanks for explaining but your close up at beginning is well ... to close :) Maybe just to distance a bit more from camera.


Thank you for this very clear and informative video. I have a question and I hope that you would be able to help me. I'm a 45 year-old male, active (tennis about 3x a week, cycles to work and do sportives and do 2 x weekly rides between 30 - 50 miles). Based on my age, my max HR is 175. I have been cycling (as another sport in addition to my tennis which I have been doing for years) for about 2 1/5 years now. Many times I have pushed myself to ride really hard, either on my own or with friends, but the highest HR that I have reached was only 165 bpm. Does this mean that there is something wrong with my fitness or heart or is this really my true max HR and not the one based on the common formula? Thank you very much.


well explained

Carbon suicide mtb

The question is,how did you calculate your max? Is it still 220 minus your age?

Nelson Campos

Did you consider your resting heart rate?

Marcy Mcfly BV

How do I determine my max heart rate?


Very helpful and simply put across. Thanks!

Octavio Munguia

Thank you!!

Incredible results from 3 months of Zone 2 Heart Rate Triathlon Training

Incredible results from 3 months of Zone 2 Heart Rate Triathlon Training11 Feb. 2019
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After three months of

After three months of dedicated Zone 2 heart rate triathlon training these are the results that surprised even Taren with how much improvement happened. Start heart rate training yourself with this free download:


Subscribe to Triathlon Taren: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1AKDrz2GvLxD29W9tow66g?sub_confirmation=1

View the Best of Triathlon Taren: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRjgPeZGj8U&list=PL_mMJdHlxQ3v2T8qP734UmCWIsYg14CU0

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Justin Butler

Hey Taren, what are your thoughts on cadence? Do you prefer lower or higher? I've really been working on improving mine to greater than 90 rpm.

Objectif UTMB - Johnny's Running

Thanks for the video, great improvement

Michael Futch

To date for 2020, I have 94 run workouts according to my activity tracker. I went from running 1.3 miles at 12:57 to yesterday’s 8-3-2020 one mile time of 8:01. I also quit smoking five years ago after smoking for 28 and lost 30 pounds this year. Keep the heart rate loooooow for fat burning and endurance. The lowest I can keep my HR is 144 while jogging. You can’t have lasting speed without endurance. Good luck everyone.

Tri Athlon

Taren have you had a look at don Finks training books etc very good and focuses on zone training.

Christopher Keene

VI was drastically different between workouts as well. Let's see some true comparisons.

Life Of Tri

We are a huge fan of Z2 training. But athletes doesn't always understand how to do it properly. Hope this video helps

scooter C

duh....80/20. 80% below the first aerobic turn or 2mmol lactic acid. SCIENCE


Cycled 3300km in five weeks, mainly Z2. My FTP decreased.

Mark M

This is what I think... when you train you are not training your power you are training, in general, your aerobic capacity. Aerobic capacity is the leader here and your cycling power is derived from it. Aerobic capacity is a product of breath in and heart rate (and your cardiovascular system) if you train at a given heart rate you are training your cardiovascular system well your power is irrelevant and will vary depending on the environment.This is why I think training heart rate trumps power. If you train at a given heart rate your power will increase over time. If you train power your heart rate will lower over time. What is your goal?

Simon Frederic

love the enthusiasm! But still these were fundamentally two different workouts with different protocols and in different environment. That doesn't say there isn't any benefit to low HR but that doesn't say there is either.


Hard to differentiate whether its z2 training or simply consistency throughout the year

Adil Niazi

Heart rate should be higher for outdoor workouts because you’re resisting the wind. Indoor work outs tend to have lower heart rates.

DWPS Fitness

What do you when zone 2 is you walking briskly? Is that my training?

Renaud Comeau

Just stumbled on your clip. I agree with your findings, even though you're comparing two different sets of data. I threw out the structured training approach in January this year after reading on benefits of zone 2 training. I constantly train on zwift on the Tempus Fugit circuit four times a week for 50 km in Z2. Since January I have moved my upper limit of zone 2 from 195 to 238 watts. FTP went from 261 to 313. Last weekend, I smashed 300 watts up AdZ for 50 mins. Something that I never thought of being attainable. I'm just a regular joe riding grand fondos 3-4 times a year, no racing. Twice a week I do max efforts runs for 60-90 mins, that fills in for HITs. I do either a zwift race or climb up AdZ all out. Also, I keep track of all my rides in Golden Cheetah. I keep a close eye on my aerobic decoupling value, as soon as it gets to 2% I restest for FTP to move training zones. I do a rest/active recovery every 4th week. So far I'm impressed. Great intro by the way, and it's frigging cold in Winnipeg too lol :)

