Pilates back exercise

Pilates 30 Minute Back Strengthening Workout

Pilates 30 Minute Back Strengthening Workout24 Nov. 2015
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Hey Pilates Lovers!

Hey Pilates Lovers!

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This workout will help strengthen your back and shoulders, and will improve your overall posture. Posture is really important for spine health, and core strength. Enjoy!!

Love Ange xxx



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marziyeh ziaee

thats usefull for me ?

Ellie Rowe

Hi Ange, Ive just found your channel and I find the core and back exercises really good. Do you think you could do a video for a bulging disc and how to strengthen :)


wow thanks a lot it was an amazing morning workout for stif back ?


Love your work outs ?

Dejan Ziza

Ange you look great. Do you practice anything besides pilates or you practice just pilates? :)

shermeen Khursigara

Thought it wouldn't be so hard but the planks were a killer. Loved it Angie ??????

Phyllis Rubenstein Yolleck

What do you mean by “popping your bellybutton”?


great workout, not too fast, not too slow,  instructions easy to follow and I can choose level of dificulty I need that day.  Maybe more back-strenght pilates? please...

Rick Lil

Keep doing this workouts, You're amazing :)

João Paulo

thank you angie, beautiful workout!


Thank you very much Angie! I couldn't even finish it in my first time haha. I'm going to try doing this every morning, i have pretty bad posture :(


I don’t do this video very often but hey, my upper back pain is now gone.
Altho I have been doing pilates for two years (sometimes more regularly than others) I still have trouble with breathing and engaging the core.
Do you have any videos where you explain how to do this properly? I‘ll go and have a look.
Thanks again.


Excellent, as always

marjorie bda

thanks ange! I had back surgery 2 years ago and now suffering with rotator cuff on both shoulders, scoliosis and pinch nerve. I have been in pain for 1 year now and this exercise immediately loosen stiffness and cramping! thanks again!

Cintia Castro

Killer workout! Doing this for the second time and still I kept asking myself if it wasn't the first time. Haha.

Papatya Hanım

More workout pls! Love it all .

Alyona Feng

This is very good workout. I used to do the same when I was rehabilitating after a spine injury. It really helped and helps a lot!

Alexandria Rojas

Please do a full beginners Pilates workout.


Once again I want to thank you for making this video.

I have very weak abs and sometimes I do feel it in my lower back, so I stop, pause the video and try to focus only on doing it right. It is very frustrating sometimes. There are so many things that we have to keep in mind and you are so nice to remind us of that every few minutes. I will check out if you have any workouts for abs and might have to include them in the routine.

Anyway, I have been doing this for 4 days straight (just the first 15 minutes) and my upper back is thankful.


I started and all of a sudden it was over. It means that I enjoyed it. Very, very nice.
Could you make videos with wrist-free alternatives? I got surgery 3 years ago and since then it’s been a mess plus I just found out my left thumb is starting to get arthritis ?
Thank you!

Tamara Kalytskaya

After 4 years I'm still fond of this workout and still enjoy your presentation, Ange!

Markéta N

This is excellent. Relieves my back pain every time! Thank you!

Natalie Kosel

the best back workout for posture thank you


Love your workouts. thank you for it! I did not use to like Pilates. Always preferred Yoga. I had a surgery some time ago and had to got back in shape with physiotherapy. now I am switching back to normal and I discovered your pilates. I really like the way you teach. I wish you would talk about the pelvic floor and the exercises that are not good for it and those which are. In yoga we talk a lot about Mula Bandha and it really makes a difference in the practice, whether you engage it or not. What is your experience? thanks! Valentina

ana briones

Fantástica !! Gracias !,

Jessica Clarke

This was killer, Ange! Loved it. ?


Best Pilates channel. Glad I found you, Angie.

Adam Bomb

Looking good, Ange! Very nice class

Barbara Steiner

Great video! She explains everything so well, I hardly ever had to look at the screen. Love it.


