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CGI Animated Shorts : "Taking Pictures" - by Simon Taylor | TheCGBros

CGI Animated Shorts : "Taking Pictures" - by Simon Taylor | TheCGBros26 Mar. 2015
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Check out this cute CGI

Check out this cute CGI Animated short film by the talented Simon Taylor! During a day at the park, two photographers connect over their love of taking pictures... For more information, please see the details and links below:

- A short making of: https://vimeo.com/119494744

- Q&A with iAnimate:http://www.ianimate.net/spotlights/member-spotlight/item/ianimate-feature-student-spotlight-simon-taylor.html

- Interview with Chris Elwyn: https://animationseven.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/taking-notes-an-interview-with-simon-taylor/

Simon"s Website -http://www.simontayloranimation.com/


Simon Taylor is a character and creature animator whose recent work includes ”Sarah and Duck” and “Tree Fu Tom” for CBeebies as well as Disney’s “John Carter“. He has recently been working on Mr Bean The Animated Series and new series of Tree Fu Tom and Sarah & Duck.

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Comments (64)

Que legal esta animação...


Few beers later and they're taking nudies of each other. 


Cute one!

Lukas Green


Amanai Aizawa

Thats so adorable :3


That was great!!

Azara Williams

That was cute. Amazing animation. Looove it

Igor Bikkuzhin

так вот как размножаются хипстеры

Beats By Bm Xu

I ship them so much

em1o smurf

my wife and i 40 years ago. delightful vid.

Hella Ghanmy

So cuteeeeeee


Aww a true love story


You guys should do a parody where they have dozens of selfies together to the song Let me take a selfie


It's the little things.

Jacqueline Wong

Sooooo me.

Roy Neve

Very cute short.

Anti Hypocrite

Keep your eye in the bird because she has a camera too !

Enzo Scrève

Ho, that was cute :3

Kitty Cross

that was si beautiful

Michael Hartman

photo finish. thanks for the video.



Doctor Screaming Chicken

What I wanna know is if they got a good picture of that fucking pigeon or not.

v kook


Valerie Wonders

Huh...never knew taking pictures of eachother would make them date. I just thought girls (some) take selfies and hope they can get a guy to aay something nice about them. Thats our generation anyways...



Jose Antonio García Albarracín

Sencillo y hermoso, como debería ser todo!!

Dianna N

So beautiful short film ??✌??✨???

Blake Northington

I wish it was that easy


I like,the story very nice.

Alexa Amelie

Soooo .... Sweet ♥♥


I love it.


The things that bring people together can be the start of something magical

Oni Chi


Anakin Skyobiliviator

It all started with a pigeon...

Kead Davidson


Rosadi Alfalfa


KipOfTheMany *

That was adorable.

Aniya Wolfe

I like your work but can you please do ?sailor moon ?

Dianna N

So beautiful ? love forever???

Alex Force

He is one of those guys who realise she was flirting like two years after.


that's love

Mr. Burrito Gentleman

very short, but so cute :)

Nikita Malota

awww..... that is so cute!!!!
u should make another one of what happened afterwards

Bhawesh Gupta



very cute

Joylyn Carter

short and sweet ^.^

F.C Weaboomer

cute :)

None Ya

This was so cute...


That was a great video. Short, simple and didn't require a complex script to bring out the meaning of it.

NaNaKi XxLoneWolfxX



Просто и со вкусом!

Samantha Dambrosio

And that is how I meet your mother, kids ^^


Very sweet short.


I recognize those!

Mom jeans!

Thanks Obama.

Delive Rick

no onion ninja's today.... thank GOD


That's cute. I searched a long time for an animation without death of a sweet couple. I hate tragic and sad animations.

Angela Heldt

there gonna be perfect lovebirds! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!! i love them, there perfect together!!! <3<3<3!

