Leg circuit training

BRUTAL Leg Circuit (I Almost Puked!)

BRUTAL Leg Circuit (I Almost Puked!)9 Nov. 2018
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Osamah Albasry

by the way iam arabic person ,and take you as example for me ,ididnt mean i dont know the exercises of body building but i mean all of you guys scientists in this field so i respect you

sandy bijnens

Excellent workout. Feel my legs even achter 2 days. Love it

Rajeev m Pai


Dante 8

Are fast walking build calves

Osamah Albasry

fantastic man you are awesome ,and knowing all technics about exercises

Terrence Dunlap

Did this Monday, my calves started giving me hell today ??‍♂️ so sore!!


How many sets ?

Desiree Diaz

killer leg workout circuit! my legs were very sore!!!... liked the challenge.

Sean Yeo

Excellent workout starting to feel the pain now after 2 hours


Thanks sir ❤ ? ? ?


Definitely gotta give this a go!

Jovanni Bueno

Good stuff thanks ! Can you do a workout like this type of circuit for every body part? That would be nice , thanks again I’m gonna give this a try.

Sukhchain Foundation

sir very very nice

50 Minute Legs Circuit Workout | Summertime Fine 2.0 - Day 3

50 Minute Legs Circuit Workout | Summertime Fine 2.0 - Day 33 Jun. 2020
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Comments (100)
Scimmia LaRatta

??? Muscle pain and Cardio work ???? I love the sensation I worked hard when I finish a workout ?

Diana Sayago

Day 3 Done

Bhamini Lakshminarayan

I recently started doing your workouts because I love that you don't set aesthetic or strength goals, you just push and motivate each of us to be our best selves. So I really appreciate that the calorie count isn't in your videos. This one kicked my butt, no matter what I burned.

asha bagati

Nailed it

emma smith

healthy and happy!!

Shirah Goldweber

I’m one of those non commenters, seriously I never make comments, but for Sydney totally worth it!! I’ve been using a variety of other YouTube fit channels for years and I just found Sydney a few weeks ago and OMG LIFE CHANGING!! Having a daily program like this that is so well put together is so amazing and they’re the exact workouts I love. I also love seeing her struggle along with us, it makes me trust the workout she put together. So glad I found you!! I also just finished this workout and OUCH!!!! How did you get through tomorrow’s workout without falling over???

Ferren Smith

Sydney, I LOVE LOVE your workouts. I tune in to you every morning alternating leg day and arm day. I am SO much stronger and feel amazing! Thank you! I am subscribed, keep them coming! ??

Sydney Cummings

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kavita d

This was amazing workout. I was sweating a ton. it was hard but managed to finish. I always enjoy your videos. They are hard but makes you feel you have worked out.

Ombak Products

I follow many trainers but you are by far my favorite. Thank you for sharing your experience. ?

Mathea Turkalj

I’m so happy I found your videos!!! Wish I found them before! Only on my third day but I’ve been loving them thank you :)

Lizbeth Uriostegui

Pushed all the way!! I’m so proud of myself

shannon Mcgevna

This just kicked my ass! Loved every second of it. Also - as someone who has had a history of hyper-focusing on the caloric burn, I appreciate you so much for saying that it shouldn't be a focal point. Everyone in the world needs to subscribe and follow you!

emma smith

my muscle endurance is already improving!!


DAY 3?

Felicia Jones

Thank you, Sydney for removing the calorie count! I absolutely LOVE having you as my personal trainer!!??❤️❤️??


This one killed me! Thank you Syndey and Dustin for all your hard work!

perla b

Almost died for 3 days straight after doing this workout lol ? I could feel every single muscle every time I walked. I loved it!!! Thank you

emma smith

thank you for your constant positive attitude

Amanda Muxic

Subscribed and grateful for you Sydney!

