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Lose Thigh Fat: Exercise To Reduce Thigh Fat At Home

Lose Thigh Fat: Exercise To Reduce Thigh Fat At Home11 Jun. 2018
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Finally, here's a quick

Finally, here's a quick workout you can do to lose thigh fat at home.

Thighs are a common place where your body tends to "deposit" its fat resources. And if you want to get rid of this extra layer of fat then you need to be able to work out regularly, at least 4-5 per week.

And this is where this workout comes into play. The exercises are specifically picked to burn calories and develop your thighs muscles, which in turn will be inclined to burn calories from your lower body, including your thighs.

So do the workout and leave me a comment below, tell me how do you feel after doing it and what is your progress.

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Sarbani Banerjee

I lost 10 kg weight in 1month 15 days


DAY 1 para sa bts and 99 others hehe

Abdul qayyum abdul qayyum khan

Kabhi bhi karsaktay Haye hay na ye ex ans me please

Rita Shukla

I want to be hot by doing this ?

nivi justin

I started today (23/11/2020)
Update ma result
Day 1 :done
Day 2:✅
Day 3:✅
Day 4:✅ harder bt I must dooo
Day 5:✅Tooo hard today ....I skip this today bt ma weight push me to done ...spl advise is if u thought to skip u must change the place r take some rest thn done itttt?
Day 6 :❌
Day 7:✅
Day 8:❌
Day 9:✅
Day 10:✅
Day 11:✅02/12/2020
Day 12:✅03/12/2020
Day 13:✅04/12/2020
Day 14:❌05/12/2020
Day 16:✅07/12/2020
Day 17 :✅08/12/2020

Marissa D

I just want to know if this video has good results

Sarika Yadav

This workout really works (specially in quarantine)
Oh my God, Thank you so much Roberta.
It really helped me.

Yonela Mndaweni

This is only my third day and my jean that I couldn't button fits perfectly!

Ragini Kumari

Hello ma'am i m 22 years old.
I really want my thigh to be slim and i m doing these from 2days but Please tell me the best time to do it. In the morning or evening or both.

Asmira Ishak


Kasimkota Parvathi

It really work or not

vanshika jajodia

After completing this workout my lower part of stomach starts aching. I want to know why it is aching? I am doing workout in a wrong way or it’s normal?
Plzz reply asap


I'm started my weight loss journey for about 6months I reduced belly fat seeing all ur exercises and I need to reduce thigh fat also I think these exercises ll reduce thigh fat and I'm going to start soon

cat lover

Your workouts are just awesome.
This animated girl inspires me a lot.
Thanks Roberta !

MBBS aspirants

Day 1: Done(54.5 cm)

Day 2:Done
Day 3:Done

Shalu Jha

I started this exercise from today . In morning I take warm water with lemaon. In breskfast I take 2 roti with dal ka pani .
In lunch I take 2 roti with dal ka pani and any sabji without potatoes. In snack I take poha fry without oil. In dinner I take 2 roti and sabji and little of milk without sugar and malai and then I take look warm water before bed. I hope this is helpful.

Suneetha Poruru

Started : 57 cms of thigh length
I will update

Arti Bhatt

can i get legs like kendall jenner

Manasa Hulyal

In 3 weeks can I lose 8 kg thigh fat... Do reply me.?.

Praveena Kondlapudi

How many calories does it burn by doing this exercise??

Aarzoo Desai

It help in belly fate also or not ?

Zaineb Ahmad

i have a question... should i do the same workout daily or there is a need to change different workouts of Roberta,s Gym, so that it'll work?

jiji warrier

is it just me or who else is doing this after being jelous of bblackpink lisa's body and legs

only me okay!!!

Dino Momo

I'm gonna do this workout for a week! I'll give you my results
Day 1: I did it! I did get tired but I kept going
Day 2: I got tired so easily, I felt like quitting half way through, but I did ! I still managed to do the whole workout
Day 3: I did this exercise 10 minutes after my dinner, which caused my stomach to feel pain. However this workout felt quicker, I was getting use to it, but it was still tiring.
Day 4: did the workout it felt less tiring but sadly today I had junk food which made me feel like I was gaining all the weight back instantly
Day 5: I got sweaty very quickly, but I still completed it, but I did kind of rush it
Day 6: I did it really late at night. I was getting use to it but I saw only very little change. I did rush it however
Day 7: sorry I didn’t do it
Day 8: I only did half because I wasn’t feeling well

Note: these are really tiring for me, I do feel like giving up, but I notice a change within 2 days! It was little but it kept me motivated and although the workout was tough, I managed. I didn’t do any diets either. A problem with during workouts is that I tend to rush it because of how tiring it is

Pranshi Sachan

Can I lose my thigh fat with this exercise I have huge thighs plss Roberta gym reply

Fer Zam

Is this HIIT?

Shameema Parveen

Day 1 completed feel so hard i can hear my heartbeat ?

