Military brace test

Adson Test | Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)

Adson Test | Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)11 Oct. 2019
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? ARTICLES: Watson et al. (2009): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19744876

Gillard et al. (2001): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11707008

Illustration from: https://www.jvascsurg.org/article/S0741-5214(16)30191-4/pdf

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Adson Test | Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)


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This is not medical advice! The content is intended to be educational only for health professionals and students. If you are a patient, seek care of a health care professional.

Comments (9)
abhilash reddy

Thank you sir?

Hosam Elsayed Ortho tube

Very nice helpful video thanks

Amir Azwan Azman

thanks for the video!



Tahila Himes

These videos helped a lot! Thank you very much!

benjamin kamau

very good exercises

Me Too


Fatma Oflaz

thank you for videos. old videos have Turkish option. why not now?

Santa Cruz

Strangely, my course says to rotate the head away from the symptomatic side

Military Brace Tests

Military Brace Tests8 Dec. 2016

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Roos Test | Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Roos Test | Thoracic Outlet Syndrome4 May. 2015
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This is not medical advice. The content is intended as educational content for health care professionals and students. If you are a patient, seek care of a health care professional. The Rose Test to assesses for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or TOS. Typically venous TOS exhibiting symptoms like numbness & tingling of the hand, ischemic pain, discoloration of the hand and more.

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- Watson et al. (2009): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19744876

Covering the theoretical background of TOS

- Watson et al. (2010) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20382063

Providing treatment options for TOS

- Gillard et al. (2001): http://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S1297319X01002986?via=sd&cc=y

This article mainly covers the statistical value of different TOS tests

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Comments (32)
Bryant Lim

Why is he wearing a shirt?


I just got numbness in hands and wrists with some tingling down both arms,left side worse. Have graves disease.

Hindu Sena INDIA

Sir.. this test is also for cervical extra rib ??

Mad Ashell

Numbness galore


The way I learned it, the test is performed with the therapist pushing the 1st rib down to stretch even more the scaleni and provocate symptoms. Would it be a variant? Or an older description ?


Made in to 2 minutes and had to drop my arms. I have been diagnosed with parson Turner syndrome with a normal emg.. wonder if I really have this? Can this cause lateral scapula winging?

Lu Yao

his left hand is turning black...if you pay attention :D

Grim Reaper

can you make a video on cervical and lumbar McKenzie techniques? it will really be appreciated!

Sandra Kitchen

I've been treating neurogenic TOS in my right side for over a year (about 4ish years of symptoms) and I just switched chiropractors (because I moved) and I had to be retested with this test. I failed hard within 45 seconds and my arm/hand didn't stop shaking for hours. Great test to prove how progressed the TOS is, but isn't the most fun when positive. I've still got a LONG road.

Aftab Khan


Marina de Dios

I learned a lot!!


Is it also called "Elevated arms stress test"?

sara ahmed

sir you say in video ischemia what you meaning ischemic pain did you mean mi or hypoxia localized in the hand?

abhilash reddy

Thank you sir ?

Pork Chop

my neurologist mentioned this. 6 years of brachial plexus nerve damage getting worse after work injury. I can barely lift my arm, severe rib pain, shoulder blade winging, emg confirmed brachial plexus damage, chest pain, and I tried this test and my hand started tingling as soon as I got in the position, and in less than a minute, starting with my pinky and ring finger, I couldn't move my hand at all. also have a bulging trapezius right over the brachial plexus on my injured side. 6 years of PT as well. all results from PT wiped out if I move my arm funny.


thanks teacher!!! It was very helpfull.

alexa van leer

I love the T-shirt. Amsterdam is great!

Toqa Adel

thanks for you efforts

christopher figueroa

I did that for 20 and my left hand started hurting and I was fatigue hard breathing lol

Ravshan Makhmudov

thx bro


great demonstration. I have a question for the test. Which muscle does this test indicate? Scalene pect minor or others. I know wright test is for pect minor and we Roos is for ant med scalene. Thanks bro.

Blazin UP

I wonder what that means if your heart starts pounding after that ..

rob m

I love your videos they are very informative and you explain them so well and what we as therapists need to look for.

اديب الخياري


Junaholic 'iiz

So useful thx u so much


Excellent videos. EBM and excellent explanation

Ricardo Montes

It is useful to rule out, great video, congrats

fitness guru physio jobs in saudi

I cudnt do it for 3 mins ????
No one can who is not involved in physical activities much

rob m

Thing is with this test won't your arms gt tired after performing this test for 3 minutes anyway so that wouldn't really be a positive, right?

Benjamin Sedlinger

After not even 1 Minute i feel slight pain and numbness in my left hand and pointing finger, cant even Imagine doing that for 3 minutes. Now its the question what this means

Martin Knaze

Hi i tried this and my left arm went white and numb after 1 min, i also have tightness in my chest and i have long lump above my right clavicle it feels like enlarged artery or something like that , also have pretty bad posture , forward head and shoulders , i workout regularly 3 years now but i still have all that from the start , any ideas please ?

Hosam Elsayed Ortho tube

Thanks for nice helpful video