Louis vuitton set

Louis Vuitton Men's Perfume/Cologne Fragrance Miniature Set (5) 2018 - Quick Unboxing

Louis Vuitton Men's Perfume/Cologne Fragrance Miniature Set (5) 2018 - Quick Unboxing1 Jun. 2018
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SartorialPhilSubscribe 438 721

This is the complete set

This is the complete set of 5 (excluding the exclusive Ombre Nomade) in 10mL miniature bottles including: L'immensité, Nouveau Monde, Orage, Sur La Route and Au Hasard. This just launched in the U.S. on May 31, 2018.

This set retails for $240 USD, which is the same price as one 100mL full size bottle.

I will be conducting an in-depth review including note descriptions, longevity and comparison soon and will post the link here.

Women's original set full in-depth review: https://youtu.be/USn6Q16o_PU

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Comments (17)
Lou R

How much was this set? Do they still sell it?

Omer Photoscene

Is the set Refillable

Daniel in the Antipodes

They look stunning!

Perisibal Carpiso

orage is my fav.....

jaiten maini

Osum unboxing as always buddy !!????✊?


When I saw your IG post, I thought your fav was Nouveau Monde. Oud + cocoa. You love oud, chocolate... I think I would like Sur La Route. I like bergamot. Yes, please do detail video.

Erin B

is this version of miniatures spray or no?

Hussain Albraiki

Your correct .. lv limmensite is satisfying as the first big bottle to take for me , The Ombré nomad was launched before the homme collection in Dubai & other middle eastern cities and rushed to take it its bit heavy & suits the typical Arabic occasions

Aaron Tran

This miniature come in spray bottle


What you think of Sur La Route?

John Mika

Thank you very interested

rm brooklyn

I am such a sucker for great packaging and I would expect nothing less from LV. I've also had great packaging from Mr. Porter. It really makes a difference.

Pilan K •ᄌ•

Thank you for the quick unboxing How is SUR LA ROUTE?

กิติศักดิ์ ศรีนวล

So good l,m from thailand

Carlo Edralin

Hi Phil! Just got the sample of the L'immensite and it is my favorite one. Nice video by the way.


How many sprays would you say each one would do?


Thanks for sharing!!

*OBSESSED!* Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires First Impressions

*OBSESSED!* Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires First Impressions18 Sep. 2019
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Cassie ThorpeSubscribe 438 721


ONE OF THE HOTTEST BAGS OF THE SEASON HAS DROPPED…and I just had to get it…the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires. As soon as I saw the bag, I texted my LV SA and got it pre-ordered, this bag is so me, I can’t get over it. Everything about this bag is in the video but if you have any questions leave them in the comments. Enjoy!



Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires -

UK - go into a store and enquire, it’s not online yet

US - https://fave.co/2ZYCYAO


I'm generally a UK10/US6, size 27/28 in jeans, size 39 in shoes.

White T-Shirt (I bought a small) - https://fave.co/31kjl3r

Jeans (my favourites) - http://bit.ly/2yiZXHg


Foundation -(shade NC35) http://bit.ly/2ydscXU OR (shade 2.5W) http://bit.ly/2Yk11JB

Bronzer - (shade private island) https://fave.co/32NYgiV / http://bit.ly/2yb5m31

Blush - http://bit.ly/2MglsjV

Highlighter - http://bit.ly/2KeWxvQ

Eyeshadows - http://bit.ly/31dQ9uO

Eyeliner - http://bit.ly/2YJdx6r

Mascara - http://bit.ly/2ydJF29

Lipliner - (shade 1.5) https://fave.co/2K4rMIQ

Lipstick - https://fave.co/32TMpjy


➤ instagram: https://www.instagram.com/casscass2102

➤ twitter: https://twitter.com/cassie2102


[email protected]

**Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means I get a commission if you buy something using my link, you don't have to use them if you'd prefer not to. You do NOT get charged extra for using the above links.

HERMES ORAN SANDAL REVIEW - https://youtu.be/tM66cW6DTQQ

6 FALL FASHION TRENDS TO WEAR AND SLAY 2019 - https://youtu.be/EP-HdTnJfnA


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I need this but its sold out & the price bumped higherrrrrrr?? just my luck

Trúc Xuân Phạm


Sharon Cole

????xx i do i love the leather worn xx

Yee Yang

What kind of water do u have on?

