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The Fastest One Armed Motocrosser in the World ?

The Fastest One Armed Motocrosser in the World ?16 May. 2012
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We had the pleasure of

We had the pleasure of meeting a truly inspirational character called Craig Parks at the weekend. Motocross is a tough sport for anyone and everyone so we were blown away when we found out that Craig, who lost his right arm in an accident a few years ago, passion is riding Motocross and he continues to do so without his arm. As you will see from the film he doesn't just ride, he hauls ass & hits all the big jumps and shows many of the riders the way round the track !! We have absolute respect for this guy....#inspiration




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Comments (100)
Mark Barker

your awesome mate.

Kimballs 18

His arm has better suspension than my mountain bike

Ibanda Bryan


Balson Naoshekpam

I salute you bro

Raul Espinosa

Amazing bro

irfan AREMA 1987 fan page

Kalo tuhan menghendaki apa pun bisa

anthony jansbeken

awesome to see that he still fully can enjoy the sports as it is ! awesome dedication !!and how he sends it at the jumps tho wickedddd ! NOFEAR

Jyothi N

How to drive plz explain because I'm loss my right hand sir

aaron keeth

click bait

Richard M

3000 dislikes are from guys who's wives are getting ridden by 1 armed motocrosser's!

kelly white

AJ Catanzaro is fast with only one hand on bars riding

Tim Price

Respect brother!

H. Ngles

Great courage ?% to give respect.

Road to 10k

Huge respect to you

Ezra Costello

Much love bro


This dude is a badass

David W

Well done to him
You can only get better

my first crappy video Billy

The ONLY one armed motocrosser. Clickbait.


Still don’t understand why people don’t get their phones at upside down when they try to like smh

Nate McGill

I'm an above knee amputee on the left from crashing a bike. I guess I need me air shifter or something. I miss riding very much

Mud Monkey

Mindblowing niff respect for this


100% !!! ???

Aquiles Duarte

Grande exemplo de superação!??????

Alungngi Gordon

I am happy because he can ride

Franso Joseph


عبدالهادي 77


Callum and Cameron gaming Vlogging HD


Melvin Abrahamsson

All respect ?


That’s awesome but I wonder what happens if he crashes?

Hrc Honda hrc


ox dc

anyone know the title of the song?


Amazing ?❤??✊?

Rudiy Racing86


Longkhoi M

He is a differently abled person...Respect.

IFHT fan

when... HOW YOU LOST YOUR ARM freaks out

cathy karan

Keep doing what you do

Devine Arquisola

Respect 101

Ricardo Vargas

hola Hermano soy de Argentina , te felicito , quisiera que me digas la direccion de donde compraste la Protesis ya que tengo el mismo problema con un Amigo que perdio su brazo izquierdo. Muchas Gracias

Han Ha



Salute man u r asowm driver with full of spirit.

SpaceX KSP - Vojtak


Hendrick Siregar


Ramz Amodia

Guyzz donate some gear to me ?

boy nusakambangan

semoga kamu selalu di beri kesehatan oleh tuhan .... semangat selalu????

LAZYBURGER 123456789

I still have both my arms and he’s still better then me

Tyron Castle

Sweet mate, still riding and enjoying, and not having a moan about losing your arm. That's why I love riding road an dirt bikes. Nothing compares. Only my opinion. You're a champ

Ben and Julie Peters

Keep it up g


Wow, good luck.


my dude massive respect

what ever

Show the gas and clutch set up so another one arm can ride

james deroc

he got the love

Ryan Hagens


love status

Very nice video

Edrei Bañez

This is why we ride

Kevin Royce

wouu me gusta el motocross mi respeto ver así a un motociclista me impresiona ?


recluse clutch highly recommended

Krishna Bauri

So Nice Sir.? I really like ????

Matteo Posteraro 222

Starker Mann

Iyan putra Susianto

there is no word surrender friend, keep fighting,god be with you!??

حكيم الحارثي

laalah alaallh mhmadrsul allah

Finn Seeger

What’s with the music

LAZYBURGER 123456789



you look so 'crazy' bro..?

C Smith

To all you Dislikes out there Get a life. The guy is braver than you will ever be. Class Act he is.We should admire a fellow biker like this.



Bin profi lul

Nothing is impossible if u dream it❤️

Susanne Kremer

Timo Specht aus Deutschland ist auch sehr gut unterwegs.(einarmiger Bandit ist sein Spitzname)ihr seid beide meine waren Helden!!!!!!!!

Primitiva Leta

Como corre así es verdad que tiene valor

Child Burger fungus

No but coolest one armed moto-
Cool never done before amazing crazy sick made my ferret jealous of his little toy Honda :(
Note from my ferret:heenejeijeindhdjdhjxnidndkje8anxjidjisjixnicijdjjsjxidjneks

Klèby Ford

I am also amputated, but with faith in God anything is possible.

Simon Cowell

I love his british accent

Long Island Ducati 1199s

Awesome dude!!!