LPS BraveBean

I’m going to this this for 2 weeks (plz give me one like so I remember to update
• day 1 : started to feel tired half way through but the rests time kept me going
•Day 2 : I feel sore but I didn’t get as tired
•Day 3 : easy but I did get tired quicker because I had a headache
• Day 4 : did it was easier remember you will not start to see a change until the first week
• Day 5 : harder because I did two workouts
• Day 6 : I’m losing interest in doing these but I’m still doing them

SR telugu channel

It definitely work out

My own Fame

I find jisso thigh in thumbnail..


imma do this for 1month
Start: 2/1/2021
Day1: ✔Im actually not that tired

Nurul Izzah

i wonder what are you guys doing after the workout. they said we shouldn't instantly sit down right after doing exercise, so is that mean that we have to stand up n doing nothing? for how long exactly?
and 1 more question, aside from thighs i also want to lose fat at the hips too, do i necessarily have to do both workouts? or this workout is just enough for losing fat at my butt thighs and hips

Shakiyah Hopkins

Going to do this twice a day

Amiisha mazumdar

do i need to do this particular workout everyday or do we a plan for thigh workout

Ivy Mcskimmings

I am going o share how I get on
Day one I weighed 7.6 stone it wasn’t to hard but tiring
I’m doing this twice a day
Day 2 easier already feel a difference
Day 3 startin to get board

cat lover

I am unable to do side lunges properly.
With what should I replace it Roberta

Kitchen with mE

you have a lot of excecisee i don't understand which one is best for me ?

Alexia malita

thank you so much! i have a huge glow up! last two weeks i had 53 ld...BUT NOW I HAVE 47 Ld! THANK YOU SO MUCH! im sweating rn btw


day 1 (yesterday)
I didn't see any changes yet, but I did this right before I fell asleep and took a shower so I felt good!

day 2 (today)
I'm Still not seeing anything i'm going to repeat this toomorow!


Who play free fire like

Shriya Jaiswal

Can I do this exercise in evening.....plzzzz telll

Taniya Shaikh

can we do two workout everyday or 1 at a time

jesus loves you

This is my first day.........


Akanksha Kulkarni

This is very intense workout

Maria de Fátima Sousa


Harisha Bhongale

I am actually a beginner ...its become very tough to do these exercises...I give up very soon...but I wanna reducee my theigh

Minahil Shah

How many calories does it burn?

Murugammal Murugammal

?? suprapan Ringa

Ashwini Achar

Hey roberta....thank you soo much for this amazing work out, it really helps me a lod and i am seeing changes in my thighs...
My update:
Day 1 ✅
Day 2 ✅
Day 3 ✅
Day 4 ✅
Day 5 ✅
Day 6 ✅
Day 7 ✅
Day 8 ✅
Day 9 ✅
Day 10 ✅
I did this exercise for continuous 10 days, i can see the differnce & i lost 2 kgs...!! With this exercise i did skipping daily for 200-300 points...!!
Thank you soo much once again, now i am going for another new exercise, i will let you know that soon...!!

Lilliane Singombe

Me: Ahhhh this workout was too easy

My Legs: Then why dont you do it again?

Me Again: Heck NAHHH!!!!!!.

Judylyn Torreliza

I was doing your exercises... Superb..keep it up.. I love it's videos.. and it's really amazing.. around 2 weeks, I see its result... Thank you so much Robertas Gym...??????

Bun Bun

I will be editing this everyday till I finish! ?

1.First day of doing this workout pretty hard but I completed it!

2. Second day woohoo that was hard but completely finished it!

sara maryam

I am not loosing wait


I loss 1 kg in 3 days with diet thankyou so much ??

chicken nugget

day 1: pretty good had a little trouble on the mountain climbers

N.Sruthi Hasan

Is it really works for my thighs , belly fat

Ning Sih

I looking for this exercise

Minahil Shah

How many calories does it burn at an average

Alishetty Nagaraju

Thank you roberta

Movie Hub

Please also make an easy work out to reduce lower body.

Pooja Rajput

Thanks it's best ??

Manna Laya

This work out is very good for beginners ?

Aastha Bhagat

How Many times We have to do this exercise in per day ?

Chandan Saikia

Such a nice work out.

Ishika Singh Solanki

In how many days we can reduce our thighs ????

Anoop Kumar MK

My first day.. I did this after doing the 7 day workout challenge...
Mountain climber was killer... First I stopped at 10..Then I pushed myself up...Resumed the video 20 sec back and did it again...I do it in 1st floor and my dad scolded me for making sound while doing mountain climber..I don't know whether I can continue this...But I really wanna reduce my thighs.....Guys pls support and motivate me....May God give u all a healthy and for life..????