D Bo

Were you in the air conditioning.? Fan on.? What was the temp.? All have a huge impact on HR. My HR is always 10-15bpm higher on hot days then cooler days. Still too many variables not explained


It seems to be straightforward that you need to make your training easier and easier - my goal as amateur runner is always to run some distance or some tempo in Zone2. So I never hard run to get some result, as I always have a goal of what i am able to do in 110 bpm.

Deported Souls

Just imagine Taren being pulled over for a routine traffic stop, in speedos and a hat.

Cihan Boztarla

why all the triathletes work their ass off and still have the worst body ever ?


The largest influence on heart rate is training load in days leading up to a workout though. If you had done a lot leading up to this workout it might have made a significant difference. My HR in Zone 2/3 (power) can be 15-20 watts lower when fatigued.

Greengo 01

Why the hell does he need to lose weight lol he’s skin and bone jones

Jonathan Rogers

did you get your couch to match your dogs fur color or camouflage?


Interesting, but it will probably work for pros. Am I worng?

Pierre-Francois Gerard

It would be interesting to compare the exact same workout in 2 months.

Iron Will

I can't stand low hr workouts haha, but I know that the lower heart rate training is so important, so I push through and get them done!

Matt Alvord

What? I waited 7.25min to hear that this orange was compared to an apple? No doubt there is a benefit, but how about you perform two controlled sets in similar conditions. I’m out, I doubt I’ll come back

Alexander Borisov

That's impressive, 118 average bpm even Sanders should be jealous! My recent "above race pace" workout was - [email protected] on wattbike - HR 170 at the end of intervals (feels like 165 on the road, heat raises HR), recovery at 130-135... But, it is more interesting to see how speed/hr/power on race pace changed - who cares if you go faster at 100 bpm, also it's impossible to compare indoor and outdoor riding, unless you ride with powermeter in both cases and don't use trainer power (which can be way off) - and even then, in my case power on the road is much better.

Life Run with Fun

Sir i am frome indian I want to professional tranning

Ken Little

Congratulations!! "this might look ridiculous" has been nominated for understatement of the year, 2019.

Troy White

Good stuff Taren. I’m Z2 training for years now.

Ebbie Baghaie

Great stuff. May I please see the heart rate zone worksheet please


Too many damn adds, this video was not enjoyable

Phil the Vegan TriAthlete

Wait till the Mounties comes and arrest for you being dressed like that in the car Taren ? Ooooh, when TeamTrainiac merch going to be ready ?

matteo eray jochum

Omg you know nothing about training!!!!!!!!!
You need a sports scientist to sort things out for you.

Don Ryan

Check your variability..(difference between Normalised and avg power). The variability is larger I think on the second which brings down HR too.

Edit name

Vid starts at 1:50 folks

Business Only

whats your regular heart rate


You are really great content-creator! Been watching now many of your videos, and it is clear you are brilliant, you express your thinking/concepts really well, you have really great attitude, you got interesting leadership-approach into your videos, you clearly want to provide a lot to your followers etc. I am really thankful I found this channel of yours! Thanks!

Gregory Brennan

Why is this such big news......Phil Maffetone, Mark Allen’s coach has prescribed this training for over 20 years, look him up

Tomás Dalponte

Great to see how you’re going well by using aerobic training. One BIG detail you didn’t compare was the elevation. The first ride 45m, the second one 615. So, it was really hilly

Mike Haydon

Thanks for this. I "ran" an 8km last night, trying to keep my heart rate below 140. I had to walk every 200m or so because it kept going up. Even tho I was running at a super slow pace. Hearing stories like this helps me stay on track.

Dana Rouleau

I can hold a higher Z1/Z2 power indoors at a lower HR than I can riding outside, particularly once the temp gets above 80 degrees (I did a 2 1/2 hour ride last week in 105 degree temps and overheated pretty bad....my HR wouldn't come down even riding super easy)......so you might want to do a comparison outdoors when the conditions are similar.

Michael Lord

Can I get a Team Trainiac shirt?


