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WWE Invades AEW & John Cena Tragedy - WWE News & Rumors 2021

WWE Invades AEW & John Cena Tragedy - WWE News & Rumors 202121 Nov. 2020
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2021 is almost here but

2021 is almost here but there are still big WWE news and rumors that have recently been reported that WWE fans need to know about.

Featuring WWE News and Rumors About:

- John Cena

- Roman Reigns

- Vince McMahon

- Drew McIntyre

- Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose

- Drew McIntyre

- The Fiend Bray Wyatt

- Chris Jericho

- Cody Rhodes

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Comments (100)

Your narration is so toxic I couldnt watch more than 30 seconds

Casper D

I want to watch this..but man I cannot take the stupid voice the guy does..


So, what this really means is that WWE owns AEW.

Knight wing

That wouldn't happen and that was suck

Jason Evans

What's with your voice

Delfin Jaimes Sulit


kenny Bastian

Lol good joke

Brent Wagner

I feel like im listening to Ben Stein. Buller? Buller? Buller?

william gordon

Sounds like a rapper trying to figure out how to rhyme

Maidenlord 666

What the hell is wrong with the narrator does he have a stick up his ass or is somebody shoving their hand up there

Steven Slouber

Roman's idea is not new or original. Think DX's invasion of WCW. That invasion failed because WCW simply locked down. Watch history repeat itself. Oooo, ahhhhhh! Lol.

Kevin Taylor

the NARRAtorrrrrr, needs to stop fluctuating his voICCCE, in that CAAAAdence, as I'm sure OTHer than my SELLLLLF, wanted to throw THEIR PHooooones, ESpecially after hearing dubba u DUBBA U EEEEEEEEE.....

Amanda-Jayne D. Cooke

What I’m gods name is wrong with your feckin voice?

Markeith House

Why do he talk like that I can't take this serious with him speaking like this ??????

Kevin Hennagin

Vince will not do anything with AEW unless he owns them. Why would give an another promotion hype? This all fake news...

Brandon Klein

I dont believe, They'll invade. But it might be the other way around, And AEW invades WWE. So Mcmahon can steal views.

Jem's wrestling Channel

I hope that wwe doesn't invade AEW. So stupid.

Joseph Freisinger

Team wwe for ever

Matthew Toxic

The Narrator’s voice is absolutely annoying when talking like that. Also, Vince would not let any of his talent appear on AEW.

Mark Adams

Dubdubwee lmao



Can anyone say ATTITUDE ERA 2.0??!!


That 1st one is cap


I only managed to watch this by increasing the play speed to 1.75. Such an annoying voice.

Terry Buscemi

Glad to see im not the only one struggling to get thru this with this voice

Tone McCorkle

I will love to see them put down for them turning there back on WWE

Eddie Lindwall

Its hard listening to this guy

Robert Adams

It is awesome for WWE to invade AEW and if the show wipeout does come on TVI will probably watch it only because John Cena is the host

Tone McCorkle


Gawdzira Bitch

Moorland was the greatest.


Stop tryin to sing. Just speak normally?

Mad Martian

Please STOP, with the unnecessary EMPHASIS, on so many WORDS. That SHIT, sounds really DUMB, not INTRIGUING, like you WANT, it to SOUND.

Joseph Freisinger


kayleigh wilson

WWE the best show ever

zarah diita

The moment I realise this came ( I didn't watch the bid bC the thumbnail was obviously edited) :S

Mas Rey


Stephanie Best

This guy really loves Clickbaittttt

Flias Killia

99% of fans: his voice is funny
Me subscribe since I’m 8 : I like the way he says words

Sue Childress

I would LOVE to see the WWE superstars invade AEW that would make for good TV the fact that 2 shows bullshitting in one building would make ALL FANS from both companies EXPLODE!!! BOOM, GOES THE DYNAMITE!!!!!!


Omg.. the commentary is awful, he is probably doing it to get more comments.

Edwin Calvente

Watching on mute

Marc Denniel Ferrer

I want to see the invasion between Raw, SmackDown and AEW in 2021 after the survivor series started...