Tyrone Smith

I couldn't quite understand him, how did he lose his arm?

609 ib

I feel bad ?

aaron Van Rensburg


Jayantha Jayakodi


Wayan aril Adyputra

Wayan aril

Мото Кросс

Вот это сила воли?уважение тебе и дай бог здоровья

Dimitri Kostakis

Those dislikes can kiss my...glass


he is like 6 or 9 times better than me

Janoon Lala

MASHAALLAH God bless you brother

Hồng Đào Đỗ

Ban rat cừ

Nur Hidayah Sukam


DJ DOJ ETHIOMU ዲጄ ዶጅ - ኢትዮሙ

ይገርማል ጎበዝ * * * * *

Kishan Yadav


lee huffer

Total Respect Craig can't say the same to the 2.7 wannabe's carry on doin what you do best livin life to the full ?

kdot_mizzy KTB

What did he crash into ??

vim koj xwb


Prabin Bk

You are great man my brother ?????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???

HIIT rope JUMP rope

Sec in hospital

Anass Lokhat

Big respect!!!

Sienna van Straalen

3000 dislikes ?. It must be ask the people who believe mx is not a sport ?

lee cox

Well done Craig showing the world never give up riding moto ???Anyone know where this track is ??? Looks sic ???

Yaniris Lovera

Nunca diga no puedo acerlo todo es posible si tiene fe e interes


Amazing ???????

Gai Machine

Good bless you

Lawrence Menez

Lucky for him he doesn’t get arm pump

rei da festa


Ola mån Månsson

Its Antonio caroli

Little Big Shots Philippines: Wenson | 11-year-old Motocross Rider

Little Big Shots Philippines: Wenson | 11-year-old Motocross Rider11 Nov. 2017
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TOP 10: The best Motocross riders

TOP 10: The best Motocross riders20 Jul. 2017
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Comments (43)
Wyatt Poole

What no were is Ryan villipoto or James Stewart

Marc Dwayne Tagacay

I disagree on the fact Roczen is #1 don’t get me wrong his fast but there’s no way his faster than Eli Tomac tbh on my opinion Eli Tomac is faster than all the riders in this video not hating it just Tomac rides way different from all the riders

Hunyo TV

Tomac should be #1

Mac Daddy

Tomac for certain. Used to think Stewart or Ricky or maybe even Villapoto, but no, it is Tomac. He has incredible balance coupled with the nerve to take lines at speed that are beyond others. Not to mention a super gritty drive.


Where is Toby Price ?


You need more subs!!

Johnny humes

This is not even close ?

Connor Martindale

Yo good job on this but Travis should be in this

Niels Giesen

Herlings on 8.. LMFAO!! 1e..

Pierre Miramont

Justin barcia ? Romain fevbre ?

Glenn X3ME

Where is the G.O.A.T Ricky Carmichael

Liam nate Quiap

How come seely is on the list?this is fake!!! You should riders record!!

Ryan R

Villopoto Stewart? r u fking stupid?

Geovane Dos Santos


ExL Dela cruz

Should ET3 best 2017,,Eli beat them ,

Zach Rambin

what?! cole seely and Anderson above herlings? neither one of them has ever won an outdoor moto. KROC hasn't won since 16. and herlings destroys tim every week.

Носок и Тапок

Я из России... Наверное, я единственный человек, который смотрит это видео с России...


I remember growing up in a small town and EVERYONE rode motocross and enduro, I knew many riders who could have raced in the bigtime but lack of money and or sponsors prevented it. If you want to make it big you need to have the money to get you there..period. Also Bob 'hurricane' Hannah should be on this list, one of the best ever from the 80s.

Evan Berwick

No Reed, Stewart, Carmichael, Windham, McGrath? I mean it could go on forever

Steve Brooks

Roczen has never beat Tomac consistently..and MC is the Goat!

Xorco Gaming

Ricky CarMicheal should be #1. He is called the goat for a reason

ClarenceTyler TV


Jesse van Belzen

Jeffery herlings is number 1!!!

Bukit Kasih

Herling is the best ???

Cash Money

Pretty sure JS7 is the best to ever do it

Dawid Groeneveld

and what about deegan and travis

Timothy Wilson

I was unaware that someone could be on this much crack.


Lol. why not add 2017 to the video name. Dislike gained)

514 MX Films

remember, this is a video about the best riders in 2017!

Aljur James

Asteg yon ha

Rays Metal Tracks

Have I been away from Mcross that long?  No Steward, Villopoto, Ricky C..?  Embarrassed to admit I don't know any of these guys.

Dawid Groeneveld

what about james stewart?

craig pearson

Where is craig pearson



Michel Assunção

Foda Mano

Renren Mandi



Nah bro thats Ronnie macs 1 place

Min Min


david thomas

Herlings will be the best till 2026


This list is shit

adrian agadier

1 best motocross rider is Eli Tomac

Jeanette Ellison

Where is aj catenzaro


Where is Jeffrey herlings