Lynn Wang

My favorite part is whenever Sydney says, "Yah! Yah! Yah! Woohoo!" :)))

Emily Wiese

10-12. 340 active cap

Jenna Ford

Great workout, as always. Sidney what Nike shoe are you wearing in this video. They really caught my eye.

Prasanna Podugu

Love all your workouts ❤️❤️

Jill Calliou

Just started this workout series - thank you! I am really enjoying it so far!

Lauren Miles

Thank you for your heart and soul ❤️

Natasha Nel

I can’t feel my legs when I’m with you, and I love it!

Lisa A


Kristell D

Thank you for this workout Sydney! You are amazing!


Day 3 complete! Ohhh man! I LOVE LOWER BODY WORKOUTS! They burn in the BEST way! I started to lose steam toward the end but I would say I SLAYED this day! Tomorrow is going to be tough but I'll give it all I've got! Day 4, bare with me ':)

Karen Jennings

Phew! This was tough but good!

Rachel Lafayette

Thank you for this workout, and for your words at the end. You are strong and make us stronger!

Amrita Saini

I did it ? but you were having heavy dumbbell, the reason you felt so much pain at last. I was having only 3kg weights, I did whole workout with it. I felt less burn. I have done many other without weights pegs workout. Trust me I feel more burn in that. Anyway I enjoyed it.

Fatima Shwa

just crushed! My legs are on fire ? thank u Sydney !

emma smith

thank you as always!!!


Thank you for your hard work! I really like your workouts, so thank you!

Just Marron

I’m so happy you addressed what is going on in the world. You rock girl!!!

emma smith

without the warmup and cooldown i honestly think this would be so much harder

Brooke Sutherland

Thank you for your mindset! Your pep talk at the end was the perfect gratitude-attitude I needed to hear.


I started working out 3 days ago. And I feel amazing! Your workouts really help me release that stress throughout the day. I look forward to keep working out to her videos, she’s amazing!

Erica O'Connor

I was shaking so bad at the end in those squat walks that i could see my hair shaking!

Lori Clark

as someone who weighed 78 pounds and nearly died of a freaking eating disorder,am I the only one that misses calorie burn ,I love to eat now I need to burn calories this is not as effective for me now ,I prefer the older ones iT is what it is

Gabrielle Russell

Crushed this one!

emma smith

your transparency and vulnerability is incredible!!

W Groos

What a great workout. It was a good sweat. I only had trouble with the one legged squats. My balance is still terrible

Ranim Muhi Edin

Day 3 done ✅
I love you Sydney so much❤️

Villie Gaikwad

Crushed It!

Rachel Will

I was not ready for the pain inflicted in this workout. My legs are DEAD!

Christy Nguyen

I loved this workout! It was so hard but your encouragement and spirit kept me going ?

Blessings From above

I am doing this challenge and I am on day 2.Tell me do we have to work out every day or?

Parmis Jv

I just did it n totally proud of my self

Niamh Terry

will this build leg muscles?

Jenna Ford

After reading a few comments, I realized I'd stopped the video too soon and hadn't see the end. Thank you Sydney for your empathy and for speaking on BLM.

Asmaa Abdulameer

thank you Sydney you are a blessing, Your workout is so strong and great !

Sheila Clement

This was a killer. I did it. So proud of myself!!

tabassum raza

I m dead


Day 3 done ✅

Sabrina H

i did it again:))

Tay Ashley

I had a great time working out with you today. I feel great. Thank you for also using your platform to encourage togetherness in regards to race. All of our hearts, minds and bodies need healing. We are all in this together. ❤️ Love you.

Debbie Warner

Holy crap that was hard but felt so good??

Blobby Hill

You are the best trainer in every aspect. I respect you an insane amount for using your platform and standing up for what’s right.

Also, I’m really glad you removed the calorie burner. Calorie burning is so individualized and has many variables. It’s almost disingenuous to post it.

Amazing workout, as well


27.08.2020 oh my..

Allyson Crooks

Just got to day 3. Any advice for someone just starting this challenge?