Trey Bowen

If Roman reigns leads a team for WWE , well i swear he better have a good team on his side to invade AEW , but if that happens AEW is gonna want to invade them as well.

Chris Lester

Seth Rollins should be there as well .wwe has got much better talent. With Lashley orton the Bray ,Seth cena, Roman,Drew,stroman,and Kevin Owen's there big stars AEW only guy at that level is Moxely,.Chris Jericho is passed it and Cody and a few other aew guys like Matt hardy and other x wwe guys are lucky to be at the level of wwes 2nd tair guys soman Joe the top nxt guys wwe got so much more talent think were dolph would be in aew number 2 or 3 what he in wwe 10 to 15 or lower

Eddie Munster

Screw the WWE (( HE bought WCW )) With the last match March 21, '2001 WITH last match was ric flair vs. Sting a lot of people were Heartbroken. He ruined a lot of jobs ,, he ruined a lot of futures for a lot of Wrestler's And other people in the company of WCW. Now that AEW is in existence It's time for Popularity and performance payback. AEW, Will come Back After this pandemic and fill arenas {once again } Then AEW Will become Superior Wrestling company. ( AS WCW WAS ) AEW is already beating the NXT show That The man of whom I'm speaking of ,,,,,,Owns .....I
Including. Me. !!!!!i

Jamon Robinson

Uhhhh no. It's been done before. No thanks

Timothy Thomas

Yes invade all elite wrestling WWE



Brian Hocking

Someone please smack the crap out of the guy doing the voice over. Has nobody explained he just needs to talk normal. Or did this guy get dropped on his head....

steve aleff

Can’t anyone else please do the voice over on this will stop watching yourChanel until this happens.

Jeffrey Xiong

roman is the downfall of wwe

Abduraheem Ouna

This is nonsense

Logan Bremerman

You suck at talkinggggg

john bush

Fiend ain't been on raw in 3 weeks n you expect me to believe he's gonna be on dynamite bullshit

kayleigh wilson

WWE Bronstroman the best man in WWE and otis and seth rollins and Kevin owns chad geball and Beck linsh and Mandy Rose and Laura and denbrok rondrasi allister black roman rens Oscar and shabansk Jon sena and the rock and the wwe family

Khelisie Salvatore

I will go to as many live events as possible. The pandemic has taught me there's no i'll wait till the next one or they'll come again. Something comes I love to do and see and experience whether it's wrestling or music festivals i want to do everything that makes me feel alive

Ry W

Omg I can’t lol

Alex Charland

Pretty sure he uses some kind of automated text to voice thing lol Either way it feels like watching an overexaggerated drama show but in here we are stuck hearing it, so much worse.


lol are you sure that closed door meeting wasent just you closing the door to the fridge? after u smoked a bale cus theres no way in hell that is true

Og Deezi Baby

Dude not even sayin WWE he sayin dubbadubiweeeee


Dear God speak normally.

Miles Patterson

Well this is beyond stupid. Got to feel sorry for anyone who believes this nonsense.

Jerald Bennett

Worst Christopher Walken impression ever

Ps Bennywood

Why is the narrator talking like that???...????

Anthony Sullivan

If Aew even thought about allowing that it would ruin the Aew name and that is something if Tony Khan is smart would never allow, let wwe keep talking about wanting to do it and make themselves look even dumber than their shows already are.


The way you deliver your script better be a god damn medical reason...

Paul Fallon

I dooooo not belieeeeve a wooord he sayyyyys.

Bryan Parry

Such an annoying voice over

Michael Westen

If absolutely love to watch roman reigns get destroyed by Kenny Omega. Innnnn alllll offff wrrrestllllinggggggg.

christopher kaylor

Roman is far from the best in the world

Tone McCorkle

Roman drew bray destroy them trader

Eddie Stack

Would love to see this invasion of AEW not sure if live attendance is safe yet ria should be on smack down if they need new talent cena should not get all upset this person took on the risk would love to see banks vs Ripley then belair vs ripley


Get rid of that voice

larry may jr

Why are you talking like that ?? Its hard to watch any of your videos because you talking like a village idiot why cant you talk normal like everyone else

Thunder OU Sooner

Why dose it sounds like the announcer he is separate each word when he talks

marie moses



Where this guy get this ridiculous invasion information? Is this a fantasy booking channel?