Violent Voices

And that, dear children, is how friendship and love is planted and in session of blooming into something bigger than the simple things in life....

zee rowe

Now this is a good short

Raman Devgan

Cute and bubbly! Aww.. now there's a keeper! Beautiful animation.. good job guys!




that was really really good! :)


bellissimo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So cool! XD

How to Draw Pictures as Cartoons #shorts

How to Draw Pictures as Cartoons #shorts11 Feb. 2021
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Description about the video:

So here's how you turn an Image/Picture into Cartoons using an iPad and Procreate.

P.S. You can also do this using a Pencil and Paper.


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Comments (100)
Shomith Nag S N

Bro pls do your room tour pls pls pls

Himanshu nayak

Tomorrow I make a cartoon character and I sand in u tube , please see that .


Wallah!! XD



Nagesh bl

Quick, cool, helpful...


HATS OFF!!!!! for adding thalapathy's quote in today's mail anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jestalicius player

Hi kesh where eo you live

Art turtle

Want more like this plz...kesh some more videos like this...?


Great job Kesh! love this simple tutorial!

Godfather OG

walhalla ???


U cant explain how to draw a cartoon in a minu.....

Fizaan Masarrat

Bro i wish i knew this earlier bro thank you sooo much Kesh

Kam Art

Wow very helpful video, this will help me a lot!!! Thanks!

Smart Boy

Pls someone suggest me which thing I do, i love to draw on paper but when kesh start digital art, i traditional art getting old everyone moving to digital art, and I lose my confidence to draw on paper. Pls someone one tell me is kesh doing both traditional or digital art in future. Should I stop doing traditional art pls tell me this is my biggest confusion since last week ?

Tugger Jaegger

i need to memorize to do this when i want to practice faces. thank you Kesh!


I really wonder from where you take the quote of the week. Love the quote of this week too as usual.

Kill them with your success

Bury them with your smile”

- Joseph Vijay


Ye boi


The one person who disliked this video, just doesn't know how hard it is draw!

Dewdle Art

Idk how to thank you Kesh ? this is what I've been looking for all the time ?? you made the whole process so simple ❤️

Ayush Singh

Are u from india

Aaquib Raza

I am very happy because I commented that thing that photos to cartoon and you did it.You are the best sir,???


Wow looking for more of these

Oscar Sweeney

I love it thanks a million bro

DamonM Art

Trying to like all the comments be like (%_)


I love this guys explanation and everything

Rajendra Singh

Make a video of

Pranav Prathap

You really inspire me to draw <3

Long Sotheary

This one minute vid is so well explain

Perl Lauro

Cool like it

Athreya Paranthaman

I like how hes uploading more often!

Aaditya Garg

i have chosen my style aand it is making cartoons, all thx to kesh bhai


Amazing ❤️

Aakaash Jayanth

These short video us really useful in and so surprising that within one minute fhe video got over.

avyay varma

wow this is great!

Red Dragonphly

Great bro!??
I too tried making shorts on my channel ?

Danté Johnson

Simple and sweet! Consider doing a 5 minute version of this? The shapes part if where I fall short. Thanks!

Beyond Artistry

Yeah Kesh the Man is back!

Sunnex Art

Can wait to drawing camp how to draw people

Raju kv.



Can't believe you explained it in under a minute! Amazing


Okay wow you solved my problem of months in just 59 seconds

Adya Awasthi


T and H Base

Next can you do hair tutorial in 1 minute plz

Sucheth Bhargav

Wow that’s a simplified nose...??

A.S.K Arts

Cool tips!?I finally understood how you turn people into cartoon! Thanks for making it!!

youtube viewing only yea

Thank you for sharing these Kesh ? sending you digital hugs from Manila! I will find you in ig and I will tag you to let you see my results after doing the cartoon versions of people I know. Thank youuuu

Johith Johnson

Notification gang les goo ?

Pranay Bhanushali

Even the shorts are so well edited ? just like your regular long format videos. Perfectionism ?

Vivaan Aggarwal

One of the best YouTube short????... thankyou

Purva Patil

Liked and subscribed and now commented and shared ❣️

Agastya Sharma

Man you are the Ashoka kesh, the greatest artist king of the world.