I usually train in low heart rate on easy days, in summer I am afraid I can't keep up with zones 1-2 on easy days, and always end up pushing my beats at a comfortable pace, what to do when temperatures go up? ?

Alan Azzopardi

Whilst the clip is super useful, thank you, I cannot stop thinking of you being stopped in a road block and convincing the cop you’re just a normal guy in a fancy speedo and how that would have ended up?? classic Triathlon T stuff. Keep it up champ.

Giovanni Franzese

Hi Taren! thanks for your videos and for sharing your experience and tip&tricks. Since a couple of weeks (3 times per week) I started using the low HR training (in my zone 2). Since then my VO2Max is falling... I have lost 2 points in two weeks. Is that normal? Will it keep falling or it will return back? 
Thanks for your advice and kudos for your channel !!!

Kevin JUDD

Hi Taren, Just want to say that I was really sceptical about "going slower to get faster" (Dr Phil Maffetone method) BUT... since last year I've been following the workouts that you prescribed for me, and as a result I have seen my Sunday long run Z2 distances creeping up, my HiiT interval top speeds increasing, my bike FTP increasing AND my swim distances increasing. So THANKYOU
PS. If you persist in sitting in your car sporting only a pair budgie smugglers... You WILL get arrested one day! ?

H Mar

I'm a cyclist trying to incorporate the principals of Zone 2 training, but I find it difficult to keep my HR out of Zone 3 (for me 130-155 bpm, using your spreadsheet). Right now, I'm in the middle of Zwift's 4 -week Fondo Training routine, and even the warm-up itself puts me at the top of Zone 2. What steps can I take to help bring my HR down? If I'm doing dedicated, low effort Zone 2 workouts, is that something I should be doing exclusively?

John Short

Peeps just don't get it when you talk about the lower intensity training stuff. What they don't get, with the proper attention paid to the speed, or high intensity efforts, the lower intensity "base training" will continue to raise. Just as your result s show, last years lower intensity ride was not this years low intensity ride. The low will always continue to be higher with the proper high intensity work. Its the magic of this system. It a sneaky system with great results but just like your LI workouts are rising over time, the HI workouts need to rise as well. All multiples must increase or the sum will only stay the same or even falter. Yes, the LI/HI workouts are great, but they are not "no brainer" workouts, they do require, as in all things performance based, a strict adherence to progressive intensity work. Thanks for showing the numbers, the proof in the pudding!!!

J. Michael Tynan

You don't look "ridiculous;" you look cool...or, I should say, REALLY cold.

Jakub Ircow

Mate the elevation was like 200 something in comaprison to 0

Frank Sanchez

Taren your points are well taken and lots of info to state that Zone 2 MAF training is better in long run. BUT to really see the benefits I agree that you need to do both indoors on trainer. Either way it does not take a rocket science to see that to go faster you must do majority of training slower in bike and run. Cheers from Miami, FL.

Mr Davis



All going good until 6:50 ?‍♂️
but u r triathlon man,so ?‍♂️


last year was 250m elevation and this year almost 0m elevation

Jura Stanić

I add a lot of volume in my training(from 12 hours to 20-25 weekly)and that lowered my heart rate by 10 bpm and improve my fitness a lot.
Every second day i do a recovery ride in zone 1 for 3-4 hours.

Stevie Debaets

Hope you never have car accident... It would be even colder in your speedo ?

m3 e92335i

Your general points are actually correct but the source of data is mistaken. I understand this has been discussed by other commenters, but it can also mean you are just fitter now than last year. Stuff like what you said are better demonstrated by randomized, controlled studies with as many subjects as possible and not by anecdotal scenarios such as this.

Enrico Pedri

Great video.Should I include intensity on base training?I am a cyclist(dont run or swim).Is polarized training a substitute for base training?