Jay Blossom

new sub! self diagnosed addict as well!!!!! love your intro!!!


My next baby?


This bag is pure art omg

Liz J

I literally just bought a dupe online for $100 ?

Autumn yoyo

LOVE IT. Muaks muaks ????

Taylor Hillier

if they make this in multi color i am buying it


I almost bought it this weekend to sale it lol now i can't sleep because I didn't buy it hahaha hope they have it tomorrow at the store!

R Shahi

Your videos are bomb girl! And your hair ??

Sharon C

Beautiful bag , loving it

Ильмир Мусин



I've got The same bag! Good choice!❤

L Walters

Can I get the deets on that ring though? ??‍♀️


I want it!

Svetlana in Hamburg

Ugly ??

Ben Ben


Theresa Feeney

I do like how its a 3 in 1 and the strap looks comfortable and you wear it well. I may get one in the near future but I do love the pink strap.

Lea Bee

U deserve more subs! I feel like luxury items are made for u! U totally enjoy them not for flexing purposes (maybe) but u can afford them so why not right? U also seem like a girl anybody can hang out with even if ur super rich cos u wouldnt make anyone feel awkward about it. Nice videos! V entertaining ?

Denise Loves IT!

This little gem is EVEYWHERE, on social media, i have watched your video, OVER AN OVER again, you make me WANT this bag ????


haha first time watching a video of you and your awesome... im buying the bag 100% thx girl

Sofiane Sid

Hi, I'm selling the Louis Vuitton multi accessory pouch. The bag is new and has never been worn. it is 100% authentic. I sell it with the invoice.
If someone is interested add me on IG So_by_so.
Thank you

Florenz Nightingale

So nice bag, like mine, love it, New subbies here and hope I get love back ??

Rachel Hassan

I love your videos! Have a quick question for you! I am looking for the perfect LV wallet. I have been doing research and I can't decide between the LV organizer, zippy, zippyXL, or I am also on waitlist for zippyshades (bc I would love to have one that doubles as a clutch!!) what do you think?

Also this bag is on my wish list! After watching your video, I def want to get it!!

Glavis soon 主频道

Hi.. Is the big and small pochette comes with the same code?

Gi A

Yessssss! Love it

C Mickie

OMG ❤️

Elise Sheppard

Loved this video! Just waiting for this bag to come back in stock xxx

арина татаринова

beautiful make up and nail ???

Victoria Ebiana

I love this! Just got mine and it’s great but I don’t know if I need this AND the favorite??


Cut the coffee

Maria Alvarado

I am in USA Florida, how van i do tO buy this Bag?


Love your energy. Thank you for the review

Svetlana in Hamburg

This voice is shit ?

WW Jackie

Great review! Mod shots rule! Also you are one of the few who pronounces vechetta correctly!

Issa Hora

You’re sitting too close up , you’re right up in my face

Lisa Smith

Love it!

Wahyu wulan Sari

Nice ????

Milly Schechter


Kapil Maan

This is a really good and well explained video, We have an article about Louis Vuitton Pouche LV3 Bag let's checkout the newest addition of Louis Vuitton https://www.fashioncoders.com/louis-vuitton-pouche-lv3-bag/

Mimi Hunter

Totally my next bag. Love her!

Louise H

Omg I love you ? only just discovered your channel. I have this bag on order, cannot wait to receive it xxx


I just got mine in Pink yesterday, please watch my video unboxing it, its a beautiful

Junk Mail

Guys I just called the LV store and ordered one today, they are back in stock!!!!

Evelyn Cardenas

I love u at first sight lol I’m self diagnose luxury addict too lol

Sezzy Says

New subscriber! I had been eyeing this up (but in blush pink)..... but it’s over $3,000 New Zealand dollars - however you sold it for me! Thank you

yesenia_roblox * roblox *

Not sure what is the fuzz around this bag.


I guess the price is bigger now... it’s now more than 2k ?

