How to make wrist stronger

Strong Wrist Routine | Handstands + Calisthenics

Strong Wrist Routine | Handstands + Calisthenics26 Jan. 2020
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This video shares a breakdown of my personal wrist routine and what I do to warm up and remain injury free whilst training for handstands, handbalancing, calisthenics and bodyweight training.


Christian Nanzell - Always Raining


See you in the next video!

Comments (67)
obiwan kanobi

Thanks for the video man, great overall content, usually forearm workouts aren't discussed extensively like this one.


I think most people would be surprised how weak my wrists are.

Abdel Rahman Khalil

Amazing shot and edit of the clock mobilosation

Michael Jordan

such a game changer! I was injured for 1.5 years and couldn't do a single push up and now when I started again my wrists hurt when doing push ups or handstands.. the warm up plus the knuckle push ups alone made my wrist feel so much better! thank you Tom!

P. Laura

Nice video as usual, although I missed the summary at the end a little bit ? still appreciate it, thanks!
I am doing martial arts and during Hindu push ups I can't go forward enough. I hope this will help with that.

Edgars Ozolins

If anyone has pain with the knuckle push-ups, then try to lift your thumbs up and maintain them in the air. I don't remember where I saw this, but it helped me greatly.

CrossFit Loughborough

I was in a car crash in June and had problems with my wrists ever since, I'm in an Olympic weightlifting comp on Saturday and thought Id have to pull out as my wrists were so bad I couldn't land 40kgs, just done your video twice through and gone in and landed 75kgs snatch which is my entry lift, going to do it every day till my comp, thanks, great content

Lawrence A

Have a dull sort of ache on the inside of my right wrist when walking hands round the clock. Will these exercises help this or aggravate it? Cheers


Love it when Tom gives us a good shirtless videos ?

Demetris Matsentides

Exactly what i needed!cheers!

Antonio Perez

Morning Tom. Some of these are new to me. Always willing to learn more. Thank you ✌?????


hey tom. i had a real bad wrist injury a year ago, and my hand never recovered. i have very limited mobility in my right wrist and pain when i bend my hand backwards. i cant do a single pushup without atleast 10 minutes warmup, and after a short time it reverts back to being very stiff. i tried these exercises, would it be too much to do them daily? i am already doing some other exercises too.

thanks :)

Thuan Nguyen

thank you! i never thought of doing such exercises before, thanks!!

Chance da man

Can/should I do this on a sprained wrist or will that be bad

O.o o.O

This video was good, a follow along would be better :) i just cant be expected to count

Chetan Vishal

Bruhhh, for the god’s sake it’s time to change the background music please.

Dhruv Prajapati

When should you do This routin before your main workout or at the morning to wake up the muscle for the main workout


Thank you. Quality instructional video!

Mambo Rasco

Maybe do something for ankles next. Thanks for the video.


Any chance you know how to help with wrist tendinitis? Injured my wrist the other day & trying to heal as fast as possible

Torbjørn Berthelsen

wish i saw this video before i hurt my wrist :(
ill start doing this once my wrist ges better tho!


Hey Tom,
Do you do this routine everyday,even when you take a rest, or just as a warmup on training days only?
Also,do you progressively overload with them,or keep the intensity and volume the same?
And,finally,do you have to do anything for your wrists post workout or you don't ?


My wrists crack a lot due to lack of mobility and I am considering trying these exercises, hopefully consistently. Thanks for the vid.

Vincent Lee

Thanks for the advice.i will try to make this happens.how long it takes to get to start usually?months as u mentioned in the video?


Thanks for this. Now on my “to do” list.

Pure Calisthenics

Loved it

Child of God

Thanks Tom. Looks good.

Katia katia

Hi, Im asking as a woman, will it make my wrists look masculine?

Erkin Barin

thank you

Aurélien Carnoy

Sometimes i wind and unwind a weighted rope around a stick, arms extended in front.
That definitely wakes up the wrist and forearms.
I hope it helps.

Chris kearey

Thank you this is excellent didn’t realise you did this video was looking elsewhere but now I can carry on doing all of my stretches with your help, thank you I have never been able to touch my toes and now I’m getting closer thanks to you!, ?✌️

Peter Endriss

Tom, your videos are super helpful - thanks. I’m curious if you have any thoughts as to whether or not these wrist exercises would be good or bad for someone who has occasional wrist and upper arm pain and minor finger numbness, possibly resulting from being on the track towards developing carpal tunnel syndrome?

Renzo Chamorro

? elbow. What can I do, please?