Dave Thawley

I've been reading the theory behind this on trainingpeaks. Im confused ? From their description as intensity increases into zone 2 our muscles make ATP from fat and glycogen in type i muscle but as we move to zone 3 and beyond the type I muscle can't keep up with the demand and so type ii start to come into play which can only use glycogen for ATP synthesis. From this it sounds like at the top of zone 2 they type I muscles are going full belt but as we move into zone 3 the type I muscle still going full belt is supplemented by type ii muscle. If things are that simple why not just train in zone 3 or 4 where we get maximum training to our type I muscles and some benefit to our type ii thrown in for free. The alternative is that the type ii muscle actually takes over so type I isn't contributing as much in zone 3 as it did in zone ii but I can't find any literature on this. I know my basic assumption must be wrong based on what you exoert coach types see in practice but I'd like to understand the science. Do you know where I could see this? Thanks for great articles by the way. I love them:)

Bryce Moon

I did this type of training without knowing all the benefits Halfway into my rowing season with a friend, and by the end we were both the fastest for our weight on the team! Stuff is real

Hooman Powered

Hi there! First of all great videos! I'd like to ask since I can only do 3 rides a week, if I should go with one intervals and two zone 2 rides or two intervals and one zone 2 ride? Thanks and more success

Momchil Andonov

Thanks for the video. I hardly notice improvement running 9 km/h while still having average HR of around 175 and reaching a max of 190. I guess I need to start running 7 km/h until I notice improvement in endurance and lower HR.

Ben G

So hard to stay in zone 2. Once I tip over to zone 3 I find that my heart rate will go lower quite quickly when I stop jogging and start walking. However as soon as I start running again it goes back into zone 3. After I’ve gone into Zone 3 should I wait until My HR goes to Zone 1 and then start jogging again or start jogging when I’m in zone 2?! So frustrating

Steve Ross

This was a weird video


THANK YOU so much for the excel download! I’ve never been able to easily/correctly figure out zones. Now I know and am looking forward to going HR Training a real go!! Thank you again for all your insights!!

Jorrit Kortink

Hi Taren, great video! I was wondering how many hours a week you train, and how you see this fit in with time-crunched training of doing a bunch of sweet-spot work rather than highly polarized work.
I.e. do you see this kind of training working when you have about 8hrs a week to spend?

Brian Lafleur

I can attest to this as well. Forced myself to run and bike at MAF for the large majority of my workouts last spring. Running and cycling inside allows you to easily see the progress. Average run speeds improve at same heart rate, as does Power:HR ratio. Doesn’t happen overnight, but definitely comes with consistency. ? Not sure if you addressed your body weight last year vs this year? Could that have played into it as well?

Atasoy Atikan

obviously you choose not to answer many youtube comments, but i will try my chances. what you are comparing here is heavily misleading. if you want to prove something "scientifically" then you must provide maximum amount of standartization. comparing an indoor and outdoor activitiy is ridiculous. you can go out and do a training for three hours and come back and show us the results, otherwise this is not credible.

Richard Middleton

Zone 2 works because it is so repeatable and unlike higher intensity work it actually HELPS you sleep which is THE biggest performance enhancer! Your heart is not pumping any harder at higher intensities, just more often. 10 hours a week at 70% max HR beats the hell out of 5 hours a week at 80-90% max HR! High intensity has it's place but no more than once a week.

Thomas Ponçot

1:45 Polarised training
3:28 Incredible results

Jon Ciccone

Used your MAF calculator. My Z2 level is calculated VERY narrowly 122-125). Is this typical for athletes coming off a significant period (6 months) of injury/recovery? Should I use a different level for my max HR (or retest it so it's representative of my current fitness)?

Scott Collins

Should have gone harder

Danny Dreelan

Might have made more sense to do the exact same route to compare results

Mark Paananen

I have the same question as Nathan regarding minimum time for effective Z2 workout? Again, young kids and no time (only about 1-1.5 hrs)

Tanner Tessier

You will see these results training at any given intensity long enough. 3 months of dedicated work in any zone (done properly) will yield adaptations, like a lower heart rate at whatever power you have been targeting. Oddly, the science says high intensity/low volume and low intensity/high volume give the same physiological adaptations (in a lab). But real world data from elite endurance athletes has historically demonstrated high volume is the best. I find it interesting you'd be doing so much zone 2 work 5 weeks out from a race.

Ryan Roosen

I'm seeing results. This morning I ran 4 miles a little under 10min/mile pace with an avg HR of 138. Last fall I was averaging around 155HR at the same pace.

alan brooke

No surprises to anyone who’s read “Training for the New Alpinism”: https://www.uphillathlete.com/aerobic-deficiency-syndrome/

Damage, Inc.

Cold exposure in a Speedo does not shed fat, it sheds viewers.


You can’t really judge the efficacy of the protocol by comparing two wildly different workouts. Find a workout from before, do the same workout, then compare.

Rahmat Matondang

Did you also change your weight? Because I think you looked leaner than the first exercise you did?

