How to jump really high

Jumping Really High | Vurtego Beginner Pogo Tutorials

Jumping Really High | Vurtego Beginner Pogo Tutorials21 Jul. 2017
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Everyone wants to jump

Everyone wants to jump high, so here's Biff to show you exactly how to get super high...on a pogo stick.

Gotta apologize for the audio quality - this is what happens when you try to shoot in Cat 5 hurricane conditions. Turn on subtitles if you can't decipher what Biff is saying!

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Comments (48)

After many 1.5 - 2.5 mile treks I can say just bouncing for a while helps your big air control a lot.
I'll be looking into an oil change and more frequent lubrication soon, I think that's the biggest thing holding me back currently.


so the more psi the more pressure
and height

Alex Toaster

I really want to get high ?

Jae Lopez

@vurtegopogo How high could a expert kid at the v4 pro weighing 75lb jump?

Billy Banner

Do u iron your shirt with a brick

DarkiYards JS

hell yeah i wanna get high

V Perm

I’m hoping to get a v3 soon to get better at some tricks before getting a v4. what do you think is the highest a 110lbs kid who is 5’7 can jump?

Grumpy Dragon

it must look incredible jumping that high it looks like a lot of fun

vurtego flybar

when did vertigo get created?


do yo ship to louisiana and how long


Just says : hey kids wanna get high

Logan Grills

Are you releasing a v5 any time soon

angela griffith

yes iiiiiiiiiii doooooooooo


I love my v4 pro I use it at school

Jake Stuff

"But for now get out and get high."xD

Backwards Brian

Is 90 psi that max in order to go 10ft ?


Theres no way that the "Absorbing the jump" thing he talked about is safe


When will you guys restock on the medium and small pogo sticks??

Craig Weston

I am thinking a wind cover for your mic.


Nice fun

Bruce Lane

Where can I buy one?

Nicholas McCay

Where are you in that video


i am going to show you how to get super high

Alex Bevan

Why are they so expensive? I can't get one if there so expensive

Ivano Polese

But I have a flybar pogo stick (not inflatable)

Pokmon PowerHouse

Can we just appreciate that the pro model cost 420$

vurtego flybar


YoGangsta Matt

Biff seems like his high xD

Xaviour O Oare

Hey I’m 5 foot 3 and still growing what size do I need

Forkin Toaster

Hey kids wanna get high lol

Zach’s Cooking

Hey kids do u wanna get high ???? and today ima teach u how to get super high ??


Hi should I buy one of these

Logan Grills

My dad won’t let me get one how do I convince him to get me one

Ben Keogh

Hey kids do you wanna get high?

lol XD


i’m 5’1 and still growing what size should i get

WSYSA Foundation

Do you ship to india
How long


Do all pogo sticks have psi changes or is it just yours, @vuttyegopogo

Veljko Stankovic

Can you find vurtego under 200 dollars


if you're a kid and want to do high jumps. you have to put in a really low psi, and have to refill it with air every like 15 bounces

vurtego flybar

am I first?

Sky Ride Animations

Hi vurtegopogo I just wanted to say that if I could grt anything in the world it would be this. It would be soooo cool since.I could add V4 pogo sticking to my amazing feats list. I can ride a unicycle, a RipStik, and ride wheelies on a bike. This would be awesome to add, but these are soooo expensive, so I can't get one anytime soon....???????

Jae Lopez

Hey just asking what, is the size of pogo stick did you use in the video, Small, Medium, or Large. And Also how high can a 75lb kid jump.

Meru Kothari

Solve my query please !
I have been practising on 50 psi but the stick doesn’t seem to go down even after putting a lot of energy . I also did a complete cleaning of it from inside , still the result is the same .
Pls give me some tips .
Is it all about just applying a lot of energy by bending your knees ? Or what
Vurtego fun from INDIA ??

alphonsus adhitya

JJ JJ’s npj90

Jason Arias

"Hey kids wanna get high"

Young man bones

I wanna get high

MyZ Holy

hey kids! wanna get high?

maybe i am right now


so with the small you cant jump as high/far compared to the medium?


2 301 989

I looked back at my old

I looked back at my old tutorial and realized how much I forgot to put in, so I figured I would remake this video! Hope these tips helped you guys, sure wish I knew them when I was starting out haha

As you can tell, I hate it when other people steal my clips so credit to all of those guys! (Snapchat opening video out tomorrow!)

Instagram: @Tanner_Braungardt

Comments (100)
Ultimate Bros Smash 12

Do you put water over the whole trampoline and drench it sorta?