Zahra Khan

Love it. But can’t afford it ??

Le-Anne Kerr

It’s a back slip pocket

Juvy G

Love watching you?

Fego 67

I’ve binged watched your videos for almost 3 days ???


5 months later..... is this bag still worth buying now or should I go with Chanel Clutch with chain? Will this bag still be trendy to wear this summer? Love your channel Cassie, can’t believe I’ve just found you now!

Baby Doll

It’s now almost $1900

Rachel Lia

Great personality Just subscribed!


Just subbed to your channel! I want this in the pink!

Stacy Corona

What’s the longest the strap goes ?


You’re tempting me to get this for a relaxed as you would say flex ? I am waiting & curious to see if they will soon release this in a reverse monogram ?

A Alf

You are one honey love you

Raazia Banks

AH..mazing Bag- the Multi pochette Accessories ?

Sarah Torres

Can you detach the gold chain and use it on the bigger pouchette??

Evette Walker

Love the bag, thank you for sharing Shalom

Binita Thapa

I love ur eye♥️♥️??

Sab rina

I have one ??❤️

Wendy Lynch

Just got mine I’m so in love ?

Diana 408

Stunning ✨ just stunning ✨ ♥️

Jay szn

Does the strap extend????

Michelle VDG

"Ur happy little hanging family" hahahaha

Alisha A

Wow, love your personality... #instantsubscriber ???

Michelle Dean

Hello my name is Michelle pocketbook


That is $2050 not a $1000 right?

Hannah Laura

Can’t believe I’ve just discovered you!!!! ?


Love ur vids and i just got the same purse!Really supeerr cute???


I know I’m late as the video is 8 months ago but I just wanted to let you know I lived sis. LIVED for this review. I came on to watch reviews before purchasing and you did not disappoint.

July Pierce

As French speaker it’s funny to hear that if you pronounce “Louis Vuitton ?” it’s pretentious. It’s so normal ?


I freaking love you your videos are just amazing!!! ♥️?

Blue. Moon

I used to HATE it at first but I think I’m starting to jump on the wagon ?

Rocheal Phillips

I love n need this bag!!


I just love your videos !! Your energy is amazing ???

Shalini S

Now with multiple price increases since you made this video, do you still think its worth it with the new price?


Ok i just bought it and i personalized it ! I can't wait to receive it damn lol

Stephanie Daniel

You're gorgeous and fun and I neeeeeed this bag now! Thank you so much for this!

American Patriot Girl

I absolutely love mine!!! I chose the rose Clair strap ❤️❤️❤️ obsessed!

Lakeyia Douglas

Your accent is aggregating ?


i just got this bag - what purse do you use with it? or do you just put cards/cash in the mini front bag?


I love your energy Cassie! Never change. Also you are my hand bag enabler ?.

Ammi Kuilder

I love it...So versatile ? Bought one recently with the rose strap...


i love mine. i got the pink strap, and it's too cute

haneen Ba-aziz

I like it ; hope to get it soon hehehe

Lillian Chou

I got the pink one but now I’m super struggling If I should change it to the green ????

lola kt

Looove your eye makeup!!! What eyeshadow did you use?

Walmitchi N Sangma

I love ur hair???

Vanessa I

Girl, thanks to you and others, I placed my order for this last night in this color!! I checked the site today and it’s again sold out :) thank you ??




Ordered one it’s on its way ? can’t wait to get it

Renz Albiola


Michelle Rivera

This is my dream bag I need to get this for the holidays great review love the makeup


Only looks good on skinny girls. If you have hips it just sticks out funny

What's In My Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM; Sweater Set, Skirt OOTD / Classic Fashion, Elegant Style

What's In My Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM; Sweater Set, Skirt OOTD / Classic Fashion, Elegant Style6 Sep. 2020
14 000


LINKS FOR THIS VIDEO: https://jljbacktoclassic.com/archives/32943 Featured: Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull MM—What’s Inside, Plus My OOTD, FASHION OVER 40, 50, 60

Classic Fashion, Style and Healthy, Clean Beauty Over 40, 50 and Beyond.

