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La Sportiva Legends Only: The Best Climbers Vs The Hardest Problems | Climbing Daily Ep.822

La Sportiva Legends Only: The Best Climbers Vs The Hardest Problems | Climbing Daily Ep.82229 Nov. 2016
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You’ve seen all the build up to La Sportiva Legends Only, finally here are the highlights from Saturday night's competition.

Alex Megos, Jimmy Webb, Jongwon Chon, Rustam Gelmanov and Kokoro Fujii put on an incredible performance in front of a packed crowd. Check out crazy dynos, hideous crimps and terrible slopers. Let battle commence!

La Sportiva Legends Only: The Best Climbers Vs The Hardest Problems | Climbing Daily Ep.822

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Comments (15)

where can i buy volumes for my private climbing wall?

Stab Backer

first view, first like, first comment <3 love the channel mate, keep it going strong as always! :D

Mike Rothwell

Where was Adam?

ste bostock

He did amazing, thought Alex was going to get it but great event, look forward to the next time!

eivind østlund

it's amazing seeing how much body strength these guys has

David Just

that double jump bit was AMAZING!

Pau Panadès

4:14 how the fck did noone coment this already

Sandro mentetzides

World class bouldering. Enjoyed every second of it. Keep it going epic

eivind østlund

it's amazing seeing how much body strength these guys has


Do you guys ever cast the whole competition or know someplace where I can view them?

Joseph Chow

Does anyone know what those long adidas pants Kokoro Fuji has ?

Luca Dressler

Great problems..but they seem just a bit too easy for them.

Purzelbaum Records

@6:03 !!! Wow!


Zapping editing & annoying music disrespect their performances...


Damn, at 2:30 did you see how quickly he snapped his legs onto the hold..what ab strength on that guy.

Legends Only Climbing 2013

Legends Only Climbing 20135 Dec. 2013
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PeterHistSubscribe 438 721

A summary of the "Legends

A summary of the "Legends Only" - Boulder event in Stockholm - 2013

Arranged by www.klattercentret.se and La Sportiva climbing gear


Alex Megos GERN

Nalle Hukkataival FIN

Jan Hojer GER

Dmitry Sharafutdinov RUS

Sean McColl CAN

James Webb USA

Movie made by [email protected]

Comments (27)
Ethan Liu

Those people were doing splits on the climbing wall!


these guys are monsters !!

Imran Esmail

webb looks like a really nice guy

TaKuMa 、

Swedish House Mafia ♫


3:07. James Webb or Jimmy Webb?

Zbeub zbeub

Btw someone can give me the name of all the songs please ?

Joseph Jang

4:00 thumbnail

Zbeub zbeub

Also congratulations to the ones who opened the problems^^'


Ugh why have music again.

Lewis E.

The music is awful!


i didnt know this webb guy xD, is he new?

David Norris

Ghost n Stuff  Nero Remix is like my total favorite climbing music! Epic song to go with an epic problem. :)


Holy shit.. this is amazing. Every climber has shown incredible performance. I'm pumped just watching this :)


Wish I knew what the track list was =/


great cut!

jm bro

that katy perry song at the end -.-


I have a feeling that these boulders are more fun to watch again than the watching the ones in the olympics.

Dallas Jones

Chattanooga, TN, local Jimmy Webb!

Jason Tran

Thanks! I've been waiting for your vid since the comp ended. Didn't wanna go through 3hours worth of climbing


What is the name of the song playing during problem 4? Cheers

Daaray Xassida

such a shity music !!!


excellent music

Bizi Engine

What a Sport!

Cy McIntosh

Legends has changed so much since the

Boulder Junkie

Lucky Woods wasn't there.

Eyup Atasoy

Where s adam

Thomas spencer

James webb ? or Jimmy webb !!!


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Comments (100)
Mek Mekoo

"If playing games is your goal then I will leave your screen split" C'mon man, golden eye, how do you miss that one?

PaNtheR StrIKeRs

Mepth definitely won that but I think he took it easy because meph is a goat not gonna lie ?
battle was ???

Bar-Ology Exam

"How High" did YOU get? I burn the ESSENCE of a MAN/
As soon as the tarot cards we're READ, mannn(Redman) ya death was in my hands"/Method man ? ?.

1.)I Burn the essence of a man on stage rapping.
2.)Also, in the movie "HOW HIGH", they burnt the ESSENCE of a man(Ivory). Smoking his friend who died. Get it? "Burn the ESSENCE of a man/Ya death was in my hands"? As in, the blunt with ivory essence in it is in my hand?
3.)AND, on Redman album "What the Album", his hands were Red like death was in HIS hands.
4.) It was also a redman, Essence Adkins, and How High nameflip.
5.) Tarot card readers figuratively have YOUR death in THEIR hands.
6.) ESSENCE Adkins played Redman girl on How High.
7.) "How high did you get" is also ending his punch coming off of his last bar about driving off a bridge to Em(M) line. That stan line method man had. Remember stan saud he was on 1000 downers, and driving drunk on the bridge. Get it, How high did you get"? It's a ending punch and a setup to his next bar. Smfh, method man is ? ?.