Nani Creative Works

So what diet we want to follow


Started : 55 cm
Ok guys! I have tried this for 1 week and here are the resaults:
Day 1 : My legs hurt so much i can't move them
Day 2 : The same as day 1
Day 3 : I don't have pain like day 1 and 2, and my legs are get a little bit slimer
Day 4 : I have lost 3 cm of my legs
Day 5 : l have seen a huge deference I have lost 1 cm
Day 6 : My legs are getting more slimer
Day 7 : I have lost 1 cm
End of week one : 50 cm
For one week i have lost 5

I will update for week two

So i have done this for another week and i lost another 5cm.
End of the week two:45cm

And i have lost 2 kg for 2 weeks.I was 48kg and now I am 46kg
Thank you so much Robertas'gym♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Awadhesh Rai

Awesome! But please upload some height increasing exercises for 14 to 16 years girls

Elsa’s Vibes

I will be doing this workout twice a day for a week!
Day 1: complete! Measurements: right thigh: 52cm left thigh: 52 cm
Day 2: complete! Measurements : right thigh: 50cm left thigh: 50 cm

Bhavika Korani

I have started this workout from today for 1week
Day 1 - so I did it except jumping jacks and I'm feeling like I'm dieing
Day 2-

Sarita Nair

Hi Roberta My thigh are fat but when I saw this video I was very excited. Please upload some 15-20 min workouts in your future videos. Thanks a lot

Mika Playing Roblox

Is it really working?

Susan Mirja

i do once a day...is it necessary tio do it twice a day??????

1006 Isha

Amazing results..lost 2cms in just 5 days?

Shimana Chy

Will start from today..but my problem is i can't control my food habits and cravings for junk?

the crafty B

Roberta ma'am nice meet you my name is Kelly, I am 14years old and I want to get slim legs.i tried this workout and it was very good ?. I just wanted to say I love your YouTube channel and I will do the workouts everyday.
Thanks Roberta ma'am


Like to remind me
Left thigh-60cm
Right thigh-61cm
Day1: I barely got to the end of my leg hurts so bad
Day2: My legs have been hurting since yesterday but I did a workout.
Day3: I lost 1.5cm around both of my thighs and 2cm from my hips
Day4:I hurt my ankle while playing volleyball, so I skipped.

z. eeyi

im gonna do this and come later (2 Feb)

Trina Haldar

Thank you very much Roberta your exercises helped me so much

Rajesh Mishra

I'm doing this for nearly two months and I can't see any change ?‍♀️

Minahil Shah

How many calories does it burn at an average?

Pooja sharma

It definitely works. My thigh size was 52cm when I started and now after 7 days it's 45cm and I have lost around 12 kgs by following the exercises of this channel in 1 month. I am following a sugar free diet and consuming as much water as I can and I eat twice a day but only chapatis with Dal and no parathas,no oil and I'm also consuming green tea and apple cider vinegar. Hope this works for all of u

Ariana Grande

I have exams these days so I will try these exercises after finishing the exams and I will tell everyone the results

Sudakshina Saikia

Very nice workout.

Murugammal Murugammal

?? suprapan Ringa

Habiba Afaque

I'm doing this workout from 4 days ...but I'm not taking proper diet ..... instead of this I'm drinking hot water thrice a day...please tell me...will it helps me to loose my thigh weight or not....

samadhi dinushika

This is my second day that I'm doing this exercise I feel that something is going very well it means my thighs are getting slim..

I have a question - if we doesn't have a balance diet but we are doing this exercise every day can we lose our fat body
I know that having a Balance diet is good and it will give fast results but without having diet we can know also reduce our fat but the results will be late .. am I right Roberta ?? Ooh plsss reply reply reply reply reply reply reply reply reply reply reply reply plsssss

Anasua Kar

How to reduce my face fat?

Anoop Kumar MK

I have a doubt .... My legs actually didn't hurt at all....Is it bcoz I have done many exercises of Roberta's gym before or is it bcoz I did not do it properly??? But I know that I have done all the exercises correctly with the perfect counts..

Niralya B

your exercise are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun

otaku For life

Hey quick question how many times a week do we have to do these?

swarnalata Soni

Thanks you so much ????

Kaushaliya Darunde

It is really effective i can't believe it ??

Farmina Khatoon

Day 1: I can hear my heartbeats, A lot of pain in thighs and a bit difficult

Day 2: My legs were paining a lot when I woke up, but when I did workout it was a little easier than day1

Day 3: easy

Day 4: easy but I felt a little streching in my thighs

Day 5: skipped

Spongebob Is nice

Dear Roberta..nice workouts..i have been doing this workouts for weeks. lose nearly 2kg already without diet . (before this i perform workout "12 easy exercise to do in bed to reduce fat" ). Im trying this workout for 3days already. How long does the sore going to last? Am i going to feel the pain as long as i exercise?


Ima do this 2 times

rayalaseema kitchen

Hi Roberta's gym averagely how many cm can a 13 year lose thighs with these video in 1 week
Please reply me fast

Pragati Charan Pharai

Meri thigh bht hi baker h oski wajah se me koi jeans ya shorts wear nahi ker pati hu plzz help me

Jitendra Singh

I am literally depressed ....coz of my thighs...but this video gave me some satisfaction....??