Grip training

Grip Training with Captains of Crush Grippers

Grip Training with Captains of Crush Grippers18 May. 2015
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My hand strength regimen

My hand strength regimen and a general review of the Ironmind Captains of Crush Grippers.

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Isaac Gunther

sharpie the tips

David Arbelaez

Thank you.

Worldwide Darts

Do you properly set the grippers first or do you just go for the no set close?

Count Dracula Vlad

I think you should give a little oil in that spring, it will not have that kitttt voice while we use it. I have that Ironmind grippers, the left turn gripper is also great for left hand

Shahe Islam

I can do a 120 double overhand deadlift, I'm a beginner but past that I can't, are these weightings in total or per hand? Like should I get one of the 225lb+ CoC or half that and get a beginner one? Thanks!


I just bought some CoC grippers myself. I can close the 100lb one pretty easy on the right hand, can only close it just past half on the left. The CoC web site gives a brief routine, 3 sets of 5-7 reps 3x per week. That's what I've attempted this past week. I'd love to have a strong grip, not sure exactly how to get there. What's your routine like?


hey you know if you cant do the #1 that just inst right i mean i am 12 and i can close the #1 4 times so that said i think anybody should easily be able to close the number one

cyuiyu wyguiyui

Never do high reps.Thats a beginners mistake NR 1 !


What is harder, to close the CoC No 3 or a 100 kg power twister?

Fk Brains

I’m about half a millimetre from closing 2.5. I’m so closing it’s killing me ?


hey man what is the benefit of inverse gripping? with the spring upside down

Primal Punch

Good video, man. Thank you for sharing.

Akzay Bills

I’m 15 and i can nearly close a 2.5

Mattias Arvidsson



I just got the same st myself. I'm 5'9" 190. I could close the trainer multiple times and I could close the #1 barely 1 time so I work with the trainer and then use the #1 as a goal.

Goldenbeard Official

You need to buy the 1.5 for a more efficient training...your 2 seems too hard for the 1.. i think when you do the number 1 for like 10 reps or more you would be close to make the 2


I'm a relatively strong guy, should i start with a training one or a number 1?

Alternative DONALD



i bought 225 grippers thinking i can hold 225 easy but damn these are hard lol


WD40 on the spring = no more squeaking:)


Will it make you get bigger forearms?

Bamboo Training

Thanks for sharing. Getting that #2 is a journey...welcome to this amazing sport!

george lvey

Trainer is 100 pounds

Ricardo Fumagalli


Benjamin Molina

have they helped you increase your deadlift?


thanks for the vid. those babies sound like they need some oil.


When you first got the grippers, how long did it take before you could get more than one rep on the CoC 1?

Nicholas Russell

Do you just train with the grippers with the spring facing up? Or do you do the grippers with the springs facing down as well?


It’s been nearly five years. How is the progress coming?

As Requested: Gripper Workout 5/5/20

As Requested: Gripper Workout 5/5/205 May. 2020
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Trev Smith

Strong dude! I can only do the 2.5

federico martinez

Love how you mesure te exact tension of every gripper


Ahh what a treat to come here and see this workout!
This doesn't butter your toast (your words lol), but for some of us me included, that are just starting this gripper journey,
it's inspiring to see a pro at work, the camera was nicely placed to see all your technique, so thank you for obliging a request xD :-)

George Looker

how do you train your left hand? should i work with a gripper of an equal poundage on both hands and hence limit the progress on my right hand or should I work with whatever I can handle on each side and rely on the fact that the left is always going to be harder to close so im getting an equal workload regardless?

Abner Nazario

Great footage. I would love to see you talk about some of your most favorite grip accomplishmenta and why they are so special to you.


Why only singes? No reps. No hate im just curious


Great work!


I get blisters there all the time. I went a whole 2 weeks with the skin missing in the same spot. I can relate.

Strong Mike

Just got my first grippers in. Never done grip training before. What are the numbers before you say number 3?

Michael Concepcion

It blows my mind that there are people who can rep out #3's like they are nothing.