Peep my bar breakdown of THIS BATTLE on my channel. I did daylyt, lux, and mook too.

Saki Nikaidō

You need to check Method Man Vs James Corden if you want references in a rap battle ^-^

Noel Diaz

i love to EM doing a battle Like that For Hip hop but Not going to happen because people this day crying to much and mix music with Racist shit sad

Skinny Mac

Yall big on the scene, y'all suppose to be getting gravey.....Gravey played biggie in the movie.....meth crazy.....

LORD Savage

Best reaction with explanations my dude, I subscribed immediately ?

Elie אליהו

I want Em to be Next

Freaky Mickey

8:15 lol

Boone Tastic

Lmao what the f was that intro my guy......I'm dead.

Stacy George

Woo then math punches serious ..nigga that was fire ..u aint here that befo...thats a woo double .yall sleepers

Duo Maxwell

I wasn’t going to watch this battle, but let see what this looks like.

Michael Burry

Yeah Math threw the Ally to the OG. This shit was fire either way!

Warren Perkins

Scru Cassidy did a hotel bar b4 in one of his freestyle he also do a Bruce Lee one too n an General Tso Chicken

Brigg Johnson

Meth was not fuckin around ...and he probably held back on the bars...math got taken to school...lmao...whole nother level....

The A5ylum

Chris Rivers is Big Pun son look like that bar went over your head no disrespect just education

B Mills

u missed the big gravy line shooooooot

Anthony De La Rosa

I’m on IG and Twitter Mick Chop ?

PaNtheR StrIKeRs

Could you react to a daylyt battle? He has some of the dopest bars

ray spanishjesus

starting off with usher really lol

Stu Dycus

It's really a shame this video doesn't have more views, this was fire, and I loved screw's reaction.

Sen Crew

That Hoffa bar made me pause the vid, go out for a walk, sit in thinker pose, look at my phone, sigh, then continue it later.

William Gone


Beaste Meauxde

coulda said: The way the blood flow, I hit a lick wit swords.
when he said "while I smoke a J" he meant Justin (math)
check out Vada and SP breakdown


Bro I hit a lick wit swords.

xL Train

I really can’t even describe how badly I want to see more legends tee-off against each-other. Battle Rapping is a totally unique environment and skill in-and-of itself. One I feel like every Rap Game Legend owes it to themselves and their fans to rediscover or flex.

Bradley Wayman

Lol, hit him with the don DiMarco

Marcus Barrow

U know the God kill him word up

Amekia J

Talk to us Fam.. ??

Unpopular Popular Opinion

"smoke a J" is referring to Math. His name is Justin... J

HB Dismuke

Method Man is ready for the stage ? give him some plates.

Sam Mahurin

Wu for life!!!

Stacy George

He robbed wit a knifw he xmcaught a lik wit swords yeH this dude lack seein bars to the fullest

Garasu Ka

Cuz “All I Need” is the Meth & Mary ?. I hated the chicken scheme lol ?

Unpopular Popular Opinion

You missed that "you lookin' for credit? see smith's in front of you" bar. His name's is Clifford Smith (C Smith in the credits for songs).

Easy Gzus

Yup "Blackout" top 5


Why would he tie the liquid to something when this bar was about robbery?

He said when we had to eat...
A machete is like a sword.
I caught a lick with swords.

Don't switch the bar, listen to the full context and how the first line went into it. You're trying to make it fancy when he is saying when he had to eat he has to rob with machetes...

You're trying to make it fancy...it's based on his life

Henry Walker

That GoldenEye bar is craaaaazzzzzyyyyy

Descendant of Chaos & Controversy

These stakes too high for checking a Count...that vampire reference ??

Maximum Intensity

Is Staten the new Jersey

strike vyyper

Once again...i guess all yooz bloggers or vloggers or whatevah yooz call yooz guys
keep forgettin..Meth and all the ole skool rappers WERE battle rappers
before the industry...they battled on the blocks and battled other crews
long before most of yooz were even born...Battle rap wouldn't even be
here if it weren't for the ole skool rappers...Mad respect..


Scu...u buggin..."Im a genius, I caught a lick with swords."....liquid swords.....he caught a lick with swords

William Walker

Really Scru? R. Kelly?

Senpai Skie and Ukemi Gaming

yea i been watching since smack dvd's this here was fire

Jeffrey Foss

This is what you call "Being Slept On"! If you from back in the days and from NY, you know what time it is (with all the Wu). You lucky ODB didn't battle him..Meth took it, "Light"! Speaking of "Light", MC Lyte would've beat him also Latifah (I can keep going)..

Mikhail Hamilton

Scru, a lot these dudes don't about url even the smack era. Lux and Math are in the works

Brian Rodgers

MYYYYYYYNIGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAA I love everything you did here✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?


Scru think about terminator bar liquid sword


Bridge is over

Michael weaver

“Like These Bloggers, Doing Story After Story On This Newark Bi.... JERSEY!” Only Battle Rap Fans Know He Talking About Surf???

Black EconomicSystem

The best pen in battle rap... Daylyte hands down and he proved that vs Lux.