Angie this is a great workout. What would help is if there were further instructions on the transitions and the beginning of each movement. Especially because the routines have us facing down and we're hurting our necks trying to look at the screen.

Edwige Law-Ki

A gooood routine which was the highlight of my day!!! Breathing and free 30 mns without the kids!!! Breathe breatheee!!!??

James Bradshaw

Such an awesome workout and soul full energy. Thank you Ange :)

stephany Oneson

Thank you for these amazing workouts ! Best pilates workouts I ever found on youtube ! :-)

Genet Abebe

Thank you so much Angela. I do this series once in a week and all your other videos. Helped to strength my back therefore, refiled from back pain. Blessings

Patty Garces

This was tougher than I expected but I feel fantastic ? I will continue with this workout daily till I can flow with it. I had to pause several times. ?


This was really difficult but felt good. I need the easier versions of all these exercises. The corrections/visualizations given are really helpful.

Tamara Kalytskaya

A terrific start to my day! Thank you, Ange!

The Future

I'm new to this type of workout thank you! You are so gorgeous!

Elise Miller

though the instructor provided a lot of instructions and I only watched six minutes however couldnt figure out how to get lower back to not take the load

Siobhan Goggins

Great workout which I was thoroughly enjoying till puppy wandered in and ruined the day and my mat...

Deborah Sivyer

Beautifully explained,booked in for tomorrow as my back needs this x

Enrique Cáncer

cant stop Ange! thanks again

Garlic Girl

Whoever said Pilates is not a workout is crazy! (tongue hanging out)

Bradley Greaves

Serious WORKOUT!!!! Thank you for your time energy and instruction. An excellent job.

Mai El Kamah

beautiful workout from a beautiful lady <3 thank you!

Adnan Khan

hii how are you? i have seeing you strengthening video. i have concend to the doctor my total body muscle are week because my vitamin d is low plz guide me what to do


I'm waiting on a surgery to repair a hip labrum tear and I cannot tell you how difficult it is to find a workout that doesn't murder my hip joint! I'm very athletic, so the past few weeks have been really difficult for me. With a few modifications here and there, this workout was really helpful in getting me a bit of physical activity back into my day. Thank you!

greenfairy nena

Helping me a lot with my posture. Love it!? I am very grateful


Loved this. I was challenged and you really explained each pose well.

Loved, cherished & healed

Thank you for the great workout!! <3 :)


I feel my back >x3 !

Natalia Liviero

Very good workout and clear instructions! I have severe lower back pain due to lack of exercise and excessive sedentary work. I'll try to do the exercises every other day to strengthen my lower back. I really look forward to eliminating my back pain with your videos!


Excellent video, thanks!

Everyday Pilates Mobility and Stretch | Posture, Hips and Hamstrings

Everyday Pilates Mobility and Stretch | Posture, Hips and Hamstrings10 Jun. 2020
154 615
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A Pilates stretchy flow

A Pilates stretchy flow focusing on lots of lovely back opening, rotation and with a nice bit of core and strength too. This is a great routine for posture, stretching your hips and improving flexibility too.

Share your pilates moves with me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lottiemurphy_/

Post Production by Graft www.wearegraft.com

Thank you for your support on this channel, it's so lovely to see this pilates community grow. Lots of love, Lottie x


It is recommended that you consult with a physician before starting a new exercise program and follow their safety recommendations. Please listen to your body and stop if you experience any sharp or shooting pain. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself. By using this site, you understand and agree that this channel has no liability to you for any injury or loss you may suffer in connection with any content posted on this site. The use of any information provided on this site is solely at your own risk.

Comments (100)
panat jaroonrat

Thank you so much ?

Theresa Merrick

I love how you explain in detail the workout so I can adjust as I hold the pose, great stretch Lottie.

Monica Alvarado

First class with you, thank you Lottie!

Caroline H

Great class, thank you Lottie it's just what I needed after all the gardening I done yesterday x

Maisie Elle

A real healing practice Lottie that is perfect during this time in the world ? ? sending gratitude for all your wonderful flows !


