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The McGill Big 3 - Best Exercises to Reduce/Prevent Back Pain

The McGill Big 3 - Best Exercises to Reduce/Prevent Back Pain5 Jun. 2018
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The McGill Big 3 exercises

The McGill Big 3 exercises come directly from Dr. Stuart McGill and his book - The Back Mechanic. These 3 exercises will help you reduce and prevent back pain in the future.

The McGill Big 3 Exercises are:

1. The Modified Curl Up

2. Side Bridge or Side Plank

3. The Bird Dog

These 3 exercises will help you build core strength and endurance. In addition to these exercises, make sure to have good posture throughout the day, walk at least 10 minutes a day and avoid movements that cause back pain in the first place

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Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional and this video is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Please consult with a doctor if you have any injuries or medical issues.

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David Jeans

Great video. I do these every day watching your video as a guide. Thanks!

Lissa Lissa

Great content. Thank you.

Henry Watson

Great content

BoBo SaTee

I did this, but the pain is still there! No change!


great video and explanation. thank you.

Mark AM

this is my favorite video on this topic, I use it to teach my patients how to do these exercises

Jon Manilenio

So lucky to have found your video! Thank you :)

Radu Mureșan

good info ty. Very interested in this topic sometimes I feel very tight in the place betwen glute and back is a muscle there in the lateral. for example betwen right glute and right dorsal when I raise from a chair, any idea what causes it, I always stay no more then 30 minutes on a chair like Dr. Stuard says. I do this exercises 2 times weekly.

Joyce Coleman

Thank you for clear precise instructions. Your video was recommended to me by my Chiropractor, so this will be my first time trying it. I will let you know my progress!

Zita Schuessler

Great video..i would love some workout videos for those of us with low back issues using light weights..from warm up to workout to cool down...thanks!

Nerd PPP

do you specifically separate flexion intolerant and extension intolerant based exercises? or you do those exercises for both of problems?

TheLord's Butterfly

Thank you so much!!!! Excellent video. I'm in a lot of daily. Pain


Good video buddy ?

BB Jonas

Hi, great video. For the first exercise, where should we feel the strenthening? In the lower back or the front abs? Thank you

Redrum Head

Practical Brilliant ?

Core Strengthening | McGill Big 3 Exercises

Core Strengthening | McGill Big 3 Exercises15 Feb. 2017
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This video covers McGill's

This video covers McGill's Big 3 core strengthening exercises. Exercises include: curl ups, side planks, and bird dog.

For more information, check out my blog post which summarizes the research from the Lancet Low Back Pain Series https://www.michaelbraccio.com/treating-low-back-pain/.

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Hugo Karlsson

Great instructions! Short and good. What are the recommended amount of sets and reps? Also how long should the bird-dog be held and should this be done every day?

Michael Braccio

Curious about what the research recommends for the treatment of low back pain? Check out my blog post https://www.michaelbraccio.com/treating-low-back-pain/.

Dave Elger

I just listened to Dr. McGill on a podcast and he specified that the feet are not stacked on the side plank.

Benjamin Renaud

On your side planks you should take care to move into position with a hinging motion and NOT by bending the spine like you do. Dr McGill is clear on that point in his books. You also seem to sag on them.


professor in what lmao? giving relatively average advice?

if you want to look past the dead/squat/OHP/bench and then also ignore chinups/pullups/dips and pushups and advise shit like this you could at least explain they are at best assistance exercises and will never add sufficient strength gains to any muscle groups. fucking insane lol, the reason you will have a weak core in the first place is because you have probably ignored the above

MCGILL BIG 3 Exercises For Your Core (PREVENT BACK PAIN!)

MCGILL BIG 3 Exercises For Your Core (PREVENT BACK PAIN!)1 Jan. 2020
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#IvanaChapman #McGillBig3

#IvanaChapman #McGillBig3 #McGillBig3Exercises

MCGILL BIG 3 EXERCISES FOR YOUR CORE // If you want to learn Dr Stu McGill’s big 3 exercises, this video will explain them in detail. The McGill big 3 exercises for back pain are core training exercises for back pain. They are three core training exercises using bodyweight. If you want to learn the McGill exercises for back pain prevention, this video will help.

You’ll learn the McGill big 3 exercises for your abs and the McGill exercises for your core. I’ll explain how to use McGill exercises for a strong core and McGill exercises for back pain prevention.

Flatten Your Stomach VIDEO https://youtu.be/oRKeM1U_hYY

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Krista Elisabeth

Will definitely try! Thanks!

Ryan Chapman

Nice vid!


Very informative and helpful video..thanks a lot..

The Big Booty Boss Academy

Thanks for sharing! So helpful!


Perfect timing on this video! I’m starting to Work out more and need all the advice I can get! Amazing abs by the way! ?

Ivana Chapman

Thanks for watching! Have you tried McGill’s Big 3?

Avani Singh

will these increase core strength post partuma nd help get rid of the mummy tummy? and help with diastasis


Much needed tips in here! Boss where have you been!!!


Interesting to learn about, I haven't heard of him before.