Cenușă King Pen

math throwing punches at the Wu (when he ko'd Serius Jones, he did it because Serius sayd WOOOOOO, punches at the Wu/woo''? get serius!) and you missed sooooo much dude

Wladimir Villanueva

You talk to much my boy

Reilus Johnson

The "You a stan" part tho lol yo thats dope meth used that method lol

Marcus Barrow

No nobody fucking with methodman


"looking for credit on method all you do is see smith's (C. Smith is his name) in front of you"

When you look for credit on meth's album you will see C. Smith all over his albums.

Adam Hibert

Do method and black thoughts swsy freestyle

Rick FlaiR

Brahhhh I catch a lick with swords ... a lick means a robbery brah ! And liquid swords obviously... shit was fireeeee ! Statennn in the building !!


Cruisin the streets, gotta do better my mans

Millyon Eyedeaz

" i aint gotta tote the "K", i tell my killer "B"s roll up on this herb, while i smoke a "J" (Math's real name i s Justin btw)

Alot of Meth lines had multiple layers

New blood, suckers, daylight savings, take ours (hours) back, STAKES too high for checkin a count'(crazy vampire scheme.)

"think yall big on the scene, you should be getting gravy"

"How high did u get? i burn the essence of a man"

dener castro

awesome react brother !! one love . mef represent !

Rejus Flippant

Salute To Math Hoffa Tho ?? Top5 BattleRap

tanner bost

Eminem needs to do this

Bam Relli

you sleeping on the swords lines that shit fireee

Fred Fred

Whenever I see a black man making that face you did in the thumbnail I know it's bout to be some fire.

Johnathan Williams

Stfu react after he finish bro

shabazz x


Christof Frac


Antonio Robinson

The Real BR fans know! Appreciate ya fam. Stopped through to show love to anybody recapping the essence!

aLL x D

a battle with a god is always win for everyone to witness

Roddy Rod


Justin Edwards

Yo its crazy how the YouTube algorithm be doing us, I never got the noti for this jawn and had to search into yo channel when I usually see your new vids on my front page or easily in a recommended. Had no issue finding the other battle rap-esque vids, but real battle rap was an issue apparently


i feel like Meth said it was a sparring session, they not going super disrespectul etc. that said Meth killed him


He used WU (Woo) as a triple entendre. Wu- Wutang, Woo- Pop Smoke gang, and Woo, Woo-Woooo, Serious Jones favorite line

M Cools

The Liquid Sword was a robbery scheme

“Caught a Liquid/Lick with Swords

aLL x D

get the landfill reference pointing in the direction of « Freshkills landfill » where they wouldn’t find hoffa southwest of prkhill, where math steppin on a landmine coming up to parkhill niggas.. the bad p.ill

Boone Tastic

Murder method in session

Myles Em

Hey fam I was seeing how would i be able to contact you guys about a reaction to a video I recently just dropped

Sam Frost

I remember the infamous math battle from way back, dude always had killer punches... For real though, heard this was a thing the other week and flipped. So dope.

Ky Rascoe

Mef still got it Screwface... ?

Ihateohioandmoving to florida

Bring out the “chicken side” (chick inside). That was insane!!!

Matt Mooda

Nobody ever said it to Math like that

Alissa James


Connor Montana

Damn I never you would make so many bars go over your head SCRU

Mr Grim Reaper

Keke caught a shell ??

Dennis Boateng

what he meant by two hoffa cant find?

Elie אליהו

I was already Know you was About these type of faces?

Tito Little

Great break down new sub!!!!?

Jamie Bell

Y'all the new Blood? Suckas!
Well, this is Daylight Savings
Time I take ours (hours) back
Y'all just perfected our bounce
Keep it a milli', Math, these stakes (wooden stakes) too high for checkin' the count (dracula) ? ? ?

William Gone

Gravy played BIGGIE in the notorious movie

gym_shark918 On IG

Meth was in the crowd for that classic heisenberg line. Hes been a fan

Andreily Sadia

Tournament of power Dragonball by Daddyphatsnaps , a MUST REAAAACT T^T


Wait hold up. That liquid sword ( a Lick with swords) was fire. Definitely an A

Johnny Gotti43

“ looking for credit on you’ll be looking for smiths on you” come on brotha ya slept on that bar meths names Clifton smith fire!!!!

Robert Legette

Y'all surprised meth was able to sound like a regular battle rapper im not him and Redman can do this battle rap thing with their ? closed facts he can't beat meth no disrespect to math i like math too plus i watch his podcast too this is wut meth do him and red still got i seen them going back and forth 2017 on ig live freestyling took me me by storm cause it was. Refreshing to hear them. Again i listen to just about the same thing every day time to change up my playlist ?


God damn everything Meth said was dense. Packed.

Chris Sullins

Did Meth call them battle rappers some kids at the end?


Real Wu fam caught that Liquid Swords reference...
#ShadowBoxing ???

Ky Rascoe

Liquid Swords.. Caught a "Lick wit swords" got it? Lol

alberto arana rojas

rush limbaugh podcast