Or is there a specific amount?

H20 creeper Gamer

I don't have any money to buy one :(


2:55 I doNt HAVe AnY COcANe

Jayissmall 5072

Who is watching in quarantine

Dale FN

Mines is bouncy

Daniel Rubio

2020 anyone?


I hate you for this

I am Connor

Are acon tramps goo

Johnny Ley

I have a home made trampoline that is just like your black rectangle trampoline

Among us vg

i will never do a back flip agien ow my head

Roddy Bananas

Im just tryna dunk on the skyzone hoop thingy

niyah rayne

I have a trampoline

I quit LOL

Top right of the screen at first I thought it was a crack on my screen

Demented Pickle

I watched this and said huh this guys funny imma subscribe to this small YouTube then I saw you had 4.5 million subscribers I still subscribed

harper rat

The last time I did a front flip I was doing it like speed and then I ended up breaking my nose... .^.

Leo Streng

make vid of jumping on your roof with the black trampoline

Shadow Meow



I wish I could own a trampoline as a kid but that’s what you get when you have a shitty insurance company that wants to cancel if you install one GODDAMN FUCKING INSURANCE ruined my childhood dreams now I’m 30 years old and am too old to own one Rest In Peace trampoline 1993 I would of really enjoyed it I think of it like a miscarriage

Mxdnight spell

Thx. It work


Who’s watching this on a trampoline


Step one:but a good trampoline lol ?


Can you make a how to jump higher on a trampoline when your broke

Todd Brown

Well. I. Youhavetobeinlovewiththepeoplethat

JDC Animates/stories

I know the water trick. I did that a lot if it was raining and it got really wet

fghh jhg

mama cry

Siddeeq Bing



anyone 2020? xD

Bec Howarth

4 years later still recommended

See you in ten years again

Logan Fairley

Da guy said trampoline 34 times

Kayden Derbyshire

Umm this video makes no sense


thanks dude putting the water in made it wayy bouncier

Jamesgames2008 2

This came up when I typed furries on trampolines what the Frick

Keith Daniels


Abyssman UR

Smoke a reefer whilst bouncing is another to get really high too.

GG Awards

So u want me to jump off my roof or the top of my tree

Adam Sandstrom

90% talking and 10% trampoline jumping! obvious downvote!


My max high is almost 1 meter high

Grace Walton

I’m a professional trampolinist and just looking at the first one makes me cringe so badly


Me with my walmart trampoline ?

Little Molly

Boy I can’t jump higher than my tree my tree so big the almost touch the clouds maybe

Maryam Anjum

I have an 8 ft trampoline but in March I will get a 13 feet trampoline in my garden and yeah my mum and dad agree

Sabrina Cannon

My trampoline round and got good bounce

H20 creeper Gamer

I wish I had a trampoline :(

Elitemac Ehhehshsbsbsbd d d

1:33 made my day

Reed Hulen

This worked I got really high


I was on the trampoline when it rained

Jason Orr

1:32 is my favorite bit

toni sam

It’s like he is flying in the air

Glitched Assassin

“If you guys have a freind over and wanna get high” lol


1:50 don't call them hoes


You look so different in the future

Anonym Anonym

Get agood trampoline me having the shittiest trampoline ever

Robian Aponte

He says buy a new trampoline like if we are rich , we are not rich like you


I have a sky zone 750 dollar trampoline and it’s good

Syrio Forel

Do you feel the after effect of trampoline? I cannot jump high on the ground after I jump in a trampoline.

kim kern

I have a trampoline with a net


How tall is this dude


Tell me why right before this video I watched the one of that kid breaking it

Csanád Győri

Where to buy a trampoline this size?

Young capper _-

How to jump higher... buy a whole new trampoline. End of story ??‍♂️

adelaide weatherburn

too bad your video isn't kid-friendly with the pop-up pictures. #mom


3.10 don’t thank me


Mele me is chez pe kud kud ke apne 10₹ wasool lie ?

Ryan Lozano


Ádhamh Mac Conchobhair

How did that not hurt his back




Tanner hi

joe zehr

U suck

Abby Boyce

Now i know why my trampoline is so much more bouncy then all of my friends
1 its 10 years old
2 we wet it every day in the summer


6 year old me watching this before a skyzone birthday party

Ryan Lozano

tanner i loved your videos

LA Sisters

You Are idiot you’re so stupid


oh dont worry i jump very high im only 4 10 but some legs



Ally Backer

Putting water on ir teampoline then jumping on it will streach ot out

Sami Labaali

Love your vids tanner! I’m trying to 50 subs on YouTube but I’ll hopefully earn those subs but keep up the great work

Keliea Sweet


Let’s play gaming 123

I’m getting a rectangle ally oops so I’m set

Flynn & Frankie Sunday’s

Get water


Does the trampoline suspensions help you jump higher?