I really loved these stretches. I did find a bit fast though. Would have loved to have more time to stay in one stretch and feel into it.

Alda Miranda

Thanks you so much! I have a problem with my upper back which is easily tired, and this stretch makes my back better ❤️


Fantastic. Pace and instruction immaculate! Chat was concise and never strayed from the movement at hand. By far the best instructor I've tried online

Jessica Henderson

This was a great workout Lottie, thank you so much ???


I managed to do this with my three year old joining in/climbing on me. Still feel suberb after, thank you Lottie :)

Wendy Newberger

Amazing stretch.....I have been looking for something like this for months. Amazing stretch for someone who is at a desk all day and really needs help with mobility! Thank you so much Lottie....I will be doing this one throughout my week!


I just did this after a long day of work in front of my desk. This was just what I needed, I feel so stretched, and my back is thanking you, Lottie! :)

Tif Sippel

I am so in love with this sequence. Will be doing this daily for a while. My low back and hips thank you!

John Luch

Just what the doctor ordered. This helped me immensely.??

Annu Hans

Thank you lottie. You are a wonderful instructor:)

Bean Sprout

Thank you Lottie! ? i've noticed that I can't sit with my back straight using my butt do i have a weak lower back or a tailbone problem? thank you!

Adibah Dd

love this! felt like i was really in a studio class. :)

Right Motivation

How did you know? Go Lottie!

Tiina Firn

This is my new favourite class of yours Lottie! Just what I needed this morning. Big thank you!

Wavelin 24

This was truly amazing...very energizing and refreshing for all the tight muscles.

Ashley Toth

Love your videos, I’ve been following your workouts for the past month. But this workout was interrupted by ads twice. Please don’t put your ad breaks in the middle of a workout. Bad form.

Lori Pohlman

Feeling very at peace after that good stretching and movement. Thank you so much! Blessings to you, Lottie. You are a wonderful instructor!

C A Murphy

Been sitting at a desk 5 days a week in lockdown. This is lovely will do more often ?


Thank you so much Lottie! You really got me mooving...with love from Greece!

Jessamy Wieser

Love your shorts! Where are they from?


I was getting so relaxed in that pigeon pose and then bAM, back to back mid roll ads about toothpaste ?

Карина Красильникова


Melinda Kobayashi

Yum this felt so so good! Thank you!

Adeline Show

Great Pilates moves and really works


Great stretch the morning after teaching ballet classes!!!! Thankyou!!!


Out of the many videos i’ve followed along with, this was my favorite so far. Following now. Thanks for existing. Really

Jessica Nolan

You are so lovely and I absolutely love your classes! It's like you know exactly what we need! Thank you so much for all of your work x



Jacques West

Day 2!!! Thank you!!!

anupama baker

Absolute bliss. I have been searching long and hard for a proper pilates class ever since I moved to Australia.I used to have a brilliant body control teacher back in England. This is the best alternative. Looking forward to your live zoom class this Saturday.

Fildza Rizal

Hi Lottie! I love your videos and I'm excited to start the two week challenge. I'm also excited for more challenges and regimes you'll put out!

Rebekah Lim

New favourite video! Excellent after a day of desk-bound work :D


Great way to start my day. Since I recently had foot surgery that just means sitting around all day watching tv, but still a great way to start even that kind of day. Your pace allowed me to get into the poses comfortably, thanks you’re awesome.


This was excellent! Thank you ??

Vanessa H

Yay perfect for runners!! Thank you, can't wait to do this later

Kelly Pantaleoni

Oh my heavens this was delicious? Perfect for recovery day. Thank you for this gift✨

Evi Κokoria

Thanks again.. I wish it was a little bit longer?!

Kris H.

Coming back for those good stretches ?

Tim Rivera

Hi! Great content! Did you consider using SMZeus . c o m to get your video higher in the search?


This was my first class with u Lotti, and I feel so calm and relaxed while also feeling really stretched and warm. Thank you!

