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Positives & Negatives Of Using Pre-Workout Supplements

Positives & Negatives Of Using Pre-Workout Supplements17 Sep. 2013
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Tim Muriello, Fitness and Supplement Expert for I'llPumpYouUp.com, and Nick Sanchez, Customer Service Manager for I'llPumpYouUp.com go over the positives and negatives of using pre-workout, and what happens when you over use preworkout supplements. Check out this in-depth conversation all about pre-workout supplements!

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Comments (100)
The Lopez way!

oil arms??

Game gamble

bradley cooper? is that you?


My Pre-Workout is 2 scoops of of Shatter SX-7 with 437ml of water and Parkway Drive.

Chris Jordan

are the guy on the right's gains loyal or oil?

Nick Fong

Hitting the gym without pre-workout is like going for a run without running shoes. It isn't necessary, but it helps.

Jake Osborne

Same shit happens to me when I take Bullnox.. Im gonna cycle a month off 

Brandon Vega

last time i took a pre-workout i had to concentrate on not dying lol it was a bad trip for me ?


Just had this happen like a week ago. Cold sweats, throwing up, felt weak as fuck for 2 days. Learned my lesson.

George Mendoza

Screw pre-workout drink coffee! ?

Robin Fielding

Im 60 old people need NO2 cause were old and. As we age we run out of testosterone and NO2. Im thinking i should make my own more citrulline less arginine and creatine no caffeine

josh goins

Pre work out can cause heart problems

Cemetery Gates

hAHAHA! Super dump!

good citizen

what about dust extreme from blackstone labs

Vernon Ray


Mike Sanchez

Sound like a 2 pussies to me

Todd C

eat a few bananas. dayum.

Chris Vargas

Bean head on right fits typical poster boy of gym rat lol .Tiny beetlejuice head big arms eyebrows nice n shapely looks like he's wearing some eye shadow n eyeliner to...
2 words
"Jersey shore"!!!


I'm glad (is that the right word?) that I'm not the only one to have a panic attack after taking pre-workouts. I thought I was just going crazy until I realized it was the junk I was taking.


i love hyde... but im also 6'4 and endomorph... so maybe just depends on how your body is

Lavish Lifestyle Entertainment

I took bang had a good workout for 30 minutes had a panic attack and couldnt walk or workout heart was jittery and my stomach is still sick 6 days later i took alot of other stuff before that too like gat and lit lol fml

Drain The Swamp

You were probably junkies before they discovered weight lifting

Joseph Grande

Hey guys...whats a good pre workout to get me Trump-level HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE!!!!!!!! :P JKLOL!


I got Rashes from C4 is this normal ?


What is the best pre workout?

Marks Google

After a year or more will you also get IBS and it takes forever to recover!

Leo Harju

When I take preworkouts they make me angry and I go to work and get into it with people and almost get fired. Also, they interfere with my sleep. So, I just stick with coffee and creatine. Old school preworkouts.


I don't take pre-workout, i let the music pump me up, but every once in a while i do need pre-work out for the rare case when the music doesn't give me a pump

Zit Khan


letsgetswole 1980

c4 is weak not strong enough but makes me fucking sleepy after my workout

xono ghoroe

what the FUCK his on that dudes face

Rener R

Haven't took pre workout almost a year! And no now gives a fuck.

playa D

CT. Fletcher motivation is all you need.?tribe


didnt even puke lolb

Ace ortiz

Never had to take pre workouts always run on pure willpower and discipline. Who can relate to this?

Santa Rush

My opinion. Dont take pre workouts or stims
It fucked my heart up panic shit and feel bad
Fuck that sht


i have been without preworkout for 2 weeks now. def worth it. I love preworkout but was up to 3 scoops and was wasting money if nothing else. Will prob wait one more week and then maybe go back to pwo. right now coffee is all in need and is way cheaper than pwo.