Excellent video. I was doing some of these already, but your details, such as on lowering slowly on the up on the fingers one was eye opening, and the importance of this one was new to me. I am going to add the lateral wrist w weight on one end to more of a regular thing and on the order you suggest. Also I am def going try a post-workout set of some of these. I am just now finding my balance point and kickups so I want to up my strengthening and ranges of motion to prepare for more intense work. Thank you!


Would this work for climbing/bouldering?

Uber Matic

Needed this now more than ever ?
Thanks Tom ????

Trevor Farrell Jr.

Thanks for these videos...
I'm 36 and this is gonna be my first year of full Calisthenics...

My fitness goals this year are free standing handstand push ups and before December the ability to complete a L-sit to a handstand....

These videos have been clutch... keep em coming

Meg Spurgeon

My ROM on first knuckle push ups is unbelievably bad, I can get to maybe 150° then I'm done. I thought it was normal until I saw this exercise around a year ago, worked on it every week since & improved by 10° or so, baby steps but worthwhile. Great video!

Rafiq Malik

How long have you been taraining body weight?do you also include weight training??

Jelle Aalberts

Can we buy this shirt? I couldn't find it in your shop...



Mai Anh Vũ


Young Finest

Tom what’s a good beginner routine
And how many days should I rest


Do you have this problem of one hand much stiffer than the other?? my right wrist just refuses to move when doing first knuckle push ups?


Ive been doing the gmb routine for years, time to change


Can I do these with already existing wrist stiffness & pain?

Franz Xaver

always have to laugh when your comment comes on screen xD


Can I use my paralletes for the last excercise?

Esther Santos

Thank you Tom! I've just started and loving HIIT workouts at home, especially during these lockdown periods. I normally go with the modifications as my knees and wrists are problematic. So glad I found your video. Would you suggest I do some of the warm up exercises before I do the workouts or on days or times that I'm not working out?

Raymakers Calisthenics

The go-to exercise I've been using for flexor and extensor strength is simply curls with a rope and stick attachment.

- Have the arms straight in front of you at eye-level
- Hands in pronated position
- Proceed to roll the stick to being the weight up to the top of the stick, then lower back down

I'll get my clients to do 2-3 of these at the end of each session. As most of my clients are office workers, they've really appreciated the extra conditioning to prevent things like carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis.

Jose Vargas

Good job,i do this before starting work,but Tom when you will make a video to relax kness,shins,foot and other loer muscles,many of US work for 8 hours or more and we need a advice to relax those muscles..thanks..You are the BEST.!!


Wrists with a dumb-bell, I needed the reminder that this exercise was a thing. Need to do it more.

Gerry Karnish

Great video, as usual. Thanks. Just a note: isn't the "V" sign with the palm facing the signer an insult in the UK? "Peace" has the palm facing out. Cheers mate!

Ahmed GABR mohamed

ههههه وصلت يا اداره ..وفهمت عنيك هههه

Jake Gay

Gotta love those first knuckle push ups ? great vid Tommo

David Bass

This routine definitely works for me!

Joey Bolduc Movement

Great video some more real talk in your content, love it! Cheers to longevity

pedro danel

thanks a lot for this video! because my left wrist was weaker than my right one, after doing explosive push ups for a week it really started hurting, i couldnt even do a normal push up afterwards! i found this video and started doing this routine, and man its improved a lot in just a few days. the pain is almost gone and i can already feel the difference! hopefully this balances the difference in strength on my forearms (left one is a lot weaker). thanks again, keep up the good work!


Do you have any suggestions on scapula resting position ?


awesome video thank you so much, will try this out


Thank you so much for your great videos Tom, they are so helpful and bring the right answers to understand our own body !

Daniel H

Thanks! Needed this. I have been training handstands and L-Sits for about 4-5 months and I made good progress, but recently I got my first wrist injury so I have been resting it. I will add some of these exercises into my routine to help stop these injuries in future. Annoying not being able to do stuff. I don't even want to ride my bike or play PC games due to wrist use :(

Nicolas Burkhard

I always had issues with my left wrist, which kept me from working on my handstand. This routine has helped me to reduce the pain incredibly well. Thanks for the video Tom. Have my like & subscription.

Eunnis Chaima

I’m a boxer and have some hand and wrist issues.. would you recommend any other variations for boxers.. I’ve been doing your mobility training and hip flexor training and I’m feeling an improvement in my performance

Christabel Menezes

I have a question.. When doing the lifts till the knuckles, are the inner elbows facing forward or each other?

SInisa Stojadinovic

Thanks for this video...


1. Clock Walks
2. Hand Curls (12 reps)
- repeat x2
3. Hand Raises (13reps)
4. Wrist Pushups (13reps)
5. Wrist Moving with a stick (20reps both sides)
- repeat x2-3
Your welcome :》