Ellie Birney

I have just started following some online classes with you, and the 24 day challenge. I'm in my late 60s and been to live classes for at least 15 years. Do you have any workouts that do not include planks or stretches across the ball of feet as I am unable to do this due to foot operation. thank you.


Loved it! Please more like this. I really felt relaxed and more open all over. Thank you!

Mercurial Mann

The pace of your exercises and your explanation of every move makes you stand head and shoulders above the rest.

STYLEDBYMAE [Alexandra Mae]

This was my first class with you Lottie and to say it was needed would be a huge understatement. I just want to now do this same class every morning as every element was just the stretch I needed. I also want to see how deep I can get in to the same stretches a few months from now! Safe to say I’ll be signing up for some of your zoom classes too! Thank you SO much ????‍♀️

Silvia Teixido



My first YouTube comment! I'm really enjoying your videos. Like many others, I have pain in my lower back, and appreciate exercises and stretches that support it. Also, very specific, but: I have recurring tendonitis in my wrist, so would love modifications to put less stress on the wrists. Thank you so much!

Doris Day

Excellent routine, love your pace, voice, clear instructions, and even the painted wall behind you. You included a few stretches I have never seen before, so thank you. I enjoyed every stretching minute! I had to subcribe.


Lovely! Thanks so much

Ariana LaBarrie

Back at it again! Loving this per usual. Cute back drop!

Nancy Knapp

this is a great morning wake up routine!

Debbie Robinson

Thank you Lottie great flow I sit at a desk all day the stretches really help x


This is a great morning stretch & flex :) Thank you

Bhaidva Vanita

Just found your video and subscribe ? nice stretching and strengthening . thanks .

Sara Serenity

You popped up in my homepage when I have wanting to get more into pilates, I’ve done few of your videos now & love them! Really appreciate the basics or fundamental videos, (did the other one before this today)?! Thank you so much?!

Linda Castillo

Thank you!! I really enjoyed it!!


After a week of more intense pilates, this is beautiful. Feeling nice and limber and fluid


this is my go to workout excellent work thanks

Miriam Hopkins

Perfect way to start the morning, thank you Lottie :)

Cosmic Wizard

I so have been looking for a decent Pilates instructor on YouTube, thank you ??


does anybody know where i can buy fitness mats from? UK? Really want some pretty colourful ones or like bright pink or something, not the boring colours haha! Anyone?


This is a wonderful session after doing weights. Thanks Lottie!

Любовь Гладкова

Спасибо. Огромное

Liv Wilson

I've been powering through some of your older videos and am so excited as a new subscriber to have a brand new video! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us! xx

Osato Osa-Odigie

Hey Lottie, looking to get back into pilates after a few years of focusing on weight lifting. I'm wondering, do you have a yoga background? Just curious as I've done some yoga over the years.

rachel garrod

Thanks. I enjoyed this. I will try to make it a regular part of my day. I have a spinal fusion of 7 levels so do get rather stiff. This has helped.

Cherish Behrendt


Joumana Masterson

thank you great stretch

Patato Ball

20mins not enough? i was like, "wait- it's done already?" i enjoyed it!!!❤️ also i hope i can see results, i have a mild scoliosis tho


I loved this sequence, restorative but dynamic as well. Thank you!


Loved loved loved this flow Lottie! Thank you! xxx

Darya Stoughtenger

thk you lottie

Adeline Pannadhika

I tried several your pilates routine, love them all, but this one is so special & enjoyable to my body, after sitting so many hours. Thank you so much ❤️

Damaris Wawak

Very excited to try this later today!

Liz Dietrich

Wow, incredible sequence of stretches, thank you, Lottie!!

Jurgita Bolyte

Thank you! Great routine!

Sarah Grace Micallef

Thank you beautiful lottie thanks to you I can calmly and gently get back into my Pilates practice whilst recovering from Covid19


I may be too use to Yoga now.... a lot of chatter. Distracting bit like the combo

leleluv covey

Thank you LM. That was fun! I would love it if you would consider creating a flow for abs and shoulders.