Secret for Die

How much a trampoline master if buy on shoping mall???

Bryant_The BadassYT 1

Those springs on that first one?

FX Looper

I 2019

Broke Student

Another way to bounce high that I use (cause I'm 5ft and 100plbs) is right before you land you tuck your knee in, and when you land extend.

harper rat

Dang u grew 0-0

Quinn Olsen

2:54 I always have friends over to get high with

Pauly F.

Hands in the pockets &/ or checking your phone so often is a gr8 sign of a str8 up suburban faker... Your parent[s] should be... content. Shame on you!

zebulonium tt

I have a Berg trampoline is it good,


Im really close to landing the double front and double back.

Mathys View

Is any one in 2020

Angelo Coutavas

Do you need a trampoline for this


lol jumping on a trampoline makes me dizzy. Is that normal?

Jess Bowden

Me and my friend double bounce and go on a backs and we go flying??

Katherine's Piano & Music

What trampoline brand would you recommend? We are buying one for kids now. Thanks

Brooke Beach

Him:I got it for only150 bucks
Me: -.-


That flat trampoline look stiff and in my pre school I had a flat trampoline it was real good

Austin Ethridge

I don’t even have a yard


I used to have one but a strong wind blew it away ?

Alicia ASMR

I jump of my wall ??

We Jump Really High

We Jump Really High17 May. 2020
371 855
Isaiah RiveraSubscribe 438 721

Got a dunk session in with

Got a dunk session in with Dan Gross and Shakeel Moore! They both play college basketball, Shakeel is about to start his freshman year at NC State.

Sign up for online coaching here: THPstrength.com

Comments (100)
Albert Saravia

I could already tell that isaiah is going to hit 1 mil subs

Quit Kina

Crazy high

Isaiah McCray

That rim is 9ft but y’all still have hops

Taric TheGemKnight

Queue the song "We fly high" from Jim Jones.

Alp Eralp



Tall white dude dissapointed me. Latino and black were amazing.


Yall should've gotten Dexton too

Tanner Martin

Love you Isaiah! Inspirational brother ??

Alexander Liles

Looks like the park in Cary NC. Used to be my spot.

John Evans

WOW. Good jumps. Im 26 and have a 37 inch vertical. How do I jump higher off one foot? Any tips?

vanessa M

Anyone ever jump and have your calf muscle make a loud popping noise needless to say I got carried of the court. Ps I’m on my girls account lol

Elijah Bradshaw

all 2 legged jumpers, why did I start off 1 :{


Is that normal height basket ? It looks kinda short

tarraf mohsen

Some workouts plz

Mr. TheKidd

Poor Guys Dont Know it's a
9 ft. Goal.

Isaiah Rivera

Completely forgot to put my vert test in the video lol. I touched 11’11.5” which is a 46.5” vertical. The video is on my Instagram!


DID you hear about vert shock ? that program can add at least 9 - 15 inches to your vertical jump in three step training in less 8 weeks and i have video for result of the people who tried this program
Email me : [email protected]gmail.com ...for more information about the program and to see the result of the people.

B-Ball Rewind



As soon as he said he’ll dunk I me I was forced to drop a like

Brian Rodriguez

Not nba height


Now I know why I can't dunk. I have to be shirtless.

Aaron Torres

Was the guy recording James Charles


it seems that elite jumpers at any height are just about head height with the rims. You gain 4" in height you lose 4" in vertical. Thoughts?

Wilt The Goat

I'm 5"11 and only could grab rim but cant dunk any help


No social distancing

JR Spliff

The 8 people that disliked are going to get their ankles broken and they’re going to get dunked on for their sins

Jay Thump

It looks like you reach the net without jumping tho? Something doesnt add up.

Mike C

I used to be able to dunk in high school but I’m also 6’3. The dude that’s under 6 foot that can jump like that is crazy impressive.



Juan Rubio

In this type of dunk sesión , in whic day of ur training week u placed it and how many time u rest between dunk attempts . sorry for my bad english i would love to have a response and im a huge fan of ur videos and ur workouts !

Finley Mars

show us what u eat


Nooo, stayhomeeeee

Red Panties Night

Never understood these guys just like the soccer dude that juggle and to tricks.....this is all a waste of time......you never see these dudes becoming a pro......dont get me wrong ur jumping really high bro but what about being a pro


Kids playground

Nate Farnsworth

On. Cement. #mindblown


Imagine seeing the other team doing this during warm ups

Korean Faker

I want to dunkkkkkk????