Ivan Cuk

Great ? vid man. I was wondering if it counts to close any gripper if you set it like that because I’ve tried to set it up like that and it’s impossible for me. Is it harder to do it with that set or just squeeze it from about credit card length

Randy Gentry

That’s a lot of singles...I always had to stop at about 10-12 then move on to other stuff...I must be unconditioned

Michael Concepcion

Using chalk with a gripper certainly takes getting used to. I did worse with chalk first time I did it

Melissa Reaume

Jedd, nice to see you, attack these grippers, beast mode, still trying to close c.o.c 2, myself. Stay safe.

stephen lea

Compared to all time high how strong do you feel on grippers right now?


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Comments (100)
Jack Amelung

Wait I disagree with 2 things , 2nd> you don't want to chalk all surfaces, some surface you need to polish and make slick for practice. See if you rely on chalk all the time it doesn't make you have better grip,(like those who wear lifting suits for bench press , not always better) You have to play with super slick items as well, this causes you to change the tension placed on the item. The ability to grip slick items ? almost has a greater importance because it makes your fingers sensitive to texture and gives you better control. Practice river stones diferent shapes and sizes, then find a good rock shop and get polished stones. You will know what I am talking about. Grip is not all cave man style but cave man with finesse. Yes i have been doing grip strength since since 1990, have no desire to compete , I did it because i was trying out for the NFL and wanted to be able to catch people even if I just touched the Jersey.

Scott Martin

I've watched this video like 5 times and am picking up on more things each time wtf

Paul O'Neal

J closed it that 2nd time because I heard it.


Cthulhu approves the octopus shirt


I could be wrong but isn't using two hands is cheating.

Stacey Takenaka

Jedd looks like he works at LORDCO

Dylan Lennertz

I just bought the #1, that thing is so much tougher than you'd think


Why not grip the gripper upside down so your stronger finger have the better leverage? Is it forbidden?

Kelly Pagano

Kinda looks like cheating. Mostly closing with 2 hands??

Josh The Traveler

I feel pretty good then lol. Got your level 2 from grip genie and it's my first set of grippers. I was able to close it with ease and in the incorrect form...easier after I corrected. According to your site the number 2 is a 150lb.


hey check my only video, i have stong grip but never trained

Kristian Lynggaard

when doing grippers, are you "allowed" to turn the gripper upside down? it seems to mathmatically be easier to close upside down.

Brendan Broekhoven

"It's just like dirty dancing"

Ryan Wayne

3:25 lmao

Nicholas Liu

try rock climbing

Cory Norell

Pennies make dollars

Michael Tiefenbach

I got a 1.5 two days ago and I just closed it for the first time thanks to this video! Awesome!

Jack Amelung

Wait #3 > grippers were designed to improve overall strength of the fingers , to short cut the gripper by presetting it is handicapping the grippers, Very few people can close a 500# spring with the hand starting in the open position, Presetting is actually cheating the purpose of the gripper. Yes people can close the spring once it is 3/4 closed but the same people cant close it from an open palm. I believe there is a video yet of an Orangutan playing with a gripper and easily closed it open palm . See overall strength of the hand comes from different degrees of open palm to closed grip. If you only practice closed you will be weak in the open palm.


Looks like your pinky isn’t involved, why not grip it better so you use your pinky too if your goal is muscle atrophy?

OPB 93

How often should you train grip and is there a set and rep range?

Filip Stojanovic - Training ethusisast

Tom Boyden i love you man, but your weakness disqust me. Do milions of pullups, farmer wallks add progressively weight to your pullups and farmer wallks, you dont have a base of grip strenght and becouse of that these tips from Jadd cant get you so far, belive me your strenght will explode.


This is awesome, never saw that detailed explanation before. But it only took a few days until I closed my No.2 the first time. After trying for >4 years (trying; not training!).

The strange thing is: It seems to be working very good on my right, but this technique makes me weaker on my left hand.


pro tip: don't start watching this if your gripper is on your desk, there is no skin left on my right hand.