Eliecer Valencia

Seems like Dx all over again.

Denzel Thomas

let's do it for real

young aldairino

Why does he say we

Jerry Neighbors

This guy sounds like what a 20 year old computer looks like with 10 FPS trying to run Skyrim.

Campbell Tansley

Clickbait, stfu man, and learn to speak

Scott Atwood

Omg fuck up with the voice of this guy

Adam Cole

This guy talking is unlisten able

Mele Nyoni

Beautiful Narration of all Time Hahahahaha. Even when he says WWE . He says Wyi


Is it wrong that I was actually looking forward to an advertisement to break up the insanity I felt growing listening to this guy?

BanEditz Clan

Randy orton

Donald Wall

That narrator is horrible. On top of the horrible inflections of certain words he keeps refering to it as WE instead of WWE. Trash

Jason Evans

I can't even watch this whole thing

Doug Nichols

my ears hurt after listening to this video. The cadence of the voice over is so distracting and annoying, that i'll be sure to avoid any future videos from Wrestling NewsNow. absolutely horrible

Gavin Abbott

WrestlingNewsNow official dictionary:

Noun: WbleWbleEeeeeeeee (DoublyDoubly-Eeeeeee)
Meaning: Poor way of pronouncing W.W.E
Example: This will (won’t ever ever happen) in WbleWbleEeeeeeeee

Rickie Sparkman

The way you're talking is annoying as hell.


i swear this guy just pulls stuff out of his ass

John Rodriguez

" CHILLS" ....

Jody Ledlow

Please choose a different voiceover cuz listening to that is horrible

Tyler Sporlein

It will never happen... It would be awesome but I don't see it happening.


Two minutes innnnnn.... I stopped watchinnnnnng.... because the announcer suuuuuuuuckssss.... Thumbs dowwwwwnnnnn....

Too bad... I wanted to watch this for the content... guess I'll do it elsewhere

Keith Rosenthal

OMG Whoever that Narrator was, please stop!! I will asked in a way you will understand. Pleaseeee stoppppp talkinggggg!


Thiiiiis guuuuyeeee!

Paul Norrie

I watch both wwe and aew. That story line would be epic now that sting has gone to aew.
Moxley, sting, cody and Darby Allen.
Roman, drew, orton and KO

Brandon Hansen

Ok let me run down the list with this video being more than a month old. WWE invades AEW no sign of it happening. Karrion Kross skips returing to NXT and goes to the main roaster, in the month or so since this being posted Kross returned to NXT I saw it happen because I tuned in for NXT and saw it happen. Rhea Ripley goes to the main roaster, again a month old and it hasn't happened. A video next week he will claim the benoit tragedy was a work and a part of a storyline WWE has been planning all these years and benoit returns for royal rumble or wrestlemania

FULL MATCH - John Cena vs. Braun Strowman vs. Elias - Triple Threat Match: Raw, Feb. 5, 2018

FULL MATCH - John Cena vs. Braun Strowman vs. Elias - Triple Threat Match: Raw, Feb. 5, 20185 Feb. 2021
847 029
WWESubscribe 438 721

Elias looks to score a

Elias looks to score a huge Triple Threat Match victory over John Cena and Braun Strowman on Raw in 2018: Courtesy of WWE Network.

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Comments (100)
Yaboy Barry:D

Even if John cena got shot he would kick out at 2

Mamun Hosen

Really it's new match in 2021.
Because i am bigest fan of jhon chena

Thanh Bạch

Cheer Elias

expert donk

Strowman was overrated

Seham Muhanna

We all know John Cena note ideas drop kick to Braun strowman like Braun strowman Mark Henry Big Show but I'm pretty sure came and beat him I'm pretty sure someone has to be in Europe

Sarthak Thukral

At that time Braun have best shape of his career ?????????