Fiona Devereux

Really good, thank you

Sally de Koning

I ran 29km yesterday in preparation for the Virtual London Marathon in a few weeks! It really was just what I needed! A great way to start the day! I’m going to try and complete the 2 week program!Love your work! ?

Malin M

This is great! I have recently lost almost all mobility in my back, especially the waist, due to having to stay in bed for an extended amount of time. I could touch my toes with straight back and legs no problem before, and now I can't even reach my knees. Quarantine has made it hard to get motivated on my own, and I didn't really know where to begin. This and your lower back video will really help me to mobilize my back again, and hopefully move a bit easier

Left Center

One of my go-to. Thank you! ♥️✨

Katie McGovern

Thank you Lottie! That was exactly what I needed after a week of stressful desk work and late night running. I feel like I've been wrung out in the best, most gentle kind of way. x

Ekaterina Koulikova

I love your lessons, Lottie! Your routines are so balanced, intelligent, and comprehensive. You are always so professional! Thank you :)


The best pilates fitness studio in israel. bodymotion.co.il


Love this one ❤

Tim Hine

Excellent Lottie.? thank you...just what I needed after a day sitting behind a desk ????...now my ??

Cosmic Wizard

This was really effective. A lower back focussed class would be great thank you. ?

Martine Van den Broeck

feel so good thank you Lottie xxx


Lottie, I’m loving your videos, great pace and explanation, thank you so much x

Barbara Ascott

Great movements Lottie really enjoyed it - although not always easy xx

M Johnson

This was so nice! Thank you!

Lou Anne Pasquarella

Thank you so much, Lottie! You did some things I'd never done before and they felt great! I really appreciate your thoughtful technique!


That was really nice, many thanks!!!

Elisa Terraneo

Bravissima ☺️☺️

Back Strengthening Pilates - Michelle Merrifield

Back Strengthening Pilates - Michelle Merrifield22 May. 2015
276 417

This class is a low impact

This class is a low impact back strengthening session suitable for all levels and abilities. It is focused on your strengthening and lengthening all of your back muscles and stabilizers.

For more Free Yoga, Pilates & Barre classes visit:




--Stay connected--

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/essenceofliv...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/essencelivingtv

Instagram: https://instagram.com/essenceoflivingtv

Comments (84)
Kyler Niko

Tried and subsequently given up on tons of other videos but this one has stuck for 3 years now and has done wonders for my lower back pain!! Love your positive energy and smile too!! Keep posting :)

Akanksha William

When I first did this, I couldn't do it without taking 4-5 breaks. A fortnight later that is today I only took 1 break. Thanks a lot Michelle. Keep up the good work

Line Bech Nielsen

Did this after being bedbound for two years with debillitating illness and stomach pain and two open abdomial surgeries which means that I really, really need some core and back strength. Thus I am also very weak which I guess is why I really felt this workout in my shoulders, arms, wrists and glutes even more than my back.


I feel like this girl will kick my ass if we were to engage on a friendly wrestle.

Andrew Oliver

My lower back always hurts when I start running again. This always sorts it out even though it's a bit hard at first.

Chiras Tello

her legs are amazing her husband is one lucky man

Ian Peric

This has been a game changer for this lower back. It feels stable and painless after a week.

It's also nice to be in Europe and feel like back at Essence again.
Thanks Michelle!

Emma Hedley

This was amazing, it was such a challenge for me, but my back feels so strong afterwards! Thank you so much, you are an inspiration and made it look effortless! ✨??‍♀️

Simranjeet Kaur


Larson Larkin

Very good routine. Been weight lifting for 2 years now but over last 6 months sustaining constant injuries especially lower back muscle strains. Found this video - never appreciated pilates before and how challenging it can actually be. Especially enjoyed the initial part where back endurance is really challenged through exercise progression. Highly professional presentation, clear instructions and (will of course not lie) highly motivating being told what to do by this gorgeous lady.

Akanksha William

This is a wonderful exercise regime to do in the morning. It looks simple but it is very effective. Please keep up the good work

Cat Woods

So good Michelle. Great cues around hand placement, where to focus the eyes and general set up. So often this is overlooked!