Nitin A S

How much pound?

Kevin Jodrey

Great video! I never knew how to set a gripper properly until now. Thanks For the lesson ?

Matti Marzel

WHOA man... Holy shit! How the hell am I only finding out about this one right now?! Too fucking EPIC, my friends! I've known Napalm Jedd for almost 10 years now, and have been following ALL of his awesome stuff & ferocious training journey for that long as well... Although I gotta admit, to my great dissapointment, that I still haven't met the LIVING GRIP LEGEND in the flesh just yet---but I sure as hell WILL in the near future, 100%... SOON! SOON indeed, brotherrrrrr! Other than that, yet another awesome, dope as fuck & CLASSIC video, my friends---as per freaking usual! ???

Oshawa Tramp

these too guys are only teaching you how to cheat lmaooooooooooooo

Julian Bell

I almost had a heart attack on that first shot because I thought Juji cut his hair. Thank god the flowing locks are tied in a bun and not removed.


I feel really insecure drinking from all the thin-grip drinking straws on the market..... would love to see a thick grip attachment to step up my drinking straw game.

If anyone agrees PLZ UPVOTE so JUJI and TOM ADD it to their list of grip strength PRODUCTS!!!

Paul O'Neal

That looks like cheating...

Eric Prom

9:33 explains why they do it like that


That sound from the handshake 13:50 :D

Manga Gains

Hand grippers top 10 in my collection of fitness gear since using them my hands don’t rip as much as before they make your hands hard like a rock...

Ben Hunts

Bought my Gripper #1 today, closed it 4/5 right out of the box. This video made me close it with almost no effort. Thank you very much guys, I will order the 1,5 and 2 right away. :)

Ciprian Ghiţă

5:20 they learn to play the violine !


Thanks for the video. What is harder to close , a CoC No 3.5 gripper or the new 110 kg Itta power twister bar?


Don't feel bad about your hands Tom, mine are just on the verge of 7" w/ +5 ape index. Im good at nothing but deads and hubs

Yarbay Strength

These guys are real pro, best informative video about grip strength ever


How many lbs is No3?

noah stump

So a guide how to cheat with two hands

Mélissa Carrier

What the heck is that ??? I used to use those grippers for years and the exercise comes to doing the whole movement, not closing it the hands then finishing the last tiny gap by hand ! Wtf is this sport..

Desmond Blakely

Great video, the gripper info alone is GOLD

dilly dilly

TAKE MAGNUS HERE! I wanna see how well he does with these guys coaching him!

7 6

Fun grip game:
Two people grab a football (point of the ball in the palm and then close your hand around the mid section of the ball) and pull straight apart and see who keeps the ball. Add twisting (offense vs. defense) variation.

Ferenc Kemenczei

Where can I get that equipment????????

Thu Nhu



But it's not full range of motion with the griping hand if you help with the other. So kinda cheating? Or is it just for training?

Travis Padilla

Fuck Idk if I'm doing this right


5:03 muscles does not excist in the fingers btw

Ciprian Ghiţă

explaining how to propper grip a gripper.....reason for life ?

Marcel Prinsloo

is it weird that i started on a 1 and im able to do sets of 50 before i cant close the grip?

Paul O'Neal

You guys have baby hands...

Helook Skooleh

One name... Isaac Caldiero !!!
150 lbs... Freakishly strong !!!
THE American Ninja Warrior !!!
Forged in the mountains and the deserts of the world, a patron of passion, cliffhanging boulder crusher, artist of ascent, manifest mastery of movement !!!


5:05 that's called a boner.

Kon Darras

Where’s mitdbø

Chris Lhamon

Have you ever tried a grip tester like this?


to be honest the "technique" Is just cheating/cheesing the process.

Redrooster383 Pump

where do you get a 400 lb gripper?

Aurélien Carnoy

Hello, " before buying a hand grip, there is many exercises one can do" ok, what? I don't have hub cap, i can make a pinch block with some wood and attach weight to a screw. Any ideas for do it yourself? Then I'll get a set if i see that i persevere.