Justin Dillon

What a couple of cockheads


Other than caffeine and caffeine derivatives, and Vitamin B I haven't found any so-called "pre-workout" that did anything. Those are basically the active ingredients in all pre-workout.

But you know what's greatest pre-workout ever? Pure cocaine. And this other brand of "energy" drink I drank for a couple of weeks in high school. It contained a substance that really worked. I forgot its name. I think it had something to do with boosting your red blood cells. Eventually it was banned. Government. A couple of idiots ruin it for everybody.

Don't do drugs.


Wats wrong with u Man Lol!


This dude got a eye ring. And some oil in his arms. Don’t ruin this for me Tim I love you bro. This dude is lame


bulk intelligence on display here....

John Black

took 2 scoops of mr.hyde blue razz be4 my workout just got home im currently trying not 2 blackout and im having mini panic attacks over and over. Im so done with this shit if i live through this!

Imran Khan

Pre workout are waste of money.They screw you up.If you want some pump and strength better to take creatine hcl.


i took yohimbe, felt fine,  one cup of coffee has 300mg caffeine so 400 is not even that much.

Ana Salgado

Kiss me you fool!

Timothy Albanese

Panic attack from crap you buy over the counter... you two better stay away from the real stuff.

Jacob TooDope

why do every fucking youtube video start with terrible whack intro music like fuck it makes me not wanna watch this shit.

Brian Smith

Triatine best Pre on the market, new out of Calpoly!


A guy on roids talkin bout PWO ? And this piercing...where is this world going

cesar cinilia

hello I was taking the outfit nutrex for 6 months in a row and now I started having panic attacks, and stop using it, but when I start dieting comes these attacks, I can not take any supplements either glutamine or BCCA or consume certain foods like watermelon, maca, chocolate, etc .because again comes attacks. advice please? I did medical checkups and I'm fine.


What a goober omg its true about all muscle no brains

Jonathon N

I've tried quite a few from jack, hammorage, c4, mesamorph but finally found a good clean pre workout without all the jitter feeling others give just good focus and energy with gat anyone else tried it and have a view on it ? Cheers
Like the clip by the way enjoy watching your stuff!

Humxer Muneer

I took anarchy pre workout yesterday for the first time ......I must say I had a blast in the gym

Jacob Wash

I'm sorry but the host on the left is just not a very likeable personality. He comes off as the average gym douche who gives off way more information than he actually knows

Veronica Veliz

Hi there sexy guys. I have question! I have prework ,BCAA and a "fat burner" I'm a female trying to lose some weight but i do need a boost when I'm at the gym ??
I'm not sure if it's ok to take all these three products at once?! ?????
To stay awake , burn fat and my amino?


stop taking supplements for a week....but take this adrenaline SUPPLEMENT to reset ....haha makes sense


I don't think you 2 know alot about the actual facts about pre workout supplements :s ..

Kyle Adams

Major ILS
(Imaginary Lat Syndrome)

The11:11 Project

Like the vids but really not necessary to punch your hand in every syllable to push a point, leave that crap for some moron rapper... does this on lots of vids...

Tommy Tang

Hey man what about taking just one scoop or even less? I've never taken pre-workouts and don't know if I should use it.

Navjot Singh

How can we stop talking preworkout and gone for gym without preworkout ?

Christian Kirk

Guy on the left looks like Bradley Cooper

Ofsmoke Andfire

I take it after a long day at work then go to the gym and lift for a few hours. Even with c4 and hemavol I can still sleep good after a long day and a good workout. I don't over do it. Guys at my gym who take a lot of preworkouts talk up a storm! Their veins are popping out and faces turning red Lmao! Funny to watch! What a waste of caffeine though. That's all preworkouts really contain to get you stimulated. I like hemavol cuz it is stim free.

Ashwin Ravichandran

mix crystal meth , pre workout , and red bull ... drink it .... you're done !!


I took my first pre-workout supp. It was a on sale. Best workout of my life, but I am reminded that nothing comes free. What is the cost of using these supps, and whats in them? I mean I had veins popping out of my arms, and I couldn;t stop moving I was doing pushups on my down time.


