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CrossFit - What Marcus Filly Loves About CrossFit

CrossFit - What Marcus Filly Loves About CrossFit23 Jul. 2013
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The CrossFit Games --

The CrossFit Games -- (http://games.crossfit.com)

"The thing I love most about CrossFit is that it is a platform for all the things I probably love most in my life to come together -- my career, my athletic pursuits, my friendships and relationships I have with others," Marcus Filly says.

Filly qualified for the CrossFit Games out of the NorCal Region. He narrowly edged out Pat Barber for a fourth-place finish.

This will be the first year he is competing as an Individual at the Games.

Video by Jay Vera.

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Seems like a nice dude but I feel bad for pat barber.

Integrit Performance

They just started. Not sure when the first event is i think there's a video announcing it though.


Go Marcus!!

Laurie Rosen

Good luck killing it at the Crossfit Games. When are they? Hope they're televised!

Mendez K

marcus filly is the man!!

I Love The Open: Julie Foucher

I Love The Open: Julie Foucher11 Feb. 2016
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Julie Foucher is excited

Julie Foucher is excited for the 2016 Open!

Click here to sign up for the Open: https://games.crossfit.com/register-athlete

The CrossFit Games -- (http://games.crossfit.com)

The CrossFit Games® - The Sport of Fitness™

The Fittest On Earth™

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rogereats cake

As Danny Broflex would say: Give it a "tri"

niles wali

i love her

David Chrapla

She is so adorable!!!!

That One Texan

She's the one you marry


Who thumbed down Julie ?? How dare u !!

gerovy king

How come she looks different? A bit bloated? Still prettiest crossfitter..

Yair Ortega

She's perfect

noreen juliano

Soooo, Julie... What if you qualify for regionals? Would you go?


soo short :(

R Perez

Julie hottest crossfitter


nice :)

Why I love Crossfit

Why I love Crossfit8 Jun. 2015
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Find something that pushes

Find something that pushes you so hard that you want to quit. . . . then see it through. Train yourself to do the hard thing. That is playing your part well.

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Damon Eddy