SlaVik 1234

Джон сина топ


Cena needs to become heel and op again

Dev ki duniya singh

I miss great khali

Kamil Owczarek

Sztos kurwa


Who's the winner

Baran Yılmaz

Never give up

Дорин Кожокару

WHAT!!!!!Brawn stroma don`t winz

Relax xxx

1:37 fake

Manish Singh

Who agree John Cena is best

vipul harsh

beta cena ke hatthe chad jte na to samaj me a jata

Sarita Rawat

The face of wwe John Cena is my best superstar is all time and Mr Cena is honest

Lil_amigo _officiel

john cena?

Kensley Snouffer

WAit what i dont get this

Eulogio Ochoa

Com wwe bron


John cena fan ?❤️

Broken hearts

John cena is back ???
I like john cena ??

Tingyi Zhang

abominable strowman(good name)

Mohammad Habiullah


- J E T R O - Fan

John Cena is getting more weak I feel bad for him

Shikhar Chaurasia


MiRzA Kz

Wrestling ???

Defit Rizky

Joncena yes

csr kanchan

My Hero is Back Johan cena WWE champion

Vinay Vinaykumar

Never give up come back ??

Jordan Rv

Fake Fight ??

David Thiel

This stuff makes me laugh and I love seeing these big boys beat the hell out of each other!

Adam Paquette

Fake lut


هل مقطع قديم؟

Khent Yohann Espiritu


Reza Mahendra

Can Undertaker meet Braun in some match?

Wilfredo Binuya

Since when the Description gave away the winner of this match

Indah Skw

Real setingan

Tanvir ahmed Tuser

I m from Bangladesh ??

Amber Brookshire RN BSN


sports man

Miss John cena

Isa Akkasin

Отличные актер ы

Vivek Chaudhari

3:25 John cena take revenge of 11 sept 2017

the subtle student

Cena is the no 1wrestler never ever

Farhan Suhada

1:36 ga kena ajg wkwk

Amber Brookshire RN BSN


badwal beats

I am not happy to see because they not using Braun strowman and samoa Joe and more super stars like that,they deserve universal championship match

Maurice Mayhams

John cena the greatest off all time


All that strength just do a power bomb ? Also it's funny he's got a period stain in the middle of his chest ?

Susmit Islam

What's interesting is that despite all the raw strength of Cena they never quite made him a powerhouse character. Apart from occasionally lifting up Show and Henry, they always made him look like a more or less averagely strong wrestler.

Jeffin Joseph

Monster Energy

Mohammad Habiullah


Balinder Kumar

Jon cina kmbak jaldy kro

Hanis Tajudin

The slowly end of cena era..when lot of fans boo him over a year. now they miss him..



WWE Tutorials and reactions


Samson Joël

Give me John Cena

# starrabbit

Cena the boss

Lemmuel Lomba

Braun is just a truly Monster for a man his size who’s run that quick is impressive

Verneal Lovelock

Best triple threat match in 2018.

Promakat -

Элаис поступил как крыса


Real hero cena my friend

Ashfaq Khan

I miss you jhon cena

Gasper Lino :v

Suuuper like!!

Jyoti Saxena



Please support ?????????????????????????

Thumbs up Gamer

he fighting no one

arvind kumar yadav

Want a one more match between johncena and braunstoraman

JR Cricketer Selim

Parfect wwe man Roman Rings

bharti solanki

I agree

Kayro Ezequiel

Eu acho que o lutador mais top rey


Plz bring Cena back to facing drew mcintyre ??

Maz Khan

Stromal is nothingness

Kamarion Harris

Elias is a scary little boy Ha Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah ha ha Ha

vipul harsh

brock ki kya haalat kiya tha yaad h na, ab lekin waisa nhi h kyunki age ho chuka h but diont underestimate him, i will always like cena , never guive up attitude



The Future Of India

Brown Strowman is really a monster

Valik Valik

Good cena

MD Ripon

John cena ????????????????️????️

Ahnet Berke

We love wwe

Ahmed Yousef


Dakota Denton


Fortnite Noob

And 3:23

Aarti Chikara

John cena

Joshabel 2802

Braun strowman was such talented person but wwe still wasting him.

kshama acharya

I want to ask a question to u all. Why do u like kevin Owen's? And nowadays u dont support roman reigns. Do u know Roman reigns has defeated brock Lesnar,the undertaker,john cena and has 2015 royal rumble match plz support him ????