ABOUT JANIS LYN JOHNSON: Happily married. Born in 1960. A Girly Girl Who Loves Classic Style and Healthy Living.


LINKS FOR (EVERYTHING DISCUSSED IN) THIS VIDEO: https://jljbacktoclassic.com/archives/32943




INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jljbacktoclassic/

Music: I Purchased a License for the Rights To Use This Music in My YouTube Videos, Even When Monetized.

Comments (70)

I had a dark chocolate brown sak bag that I have been trying to replace. I’m particular tho. Has to be leather with a collapsible arm strap and detachable cross body strap. The one I had went perfectly with my dark brown boots. Not an easy color to find. ❤️

Natalia Paluszkiewicz

Hi :) I’ve discovered Your channel few days ago, and I’ve become obsessed with videos you publish. I’ve watched almost all of your videos and I was just so happy to see that you posted a new one. I love your timeless style and personality, your videos are just full of positive energy. By the way I personally didn’t like the neverfull and multi pochette Louis Vuitton bag, because I thought they were overdone and too casual looking, but you changed them a little bit which makes them look a lot more subtle and classic, and I really like your version of them. I wish you all the best, and I’m very excited for the new videos! xx

Karen Frierson

Yes, I'm a cardigan wearing person. Love them sets or alone.?

Maureen ONeill

Hi Janis,
Hoping you and your family are well. I love your channel and classic style. It has been a few months since your last video and hope there will be more.

Jeannee Waseck

Hello, my Florida friend! Your quiet health and happiness - the opposite of the blinged-out world! - is a treasure, and I surely hope this pandemic ceases soon! so that you can go back to social lunches under clear blue Naples skies with people like CSG ;> Now, there is a luxury reseller online that has quite the history of LV, including mention of colors, so that may help with the reason why the interior of your bag is named the way it is: https://www.yoogiscloset.com/louis-vuitton/guide

linda gruber

Hi Janis I am subscribed to your channel but somehow I'm not notified when you post. Not complaining..no big deal to check it out myself.Just want to let you know that during this awful time your channel provides me a lot of comfort. Thanks

Silvia Camattari

We love all your videos Janis, it is your way of showing things, the calm way you speak, your natural elegance that shines through every word you say ? It is always a joy when you upload a video and I look forward to them ?. I take inspiration from your calm and secure attitude and your natural and healthy living, although my life and my videos are a bit different I feel very much in tune with your lifestyle ? We love watching you ?‍♀️??, Silvia & the girls Xxx

Carole S.

I wish I had bought the MM. I have the GM, and the straps dig into my shoulder (or arm) so much that it’s just uncomfortable to use. I wonder if the monogram print with the vachetta leather would have been so hard to wear? I have an insert for most of my LV bags, and I love mine too. If you haven’t tried Samorga, you should look at their website. You look amazing as ever! I am obsessed with that blush color - even for Fall.

Aurora Rose

Living in SW Florida must be tough trying to wear cardigans.

Jana Anderson

???very nice!

Nina T [tonya topete]

My wardrobe is mostly sweater sets I've made + slacks/skirts. I have a two suits for the office, should I need them, but everything else is sweater sets.

Momo Parent

New subscriber and I really like your calm style and especially what’s in your bag!

Chrissy Hoffman

Hi Janis omgosh I love brown and pink so much. I love your tote but unfortunately can’t afford a new one but I’ve been browsing pre loved on The real real. I’d love to have a LV tote but I’m a social worker can’t afford new. If you have any pre loved sites you like please let me know and nice to see another video. I’m a longtime subscriber ❤️

Pat Levy

Hi Janis: Always great to see you. I love cardigans myself & sometimes wear them around my waist & around my neck. I like contrasting colours. Love your muted make up colours. They suit you. Have a great weekend?

Laura Eshpeter

I’m with you cardigans are a staple in my wardrobe.

Sarah Manfra

Hi Janis,
I did leave you a comment on your blog page. What I forgot to say is that your hubby has beautiful taste! That LV bag is one of my favorites! I don't own one yet, but, Christmas is coming...? My LV Speedy is over 30 years old and looks just as good as the day I bought it. Yes, I love sweater sets, too! I have collected so many sets thru the years and love them all! Pastel pink and brown is lovely! Great combination! So happy to "see" you today! You and hubby stay well, be happy! Much love, Sarah-Boston?