Khaled M. Khondker

Dear Michelle thank you very much for this routine it really helps my back and my golf.

Collinson Batrimons

Resistance is futile.

Taras Cherkasov

Fantastic workout!

Cecilia Lindstrom

I wish you would alternate the sides...

J Robin

Very effective workout. I instantly feel better. Great job.

jason Jones

Michelle. this just kicked my butt. I've been lifting weights for 25 years but this is a game changer. loved it even if I was rubbish


Wtf I can't concentrate with all this leg spreading


Thanks for posting this, I've been having hip and sciatic nerve pain, and these exercises have been a relief. The workout is high intensity but this is what my body needed to target those sore areas and improve flexibility. Thank you!

Aiko Aiko

I was looking for a back exercise not glutes! I like the workouts tho, I’ll watch it again on legs day


Hi. Anything for other parts of the back?

Dragana Radulovic

Exelent. Thank you. Pozdrav iz Beograda/ Serbia

Isabelle Blanche

One "ffffffff", Two "ffffffff", Three "ffffffff"....

Michael Sotomayor

melting in my chair..

my JOB my JOY Martina Matušková

This is the best workout for back and butt ever! Compromise for sexy butt and healthy back at the same time.

Bryndís Torfadóttir

Mm feels good in my back. I like the stretching in all directions in the end.

Amber Whiteley

I just did this for my SI Joint pain and it helped a lot! Thank you for this, it's hard to find quality pilates videos on youtube.

catherine doucet

Just started this routine...hoping for back pain relief.

Heather Wyman

Trying to correct some fatigue and pain while sitting caused by a car accident. This was perfect for someone who is not a beginner but needing a simpler routine.


you're a wonderful person, keep doing what you're doing!!!

angel rodriguez

this looks easy but it's intense! like really intense! I can't keep up lol


It's gotten pretty cold right now, so I cannot go out and walk like normally. My back pain came back, I have 3 split discs and minor scoliosis. So I've started with your workout today. I'll keep up and let you know. I'm feeling good already.

Vilma Razmiene

Exercises are not as easy as it can appear from the first time :) But of course they are very useful for the back.Thanks :) I found another interesting way to strengthen my back muscles. It's strange, but it's interesting :) https://tinyurl.com/ycz3mm82 I think its worth to take care of our health already now :)

Garrett Doherty

I cannot tell you how many times this routine has helped me over the past 3 years. Doing this routine consistently will strengthen your lower back, increase the flexibility of your back and has helped me comeback from injury many times. Thanks so much to Michelle!!!!!

Bayou Runner

Fantastically difficult workout! I've been doing this several times a week for my lower back and hamstring issues and have noticed great improvement. Thank you so much for posting this.

Jada J.

Thank you!

Hui Su

Great workout, I love it so much!

Plank Ton

I'm sweating just watching her!
(I don't know if it's the difficulty of the workout or her attractive body that's making me sweat!)


Thanks for the video. One of my go-to pilates sessions ??



Loreto Hidalgo

great routine! a lot of work done, love it

Larissa Bittencourt

Really awesome, thank you very much for posting and sharing Michelle.

Ri K

Wish i could do as easily as you are doing. My back hurts a lot

Ollie Caballero

Being healthy is gay

LR Lucky

Thanks alot

Chelcey Horace

needed this!

Jada J.

Still here in 2019!!!

Loreto Hidalgo

Have been doing this for a month (3 times a week) and i have no back pain no more, incredible

Lilia Boltoniazova

Really nice! I did it ?

Mila Andradade

OMG! This realy feels nice! Great routine! Thanks!

Tim Coles

I thought Pilates was easy, how wrong was I, great workout....

Rebecca Nora Sanders

Very nice one! :-) Thank you gorgious! Best from Germany

Candice Allen

Loved it. The first part was challenging. My tabletop position didn't look as stable as yours. The breathing and stretching were excellent.