Sa Os

9:09 Cena was talking ?

Om crazy Gaming

John Cena return confirmed??

6629 Aditya verma

Yrr Cena ke liye ab script ache nhi likhh rha WWE betichod sale

Lakshya Kanaujia

John Cena god of WWE world

GAMER G K Kaushik

John Cena WWE best Hero
Please spporting my channel

Deven Singh

Liked for brawl stroman

Siro anak kampung

Jhon Cena terkenal di indonesia

Fortnite Noob

0:17 are you seeing why like 5 moths ago I said never give up

You cant see me on a video that’s was John cena vs the miz

Satyajeet Joshi

Brown strowman is a true monster???????

Islam Belhabib

Jon Cena yes

Sooraj M


SK Reaction

John cena

Mary Martinez cardona

El comentario en español que esperabas xd

Gdhcydjfjfi Jfhsjfud


“WrestleMania Report” announces huge breaking news

“WrestleMania Report” announces huge breaking news17 Jan. 2021
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John Cena, Roman Reigns,

John Cena, Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, Sasha Banks, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H provide a major update on the upcoming sites for The Showcase of the Immortals in 2021, 2022 and 2023. #WrestleMania

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Comments (100)
Salman Khamlichi Channel

Triple h with hair is weird I mean like now

Primal Regalia

what news anchors introduces themselves like that? "I'm DEFINITELY NOT who you think I am!"


Roman reigns don't be fooled of your self you are now enjoying with your special council Paul heyman as the weather man right at WrestleMania 37 Brock Lesnar will return and takes your universal championship

yostin rodriguez

Hahaha I love this vid?


?John Cena come back to wwe

Swish Major Beats

totally had me fool


I laughed so much this I'm done with Mr. Johnathan Cenation

Saif Ali

Cena doesn't look like jbl nor mark wahlberg and others because he took a fade he made it look cool now can't wait for his return entrance!


AHH I really want to watch Cena fight again

Ashim Pokhrel

In hollywood wrestlemania there should be roman vs rock non title match.

james shinobi

So does this mean john cena gonna be at wrestle mania

Aratrik Debnath

Can we get a whole series like this?

ᒍᗩᗰEᔕ ᖴEᖇᖇᗩᖇO


Lil Mix

They look familiar ....


Why does this Years WM Logo is basically the same from last year

Rayane Teles

John cena ??

Chris Baybay

Roman being so serious when everyone else is chillin and having fun. Lmao it's as funny as when we were supposed to feel bad when Roman beat up Jey uso.

Abby Abdul Hamid

this is hilarious!! they should make one segment with becky and her puns. hahahahahha

Rajaram Yadav

Awesome is awesome

RLalindu Mandil

Blindinglights ??

Om crazy Gaming

Roman reigns mad

Optimus 200

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H disliked this video.

If ya know what I mean, and if ya smell, what The Rock is cooking!!

Prithvijit Mukherjee

Cena gonna miss WrestleMania very sad news


Cenas in the rumble prolly


What the hell is going on Here watche'd WWE 2 YEARS AGO

Its Port

Honestly I rather have wm 38 to be in Hollywood and 39 in dallas

Chiminh Thor

Green screen

Rajaram Yadav

We are glad to see John Cena after very very long time


Cena its cool It should become a meme

Michael Underhill

Wrestlemania 37 being over two nights with fans in the country with the highest death rate from covid is an abysmal decision. It could be worse than the Jericovid sturgis superspreader event this is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC you maniacal capitalists.


John Cena left the wwe

Preethika Saman

John Cena ???????

Brailyn Durham

Wow that Hugh guy looks exactly like the guy who's shirts are inspired by Skittles, Had classics with the guy who took and banged Matt Hardy's chick on Live TV in '06, and didn't get inducted before the woman he proposed to and divorced 1 year later all bc she wanted to retire, settle down, and start a family. Yea, that seems about right.

Johnnie Smythe

Good morning little brother and good morning to you too Christini, are we having fun yet Chistini and how's your husband, Chistini

Arunya Singh

Best part was of John Cena?

SLFSTR- - 711

logo changed due to the absence of The Rock ?