Happy Homemaker

Love chocolate brown and pink together... Also lobe navy and fuchsia pink too...I always LOVE your videos... Always a treat?

sandra smith

Hi Janis. You are such a beautiful classy lady. Love the video as usual thank you x

Lidia Mata

I love your style ???


wtf your husband bought it for you


LINKS FOR THIS VIDEO: https://jljbacktoclassic.com/archives/32943 Featured: Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Neverfull MM—What’s Inside; Plus My OOTD, FASHION OVER 40, 50, 60


I love that you are so classy but not afraid to wear fun colors and styles. I’m also into natural and organic food/cosmetics so I always enjoy seeing products you use. I ordered and LOVE the last lipstick you posted and now I want to order these as well. Thanks for the videos! Always enjoy them.


Beautiful Bag! Perfect for fall season. Enjoy!


Hi Janis, nice to see you again. I’m so happy to see you feature sweater sets. I too have quite a collection although living here in the very, very warm coastal area of Tampa Bay I sometimes wonder why I have so many as there are only a few months where I can be comfortable in them. And chocolate brown had always been my signature color until I grew out my gray hair and thought it wasn’t complimentary anymore. You encourage me to put that favorite color back into rotation. Thank you. I hope you were able to get out for lunch. Praying all this unkindness in our world somehow will go away and we can enjoy time out and with friends again. Take good care.


This is above all my absolute favorite YT channell. I hope you are ok Janis and that you will be back some day.

Paula Baroni

Love your channel, your items are all lovely. Where did you purchase your handbag organizer, i'm interested in purchasing one for my Neverfull MM, too!

Jools Factor-Jones

Yes twin sets are lovely. Elegance personified x

Celebrate Creating with Kathryn

I would have never guessed you were nervous! You always do great!

Janice Ann Adkisson Davis

Janis, I love your videos! You are one of the most classic women I've ever seen, a woman that is so honest and open and not conceded what so ever. I love that you are sharing your ideas, which are fantastic. I wanted you to know that you can purchase inserts for your agenda at "Etsy.com" I always get mine there - just FYI!

The Birch Tree

Really hope you are doing well. Miss seeing your videos pop up in my subscription feed. Wishing you and your family a blessed 2021.

Sueli Kiwara



Beautiful outfit and tote -- I love pale pink with chocolate!

Mary Miller

Thank you for sharing your comments and style.

Ana Maria

You are so beautiful. Please, color your hair. Its for the first time i see you and my first thought was:Oh, if she wouldnt have this gray hair, but coloured, she would be gorgeause.

Parrish lake

Always love your channel!

lisa cavender

I love sweater sets I have a dozen of them from J.Crew in numerous colors! I also love my little case that comes with my neverfull I put all my receipts and coupons in there as well as my face mask and some hand sanitizer❤️

I.M Keo

this woman is straight class. i hope i can aquire that amount of elegance one day.


I like your calm vibe and your style. Subscribing. :)


Beautiful as always. I know from past video that you went thru menopause without added HRT, question did you notice any hair changes with age and menopause, such as dryness and thinner hair?

Javier Perez

In Spain cardigans are called "rebeca" by Alfred Hitchcock movie. Stay safe.

bama gurl

Nice video Janis, have a great day!

Debbie Gibson

Janis, I miss you! You are one of my top three Youtube ladies. I just hope that you are healthy and happy.

Sandy V

Beautiful!! ?? México!!

Rosemary Cathcart

can i ask where you got the organiser is it LV also ?

Mili Tregoning

I enjoy your videos so much. You have a lovely soothing voice


Beautiful classic style as usual Janice! Pink & brown combo is so feminine!

Megan Corker

Hi Janis! I know you don't post a video very often but wanted to comment to say I hope you post one soon :) stay safe! X

Marlene Wright

Loved this video. I’m actually looking into the Neverfull and this has been so helpful...wasn’t sure if the MM was going to be the right size. I think it’s perfect. Always love your choices.❤️

Michael Salonga

I use the small LV agenda as a wallet now and to keep notes. I ended up needing a much larger agenda so I went with an A5 Van Der Spek codex.