Jeff Davis

Sorry but this really is a apple/oranges comparison. You can't really be comparing an outdoor ride with and indoor Zwift ride and hold the numbers as accountable. Go do the outdoor ride retracing the route during the same time of year and same conditions. This just isn't a valid comparison.


This method is about steadily doing more distance and faster tempo on low heart rate, so you do harder things with the same effort. It seems to be very obvious concept. However it demands a lot of patience, and consistency.

Courtney Taylor

I just tried the Zone 2 running... slowed down my pace by 2 minutes and I could only get to Zone 3 according to my Garmin 935... is the Garmin Zone 3 actually Zone 2 bc i dont even think i can run at a Zone 2... Anyone know please respond! thanks!


Hey great video! Did you do only polarized training (a la Fitzgerald method) or did you have a long run of PURELY zone 1-2 training for several months (a la Mafffetone)? I have previous tried Fitzgerald's 80/20 method with good results, but I want to develop my aerobic base even more and am considering a multimonth journey on only low HR training (65% of max HR - - - measured, not calculated BTW).


interesting till, pfff, compare outside to inside... ciao

Big Tone

Great video ? who doesn't love taking it easy every now and again!!

James Westgate

There’s a quite a high variance in the cadence there too.

Loop Less

You improved because of training, not that zone 2 bs. Had you trained any zone else you could never tell the difference

Brendan Loehr

Did you really
Just compare your outside speed to watopia speed ?. I agree with base zone 1-2 training but trying to compare two workouts over two years in very different conditions is not a good measure of improvement.

Allen Abanico

One question: where can we get that shirt?

Thomas Paschal

I just wanted to share that I started Zone 2 training about three weeks ago. It's painstakingly boring but it's working. At first I was walking more then I was running. I have shaved 1:58 off my avg pace while keeping my HR low! Running has always been a weakness and I think maybe it's because I was training wrong.

John David Alexander

I would love to see this type of analysis on compatible rides. This times and distances were close enough with these two rides but they were completely different styles of ride so difficult to make conclusions.

Nicolas Lepage

How does that apply to shorter distance (sprint/ olympic) atheletes?

Lando PI

I have done IM 70.3 Puerto Rico twice actually that's were I lived... Beautiful but very hot and high humidity.

heyward boyce

1) BPM went from 130 to 118
2) Power went from 174 to 182


Papa Lima

Did you use the same power meter? Or kicker indoors and power meter outdoors...? That could be the 10 W difference.


I think you should do the same ride over again when the temperature, wind conditions , your stress levels and CTL (chronic training load) are about the same otherwise you are comparing apples to oranges.


I don't even know how can I train in zone 2, at the lowest possible run speed i still hit zone 3, it's actually depressing.

David HaLevi

I am sure the science is well founded, however the results presented don't prove anything - in my experience the Zwift data is significantly different than real outdoor data on the bike. The differences presented here are negligible. Thanks Taren nonetheless for your presentation and efforts.

Trevor Clark

What was the temp for the rides

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calvin kang

Everyman Driver!

Stephen Hughes

Fab video - and currently I'n not a fast runner - 7:30 - 8:00 per mile.... but I've started running heart rate and tried running under 160 and I almost have to stop running to drop my rate (I Don't now if its humidity of it being hot) - (I'm Zone Two) - but should I stick to Heart Rate ..... I'm used to running a lot faster but it is nice to to do regular stops to drop my hart rate - (hope this works and helps drop my rate from 190bpm)

Martin Jowsey

I can't get passed running with yr back to the traffic!


It's looking a bit nippley outside @3:44


I noticed that the running group was blocking a whole lane of traffic while warming up, etc.? Is it ok to do this? Important to know moving forward...

nadav shay

I em 41 end my max hr is 200

Flex Photography & Production

Thanks to this video, now my foot hits the pavement as flat as her hat. No more heel strike for me! ?? ? ?

Norton Kelly

what if some one runs just for health, they don't race, what training should they do just for cardio vascular health?

Akeeb Ahmed

Question: When running should we be heel striking or striking from the forefront of the foot?

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so if i’m running and it’s really hot (making my heart rate higher) do i slow down my pace and run at the right heart rate or run like normal pace


Most of them are running with back straight, aren’t you supposed to lean forward slightly??

Damon Jones

i want to chase those girls

Anna Elizabeth Decleene

Just wondering if it works for walking as well