John Cena might come back

Sourav Nimesh

No Sunny Mac nothing ?????


When can we get tickets for this year ?


John Cena coming back to wwe

GlowiN GaminG

John cena pls return in 2021 royal rumble and beat roman reigns

Victor E. Vector M.


Jonathan Coombs



say fast JOHN CENA

Nathan Noe

What about wrestlemania 40?

Luyanda Bonginkosi

Wrestlemania really doesn’t need a gimmick I mean we know what it is by now

ping pong

It's better if they keep "Blinding Lights" as official theme for Tampa Bay wrestlemania Again!


When can we get tickets ? For this years


Can we have Wrestlemania 38 AT Indianapolis IN

Johnnie Smythe

and i never said anything about being friends nor making friends now did I

elkhalil nafid


CrickeT Planet newS


James Thong

Stephanie is hot.

Khadijah Joy Sams

I love Roman as a heel. It is too ?

Patrick Omalley

Chyna is going into the hall of fame in 2023 confirmed think about it

Teddy Talks Exclusive

John Cena= WWE


Roman vs the rock is my dream match ❤️

Keith Green

I be dead for those you who got money enjoy your life.wish was me.


Anchorman vibes.

Salman Khan


Lavell Success wealthy

Brock lesnar vs roman reigns at summerslam i can see lesnar being the baby face of the match


So John Cena is coming back?


John Cena needs to return! There is no Wrestlemania without him!

Leonel Cruz

Que hermosa se ve estefanía macman

Johnnie Smythe

very interesting

Beezus 776

So gay!

Fayaz Abdul

Wrestlemania 40 to levi stadium
Wrestlemania 41 to RJ stadium
Wrestlemania 42 to Gillette stadium

yaw barimah

I have a question

Oscar Gael Garcia Hernandez

Reportense mexicano que ven estás
las luchas

Kim Gaming Roblox

Imagine ember finally getting a shot at the raw women's championship at wrestlemania 38 that would be huge

Jefe Peoples

No sunny mc nothing ??

Kenneth Novoa

The News theme Is very similar to ABC World News Tonight

Uzair Haroon

HHH, Steph, your girls are watching. Keep it cool

Toad ette

Ngl I'm upset when they Moved WrestleMania in LA to 2023

Nicholas Collins

John cena got old fast

Ns Styles


Giddel Browne

I miss John cena so much!!!!!!

Roman McMillan


Zaylee Lauvao

LMAOOO whoever thought of this needs a raise nowww!!!!


Yeess John Cena returns♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Burger King

So in storyline, is this the alternate universe John Cena was sent to when the Fiend erased him?

Because I much prefer the idea of him being sent into an alternate universe in the 80s to perpetually be the voice of Southpaw Regional Wrestling

Ausy austin gaming

What the hell is this

Elizabeth ogoh

When I saw this i was like WTF brooooooooo

Munmi Khakhlary

Is there any audience this year ?


Cena's haircut looks so COOL..??

Rin Jackson

Anyone else think "Hugh Kantseeme" sounds like the kind of fake news anchor name Colin would use on Whose Line?

Mohamed Aabith

John cena?

Rayan Ali

Who wants john cena back

Theknight2 Gibson

John cena


2:31 now THATS iconic

Johnnie Smythe

John Cena at any time of your life ever have saved a life any time in your lifetime; will John Cena I Have and I married that life I have saved why will I love that life I have saved so much I married her so will tell what you think a real man is, John Cena remember John Cena, I am the man that can retire you permanently.

Celestial Arden

What a coincidence? I know people who look and sound just like the people in this video! They are also part of the wwe universe!

Edgar Espinosa

Triple H with sunglasses

Roll Woods

Paul Heyman talks so calmly

Sameer Hayee

At least they make each other laugh

Johnnie Smythe

back in 1995 i am 2nd degree black belt, now this is 2021 now your (?) is just what degree of black belt i am now(!!!!!!!!!!!"?"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Damian Coro


Kenny Ho

“Hugh Kantseeme” LMFAO!!


can someone just tell me when wrestlemania 37 tickets go on sale I want to get the travel package for my birthday

Dylan Young

Haha is this wwe or Nickelodeon