Carrie Standridge

Hi Janis, I also love a cool-toned dark brown with powder blue combination. I have been a Talbots shopper for almost 30 years and have worn many twin sets and outfits with cardigans atop skirts. Take care.

English CountryHouse

we call them a twinset in the uk and i have been wearing them since i was 5 years old and i am 60 now , my hubby calls me miss marple ,but i just love them

Michele De Salvo

Living in the UK we practically invented the twin-set! Love, love, love chocolate brown, much less harsh than black, but so hard to find x

Pokey girl Skeel

Loved the vlog. I have the Neverful in monogram with beige lining. I didn’t think I would use the pouch that comes with the bag but what a lifesaver it is when traveling. We went to Las Vegas and I didn’t want to use my Neverful around town so my pouch worked perfectly for dinner and casinos!

Bill M

Glad to see you are well! Thank you for making YT and the world a more beautiful place. ♥

C Pearl

Aren't ballerine and ballerina the same? From the French and English webpages.

Susan Freeman

I love them too. Always a classic and can easily be dressed up or down. Sweater sets are a great staple in any wardrobe ❤️

Paula Bodden

I live in your area (in the winter) and really love the Waterside shops. I’m going to miss Nordstrom, especially the cafe. The Louis Vuitton store there is one of the nicest I’ve been in in terms of sales associates, friendliness and their willingness to try to locate elusive items.


You are stunning but I can’t help but keep visualizing you with a different hair colour as I watch your videos. Have you ever thought of being a blonde?


God this is self indulgent to the point of being repugnant. You’re gum flapping over the minutia of your affluence and possessions is pretty gross, what with people losing their jobs, livelihoods, homes due to a worldwide pandemic. On top of the general state of the world.

But hey, nice bag huh? And GOD knows what we would do without a luxury twin set and the right blush shade. You’re mature enough to know better.



Grammy Tap Dancing by Sharamay Ritter

There’s my Diane Lane twin again lol enjoyable as always. ? Had major surgery off from tap dancing next 4 months. Tnk goodness had time to makes vids ahead to still post till end of year. My GRAMMY Tap Dancing ?my fav is chocolate brown with peacock or turquoise. My clothes mostly Black & white like you with pop of color elsewhere accessories. If you get a chance look at my video called Grammy tap journey. I think you’d enjoy ?


Beautiful bag and accessories and very efficiently organized; I have organizers for my LVs as well. Great video! ?

Jude Allan

Hi Janis, your Mini Pochette is beautiful. I have the 2019 Xmas edition and love it too. I have also used your link to order the same blush pouch with the tassle you use for your charger. It looks so soft and I love the monogramming so thank you for that! I'm so glad you bought the small agenda ... I have had mine since the beginning of the year and it is the perfect size to carry with me at all times. Definitely one of my favourites. Oh and your Neverfull is stunning! ?

Asuman Kıral

How is your mother Janis, I hope she is well !

Mairelis Garcia

you are beautiful and classy. new sub here!!!! i like u very much


Hi. Thank you so much for the excellent presentation. I hope that soon you will be able to spend more time socializing. You are a very warm person and a pleasure to watch and hear you talk.

Deb Comly

Hey!!! If you leave your organizer in you bag and never remove it you will eventually have a crease in the shape of it on the outside of the bag to match it. The bag should at least be stored without it when not using. Air pillows work wonderful!!! Love the Bag!!!

Shari Schmidt

I'm also a lover of cardigan sweater set's, l think l was wearing them in grade school and never stopped!!
I couldn't go without the organizer, otherwise it's just a mess but l do use the small tote to corral my lipstick, tissue and the all important hand sanitizer and masks ?
Always enjoy your channel ??

rick henderson

Hello i must say you're such a beautiful looking woman and you have a really sweet smile.

Bernadine Roselt

Jane s you are looking younger by the day !
Loved yr whole video .. always learn something beautiful ?Janis please can you say what lotion do you put on yr hands as they look so smooth ...thank you ?stay safe & blessed ?