Rockstar + N.O Explode = NO Rockstar...*explode*

James Corsey

I work overnight so when I feel really tired I'll take a lil bit of preworkout and back in business

Zach Helbert

Would anyone recommend pre workout for running? If so, what brand?


I only take them when I'm extremely tired and need to hit the gym. I will not take a full scoop though. I'll take about a half of a scoop, if that. My body is very sensitive towards them since I rarely take stimulants. You should only take it when you NEED it. Same with advil, I see people take it because they bumped their toes. A sharp pain for 5min. It starts really low, than it goes higher into the hardcore drugs. Your doses gets higher and you keep moving up.

Marija Dj

yes..panic attacks...that's just why I quit with caffeine long ago.


based on this video, supplement expert means that they had tried every single one in the market, it doesnt mean they are able to understand any of those long words in the back of the package.

and, it really makes me want to puke when this kind of guys talk about CNS and repeat the word a million times so it sounds scientific...

Rameshan Sivapalan

WTF is on that dudes face ?

all manot

love this channel

Mr Wilson 4

just dont take more than a scoop you guys""
take a preworkout for 1 to 2 months "" jump off of it for a month and a half 1/5 and you start taking your preworkout again""" you do need to cycle off your preworkout if you want to make more & more gains in the gym.


This video is not helpful at all, it is more like too guys measuring who has the biggest dick (took the most pre workout).

Bob B.

I wanna live to see tomorrow

Корсиканский солдат

When 2 american dudes telling u to not over do it, to not take it too far and most importantly to have a fucking break for once... You better listen them lol


These two look like brothers almost like twins

Kevin C.A. Schneider

companies really have to stop putting so much fcking caffeine into their pre workouts. i mean 250-300mgs for 1 serving is waaaaay to much, i dont wanna get high of this shit.

Ozgur Senturk

Maca powder
Cardamom powder


I like pre work outs I get nice energy boost and I always take a massive shit....happy days


Trust Americans to take things too far and over do it

Sabenam aryobi

Loved this. I just tried pre work out for the first time and I felt nauseous & jittery and couldn't sleep for 24 hours. I'm not sure if your supposed to eat before either but I didn't even do that. I felt so jittery that I couldn't even work out ??? this stuff should be ILLEGAL.

Joshua Gray

Defcon 1 >

Grace Connell

I am 18, quite small, and am looking into whether or not it is suitable for me to take pre-workouts. I find that it's difficult for me to finish my workouts, because I'm just physically tired. I get around 9 hours sleep, but after I excercise, I could just hop right back into bed. Could I get some opinions from anyone on whether they may be necessary?


I thought these guys were full of it until I got a serious panic attack and now can't drink caffeine without getting sick, it's horrible. I should have listened to this guys


Once i had a large coffee like an hour before the gym and forgot that i had drank it and then took 2 scoops of NO xplode. I was wondering why i was so dam wired. When I finally remembered drinking the coffee and then the NO xplode i was having like a caffie overdose. I had a massive headache but i went to the gym anyway. My strength was great but when i crashed i crashed hard!

Johnny Clark

I've started to use c4 but I do not like the amount of caffeine that is in it. So I did some research and was wondering what gives the pump, energy, and focus out of citrulline malate, beta alanine, taurine, L-tyrosine, and creatine? And do you know of any pre-workout that does not have caffeine?

giovanni OSTASZ

Never use preworkout when you got hyperventilation feels like having an heartattack

Paul O'Neal

I am going to purchase 1.M.R Vortex. Have any of you ever used it?