Callihan Hopwood

I bought instruction from Unflexal Workouts and I learned about workouts much more.


This routine basically fixed my lower back pain, which was stemming from disc bulge. Thank you!


Thank you very very much michelle. Because of you my back pain has improved. Thank you also thats its free. God bless you. If you ever have a class in person i will definitely attend. Thank you

Noa Verner

Isn’t it a leg workout?:)

Edwige Law-Ki

Love love love It!!!! Loved it that U incorporated stretch in there!!!!merciii!!!!???

Adela Sanchez

Wow! This kicked my butt and it felt great! I’m having back issues and clicked on this and as stated by some it looks easy but man!!!! Thank you for the video and I hope to have legs that look like yours someday. ?

Candice Allen

This is my go-to routine for both giving me the stamina for, and helping me recuperate from extended sitting time in front of the computer.

Ahana Bose

I felt pain in my lower back following the leg raises in table top position. the cool down and stretch helped a bit but the pain still persists. what kind of stretches should I do to minimise the pain and release the tension in my lower back?

Belia Krouse

I know that you can get solutions for that on Unflexal Workouts website :)))

Megan Spencer

I have been doing this workout for a couple years now and still enjoy it, feeling that lovely awakening through my back!! Thank you for your workouts Michelle ?

Getting it done

so sweet and beautiful!

Samantha Ackerley

Do you have any advice for me?
I feel as if my hips are curling inwards and every time I do a table top position-based workout I feel extremely awkward with my legs ... Getting my hips to stack over my knees makes my legs spiral inward, and I have to lean heavily on my grounded side because being 'centered' makes me fall to the side that I've lifted (in any scenario).

I Know it's a posture thing but I can't afford a trainer so I don't know what posture thing. Mirrors ... Don't really help me visualize what should be happening either.


I have been doing this for more than one month is been terrible good the pain in my back has reduced a lot. Amazing

wu Ally

Best back strengthening pilates video ever! Just try 3 times and feel much stable and relief already. Thank you for posting this Michelle!

cinnamon girl

Excellent glute workout!! Who says body weight exercises don't do anything?

Eric Schmidt

Wow awesome workout. This is harder than lifting weights!


Awesome workout. Thanks a lot


So glad I found this. I did this twice and already feel a difference!

Julie Ghoulie

Thank you!

Krishnan Soundarpandian

Incredible this one

John Jefferson

Thanks this works well for me, frees back so well.

Shante Clair

I really appreciate that there's no music in these videos. So thoughtful, thank you!

Mel Thomas

Love this for my back, I am doing it every other day and yoga in between and the compression pain and arthritis is so much easier. Thanks so much


Thank you, I'll add this to my regular practice :)

Eline Refvem

This is awesome, the pain in my shoulders and back is completely gone!


Thank you very much for this video

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Thanks for sharing! Personally, I have suffered from chronic back pain for decades now, and have tried all sorts of solutions (including supplements, spending tens of thousands of dollars to the chiro, massage therapists, orthopedic doctors), but nothing seemed to work! It wasn't until earlier this year when my best friend introduced me this natural healing solution: the acupressure massage mat - which derived from its origin as an ancient Indian relaxation tool for over 5,000 years , and I can't say this enough, but my life has truly changed ever since. Just by lying on this massage mat for 20 minutes a day, my pain score has reduced from a 7/10 to a 3/10, and my quality of life has improved tremendously. I'm not endorsed by them in any way, but here's the link to the massage mat to anyone who's interestedd to know more about it: https://the-orthorelief.com/products/orthorelief%E2%84%A2-acupressure-massage-mat

Liat Ashkenazi Varsano

Michelle I love your videos.
Short and focused, and always with a smile on your face. 10X

Adrian Sams

Badly herniated disc 10 months ago. Have tried EVERYTHING since, including injections and extensive physio. Was all set for surgery. This video has single handedly saved me from that route. Back much better. Try and do this routine 2-3 times a week. Tough but effective.

Zuly R.

I love it! Thank you