Greg Rishel

Ok....they jumped really high......what's next , potty training , great priorities too present to the young ones .......WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GENERATION ?


How y’all jump this fucking high bruh

Milo Mulligan

what do you do to jump so high

spideyman 919

This in Cary NC lol I didn't even know

Chafic Mekkaoui

As 5'11" this gives me hope lol

Jaybie Salgado

Dangross taller than curry lmfao

Rebel XD

This just goes to show that humans ain't really shit on the physical level compared to animals. A tiger can jump 12 feet from vertical position and we get excited over a few feet. Good thing we have our intelligence.

Steven Ngonekeo



An alley-oop is not a real dunk. Close, but no cigar.

Yoshikage Kira

What’s the cheat code?

matt martn

2:47 ?

Abner Jason Sanchez

What's the rim height? Seems a bit low than 10ft.


Good shit boys I’m working on the bounce also I’m bout 5 8 maybe 5 9 never really practiced jumping or dunking but yesterday randomly during quarantine wanted to hoop and with 1 day of working I got a dunk of 9 foot


Thats dex right?

abdul muqsit

Dexton cruthfield:hold my beer

Dc Dreams

That pavement is so bad for your joints. Go on hardwood and you’ll jump even higher


St8 up slashers they make it look easy?


You guys are insane

MIke Carroll

I always wondered if someone used one of those 40 pound weighted vest when they were training on their dunks how good it would work , Or they could be like Dragon Ball Z and work on a planet with more gravity lol




Camera man: can’t even touch net

Michael Sears

If these guys are 5’11 and 6’2 that is not a 10’ hoop...

Bryce-Anthony Bryant

is that a 12foot rim


I almost lost my mind at 0:50

Dennis King

At 5 ft 9 in ... My name is Dennis King and I got my stomach to a 10-foot run back in 1993... True story


What about dexton chrutchfield

Shunny gamer

imagine if dexton was in that video it gonna be crazzzzy


Bro I go to this park wtf??

Basti Bagui

Dwayne wade would still give them 9 tho

William Davis

This is tripping me out that bro in Cary jumping like this. I've got some middle schoolers that really appreciate y'all giving them some pointers..

Dominic Viner

The they are in the air for over a second is insane. That was apparently not possible. I never believed that but that's what the experts say

the little rhyming Goblin

White man can jump but still can’t make shots.

Eunice Ekanem


how dare u

Holy Hops

Aaditya Karki


the sweaty pro

Does anybody really give a shit about people jumping???

Roy Zhao

Awesome,u all inspire me

GJ Williams



Rim height?

Meowstick Gaming

Lol I can clear hurtles half my height without fail and do a 180 and lands backwards.

pim b

I'm taller than these guys and I can't even dunk. I really suck, but you guys are really impressive


In another life maybe.i'll get to dunk ?

Shirt Flames

Basketball truly is the easiest sport to play

Lucas Wyeth

Any tips on jumping higher ?

Blake Beebe

They outside with it doing this. Very impressive ?

Jonas P

That's not a 10 foot rim

CRC Gaming

White dude can’t even hit a single dunk

T̶y̶r̶o̶n̶e̶ V̶a̶s̶s̶ I̶I̶

At 4:40 u almost killed urself but the dunk would’ve been crazy??

Dr Aureo

nOt ReAl SizEd riM


what are isaiah's shoes? they look clean

Rex Gonzales

Dammm.. Lil jelly of the natural boosties.. But damm, good werrk ya'll.. Hooping is life ?

Very Rare

They over here doing NBA Jam type dunks

FinallyGoated 23

Teach me how to dunk or ill kill myself. I posted a vid of me attempting but it doesnt count

Ruel Tenorio

5'11 wow. What kinda workout he doin?


Im 5"10 and i was a high flyer..back in the day. But still. Watching these guys give me the feeling of reminiscing

The nigga that killed Tupac

What park is this?



lushin burl

Thisnis off cement too. These guys would fly on a gym floor with the spring in it.

Bryan Wood

Is that northwoods park in cary on the short rim


I'm 14 years old and I have 33 inches vertical, I want my vertical to be 40, can you all help me? Especially Isiah Rivera if you read this comment please help me, I'm stocked.?


Also, traveling is not a real dunk. Maybe a touchdown, though?


The fuck is that guy in the red even in this video he keeps missing..