Now I wonder what the actually numbers on my Heavy Grippers are


He is using two hands ffs

Bryce Tyson

Wow. I so happy i found this video, I love your guys videos and I didn't know you met with Jedd Johnson.

Evan Sebesta

This helped so damn much

Mark Giroux

Jesus... this does work. I got my CoC grippers yesterday and I could barely close a #1, tried this method and closed a #2 easy.


Not that I could close a 3 to save my life but hes not setting it with a credit card. Hes setting them super narrow.


the real question is, how many times and for how long and rest days for these workouts.. thanks =)

Garrett Myers

5:32 so you determine your "grip strength" by cheating?

Taelend Sauve

I got the sport (80lb) one today


Seems like cheating

Medium Speed Some Drag

Mind blown! I have been doing this wrong for 15 years!

tactical toolboxx

I dont see how the arm bend is helping with the hub lift. It give thr hub one more move to be able to move or slip an its pulling against you it seems like to me. But Jeff is for sure better at it an more experienced in it then me. Just seems a bit out of way. But very informative




Closed the number #3 :)

Rob M

always surprised forearm guys dont use the roller bar with weights hanging from it


Bro's, you gotta set it with the card it came with for it to be legit.


Following along with a gripper, rewinding every step lol.


So I've been trying to get placement down after watching this vid. I'm seeing the importance of chalk. o_o


Did anyone ever ask Tom why he bends his wrist so much on the rolling thunder?

Marcus Blackfellow

So the GripGenie is a Chinese copy of the made in America CoC, for only a few dollars less. What's the point?


Thank you guys, super useful!

Mekye Kodaj

10:09 That’s all I had to hear. Thank you!

Mr Man

Yoo that guys wrist is fucked


1:27 Pun not intended?


Even my wife started loving your channel. But she's not allowed to give me hand jobs no more.

Neai Tuppi

I am not a weight lifter, I lift weights once in a great while. I saw this video where Jedd shows how to hold a one handed barbell. Where you don't grab it from the center, but to the side of the bar. I have never tried to lift a one arm weight more than 50 lbs. Today I tried lifting a 150 lb one, which was the heaviest they had at the gym. I tried it in the middle like people do, and couldn't lift it, but then I shifted to the side and lifted it up. I did the right and left arm, and could lift it. And I am smaller than Tom.

HardcoreNatural Fitness

I can crush ground nuts ? with my fingers

Jack Amelung

I only disagree with one point..Pinkie finger..When grippers first came out there was no competition on who could close what, the purpose was to increase the strength of your grip and fingers. That being said not every grip should be exact splitting the pinkie, I used to do a squeeze on the grippers leaving fingers straight, You want to increase the strength of the pinkie you have to isolate the pinkie, when I competed i could do pullups using only my pinkies


Bring magnus to these guys

grand poobah

Jedd Johnson with the Diesel Brothers tank! Nice! ???

Tam Thu

Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.


You can build a budget version of this 26:30 for about half of the original price. The only hard thing to replicate is the hub, unless you can weld and have a welder.


Diesel Crew is really more people than just Jedd Johnson???
Now, jokes aside, this is the single most important video on grip strength equipment I've ever seen. The gripper setting didn't work immediately for me, but the slightly bent elbow on the RT. WOW! I tried it on my small Inch replica and it instantly felt a lot lighter than with a straight arm. And a little bit less slippery, although I didn't add any chalk to what was on the handle.

Chris Anders

Awesome. I love Jedd's content. Glad to see you guys collab.

Nick Blank

Where can we buy the squeeze grips???

James Vegetarian

wow very informative thank you for the post! ?

Panagiotis Kalamidas

Yoooo today I saw that! With ma brothers!!!


try lead climbing


How do you measure hands? What are the inch numbers he's saying?

Juji & Tom

WE LEARNED A LOT ABOUT GRIP! What gripper are you on? And after the video?!?!?!? I GOT A 3!!!