Jack O

Been using NO explode 1 scoop before workouts, just pre workout and protein after, C 4 is horrible and tastes like gasoline just use the recommended amount and you should be okay


Pr-workout are just fine to use . However you shouldn't abuse them, taking several other supplements in the same day. This could of killed this man. I only use Pre-workout when I exercise and that only twice a week. 

top bottom

Guy on left doesnt take baths

arron frederick

masturbation gives you energy jack off before a workout

Edward S

Can you still use a pre workout is it's never been opened and it looks hard and clumpy and it's no expired

Nickalicious IsBig

Positives: all of them, Negatives: None of them

Hostess Cupcakes

Make your own pre workout.

Tyler Padgett

that's rediculous i've taken pre-workouts for like 10 years. I've never taken more than 1 1/2 scoops of anyhting.

Colin Brannon

C4 + hemavol. Only 150mg of caffeine. That's just enough. Sometimes I'll take amino energy for 50-100mg of caffeine.

Karen Gerrald


Negative Push Ups

Negative Push Ups13 Jul. 2009
199 781
Mike DeiblerSubscribe 438 721

This clip shows how to

This clip shows how to perform negative push ups. If you want to learn how to progress from push up on your knees to your toes you need to incorporate this exercise.

Comments (23)
Anwaar Samai

Ok so I can only do 2 of that and then my body shakes uncontrollably. Cant do a proper pushup without falling back. When I do get into proppwr push up position, my body shakes a lot and after 10 seconds it feels like that's am exercise alone.

Critical Supremacy

What's the name of the intro song? That riff is pretty darn nice.

Aetherguy 1234


Tara Bialek

I enjoyed your clip. Hope to connect more here & maybe you'll watch some of mine! Blessings to you. - Tara

Ms M

I cant even go half way down that slow and it's really hard to push back up the way you're doing it.

Ross Peplow

After you do as many normal push ups as you can until failure, do super slow negative push ups until you literally fall on your face. I guarantee you will ache like mad the next day.

Tito Saracho

I owe my teacher 105!!!!!

Kator Hol

Not sure why people clicked on the " dislike " button, but i personally think its perfect advice for those just starting out or resuming training from injuries. I know people starting out training, who are both male and female, and them going from not being able to do 1 to 3 reps, and I'm recommending to them this video cause it gives them a tool to progress with, and if they go from only able to do 1 rep to be able to do 10... that's big progress for them! Thankyou!

Jarod Jenkins


job elice

tu as perdu tes mollets ?


Im surprised this is exactly what ive been trying to do. Negative going down and knee going up. Im posting a video everyday if anyone is interested. So far my progress has been pretty bad T_T but i find i can do more knee pushups now

jorge otero

your arms are way to wide. your form is not correct at all..... you have to keep those elbows tucked close to your body ...

KT Kee

What is the purpose of these? A halfway house for people who can't do standard push ups? Or a progression for people who do knee push ups?

Purple Puppy

I'm a girl and I cant do this or modified pushups that well either. Ive been doing weights and really pushing myself, but I still cant do a friggin pushup. I just have a weak chest and triceps I guess :(


i read a few posts/watched youtube videos on how to increase strength so i can finally do push ups properly with this negative push up advice, but never with the last part. i tried it and managed to do 3, lol, which was already better than i expected. hopefully i'll do more tomorrow. thank you!


@ImToMMyXD They're actually great when you reach muscle failure for pushing yourself up and you want to keep going. They're also great, like he said, if you need to work up to doing normal pushups. Your condescension is pretty sad.

Audrey Wilemon

I can do 3 pull ups perfectly fine but 3 pushups are completely different for me, hopefully this will help out

Muay ThaÏ

Leg !


he almost lost his breath after 3 negative push ups embarrassing


Is this for mass? And btw i can do it without thee knee thing is that possible too?


11 years later and this helps

Un baiat Anonim

I reach the ground with my chest and then i cant get back up

Anwaar Samai

Ok so I can only do 2 of that and then my body shakes uncontrollably. Cant do a proper pushup without falling back. When I do get into proppwr push up position, my body shakes a lot and after 10 seconds it feels like that's am exercise alone.

Negatives workout

Negatives workout12 Apr. 2020
Jamal BondSubscribe 438 721

Comments (0)