You ever gonna finish the comic series?


What's up with that fake accent kesh?

StrangerDanger Gaming

72 :D


Too fast . . . and short, for my left-active-brain.

Eric Betsey

Now do how to draw pictures as anime inspired characters.

S B Cubing


Dhruv Devaya

This is crazy i needed this as i am using you as my artist example for turning my photos into characters in my art course thank you so much for this

Aadyant Awasthi

Hey kesh i need an ipad and apple pencil for drawing i am not that rich enough to buy that I want one . Can i get one?? Plz

Purva Patil

Omg I looked all the videos on youtube as I wanted to draw a cartoon figure of my frnd for her birthday but this video helped much more than any other videos it's just short and easy to understand and not going into details that's why I just love kesh as he explains soooo simply than any other artists


Happy Chinese New Year Kesh!

All Father

Indian YouTuber with useful quality content? Today’s a good day!

Migan Capo

Really amazing!!! ? I want more short videos ??

Sarvam Arora

yay kesh

Saanvi Bhargava

Thank you so much!!! I needed this

Haritha Natarajan

Woah! I learnt to draw cartoons 1 min, next Kindly teach me rocket science ? in 30 sec anna


Can you make a video on cartoon body postures drawing ??


a complete less tan 1 min vid
i dont know how but realy cool !

Siddarth Acharya

Wow this is best kesh


Thank you for drawing carttons that i love Kesh. I love your youtube channel. Im an artist too but you are better!




Oh boy !! I was wishing that this video was little bit longer



poonam kumari

no one can be like you are you indian? and bro plss we want you to draw on paper tips pls

Christopher Aparicio (Student)

I alwayse tried to draw realistic stuff as cartoons but it never worked out this helps a lot thanks!

Hadi Daw

So talented artist, cool bro


Which app to use ?

Elouise Lawrence


Erictoons TV

i love it my friend. its very helpful :)

SYED Faizan Haider Abedi

Nice even Brad Colbow does these #shorts vids

Captain Cheese

What app do u use for drawing master kesh?

radha Seshagiri

Kesh is from chennai right ?

Malia Mak

I mean how is this possible!? When I have some question I come to YouTube and the first and only person who can give me the answer is you!?I can only say thank you so much!✨

Legria Ydrian Paul A.

Just got into Digital Art, Thank you so much for this.✨

Setareh-FineArt :D

Kesh you are such a great YouTuber to learn us manyyy things ;)))thank you


Need more videos like this

Anirudha DA

Loveit keep it goin we want to see more ...wooo hoooooo

Giribhaskar Creations

Ha thats we are talking

Darkest_Core O

What type of sketching pencil you use , it seems good


Please make an art studio tour(detailed) please...

Purva Patil

I tried all the other ways but breaking the face into simple shapes was the best idea everr this short video just helped a lotttt thank you veryyyy much Kesh Sir , you are the best and my favourite youtuber , if I get stressed studying I just watch ur vids how people binge watch Netflix and ur vids are just simple and veryy helpful and just ease my mind and you are veryyy inspiring , lots of love and support from Mumbai ❤️❤️

Aditiya Karthikeyan.S

It looks Like KSI?????

Amey Kadam

He just feels like rishi arts when he does #shorts .

Himanshu nayak

Ur my inspiration dear sir

Courtney Meffe

Thanks this helped alot


U killed it broo....!✌️

Raymond Beltran

What app is this he uses?

Kam Art

Hi Kesh, what procreate brushes do you use for sketching inking and coloring? Thanks!

Chris Gauvin

Great video. What was the name of the site you use for images? I didn’t quite catch it. Thanks

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Arfa Azam

Ab old hogi hy girl wali bt ny

Vicky Pal

Ignore kare

Ganesh Tupdor

A do no khosa accha kaam kiyaa duniya mea navtki kiyaa

Naveen Muskan

My favourite heroine.......KARISHMA kapoor

Jigna Patel

Time west video

Ishfaq Ahmad