Teagan Borland

wow!!! those last 5 minutes are a real killer! amazing, thank you so much! Morning workouts with you are awesome!

Dhruval Patel

23:13, 29:36, 32:48

emma smith

50 minutes could not have been more well spent


I'm so proud of myself that I've done that workout, it was tough one. I'm happy that you removed the calorie burn, it makes me feel free, I can enjoy the workout without thinking about calories ♥

kristina bishof

hi, should we train every day? or if i feel pain i can take a break?

Anamaría Grassi


Snigdha Sabarish

Summertime Fine 2.0 Day 3 Crushed... My fav one leg glute pull.... Back, Legs, Glutes, arms feel like gello.... Loads of Love from India xoxo...

Ali Swiech

The BEST and most challenging leg workout I've ever done! Thanks Sydney!


Day 3. Done. My legs are dead, they’re shaking but think they’re dead.?


Wow. Thank you for speaking up and speaking out. I'm late to your channel, but I'm totally hooked. I stand with you and my black brothers and sisters.
Also, this is the only youtube workout channel that is actually challenging! Thank you for all your hard work. Definitely subscribed!

Beata Rzewuska

Greetings from Poland! Thank You for fantastic time and work!

MD 629

Oh My God, that was so intense. My legs and my booty burn ??? Thats one of my favorite workout ? Thanks Sydney ??????

emma smith

the unilateral work>>>

Amy King

I know I'm 6 months too late, but I really appreciate what you said at the end...not focusing on calorie burn and just on fitness...yes!

Chloe Collins

Just did day 2 and I always quickly go through the next days video in snippets to preview what I'm doing tomorrow. My legs are already feeling it just from watching! So excited to do this one!

Shree Talks

This was a tough one but I crushed it??.I am so proud of myself ?.
Thank you sydney ??.
Loved the talk at the end.you are the sweetest and most real person really.Stay blessed??❤️.

alicia martos Redruejo

I have just started Day 1, 2, 3 Crushed it!!!!!

Claudia Maldonado Madrid

teamo muchooooooooooooo gracias <3

emma smith

building such a strong foundationnn

Nidia Cruz

This was one of my favorite work outs so far!! Thank you!!! Didn’t think I could finish but I crushed it thanks to your constant motivation! ???

Esman Farhi

thank you! love your positive talk! really helpful during these covid times and so much solitude - your words mean so so much to keep me going and to be positive - thank you!

Cholthicha Ratanapongsakorn

Just finished day3...?

saralea galler

your ted talk (syd talk) at the end is something i have come to not only appreciate but look forward to and value as much as the workout itself. you help me work out physically and then you dont just send me off, you then fill my mind with focus to conquer the REST of the day. you are so unique. thank you.

emma smith

crushed it!!

Lexi De Leon

pre- day 3 workout, I am SO sore from the last two days. but it’s time to get it done!!

Tamarah Quequish

When your a new subscriber and your constantly checking the time on the 3rd day workout.?


Day 3 done! I feel so energetic! Thank you.


crushed it

emma smith

the background music>>>

Yesica Perez

Day 3 - Feeling the burn!! Killed it!!

Sophie K


Gabrielle Russell

I also wanted to say you are such a lovely and beautiful person thank you for taking the time to say something at the end of workout three. Thank you for being such a positive light for me every single time I do one of your workouts!

Jennifer Begin

Just finished this workout.. WOW!! All I can say is AWESOME!!! Ty Sydney for making me feel fantastic!! ?????


Hi Sydney!!! Im Angela from Colombia??! Im suscribed to your youtube videos and I really love your energy and the way you invite us to approach to exercise as sth out of self love!❤️

Annie Hébert

completed august 17, 2020

emma smith

my legs are burning!

Christy Harms

KILLER!! I was sore for like 4 days after this one!! I am LOVING this Summertime Fine playlist! I hope to complete all of them!